The 1981 Bears Den
Year Book of Frost School
Frost, Navarro County Texas


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Front Cover

Page 1
Title Page - Bears' Den '81; Frost High School, Frost, Texas; Table of Contents

Page 2
Misc Photos

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Misc Photos

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Misc Photos

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Misc Photos

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Misc Photos

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Misc Photos

Page 8
Group Photo

Page 9
Group Photos

Page 10
Blank Page

Page 11
Fly Page - Favorites

Page 12
Mr. and Miss Frost High Scchool - Scott Adams and Caroline Hall

Page 13
Miss FHS - Caroline Hall; Mr. FHS - Scott Adams

Page 14
Homecoming '80 - Homecoming Queen: Daisy Bailey; Candidates for Homecoming Queen and Escorts

Page 15
Senior Bond Fire & Homecoming game

Page 16
Most Reliable - James Hooser, Charla Moore, Scott Adams; Most Athletic - Johnny Williams & Sarah Williams

Page 17
Campus Cut-Ups - Tommy Hamiter & Beverly Elmore; Most Likely to Succeed - Marla Meadows & Scott Adams

Page 18
Friendliest - Belinda Watson & Scott Adams; Flirtiest - Ronnie Smith & Angie Dillard

Page 19
Most School Spirit - Larry McRae & Caroline Hall; Most Representative - Scott Adams & Marla Meador

Page 20
Most Beautiful and Most Handsome - Belinda Watson & Scott Adams

Page 21
1980 Winners - Angie Dillard & Don Ballew; Most Beautiful Nominees - Sarah Williams, Melinda Campbell, Caroline Hall, Barbara Dotson, Kristi Moore, Beverly Elmore, Charla Moore, Missy Burch, Belinda Watson; Most Handsome Nominees - Jack Herod, Delbert Ross, James hooser, Ronny Smith, Ron Dearen, Larry McRae, Scott Adams, Jerry Burch, Roger Proctor

Page 22
Football Sweetheart & Pep Squad Beau - Caroline Hall & Scott Adams; FFA Sweetheart and FHA Beau - Angie Dillard & Ron Dearen

Page 23
UIL Wins District Trophy, Again!

Page 24
One-Act-Play - "The Happy Scarecrow"

Page 25
Named Alternate at Area Contest!
One Act Play Cast
Scott Adams, Belinda Watson, Beverly Elmore, Charla Moore, Angie Dillard, Ron Dearen, Joyce Neal, Donny McCamey, Jerry Burch, Tommy Hamiter, James Hooser, Kristi Moore
State crew –
Glisa Evans, Nina Coburn, John Paul Ross
Alternates –
Dianna Bratcher, Joe Ybarra
Director –
Joanne Wauson

Page 26
Junior High UIL; Elementary UIL
Junior High UIL
Stephanie Green, Lisa Kirby, Amy Ross, Stacy Watson, Jeff Hunter, Eddie Montgomery, Duane Evans, Wynell Culp,
Elementary UIL
Helen Dillard, Clair Cosby, Wendy Griffin, Benjy Hohenberger, Jeff Moore, Clark Moore, Johnny Sutton, Billy Burch, April Ballew, Annessa Green, Melissa Green, Mark Moore, Melissa Warren, Penny Calvin, Brandy Hunter, Kera Moore, Lorinda Kirby, Anna Hanson

Page 27
PTA Sponsors Awards Banquet - May 18, 1981
PTA Awards Banquet
Most Valuable Lineman –
Larry McRae
Fighting Heart Award –
Scott Adams
Mr. Polar Bear –
Delbert Ross
MVP Basketball –
Elbert Ross
Outstanding Track –
Sarah Williams
Outstanding Tennis –
Barbara Dotson
Outstanding Athlete –
Johnny Williams

