The 1954 Bears Den
Year Book of Frost School
Frost, Navarro County Texas


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Annual Staff - Jane Jones, Ann Jones, Jimmie Short, John M. Scott, Bettye Baird, Mrs. Slater, Virginia Mahaley, Tommy Stockard, Clifford Williams

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Page 4
Board of Trustees - Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Norwood McMinn, Mr. Chester Strain, Mr. Oran Williams, Leroy Downey, Guy Tullos, Mr. Jimmy Caffey (not pictured)

Page 5
Superintendent's Message - Truman Newsom

Page 6
Principal's Message - Curtis Jones & Earl G. Moore

Page 7
The Faculty - Cutris Jones (Principal); Truman Newsom (Superintendent); Earl Moore (Grammar School Principal)

Page 8
Faculty - Mr. Curtis Jones, Mr. Truman Newsom, Mrs. J. J. Slater, Miss Mary M. Cave, Mrs. Chas. Martin, Mrs. Chas. Eiland, Mr. Chas. Martin

Page 9
Faculty - Mr. Earl Moore, Mrs. W. M. Mason, Mrs. G. I. Warren, Miss Beatrice Jones, Mrs. L. C. Hasten, Mrs. Joe Goodman, Mrs. Jerry Scott

Page 10
Faculty - Cooks: Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Malone, Mrs. Pevehouse, Mrs. Harrison; Music Teacher: Mrs. Varue Mason; Worker: Leroy Johnson; Bus Drivers: Mr. Railey, Mr. Green, Mr. Moore, Mr. Putman; (not pictured)

Page 11
Senior Class Officers: John M. Scott, Jimmy Bert Howell, Annie Armstrong, Jane Jones, Mrs. J. J. Slater;
Seniors: John M. Scott, Jimmy Bert Howell

Page 12
Seniors: Virginia Mahaley, Jimmy Green, Georld Roberson, Jane Jones, Ann Jones, Tommy Stockard

Page 13
Seniors: Jimmy Short, Vance Long, Bobby Sharp, Barbara McElroy, Barbara Haveman, Kennith Reed

Page 14
Seniors: Annie Sue Armstrong, Gene Poulter, Darrell Bailey, Mary Jane Danner, Kay Frances Kidd, Kenneth McDonald

Page 15
Seniors: Betty Rawlings, Harold Faullin, Olin Perkins, Alice Kirkpatrick, Shirley Boykin, Melva Ray Stubblefield

Page 16

Page 17
Junior Class Officers: Reva Dortch, Maurice English, Frieda Ponder, Darrell Strickland

Page 18
Junior Class: Buddy Ballew, Bettye Goodman, Donald Stubblefield, Eugenia Reed, Barbara Gantt, Maurice English, Nancy May

Page 19
Junior Class: Nathaniel Raines, Dorothy Herrin, Bobby Elmore, Bettye Baird, Bobby Rawlings, Glenda Dortch, Clifford Williams

Page 20
Sophomore Class Officers: Curtis Muesse, Bobby Honea, Barbara Bonnett, Jimmy Strain

Page 21
Sophomore Class: Curtis Muesse, JoAnn Smithey, Bobby Honea, Jackie Slater, Bobby Ellis, Betty Stringer, James Jobe, Karen Long, Laddy Rejcek, Sue Scott, Jimmy Strain, Betty Minze, Doug Harrison, Barbara Bonnett, Aaron May, Janice Ross, Walter Williams, Joy Ballew, John Neel, Jane Knight, Jerry Hodges, Charles Powell

Page 22
Freshman Class Officers: Carolyn Woolley, Wilbur Ponder, Janice Green, E. L. Perry

Page 23
Freshman Class: Wilbur Ponder, Billy Hooser, Donald Bailey, Beatrice Williams, Kay Shaw, Patsy Hunt, Barbara Williams, Glynell Crawford; Connie Patterson, Janice Green, Clarence Whitehead, Carolyn Woolley, Neva Stubblefield, Jerry Brown, Lilly Key, Nelda Bell

Page 24
Freshman Class: Joe Frederick, Nedra Massengale, Peggy Hunt, Rosemary Strain, June Moore, Jessie Bridger, Deana Stockard, Mike McMinn, Lynn Downey, Laura Riley, Barbara May, Mary English, Maridell Jantz, Patsy Ballew, Lillian McClure, E. L. Perry

Page 25
First Grade: L. Wooddell, D. Hargrove, R. Hargrove, J. Grizzaffi, W. Thomas, J. Pritchett, J. Mitchell, J. Hollifield, D. Hodges, M. Pevehouse, C. Warren, S. Bennett, J. Brown, Z. Poulter, H. Summerall, S. Thompson, J. Raley, D. Young, D. Sheppard, Mrs. Mason
Second Grade: C. Dortch, D. German, K. Rawlings, R. Wood, L. Shuttlesworth, R. Workman, B. Stevenson, R. Martin, B. Wilson, M. Sanchez, M. Wilbanks, L. Currington, T. Raley, V. Reed, B. Yates, M. Coffee, J. Bennett, S. Scott, B. Lane, Mrs. Warren, N. Long, T. Green, C. Green, J. Henderson, J. Shelby

