The 1969 Bears Den
Year Book of Frost School
Frost, Navarro County Texas


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Page 1
Title Page - 1969 Bears Den

Page 2
Dedication - Mrs. Ann Crawford

Page 3
Yearbook Staff
Editor -
Lloyd Elmore
Co-Editor -
Nancy York
Business Manager -
Darla Vest and Randy Moore
Sports Editors -
Tony Hargrove and Nedra Hohenberger
Society Editors -
Nancy Elmore and Mary Young
Classes Editors -
Roy Green and Linda Harris
Photographer -
Tony Hargrove
Sponsor -
Mrs. C. N. Cochran

Page 4
Staff Activities
Top row - Lloyd Elmore and Nancy York
2nd row - Randy Moore and Darla Vest
Linda Harris and Roy Green
3rd row - Nancy Elmore and Mary Young
Nedra Hohenberger and Tony Hargrove

Page 5
Board of Education
Seated – President
– Clifford Williams
Secretary - Lloyd Young
Vice president - Hobert Hooser
Standing - Martin Thompson – Curtis Cochran, Superintendent – Dwayne Watson, Melvin Leggett, Jerry S. Scott

Page 6
Joe Brooks – Principal

Page 7
Curtis N. Cochran - Superintendent

Page 8
Fly page - Faculty

Page 9
Ronald D. Brown – Vocational Agriculture
Joe B. Brooks – Principal, Mathematics
Richard A. Smith – Science
Mrs. Ann Crawford – Speech
Harriet Praytor – Home Economics
Mrs. Marilyn Smith – Jr. High Lang. Arts

Page 10
Mrs. Virgie R. Putman - Sixth Grade
Mrs. Billie Ruth Daniel – Fifth Grade
Mrs. Emma Mae Johnson - Fourth Grade
Mrs. Martelia Cochran - Third Grade
Mrs. Mary Hill Warren - Second Grade
Mrs. Willie Mae Mason - First Grade

Page 11
Mrs. O. B. Casey - Coach, History
Cecilla Heiskell - Remedial Reading
Alva Jean Porter – Special Education
Robert S. Thompson – Jr. Hi Coach-8th
Curtis N. Cochran – Superintendent

Page 12
Ann Logan – School Nurse
Dottie Howell – Speech – Hearing Therapy (no picture)
Varue Mason – Music
Donn Wright – Social Worker (no picture)
Muriel Cochran – Teacher Aide
Robbie Elmore – Aide, Secretary
Ruby Thornton – School Librarian

Page 13
Lunch Room - Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Taylor
Custodian – Lee Roy Thompson
Bus drivers - Lee Roy Johnson, Nick Horton, Truman Raley, Namon Yates, Elvis Brown

Page 14
Fly page – Seniors

Page 15
Elizabeth Ballew, Mary Lou Bell, Randolph Dillard, John Dunagan

Page 16
Lloyd Elmore, Linda Hollingsworth, Johnny Proctor, Darla Vest

Page 17
Mary Ann Wallace, Dorothy Jean Williams, Rosalie Ybarra, Ronnie Young

Page 18
Senior Class Officers
Linda Hollingsworth - Vice President
Darla Vest - Secretary
Lloyd Elmore - President
Rosalie Ybarra - Treasurer
Elizabeth Ballew - Reporter

Page 19
Senior Snapshots

Page 20
Senior Class Favorites - Randolph Dillard and Elizabeth Ballew

Page 21
Senior Plays
“The Haunted Book Shop” – Directed by
Mrs. Ann Crawford
Cast picture

“The Gallery” – Directed by John Dunagan
Cast picture

“Our Town “ - directed by Elizabeth Ballew
Cast picture

Page 22
Fly page - Juniors

Page 23
Lee Bertha Alexander, Pinkie Anderson, Larry Barrett, Bill Bridger, Linda Harris, Rickie Heiskell, Van Perry, Bruce Porter, Lois Wallace, Nancy York, Greg Young

Page 24
Junior Class Officers
- Roy Green
Vice President - Nancy York
Sec.-Treas. – Linda Harris
Reporter – Tony Hargrove

Page 25
Junior Class Favorites - Lee Bertha Alexander and Larry Barrett

Page 26
Fly Page - Sophomores

Page 27
M. I. Adams, Peggy Cleveland, Sharon Daniel, Bobby Hailey, Nedra Hohenberger, Paula Hooser, Danny Lenox, Vickie Malone, Randy Moore, Joyce Phillips, Otis Riley, Lynn Short, Gina Mandrell, Alvin Sparks, Victoria Tallie, Lonzo Wallace, Ella Williams, Ellena Ybarra, Genaro Ybarra, Mary Ybarra, Mary Young, Angelita Ybarra