Page 28
Junior-Senior Banquet

Page 29
Senior Class of 1981; Honor Graduates: Nina Coburn, Valedictorian & Sarah Williams, Salutatorian
Senior graduates group picture
Row 1 -
Dorothy Ross, Caroline Hall, Scott Adams, Nina Coburn, Sasrah Williams, Marla Meador, Patti Ponder
Row 2-
Roger Proctor, Larry McRae, Ronny Smith, Cliff Degner, Johnny Williams, Kenneth Belcher, Charles Marcum, Debbie Ponder

Page 30
Baccalaureate - May 10, 1981
Junior Ushers –
Terri Hooks and Delbert Ross, Julian Ybarra and Debra Dowdle
Bottom right picture –
Doris Bailey and James Hooser

Page 31
Graduation - May 15, 1981
Salutatorian –
Sarah Williams
Valedictorian –
Nina Coburn
Speaker –
Roy Green
Balour Award –
Scott Adams
Other pictures

Page 32
Junior High Commencement; Honor Graduates: Stephanie Green - Valedictorian & Jeff Hunter, Saluatorian
Jr. High graduates group picture – Row 1 –
R. B. Kirven, Walter Hancock, Mary Espinoza, Christie Sisk, Amy Ross, Donny Dotson, Jeff Hunter
Row 2 – Stephanie Green, Richard Ybarra, Greg Williams, Duane Evans, Randy York, Matt Norris, Wynell Culp

Page 33
Fly Page - Sports

Page 34
All-District Honors Football; All-District Honors Basketball
Football Honors –
Johnny Williams, Scott Adams, Larry McRae, Delbert Ross, James Hooser
Basketball Honors –
Johnny Williams, Larry McRae, Delbert Ross, Julian Ybarra
Sarah Williams

Page 35
Track & Tennis Qualifiers
Regional Qualifiers Track
Johnny Williams, Roger Proctor, Albert Ybarra, Julian Ybarra, Delbert Ross, Robert Ross, Jerry Montgomery
Regional Qualifiers Tennis
Scott Adams, Barbara Dotson, Charla Moore, Kristi Moore, Debra Dowdle, Melissa Doyle

Page 36
Football Team Photo

Page 37
Football Photos & Roster; Season Record

Page 38
Football Photos

Page 39
Football Photos

Page 40
Football Photos

Page 41
Football Photos

Page 42
Basketball team Photo; Team Record; and Basketball Photos
Boys Basketball Team- Coach Horne,
Albert Ybarra, Roger Proctor, Larry McRae, James Hooser, Johnny Williams, Jerry Burch, Delbert Ross, Julian Ybarra

Page 43
Junior Basketball
Junior Varsity Basketball team –
Coach Donahoo, Glenn McMullen, Jerry Redmon, John Paul Ross, Ron Dearen, Duane Porter, Jeff Brown, Dan German, Eddie Sisk, Joe Ybarra, mgrs. Dianna Bratcher and Shelly Winkler

Page 44
Girls Basketball
Girls Basketball Team –
Daisy Bailey, Missy Burch, Doris Bailey, Barbara Dotson, Kristi Moore, Lisa Evans, Charla Moore, Debra Dowdle, Dorothy Ross, Sarah Williams, Mgr. Joyce Neal

Page 45
Girls Basketball

Page 46
Girls tennis Wins District Trophy!
Girls Tennis team –
Dianna Bratcher, Charla Moore, Kristi Moore, Barbara Dotson, Melissa Doyle, Debra Dowdle

Page 47
Boys Tennis
Boys Tennis Team – Row 1 -
Jerry Burch, Duane Porter, Scott Adams
Row 2 –
Dwayne May, Albert Ybarra, John Paul Ross, Julian Ybarra, Joe Ybarra

Page 48
Track Team
Boys Track Team – Row 1 -
Julian Ybarra, Johnny Williams, Tommy Hamiter, Robert Ross, Jeff Brown
Row 2 –
Joe Ybarra, Roger Proctor, Delbert Ross, Jerry Montgomery, Albert Ybarra, Glenn McMullen