Page 26
Third Grade: J. Dortch, L. George, C. Bridger, P. Putman, I. Ortega, D. Slater, D. Stevenson (visitor), L. Warren, R. Stevenson (visitor), B. Henderson, L. Perez, F. Young, B. Cochran, L. Wilbanks, L. Ivy, M. Lewis, L. Long, J. Stockard, C. Parum, J. English, C. Woodell, D. Sanchez, J. Airheart, Miss Jones, F. Dortch, D. Thomas, R. Selby
Fourth Grade: W. Poulter, M. McMinn, C. Vest, R. Woolley, M. Wilson, A. Perez, G. O'Neal, J. Bell, D. German, A. Griffis, M. Bass, E. English, J. Watts, M. Reed, R. Green, W. Speer, R. Martin, A. Rawlings, S. Hunt, B. Dyer, A. Bennett, J. Griffin, Mrs. Hasten, R. Green, R Ballew, J. Wood

Page 27
Fifth Grade: J. Parum, C. Warren, M. Grizzaffi, B. Bell, F. Lewis, B Gantt, W. Wilbanks, C. Stevenson, D. Hodges, B. English, L. Sanchez, B. Wooddell, S. Strain, B. Griffin, M. Green, C. Moore, F. Watts, Mrs. Goodman, S. Green, J. Malone, B. Currington, C. Lewis, not pictured -- C. Patterson, M. Esquivel
Sixth Grade: H. Doyle, J. Tullos, R. Dortch, B. Pevehouse, S. Stubblefield, R. Bell, D. Putman, C. Bridger, L. Caffy, D. Hooser, J. Dortch, J. Dyer, R. Raley, L. Adams, C. Ballew, M. Raines, E. Ivy, A. Boyd, J. Sanchez, P. Massengale, B. Johnson, M. French, W. Minze, S. Abbott, Mrs. Scott

Page 28
Seventh Grade: V. O'Neal, P. Pevehouse (visitor); N. Harper, H. Morgan, K. Moore, L. German, H. Slater, J. Ross, M. Rawlings, P. Vest, J. Dyer, N. Adams, E. Bass, R. Omberg, J. Woolley, L. Smith, M. Roberson, S. English, W. Dyer, B. Wilbanks, P. Grizzaffi, Mrs. Eiland
Eighth Grade: K. Thompson, P. Smith, M. Raley, C. Dortch, J. O'Neal, P. Putman, L. Fields, J. Woodell, A. Boyd, L. Ballew, J. Long, J. Malone, R. Green, J. Dortch, A. Smith, P. Faullin, Mr. Moore

Page 29
Favorites: Ann Jones (Most Beautiful); Tommy Stockard (Most Handsome); Senior Football Platers & Football Sweetheart

Page 30
Most Beautiful Girl: Anne Jones

Page 31
Most Handsome Boy - Tommy Stockard

Page 32
Nominees: Bettye Goodman, Clifford Williams, Barbara Bonnett, Jimmy Green, Melva McDonald

Page 33
Nominees: Jane Jones, Jimmy Bert Howell, Virginia Mahaley, Benny Green, Barbara McElroy

Page 34
Nominees: Mike McMinn, Barbara Gantt, Bobby Honea, Carolyn Woolley, Jerry Brown, Rosemary Strain

Page 35
Nominees: Jimmy Brown, Kenneth McDonald

Page 36
Most Representative Girl: Jane Jones

Page 37
Most Representative Boy: Darrell Strickland

Page 38
High School Football Sweetheart: Rosemary Strain; Anne Jones, Tommy Stockard

Page 39
F.F.A. Sweetheart: Deana Stockard; F. H. A. Beau: Mike McMinn

Page 40
Senior Favorites: Barbara Haveman, Jimmy Green; Junior Favorites: Bobbie Vest; Clifford Williams

Page 41
Sophomore Favorites: Jane Knight, Charles Ray Powell; Freshman Favorites: Lillie Key, E. L. Perry

Page 42
Elementary Activities

Page 43
Activities: Sue Scott, Deana Stockard, Eugenia Reed, Virginia Mahaley, Jane Jones, Barbara Bonnett, Kay Frances Kidd, Carolyn Woolley

Page 44
Librarians: Sue Scott, Virginia Mahaley, Annie Sue Armstrong, Doug Harrison, Mary Jane Danner, Mrs. Slater, Jimmie Short, Mrs. Johnson

