The 1963 Bears Den
Year Book of Frost School
Frost, Navarro County Texas


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Page 1
List of contents

Page 2
Annual Staff- Sandra Williams, Art-Dan Sheppard – Photographer, Carolyn Parum, Co-Editor-Beverly Yates, Business Manager -Babs Stevenson, Business manager -Lynn Warren, Society -Mrs. L. V. Dunagan – advisor
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Page 3
Annual Staff-Bob Henderson, Editor - Linda Long – Sports, Sam Scott – Sports, Barbara Ferguson, Society - Jimmie Lou Airheart, Activities, Pak Ballew, Activities
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Page 4
Dedication to Mrs. John D. Cochran

Page 5
Superintendent – Dr. R. F. Shelton

Page 6
Mrs. J. T. Mason – 1st grade, Mrs. G. I. Warren – 2nd grade, Mrs. John Cochran – 3rd and 4th grades, Mrs. Earl Way – 5th and 6th grades, Mrs. Jerry Daniel – 7th and 8th grades

Page 7
Mr. Bill Blythe – English, Principal, Coach Football, Basketball, Baseball
Dr. Rodney Shelton – Superintendent – Science, Social Studies
Mrs. Charles Martin – Home Economics, Senior Sponsor, Pep Squad sponsor, F. H. A. Sponsor, Typing
Kenneth Wren – Vo. Agriculture, Freshman sponsor, F. F. A. Sponsor
Gaines Wolaver – Biology, Social Studies, Coach Football, Girls Basketball, Track
O. P. McElwreath – Math- Sophomore Sponsor, Science
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Page 8
Letter and picture of Bill Blythe

Page 9
School Board members –Standing - W. H. Elmore, Vice-President; Kenneth Logan, Secretary, Billy Hargrove, Melvin Leggett, Troy Vandiver, seated – Dr. R. F. Shelton, superintendent; J. S. Scott-President, and Dr. Ben H. Griffin
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Page 10
Mrs. I. V. Dunagan-Secretary - Lunchroom staff – Mrs. R. R. Moore, Mrs. R. L. Ballew and Mrs. W. V. Harrelson - Mrs. John Braley – Librarian - Lee Roy Johnson – Custodian
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Page 11
Senior fly page

Page 12
Senior Officers: President – Bob Henderson, Vice President – Leona Rejcek, Secretary – Carolyn Parum, Treasurer – Linda Long, Reporter – Glenda Goodman

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Page 13
Seniors – Jimmie Airheart, Cathy Bridger, Barbara Cochran, Frankie Dortch, Barbara Ferguson, Glenda Goodman
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Page 14
Seniors – Ellen Leggett, Linda Long, Jerry Dortch, Linda May, Bob Henderson, Peggy Putman
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Page 15
Seniors – Melvin Prince, Carolyn Parum, Leona Rejcek, Lynn Warren, Nita Warren, Henry Williams

Page 16
Seniors – Lena Wilbanks, Floyd Young, Molly Wood
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Page 17
Senior Officers – President – Bob Henderson, Vice President – Leona Rejeck, Secretary – Carolyn Parum, Treasurer – Linda Long, Reporter – Glenda Goodman,
Sponsor – Mrs. Martin


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Page 18
Senior Favorites – Leona Rejcek and Henry Williams

Page 19
Junior fly page

Page 20
Junior Class officers - President - Harry Rejcek, Vice president – Thurman Raley, Secretary – Beverly Yates, Treasurer – Ted Green, Reporter – Sandra Williams
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Page 21
Jerry English, Daniel German, Ted Green, John Henderson, Nancy Long, Ronny Martin, Thurman Raley, Harry Rejcek, Virginia Robinson, Sam Scott, Babs Stevenson, Mary Wilbanks, Sandra Williams, Beverly Yates, Roy Young

Page 22
Junior class favorites – Nancy Long and Jerry English

Page 23
Sophomore fly page

Page 24
Sophomore Class officers - President – Jimmy Mitchell, Vice-president – Danny Watson, Secretary – Janice Brown, Reporter – Sam Thompson, Treasurer – Lynn Moore (not pictured)
Page Sponsored by Blooming Grove Lumber Co.