Page 49
Track Team

Page 50
Girls Track Team
Girls Track Team – Row 1-
Debra Dowdle, Lisa Evans, Barbara Dotson, Sarah Williams
Row 2-
Shelly Whistler, Daisy Bailey, Patti Ponder, Missy Burch, Doris Bailey, Dianna Bratcher

Page 51
Junior High Track Teams
Jr. High Girls Track Team R-1 –
Daisy Barham, Beverly Cheshier, Candice Stoker, Casey Griffin
Paige Brown, Lisa Kirby, Stephanie Green, Amy Ross, Mary Kirven
R-3 –
April Ballew, Ann Hooser, Suelynn Brown, Wendy Davis, Patricia German, Wynell Culp, Brenda Cheshier

Jr. High Boys Track team- Row –
Clark Moore, Jerry Cagle, Charlie Norris, Donny Dotson, Sam Belcher, Jeff Hunter, R. B. Kirven
Row 2 –
Steven Huffman, Danny Hooks, Richard Cagle, Randy York, Matt Norris, Jeff Moore, Duane Evans, Richard Ybarra, Michael Adams, Greg Williams

Page 52
Junior High Football
Jr. High Football team – Row 1 –
Joe Spann, Paul Whipkey, Danny Hooks, Tim Vaughn, Steven Huffman, Kevin Downey,
Row 2 –
Charlie Norris, Travis Owens, Richard Ybarra, Greg Williams, Duane Evans, Matt Norris,
Row 3-
Eddie Montgomery, Jeff Hunter, Sam Belcher, Jerry Cagle, R. B. Kirven, Donny Dotson, Coach Horne

Page 53
Junior High Football

Page 54
Junior High Basketball
Jr. High Boys Basketball team –
Steven Huffman, Greg Williams, Duane Evans, Jeff Moore, Jeff Hunter, Jerry Cagle, Donnie Dotson, Clark Moore, Richard Ybarra, Danny Hooks, Kevin Downey

Page 55
Junior High Girls Basketball
Jr. High Girls Basketball team-
April Ballew, Paige Brown, Stephanie Green, Amy Ross, Ann Hooser, Lisa Kirby, Suelyn Brown, Wynell Culp, Wendy Davis, Stacy Watson

Page 56
Junior High Tennis
Jr. High Boys Tennis team-
Steven Huffman, Clark Moore, Jeff Moore, Donny Dotson, Richard Ybarra, Mark Moore
Jr. High Girls Tennis Team –
Beverly Cheshier, Lisa Kirby, Ann Hooser, Stephanie Green, Patricia German, April Ballew

Page 57
Fly Page

Page 58
Bears' Den Staff
Bear’s Den Staff –
Scott Adams, Nina Coburn, Cliff Degner, Caroline Hall, Marla Meador, Sarah Williams, Belinda Watson, Angie Dillard, Beverly Elmore, Barbara Dotson, Charla Moore, Kristi Moore
Sponsor –
Joanne Wauson

Page 59
Bears' Den Staff

Page 60
Varsity Cheerleaders –
Charla Moore, Belinda Watson, Caroline Hall, Angie Dillard, Kristi Moore
Mascots –
Jason Leggett and Heather German

Page 61
Row 1
– LaDonna Brackenridge
Row 2 – Barbara Dotson, Beverly Elmore, Dianna Bratcher
Row 3- Nina Coburn, Melissa Doyle, Lisa Evans, Melinda Campbell
Not pictured – Djuna Bailey

Page 62
National Beta Club
National Beta Club
Barbara Dotson, Nina Coburn, Joyce Neal, Sarah Williams, Jerry Burch, Angie Dillard, Scott Adams, Belinda Watson, James Hooser, Doris Bailey, Charla Moore, Marla Meador, Debra Dowdle
Not pictured –
Tommy Hamiter