Page 45
One Act Play: Jackie Slater, Jane Jones, Tommy Stockard, Mrs. J. J. Slater, Virginai Mahaley, Anne Jones, Darrell Strickalnd

Page 46
One Act Plan: Mike McMinn, Jackie Slater, Tommy Stockard, Anne Jones, Virginia Mahaley, Mrs. J. J. Slater, Ronny Jantz, Jane Jones, Darrell Strickland

Page 47
Senior Play: Vance Long, Jimmy Green, Barbara McElroy, Jimmie Short, Annie Sue Armstrong, Barbara Haveman, Alice Kirkpatrick, Tommy Stockard, Darrell Bailey, Kennith Reed, Virginai Mahaley, Jane Jones, Anne Jones, Mrs. J. J. Slater

Page 48
Junior Play: Darrell Strickland, Bobbie Vest, Clifford Williams, Frieda Ponder, Glenda Dortch, Melva McDoanld, Barbara Gantt, David Massengale, Donald Stubblefield, Eugenia Reed, Bettye Baird, Nancy May, Bettye Goodman, Reva Dortch, Buddy Ballew, Bobby Elmore, Dwayne Watson, Jimmy Brown

Page 49
Pep Squad

Page 50
Pep Squad

Page 51
Grade School Pep Squad

Page 52
F.H.A. & F.F.A.

Page 53
Talent Show: Kay Shaw, Mike McMinn; Rosemary Strain; Linda Ling, Nancy Long, Carolyn Parum, Carloyn Woolley, Barbara Bonnett, Jane Jones, Kay Kidd, Jackie Slater; Benny Green; Melva McDonald; Ann Griffis, Clifford Williams, Bettye Goodman

Page 54
Coaches, Captains, Sports: Scott, Coach Moore, Strickland, Coach Jones, English, Nancy May, Annie Jones, Benny Green, Georald Roberson

Page 55
Football Boys: Team Photo, J. Scott, D. Strickland, M. English,

Page 56
Football Boys: J. Green, D. Bailey, K. Reed, B. Green, C. Williams, J. Brown, D. Stubblefield

Page 57
Football Boys: C. Muesse, B. Honea, J. Neal, D. Harrison, M. McMinn, L. Downey, D. Bailey, B. Hooser

Page 58
Football Boys: W. Ponder, E. L. Perry, J. Brown; Game Photos

Page 59
Cub Football Squad: Cub Football Team; Tommy Stockard, Patsy Putman, Truman Newsom

Page 60
Girl's Basketball Team

Page 61
Boy's Basketball Team

Page 62

Page 63

Page 64

Page 65

Page 66
Annual Staff; Advertisement

Page 67
Advertisement: Gillen Chevrolet Company

Page 68
Advertisement: Patterson's Pharmacy

Page 69
Advertisement: Williams and Griffis Gins

Page 70
Advertisement: Citizen's State Bank; McCormick

Page 71
Advertisement: Frost Lumber Company, Corsicana Dr. Pepper Bottling Company; Bonnett's Store

Page 72
Advertisement: Bailey Bros. Equip Co.; Mahaley's Cash Store; Mac Ray Department Store; K. Wolens

Page 73
Advertisement: Georges Grill; Corsicana Auction Company; McColpin Grain Company; Coca Cola Bottling Company

Page 74
Advertisement: Oil City Iron Works; Humble Service Station; Ombert and Mitchell; Frost Beauty Shop; Mayes Mattress Factory; Ross Service Station; Frost Cleaners, The Modern Wholesaler

Page 75
Advertisement: Drew Gillen; Jackson Omberg Insurance; Buie Implement Company; Buildser Supply Co.; Shows And Gillen; Frost Theatre; Ellis Studio; M. Evans

Page 76
Advertisement: Sears Roebuck and Company; Tucker Brothers; Red's Pharmacy; Stroube Implement Company Lts; Corsicana Laundry & Cleaning Company; Taylor Studio; Corsicana Wholesale Grocery Company; Firestone Stores

Page 77
Advertisement: Southern Wholesale Gro. Co.; Martin-McDonald Company Department Store; Stop and Eat Drive Inn; A Friend; Dave Boswell Milk Company; Andrew's Cafe; Hill and Shipe; Harris and Jacobs

Page 78
Advertisement: Miles Furniture Company; Rhoads Jewelers; Roy's Cafe; W.C. Wilks Co; Norris Hamilton Motor Company; Big 4 Shoe Store; Diaches Jewelers; Golden Bros. and Dixie Maid

Page 79
Advertisement: F.C. Stewart Motor Company, Superior Service Station; City Office Supply Co; Kidd's Grocery and Ice; McAdams Pharmacy; Southerland Cotton Oil Co.; Dixie Ice Cream Company; J.B. Brown Grocery and Market

Page 80
Advertisement: Summerall Grocery and Market; Mason Motor Company; Airheart Barber Shop

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