Page 25
Janice Brown, Judy Hollifield, Benny May, Jimmy Mitchell, Lynn Moore, Johnny Pritchett, Ann Shelton, Mike Watts, Joyce Raley, Sam Thompson, Dan Sheppard, Danny Watson, Robert Ybarro, Guy Hopson, Dorothy Young, Tim Hopson
Page Sponsored by New Corner Drug, Blooming Grove

Page 26
Sophomore class favorites – Dorothy Young and Sam Thompson

Page 27
Freshman fly page

Page 28
Freshman Class officers - President – Larry Vandiver, Vice-President – Elaine Williams, Secretary – Beverly Caffy, Treasurer – Theresa Green, Reporter – Danny Sanders
Page sponsored by Hillsboro Savings and Loan

Page 29
Angie Ballew, Linda Bell, Beverly Caffy, Roy Downey, Buddy Dyer, Jan English, Theresa Green, Jimmy Hohenberger, Nickie Horton, Garlan Kelley, Evelyn May, Sharyn McClellan, Alice Robinson, Danny Sanders, Candace Scott, Linda Smithey, Keith Speer, Ronnie Stevenson, Sharon Tullus, Larry Vandiver, Karen Warren, Donny Wilbanks, Beverly Williams, Elaine Williams
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Page 30
Freshman class favorites – Linda Bell and Buddy Dyer

Page 31
Elementary fly page

Page 32
Seventh Grade
Kathy York, Don Stevenson, Benny Warren, Ray Ybarro, Robert Rawlings, Gary Conner,

Eighth grade
Nancy Young, Lance McClellan, Cheryl Green, Jackie Brown, Arthur Rawlings, Darlene Leggett, Scotty Goodman, Ronnie Adams, Diane May, Tom Henderson, Laura Phillips, Gordon Bridger

Page 33
Fifth Grade
Tony Hargrove, Nancy York, Bill Bridger

Sixth Grade
Elizabeth Ballew, Mary Bell, John Dunagan, Lloyd Elmore, Gwynn Fuller, Linda Hollingsworth, Mary McLearn, Jackie Rawlings, Darla Vest, Jenny Warren, Rosalie Ybarro, Ruben Ybarro, Ronnie Young

Page 34
Third Grade
Angelita Ybarra, Margaret Honea, Claire McGraw, Mike Fuller

Fourth Grade
Sharon Daniel, Nedra Hohenberger, Paula Hooser, Susan Shelton, Lynn Short, Danny Smithey, Retha Meador, Randy Moore, Sherry Stanley, Joyce Phillips, Vicki Malone, Mary Young, Ronny Williams, Mary Ybarra, Elena Ybarra

Page 35
Second Grade
Tony Sanders, Alan Hargrove, Clifford Stevenson, James McGraw, Richard Leggett, Mike Smithey, Domingo Ybarra, Kenneth Young, Jeff Moore, Brenda Stanley, Cheryl Dunagan, Mary Shelton, Bertha Rawlings, Kay Meador, Nancy Bridger, Rudy Ybarra

Page 36
First Grade
Patsy Holifield, Ben Blythe, Sharon Crawford, Elvin Stanley, Carol Vandiver, Allie Meador, Joel Raines, Linda Ybarra, Mike Dugan, Patti Smithey
Cub’s Pep Squad
(front row)
Elizabeth Ballew, Diane May, Nancy Young, Darlene Leggett, Cheryl Green
(Back row) N. Elmore, Nancy York, Darla Vest, Linda Hollingsworth