Page 28
Sophomore Class Officers
L to R - Mary Young, Sec’y: Lonzo Wallace, V. Pres.; Joyce Phillips, President; Randy Moore, Reporter; Nedra Hohenberger, Treasurer

Page 29
Sophomore Class Favorites - Ella Williams and Alvin Sparks

Page 30
Fly page – Freshmen

Page 31
Audrey Adams, Leonard Anderson, Beauty Barefield, Drew Daugherty, Gloria Proctor, Walter Sandifer, Ronnie Sparks, Paulette Tallie, Frank Wallace, Arlee Williams, Darlee Williams, Ronnie Williams, Apolonio Ybarra

Page 32
Freshman Class Officers
President - Frank Wallace
Vice President - Beauty Barefield
Secretary - Gloria Proctor
Treasurer - Walter Sandifer

Page 33
Freshman Class Favorites - Gloria Proctor and Ronnie Sparks

Page 34
Fly page – Elementary

Page 35
Eighth Grade
Barry Cochran, Cheryl Dunagan, Willie Hailey, Alan Hargrove, Adrian Johnson, Richard Leggett, Jeff Moore, Sheryl Porter, Tony Sanders, Howard Sandifer, Patricia Sparks, Ray Tallie, Curtis Taylor, Magdalena Ybarra, Rudy Ybarra

Page 36
Seventh Grade
Nancy Bridger, Sharon Crawford, Mike Dugan, Patsy Hollifield, Brad Honea, Vickie McCamey, Lanell Proctor, Bobby Tallie, Carol Vandiver, Ezequiel Ybarra, Linda Ybarra

Page 37
Sixth Grade
Judy Adams, Elex Barefield, Linda Kay Hailey, Ronald Lenox, Kimberlee Logan, Ralph Porter, Gloria Rodriquez, Rose Mary Ross, Linda Fay Taylor, Phil Wilbanks, Kim Alan Yates, Vicente Ybarra, Kenneth young

Page 38
Fifth Grade
Kaye Cochran, Nannette Daniel, Janet Dearen, Rickey Green, Deborah Harris, Mary Ann Lacy, Mary Caroline McGraw, Calvin McRae
Loyce Miller, James Peters, Clay Reynolds, Roy Tallie, Billy Smith, Joel Watson, Beverly Williams, Mack Williams, Shirley Williams, Amy Ybarra, Ramon Ybarra

Page 39
Fourth Grade
Royce Adams, Dennis Carr, Tate Crawford, Dee Ann Dunagan, Debora Elmore, Tommy Hailey, Dottie Hollifield, Julie Honea, Ray Charles Lacy, Timmy Malone, Juanita Proctor, Lavern Ross, Brenda Taylor, Michael Thomas, Cynthia Wallis, Cruz Ybarra, Phillip Thomas

Page 40
Third Grade
Melanie Ballew, Marty Carr, Marilyn Lenox, Melinda Logan, Jana Moore, Debbie McCamey, Lidia Rodriquez, Junior Rodriquez, Debra Smith, Ann Nett Taylor, Jo Ann Taylor, Ivy Louise Williams, Kelly Williams, Felipe Ybarra, Johnny Ybarra

Page 41
Second Grade
Clinton Adams, Debbie Carr, Juanita Dotson, Norma Dotson, Jim Dugan, Duane Goodnight, Angela Lewis, Tammy McRae. John David Parum, Sharon Proctor, Wade Reynolds, Jimmy Ross, Bobby Taylor, Mary Thomas, Steven Wallis, Becky Watson, Kerri Williams, Shawn Williams, Sefrino Ybarra

Page 42
First Grade
Darlene Anderson, Don Ballew, Ricky Boulware, Sandra Dotson, Wayne Elmore, Barbara Harris, Gary Lenox, David Malone, Wade Peters, Patti Ponder, Lucia Rodriquez, Dorothy Ross, Raylen Ross, Iradell Sterling, Johnny Sterling, Carla Rene Taylor, Constance Thomas, Leo Wilder, Alicia Ybarra, Dianne Ybarra,

Page 43
Special Education
Harold Barefield, Dora Lacy, Eula Mae Lacy, Freddie Lacy, Lena Lacy, Mary Ann Lacy, T. C. Lacy, Loyce Miller, Janie Williams, Johnny Wayne Williams, Mary Louise Williams, Domingo Ybarra, Sylvia Ybarra