Page 63
Bearettes Drill Team
Beta Club misc. pictures

Page 64
Future Homemakers of America
FHA Officers
President –
Belinda Watson, 1st Vice President – Caroline Hall, 2nd Vice President – Sarah Williams, 3rd Vice President – Debra Dowdle, 4th Vice President – Angie Dillard, 5th Vice President – Kristi Moore. Secretary – Beverly Elmore
Treasurer –
Joyce Neal, Historian - Doris Bailey, Parliamentarian- Charla Moore, FHA Beau – Ron Dearen
FHA Sponsor –
Mrs. Billie Ruth Daniel

Page 65
Future Homemakers of America

Page 66
Future Farmers of America
FFA Officers
President –
Larry McRae, 1st Vice President – James Hooser, 2nd Vice President – Jack Herod, Secretary – Jeff Brown, Treasurer – Tommy Hamiter, Sentinel – Billy Bell, Reporter – Jonathan McGraw, Historians – Angie Dillard, Joyce Neal
FFA Sweetheart-
Angie Dillard
Sponsor –
Edd Moon

Page 67
Future Famers of America
Navarro County Youth Expo – Winners
Top picture -
James Hooser
Bottom left –
Ronny Smith
Bottom right – FFA Judging Team –
Tommy Hamiter, Jonathan McGraw, Jack Herod, James Hooser

Page 68
Future Farmers of America

Page 69
Future Farmers of America

Page 70
FFA Sponsors Local Show

Page 71
Frost 4-H Clubs
Frost 4-H Club
Top picture – Row 1-
Daisy Barham, Beverly Cheshire, Gracie Espinoza, Brenda Cheshier, Patricia German, Melissas Kirby, April Ballew, Paige Brown, Candice Stoker, Annessas Green, Juanita Sepulveda
Row 2 –
Lorinda Kirby, Julie Norris, LaDonna Culverhouse, Melissa Adamson, Anna Henson, Zonia Rasco, Naomi Sepulveda, Kera Moore, Pam Dearen, Melissa Warren, Penny Calvin, Sallie Chapman, Brandy Hunter, Lynette Stoker
Bottom picture – row 1 –
Mickey Norrell, Don Dillard, Lance Huffman, Johnny Sutton, Raul Ybarra, Steve Burleson, Kevin Downey, Chris Titsworth, Rodney Vaughan,
Row 2 –
Dwayne Speer, Jamie Williams, Mark Moore, Michael Belcher, Tom Montgomery, Billy Burch, Gary Williams, Cliff Williams, Shannon Reynolds

Page 72
Junior High Cheerleaders
Jr, High Cheerleaders – Row 1-
Wynell Culp, Suelynn Brown, Amy Ross
Row 2 –
Ann Hooser and Stephanie Green

Page 73
Junior High Pep Squad
Jr. High Pep Squad – Row 1 –
April Ballew, Lisa Kirby
Row 2 –
Zonia Rasco, Daisy Barham, Candice Stoker, Wendy Davis, Beverly Cheshire, Sallie Chapman
Row 3 –
Brenda Cheshire, Patricia German, Paige Brown, Charlotte Calvin. Stacy Watson, Shannon Morris, Sherry Dyer

Page 74
Music Club
Music Club – Row 1 –
Dale Green, Lisa Kirby, Suelyn Brown, Ann Hooser, Charla Moore, Dianna Bratcher, Kristi Moore, Marla Meador, Stephanie Green, Wynell Culp, Jeff Moore, Clark Moore, Paige Brown, Trey Moore, Jessie Mills
Row 2 –
Lowell Ballew, Robyn Moore, Kyle Brown, Penny Calvin, Neomi Sepulveda, Juanita Sepulveda, Annessa Green, April Ballew, Patricia German, Candice Stoker, Daisy Barham, Kera Moore, Sallie Chapman, Pam Dearen, Lorinda Kirby, Lynette Stoker, Claire Cosby
Music teacher –
Mrs. Varue Mason

Page 75
Fly Page

Page 76
Senior Class Officers & Senior Class: Scott Adams, Kenneth Belcher, Nina Coburn, Cliff Degner, Caroline Hall, Charles Marcum