Page 37
Fly Page – Society

Page 38
FFA Sweetheart – Beverly Caffey
FHA Beau – Ted Green

Page 39
Nominees: Lynn Moore – runner-up; Theresa Green – runner-up; Bob Henderson, Beverly Caffey, Ted Green, Pam Ballew, Harry Rejeck, Candace Scott
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Page 40
Nominees: Ronnie Stevenson, Babs Stevenson, Ronnie Martin, Janice Brown, Henry Williams, Jimmie Airheart, Melvin Prince, Nita Warren
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Page 41
Nominees: Jerry Dortch, Glenda Goodman
Beauty Pageant Snap shots
Page sponsored by J. M. Dyer

Page 42
Most Beautiful - Lynn Warren

Page 43
Most Handsome – Jerry English

Page 44
Most Representative - Boy – Bob Henderson, Girl – Pam Ballew
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Page 45
D. A. R. Representative – Leona Rejeck

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Page 46
Hall of Fame
Friendliest – Lynn Warren and Ted Green
Most School Spirit – Jimmie Airheart and Jerry Dortch
Best dressed - Nita Warren and Ted Green
Laziest - Nancy Long and Jerry English
Page sponsored by Mayo’s Office Supply

Page 47
Hall of Fame
Most Ambitious
– Leona Rejcek and Bob Henderson
Flirtiest – Beverly Caffy and Harry Rejcek
Most Ambitious - Leona Rejcek and Bob Henderson
Most Service To School - Jimmie Airheart and Floyd Young
Page Sponsored by M. Evans Jewelers

Page 48
Football Sweetheart – Nita Warren

Page 49
Mr. and Miss F.H.S. - Henry Williams and Lynn Warren

Page 50
Fair Representatives
Representing the Senior Class – Miss Barbara Ferguson escorted by Bob Henderson
Representing the F. H. A. Chapter - Miss Peggy Putman escorted by Jerry Dortch
Page sponsored by Sears, Roebuck and Company

Page 51
Fly page – Activities

Page 52
Pep Squad ‘63
Head Cheerleader –
Jimmie Airheart
Sponsor – Mrs. Charles Martin
Group picture of pep squad

Page 53
Cheerleaders - Babs Stevenson – junior, Nita Warren - Sweetheart – Senior, Jimmie Airheart – Senior – Head Cheerleader, Janice Brown – Sophomore, Beverly Caffy – Freshman
Majorettes - Lynn Warren – Senior, Carolyn Parum – Senior, Sharon Tullos – Freshman
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Page 54
Drummers - Linda May – Senior, Nickie Horton – freshman, Peggy Putman – Senior, Linda Long – Senior
Flagbearer – Alice Robinson – Freshman
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Page 55
Mascots – Nanette Daniel and Mike Dugan
Page sponsored by Ed Justice

Page 56
Future Homemakers of America – group picture
– Mrs. Charles Martin
FHA Officers-Beau-Sponsor group picture
Page Sponsored by The First National Bank, Corsicana

Page 57
Future Farmers of America – group picture
F. F. A. Officers and sweetheart - group picture
Advisor – Kenneth Wren
Page sponsored by York’s Tractor Repair – Frost, Texas

Page 58
Senior Play –“The Able Miss Cain”- Cast group picture – Director – Mrs. G. I. Warren
Page Sponsored by Bill Walker

Page 59
One Act Play –“The Long Christmas Dinner” – Group picture of play cast – Director Mrs. John D. Cochran

Page Sponsored by Blackford Printing Co.

Page 60
Music Club – group picture - Director – Mrs. J. S. Mason


Page Sponsored by The Ridenour Piano Co.

Page 61
Fly page – Athletics

Page 62
Frost Polar Bears Football team and Coaches Group picture
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Page 63
Football starting lineup group picture
Coaches – Bill Blythe and Gaines Wolaver, Captains – Harry Rejcek and Henry Williams, Managers – Floyd Young and Gary Watts

Page 64
Frost Polar Bears football individual pictures – Henry Williams, Senior, Back, all district 3 letters – Jerry Dortch, Senior, Guard 2nd team all dist. 3 letters – Bob Henderson, Senior, Guard, 3 letters – Melvin Prince, Senior, End, 2 letters – Harry Rejcek, Junior, back, 2nd team all dist. 3 letters – John Henderson, Junior, Tackle, 3 letters – Jerry English, Junior, Center, All district 2 letters – Thurman Raley, Junior, End, All district 1 letter
Action Snapshot
Page Sponsored by Builders Supply Co.