Page 44
Fly page - Favorites

Page 45
Miss F. H. S. – Darla Vest

Page 46
Mr. F. H. S. - Lloyd Elmore

Page 47
Most Representatives - Elizabeth Ballew and Roy Green
DAR Representative - Elizabeth Ballew

Page 48
Most Beautiful - Mary Young

Page 49
Most Handsome - Tony Hargrove

Page 50
Most Beautiful Nominees
Joyce Phillips – Sharron Daniel – Nancy Elmore – Linda Harris – Linda Hollingsworth – Paula Hooser – Darla Vest – Mary Ann Wallace – Nancy York

Page 51
Most Handsome Nominees
Ronnie Young – Randolph Dillard – John Dunagan – Lloyd Elmore – Roy Green – Randy Moore – Van Perry – Bruce Porter – Gregg Young

Page 52
Hall of Fame
Best Personality
- Linda Hollingsworth and Roy Green
Friendliest - Nancy York and Tony Hargrove

Page 53
Hall of Fame
Campus Cut-Ups
- Linda Harris and Gregg Young
Most Likely to Succeed - Elizabeth Ballew and Lloyd Elmore

Page 54
Homecoming Queen - Linda Hollingsworth

Page 55
Homecoming Nominees - Mary Ann Wallace, Elizabeth Ballew , Nancy Elmore

Page 56
Fly page - Activities

Page 57
Music Club - Front Row - Nannette Daniel, Kimberlee Logan, Kaye Cochran, Julie Honea, Jana Moore, Marilyn Lenox, Becky Watson, Back Row - Director Mrs. Varue Mason, Deborah Harris, Adrian Johnson, Barry Cochran, Sharon Crawford, Connie Porter, Janet Dearen, Cheryl Dunagan, Dee Ann Dunagan, Sharron Daniel, Carol Vandiver, Debbie Elmore

One Act Play: L. to R.: Lloyd Elmore, Tony Hargrove, Liz Ballew, Nancy York, Sharon Daniel, Nancy Elmore, Darla Vest, Nedra Hohenberger, Linda Hollingsworth, Mrs. Crawford (Director), Randy Moore, Danny Lenox, Roy Green. Not pictured – John Dunagan

Page 58
FHA Officers
- Darla Vest
Vice-President – Elizabeth Ballew
Secretary - Linda Hollingsworth
Treasurer - Nancy York
Reporter - Joyce Phillips
Parl. - Mary Young
Historian – Mary Ann Wallace
Song Leader – Negra Hohenberger
Group picture of Future Homemakers of America and Beau

Page 59
Future Farmers of America Group picture with Sweetheart
FFA Officers
– Lloyd Elmore
Vice President – Bill Bridger
Sec. – Tony Hargrove
Treas. – Roy Green
Reporter – Bruce Porter
Sentinel – Van Perry

Page 60
FFA Sweetheart – Nancy Elmore
FHA Beau - Lloyd Elmore
FFA Leadership Contest - Randy Moore, Tony Hargrove, Lloyd Elmore
Frank Wallace, Leonard Wallace, Apolonia Ybarra

Page 61
Elementary Coronation
Sixth Grade – King Kim Yates and Queen Kimberlee Logan
Duke Ralph Porter and Duchess Linda Hailey
Fifth Grade – Prince Joey Watson and Princess Janet Dearen
Duke Ricky Green and Duchess Caroline McGraw
Fourth Grade – Prince Timmy Malone and Princes Julie Honea
Duke Dennis Carr and Duchess Debora Elmore

Prince Duane Goodnight and Princess Debra McCamey
Duke Wade Reynolds and Duchess Jana Moore
Prince Jim Dugan and Princess Becky Watson
Duke John David Parum and Duchess Kerri Williams
Prince Don Ballew and Princess Patti Ponder
Duke Gary Lennox and Duchess Barbara Harris
M. C.’s - Alan Hargrove and Sharon Crawford

Page 62
Fly page – Athletics

Page 63
Polar Pep Squad and Sponsor group picture
Snap Shots

Page 64
Majorettes - Paula Hooser, Soph. and Sharron Daniel, Soph.
Cheerleaders – Head, Linda Harris, Jr. - Liz Ballew, Sr. - Nancy Elmore, Jr. - Rosa Ybarra, Sr.