Page 77
Senior Class Favorites: Sarah Williams & Roger Proctor; Senior Class: Larry McRae, Marla Meador, Debbie Ponder, Patricia Ponder, Roger Proctor, Dorothy Ross, Ronny Smith, Johnny Williams, Sarah Williams

Page 78
Junior Class Officers & Junior Class: Djuna Bailey, Doris Bailey, Billy Bell, Jerry Burch, Angie Dillard, Mary Lee Dotson, Debra Dowdle, Beverly Elmore, Glisa Evans, Tommy Hamiter, Jack Herod, Terri Hooks, James Hooser, Donny McCamey

Page 79
Junior Class Favorites & Junior Class: Jerry Montgomery, Joyce Neal, Delbert Ross, Sharon Wallis, Belinda Watson, Jeff Whistler, Joe Ybarra, Julian Ybarra

Page 80
Sophomore Class Officers & Sophomore Class: LaDonna Brackenridge, Jeff Brown, Melinda Campbell, Ron Dearen, Barbara Dotson, Paula Duke, Dan German, Jonathan McGraw, Glenn McMullen, Brent Montgomery, Charla Moore

Page 81
Sophomore Class Favorites & Sophomore Class: Jerry Redmon, Robert Ross, Jimmy Tehas, Ronny Townsel, Albert Ybarra, NOT PICTURED: Joann Hoods

Page 82
Freshman Class Officers & Freshman Class: Daisy Bailey, Donny Brackenridge, Dianna Bratcher, Melissa Burch, Linda Cagle, Melissa Doyle, Lisa Evans, Dwayne May, Belinda McMullen, John Mcrae, Kristi Moore

Page 83
Freshman Class Favorites & Freshman Class: Duane Porter, John Paul Ross, Eddie Sisk, Sharon Vaughan, Shelly Whistler, Paula Whipkey

Page 84
8th Grade Class Officers & 8th Grade Class: Wynell Culp, Donny Dotson, Mary Espinoza, Duane Evans, Stephanie Green, Walter Hancock, Jeff Hunter, R. B. Kirven, Matt Norris, Amy Ross, Christie Sisk

Page 85
8th Grade Favorites & 8th Grade Class: Gregory Williams, Theresa Williams, Richard Ybarra, NOT PICTURED: Randy York

Page 86
7th Grade Officers & 7th Grade Class: Michael Adams, Sam Belcher, Suelyn Brown, Jerry Cagle, Charlotte Calvin, Don Craft, Wendy Davis, Sherry Dyer, Danny Goodwin, Ann Hooser, Steven Huffman

Page 87
7th Grade Class Favorites & 7th Grade Class:  Lisa Kirby, Mary Kirven, Rodney Long, Eddie Montgomery, Shannon Morris, Charlie Norris, Travis Owens, James Smith, Stacy Watson, Darlene Williams

Page 88
Mrs. Pam Brown's 6th Grade: April Ballew, Daisy Barham, Paige Brown, Richard Cagle, Beverly Cheshire, Brenda Cheshire, Sallie Chapman, Kevin Downey, Patricia German, Tom Gregory, Melissa Kirby, Ben McRae, Clark Moore, Jeff Moore, Zonia Rasco, Jerry Smith, Joe Spann, Candice Stoker, Donald Tally, Tim Vaughan, Paul Whipkey, NOT PICTURED: Danny Hooks, Terry York, Robert Dawson

Page 89
Mrs. Cecilia Heiskell's Fith Grade: Steve Burleson, Billy Burch, Eric Brackenridge, Penny Calvin, Clint Degner, Don Dillard, Douglas Fortenberry, Annessa Green, Lance Huffman, Brandy Hunter, Honey Sue Lyman, Mark Moore, Mickey Norrell, Katherine Oliver, Shannon Reynolds, Juanita Sepulveda, John Sutton, Chris Titsworth, Rodney Vaughan; Dale Warren, Melissa Warren, Jamie Williams, Randy Whipkey; NOT PICTURED: Michael Rogers, Sherry Wilson