Page 65
Frost Polar Bears football individual pictures –Ted Green, Junior, Back 1 letter – Ronny Martin, Junior, Back, 1 letter – Sam Scott, Junior, back, 2 letters – Daniel German, Junior, Tackle, 1 letter – Danny Watson, Sophomore, back 1 letter – Jimmy Mitchell, Sophomore, Guard, 1 letter – Sam Thompson, Sophomore, End, 1 letter – Johnny Pritchett, Sophomore, Tackle, 1 yr. squadman
Action snapshot
Page sponsored by Stroube Implement Co.

Page 66
Frost Polar Bears football individual pictures –Ronny Stevenson, freshman, guard, 1 letter – Keith Speer, Freshman, tackle, 1 letter – Buddy Dyer, Freshman, Back 1 yr. squadman – Larry Vandiver, freshman, back, 1 yr. squadman
Action snapshots – schedule of games and scores
Page sponsored by Ware Drilling Company

Page 67
Sports Awards

Henry Williams, Best Offensive Player – Harry Rejcek, Most Valuable Player – Jimmie Airheart, Most Valuable Pep-Squad member – Thurman Raley, Best Defensive Player – Ted Green, Most Improved Player
All- District – Jerry English, Center – Henry Williams, Fullback – Thurman Raley, End
Second Team All-District – Harry Rejcek, Halfback – Jerry Dortch, Guard
Page Sponsored by Putman and Raley Texaco Station

Page 68
Football action snapshots

Page 69
Girls Basketball team group picture – Captains – Glenda Goodman, Senior, Guard, 2 letters – Pam Ballew, Junior, forward, 2 letters

Page 70
Girls basketball individual pictures – Sandra Williams, junior, guard, 2 letters – Ellen Leggett, Senior, Guard, 2 letters – Leona Rejcek, Senior, Guard, 2 letters – Joyce Raley, sophomore, forward, 2 letters – Linda May, Senior, forward, 2 letters – Carolyn Parum, Senior, Guard, 2 letters – Jimmie Lou Airheart, Senior, Guard – Lynn Warren, Senior, Guard – Barbara Ferguson, Senior, Forward
Page sponsored by Judy Standifer Chevrolet

Page 71
Girls basketball individual pictures –Linda Wilbanks, Senior, Guard – Mary Wilbanks, Junior, Forward – Nancy Long, Junior, Guard – Dorothy Young, Sophomore, Guard – Jan English, Freshman, Guard – Evelyn May, Freshman, Guard – Nickie Horton, Freshman Forward – Angie Ballew, Freshman Guard – Beverly Caffy, Freshman, Forward
Page sponsored by V’s Cafι

Page 72
Girls basketball individual pictures –Elaine Williams, freshman guard – Candace Scott, freshman guard – Alice Robinson, freshman, forward – Sharon Tullos, Freshman, Guard
Basketball action shots
Page sponsored by Goodman Tire shop

Page 73
Track district champs – group picture and snapshots
Page sponsored by Johnson’s Pharmacy Limited

Page 74
Boys Basketball team group picture
Individual pictures – Captains, Henry Williams, Senior, Center, 3 letters 6’3” - Harry Rejcek , Junior, Guard, 3 letters 5’ 10”

Page 75
Boys Basketball Individual pictures – Mike Crawford, junior forward 2 letters , 6’3”– Ted Green, Junior, Guard, 1 letter, 5’8”- Lynn Moore, Sophomore, Forward, 1 letter, 5’8” – Sam Scott, Junior, forward, 1 letter 6’ – Jerry English, junior, forward, 1 letter, 6’2”
Page sponsored by Red’s Pharmacy