Page 65
Linda Hollingsworth, Sr. - Vicki Malone, Soph. - Nancy York, Jr. - Darla Vest, Sr.
Polar Bear Mascots - Gayle Goodnight and James Hooser

Page 66
Frost Polar Bear Football Team - First row - Aplolnio Yabarra, Rickie Heiskell, M. J. Adams, Bruce Porter, Alvin Sparks
Back row - Roy Green, Ass’t. Coach Richard Smith (Standing) – Danny Lenox, Van Perry, Lloyd Elmore, Johnny Proctor, John Dunagan, Coach Casey, Larry Barret

Page 67
Football action snapshots

Page 68
Individual football pictures
John Dunagan, Senior, Quarterback 4 years
Bruce Porter, Junior End 3 years
Danny Lenox, Sophomore, Tackle 2 years
Larry Barrett, Junior Back 3 years
Alvin Sparks, Sophomore, Guard 1 year
Roy Green, Junior Back, 3 years

Page 69
Individual football pictures
Rickie Heiskell, Junior, Back, End 3 years
Lloyd Elmore, Senior, Center, 3 years
Van Perry, Junior Guard, 2 years
Johnny Proctor, Senior Guard 2 years
M. J. Adams, Sophomore Back 2 years
Apolonio Ybarra, Freshman, Tackle 1 year

Page 70
Jr. Hi Football

Left to Right:
Tony Sanders, Barry Cochran, Brad Honea, Adrian Johnson, Alan Hargrove (kneeling) Zeke Ybarra, Mike Dugan, Richard Leggett (kneeling)(, Curtis Taylor, Howard Sandifer, Jeff Moore, Bobby Talley, Ray Talley. Coach Thompson Standing in Rear

Page 71
Girls Basketball
Left to Right - Lois Wallace, Dorothy Jean Williams, Vickie Malone, Joyce Phillips, Nedra Hohenberger, Liz Ballew, Sharron Daniel, Paula Hooser, Nancy Elmore, Linda Harris, Mary Ann Wallace, Coach O. B. Casey. (not pictured – Lee Bertha Alexander and Paulette Talley)

Page 72
Girls Basketball individual pictures
Elizabeth Ballew, Senior Guard
Dorothy Williams, Senior Guard
Mary Ann Wallace, Senior Guard
Linda Harris, Junior Forward
Lois Wallace, Junior Forward
Nancy Elmore, Junior Forward

Page 73
Girls Basketball individual pictures
Nedra Hohenberger, Sophomore, Guard
Paula Hooser, Sophomore Guard
Vickie Malone, Sophomore Guard
Paulette Talley, Freshman Guard
Sharron Daniel, Sophomore Forward
Joyce Phillips, Sophomore Forward
Bertha Alexander, Junior Forward

Page 74
Basketball snap shots

Page 75
Boys basketball
L. to R. : Coach Richard Smith, Tony Hargrove, Larry Barrett, Bruce Porter, Lloyd Elmore, Roy Green, Ronnie Young.
Kneeling: Rickie Heiskell, Alvin Sparks, Randy Moore, Otis Riley, Van Perry

Page 76
Boys Basketball individual pictures
Ronnie Young, Senior forward
Lloyd Elmore, Senior Forward
Roy Green, Junior Forward
Larry Barrett, Junior Center
Bruce Porter, Junior, Forward
Tony Hargrove, Junior Guard

Page 77
Boys Basketball individual pictures
Van Perry, Junior Guard
Randy Moore, Sophomore Guard
Rickie Heiskell, Junior Guard
Otis Riley, Sophomore Guard
Alvin Sparks, Sophomore Guard
Action shot

Page 78
Purple Radish youth center

Page 79
Boys Jr. High Basketball group picture
Girls Jr. High Basketball group picture

Page 80
Basketball Action snap shots

Page 81
Track group picture and action shots

Page 82
Boys Tennis – Randy Moore, Gregg Young, Roy Green
Girls Tennis - Liz Ballew, Paula Hooser, Nedra Hohenberger
Action shots

Page 83
Fly page – Advertisers

Page 84
Ad – Frost Parent-Teacher Association
President – Mrs. Joe Parum
V.-President – Mrs. Marion Green
Sec. – Mrs. Gene Vandiver
Treas. – Mrs. Jake Mason
Parl. – Mrs. Ronnie Brown

Page 85
Ad - Williams and Griffis Gin Company

Page 86
Ads – City Café and Citizens State Bank of Frost

Page 87
Ads - L. L. Flowers Construction Co
L. G. Balfour Company

Page 88
Ads - H. Clyve Riddels – Coca-Cola Bottling Co. - Dairy Queen

Page 89
Ads - Collins Street Bakery – Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. - Navarro County Electric Co-Operative Inc. - Walter McDaniel, County Clerk