Page 90
Mrs. Emma Johnson's Fourth Grade: Melissa Adamson, Michael Belcher, Billy Brackenridge, Reuben Craft, Allen Crayton, LaDonna Culberhouse, Pamela Dearen, Gracie Espinoza, Robert Grant, Anna Hansen, Lorinda Kirby, Johnny McRae, Tommy Montgomery, Kera Moore, Julie Norris, Dwayne Speer, Neomi Sepulveda, Lynette Stoker, Jason Titsworth; Cliff Williams, Gary Williams, Raul Ybarra, NOT PICTURED: James Wilson, Larry Dawson

Page 91
Miss Nanette Daniel's Third Grade: Gregory Bartley, Lance Bosher, Kyle Brown, Claire Cosby, Derrick Crayton, Helen Dillard, Molly Fuller, Dale Green, Matthew Green, Benjy Hohenberger, Ray Hooks, Robert Lyman, Jesse Mills, Trey Moore, Justo Sepulveda, Sherry Talley, Jim Bob Wallace, Forest Warren, NOT PICTURED: Billy York

Page 92
Mrs Beverly Vest's Second Grade: Buddy Adamson, Betty Bartley, Darrell Cagle, Becci Duffield, Beverly Fortenberry, Candi Gorman, Timmy Garcia, Jeff Kirby, Adam Montgomery, Greg Moon, Patrick McMullen, Aubrey McRae, Tracey Norrell, Angela Padilla, Ronald Pyburn, Sherri Reynolds, Tamara Shaw, Tonya Smith, Billy Joe Spann, Kevin Terry, Adam Vandiver, Lee Ann Vest, Jason Watts, Newell Wickham, Roy Williams, NOT PICTURED: J. J. Flores, Wendy York, Jennifer Riley

Page 93
Mrs. Sharon Bowling's First Grade: Lowell Ballew, Jimmy Bratcher, Cendy Davis, Rickey Downs, Brandon Franks, Sherry McMullen, Robyn Moore, Joanna Spann, Krista Wickham, James Williams, Kendra Williams, NOT PICTURED: Charles Calk, Daphne Flores

Page 94
Kindergarten: Elliott Durham, Anthony Williams, Rory Evans, Seth Fuller, Rebeca miller, Crystal Fonseca, Chrystina Dillard, Caleb Martin, Clint Culverhouse, Richard Gorman, Thomas Johnston, Sherman Crayton, Michael Herod & Misc Photos

Page 95
Fly Page

Page 96
Superintendent: R. Dale Cosby & Principal: Roy D. Wauson

Page 97
Board of Trustees: Clifford Williams, Buddy Ballew, Audrey Parum, Ray Adams, Hunter Doyle, Kris Moore, Benny Green & Tax Assessor-Collector: Mrs. Jane Ross

Page 98
Teachers: Janice Allen, Al Biship, Charlie Carmichael, Leila Cosby, Billy Ruth Daniel, Ed Donahue, Brenda Downey, Karen Fuller, Angie Hohenberger

Page 99
Teachers: Barry Horne, Lillian Jones, Edd Moon, Connie Norrell, Rosemary Patterson, Rebecca Scott Blair, Joanne Wauson

Page 100
Personnel, PTA Officers, Booster Club
Lunchroom Workers –
Pat Clifton, Jewel Dortch, Juanita Sepulveda
Janitors –
Lee Roy Johnson and James Porter
PTA Officers
– Larry Stoker, Vice President – Benny Kirby, Secretary- Gwen Moore, Treasurer – Pam Montgomery
Booster Club
– Ray Adams, Vice-President – Sage German, Secretary – Pam Montgomery, Treasurer – Betty Whistler, Reporter – Janet Watson

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Fly Page

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Candid Photos

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Candid Photos

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Candid Photos

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Bears Den Staff

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