Page 76
Boys Basketball Individual pictures – John Henderson, junior forward – Daniel German, junior, guard – Sam Thompson, sophomore forward – Larry Vandiver, freshman, guard – Jimmy Mitchell, Sophomore, Guard – Benny May, Sophomore, guard

Page 77
Boys basketball action snapshots
Page sponsored by Oil City Iron Works

Page 78
Boys Baseball team - front row – R. Downey, R. Stevenson, R. Ybarro, J. Mitchell, L. Moore, J. Hohenburger, B. May, G. Kelly, D. Sanders
Back row – R. Martin, J. English, T. Raley, S. Thompson, T. Green, J. Henderson, H. Rejcek, H. Williams
Boys Track Team – front row – S. Scott, J. Mitchell, B. May, J. Hohenburger, R. Ybarro, L. Vandiver
Back row – T. Raley, M. Crawford, J. English, H. Williams, T. Green, J. Henderson, R. Martin, H. Rejcek, B. Dyer, S. Thompson, R. Young
Page sponsored by Long Branch Cafι

Page 79
Boys track action snapshots
Page sponsored by Logan Insurance Agency

Page 80
Jr. High Football team group picture
Jr. High Girls Basketball group picture
Jr. High Boys Basketball group picture
Page sponsored by W. M. Forrester Chevrolet

Page 81
Moments to remember snapshots
Page sponsored by J. B. Brown Grocery

Page 82
Senior group picture and letter
Page sponsored by Ferma C. Stewart motor co.

Page 83
Fly page – advertisers

Page 84
Ad – Wolf Brand Chili

Page 85
Ads – Hillsboro Lanes – T’s Roller Rink – Tucker Lumber Company


Page 86
Ad – Williams and Griffis Gin Co.

Page 87
Ads – Dr. and Mrs. Ben H. Griffin – J. R. Patterson Pharmacy

Page 88
Ads - Navarro motor Hotel - Citizens State Bank of Frost

Page 89
Ads – Jess Young Livestock Commission – Curtis & Polly – Collin’s Street Bakery – Edens & Edens Hereford Ranch

Page 90
Ads – Navarro county Electric Co-operative, Inc. - Mack Crawford Ins. Co. – Corsicana Grader and Machine Company – Liquigas Company

Page 91
Ads – Smithey’s Gulf Station - Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. - Navarro Savings and Loan Assn. - First State Bank

Page 92
Ads – State National Bank - Frost Lumber Yard - Mertens Gin Company - the Dairy Mart

Page 93
Ads – Coca-Cola Bottling Co. - First National Bank - Ray’s Transfer and Storage Co. - Park Lane Bowling Ctr.

Page 94
Ads – Merle’s Beauty shop - Quality Food Store - J. Dean Hardware - T. B. Bond - Dairy Palace - Westberry Farm & Ranch - Kai Kai Cafι - Bill Ward Food Store - Harris Paint Body and Trim Shop - Charles W. McLaughlen Ins. - Knight’s Food Store - Moore’s Variety Store - Palace Barber Shop - From a friend - Jobe Jewelers - Scott’s Variety Store - Williams Ladie’s Shop - Sheppards Barber Shop

Page 95
ADS - Scotchburger No. 2 - K. A. N. D. - Taylor Studio - Dairy Queen - Ottis’ Hamburger Hut - Quailty Food Store - Willie’s Beauty Shop - W. A. Ross & Son - Sheppard Radio & T. V. - Reuben Tucker - Hayes’ Mattress Factory - City Produce - Hutson Automotive - Burney’s Food Store - Paul Mitchell Hardware - George’s Grill - Levine’s - Western Inn - Golden Bros. - Andrew’s Cafι - City Office Supply

Page 96
Compliments of Your Mascots - Mike Dugan and Nanette Daniels
Ad – Great American Reserve of Dallas
Page for Autographs

Page 97
Page for autographs

Page 98
Page for Autographs

Page 99
Page for Autographs

Page 100
Page for Autographs

Page 101
Page for Autographs

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