Page 90
Ads - White Ins. Agency - Johnny Sirman Auto Co. - Allred Motor Co. - U. S. Gypsum - Rex Baily and Son - Two Brothers Barbershop - J. R. Hart Real Estate - Wadel Connally Co. - Paul Mitchell Hardware - Red’s Pharmacy - J. C. Watson - Tom White Chevrolet - Carraway and Omberg - Chuc Wagon - Dixon’s Gulf Station - Hayes Mattress Factory - Bowdens Pharmacy - Toyland - Frances Dress Shop - Forbeez - The Little Steak House - Gibson’s Discount Center - United Dollar Stores - Cooper Shoe Store

Page 91
Ads - M. Evans Jewelers - K. Wolens - Carter’s Dairy Inn - Harris Paint and Body Shop - Italy Pharmacy - J. R. Patterson Pharmacy - Compliments of Randy Moore - Frost Cleaners - McCormick Funeral Service - H. & R. Drug Store - Hawk and High Thrift-Tee - Certain-Teed

Page 92
Ads - J. C. Penney Co. - Navarro County Tractor Co. - Holiday Inn – Western Inn - Kenneth A. Douglas, County Judge - Mrs. Ethel M. Still - Jess Young Livestock Comm. - Miles Furniture - Oaks Golf Course - Zales Jewelers - Oil City Iron Works - Third Ave. Mkt.

Page 93
Ads – Bonds and Jenkins Equip. Co - Tic Tac Toe Ranch - Foodway Supermarket - Hill Junior College

Page 94
Ads - International Harvester Co. - Hands Furniture - Big 4 Shoe Store - Superior Ice Co. - Harris Lumber Company - Kirby’s Auto Service and Inspection Station - Navarro Hotel - J. M. Dyers - C. and S. Pharmacy - Grant-Buie Medical Center - Frank Bros. Trucking - Cora Reynolds Fine Foods

Page 95
Ads - Tackers Drive-In - Cen-Tex Seed Delinting, Inc. - Frozen Food Bank - Sears Roebuck and Co. - Kai-Kai Café - Power’s Gift Shop - Hillsboro Bootery - Mode O’Day - Martin McDonald - K. Wolens - Knight’s Food Store - McBride’s Café - Pinckard’s Dry Good Store - Italy Hardware - Dobbs and Co. - Stoker Gulf Station - Pullin’s Sinclair - J. C. Watson - Buyer’s Apparel and Gift Shop - Style Shop - Saunders Food Store - Barham Bait Farm - Joe Humphries Motor Co. - Hill County Cotton Oil Mill

Page 96
Ads - Hillsboro State Bank - Judge James Sewell - 1969 Bear’s Den thank you - Withrow Furniture - Marshal and Marshal Funeral Home

Page 97
Ad - Wolf Brand Products

Page 98
Ads - State National Bank - Navarro Savings and Loan - First National Bank - Corsicana Federal Savings and Loan Assn.

Page 99
Ads - Blooming Grove Riding Club - Mertens Gin Co.

Page 100
Ads - Texas Power & Light - Jerry S. Scott Tax Assessor and Collector - Bonnett’s Store - Hick’s Mitchell Feed - A Friend - T. B. Bond Druggist and Jewelers - Texas Theatre

Page 101
Ads – McConnell Furniture - Putman and Raley Texaco Station - McMinn’s Gulf Station - Curtis, Polly and Connie

Page 102
Ads - Joe Brown Grocery - Jobe Jewelers - White’s Auto - Frost Enterprise - Blackford Printing - Ballew Gro. And Service Station - Jones Service Station - City Office Supplies - Compliments of Kathy York - Saunders Station - Barnard Gro. - Green’s Western Wear - Italy Dry Goods - Yarbrough Café - Carter Feed, Seed and Service Station - Compliments of Jim and Mike Dugan

Page 103
Ads - First State Bank - Quality Food Store - Mack Crawford Ins.

Page 104
Senior individual pictures -
Elizabeth Ballew , Mary Lou Bell, Randolph Dillard, John Dunagan, Lloyd Elmore, Linda Hollingsworth, Johnny Proctor, Darla Vest, Mary Ann Wallace, Dorothy Jean Williams, Rosalie Ybarra Ronnie Young
Fare Well Letter

Page 105
Autograph page

Page 106
Autograph page

Page 107
Autograph page

Page 108
Autograph page

Page 109
Autograph page

Page 110
Autograph page

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