The 1990 Bears Den
Year Book of Frost School
Frost, Navarro County Texas


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Page 1
Fly Sheet – contents

Page 2
Bottom left
– Reginald Walker and Guy Swadley
Bottom right – Mr. Travis

Page 3
Top picture – Mrs. Doyle
Middle – Coleman Campbell
Bottom – Josh, Holly, Shauna

Page 4
Top left – Mickie Ray and Tracy Drennan
Top right – Robyn Moore and Sonny Votalato
Bottom Left – Angie Anderson escorted by Ronnie Holliman
Bottom right – Heather Eagle and senior Captain Kyle Brown

Page 5
Top picture – Former Homecoming Queen
Tracy Drennan crowned Mickie Ray
Bottom left – Robyn Moore runner –up homecoming Queen
Bottom right – Mickie Ray and Tracy Drennan

Page 6
Homecoming week
Center left picture
– Ashley and Erin
Right center – Reina and Patsy
Bottom left –Beth
Bottom right – Mrs. Burton

Page 7
– Cheerleaders and dance team
Top right – Jason Dozier
Bottom left – Becci, Heather, Jennifer, Jesse

Page 8
Harrison Memorial Library story written by Jesse Mills

Page 9
Top – Librarian Gail Worthern
Left center – Kindergarten Class and Gail Worthern
Bottom left and right – Asst. Librarian Nell Warren

Page 10
Awards Banquet
Right center picture
– Coach James Eagle
Bottom left – Sonny Votolato and Coach Storer
Bottom right – Trey Moore (receives Outstanding Athlete Award) and Coach Johnny Cathey

Page 11
Awards Banquet
Top right picture –
Yvette and Heather Eagle
Bottom picture – Marcus, Trey, Nate

Page 12
Academic Banquet
Top right
– Henry Ponder of Woodmen of the World and recipients Jason Leggett and Caleb Martin
Bottom picture – Roy Surivik presents Kyle Brown with Masonic Lodge award

Page 13
Honor students group picture
1 year honored students –
Sunny Vess, Jammy Peters, Lynne Lewis, Beverly Fortenberry, Heather Eagle
2 year honored students -Jason Leggett, Stan Sweet, Rebecca Mills, Tracy Drennan
3 year honored students – Caleb Martin, Josh Carty, Mickie Ray, Dale Green
4 year honored students – Robyn Moore, Carol Smallwood, Becci Duffield
5 year honored students – Trey Moore and Jesse Mills
Bottom left – Mr. Travis presents Jesse Mills his salutatorian medal
Bottom center – Jammy Peters (academic medal)
Bottom right – Stan Sweet Jr. High Salutatorian

Page 14
Beta Club
– Tim Neil, Bev Fortenberry, Josh Carty, Sonny Votolato, James Williams, Iesha Young, Rebecca Mills, Helen Dillard
Bottom – Stevie Wagner, Caleb Martin, Trey Moore, Tracy Drennan, Dale Green, Robyn Moore
Middle picture – Trey Moore
Right picture – Mr. Travis

Page 15
Beta Club
Top right
– Dale Green and Sonny Votolato
Group pictures of Beta Club

Page 16
One Act Play
Top right
– Jason Dozier and Lowell Ballew
Left – Carol Smallwood
Bottom – Mrs. Earldene Patterson and cast

Page 17
One Act Play
Top left
– Beverly Fortenberry
Top right – Heather Eagle
Center right – Beverly Fortenberry and Earldene Patterson
Bottom – Mickie Ray
Page sponsored by Earldene Patterson

Page 18
Science Class Field Trip
Top left
– Josh Carty
Top right – Josh Carty, Reggie Walker, Adam Montgomery, Melvin Brown
Bottom right – Gary Williams
Bottom left group – Ray Hooks, Gary Williams, Melvin Brown, Reggie Walker, Josh Carty, Guy Swadley, Adam Montgomery, Benjy Hohenberger, Coach Storer and Coach Eagle

Page 19
Science Class Field Trip
Top picture
– Ray Hooks, Gary Williams, Reggie Walker
Center right – Guy Swadley, Reggie Walker and Coach Eagle
Bottom right – Guy Swadley

Page 20
Stock show
Top left
– Justo – Grand champion
Doug reserve Champion
Top right – Ty Herd

Page 21
FHA show
Top picture
– Raul Ybarra
Bottom – Angela Padilla and Lee Vest

Page 22
Junior and Senior Prom
Bottom left
-Doug, Cliff, Christina
Bottom right – Heather Eagle and Lowell Ballew

Page 23
Junior and Senior Prom
Top right
– Joel
Left – Jason, Becci, Josh, Beverly
Bottom right – Kyle, Misty

Page 24
Left picture – Gary Williams and Tracy Drennan
Right – Ray Hooks
Page sponsored by Carolyn Barry

Page 25
Top picture – Mr. Burton and graduates
Left – Dale Green receives Caston scholarship from Kimberly Kelsey
Right – Trey Moore- Valedictorian

Page 26
Mr. and Miss F. H. S. – Kyle Brown and Tracy Drennan
Page sponsored by Bill Travis

Page 27
Football Sweetheart – Sherri Reynolds
Cheer Leader Beau – Ray Hooks
Icee Beau – Kyle Brown
Page sponsored by Becky, Kim, Glenda, Sandi

Page 28
Most Athletic – Reggie Walker and Tracy Drennan
Most School Spirit – Jesse Mills and Angela Padilla

Page 29
Friendliest – Kyle Brown and Mickie Ray
Most Likely to Succeed – Trey Moore and Heather Eagle

Page 30
Most Representative – Kyle Brown and Mickie Ray
Campus Cut-ups – Raul Ybarra and Kittie Ray

Page 31
Flirtiest – Melvin Brown and Jennifer Huff
Most Reliable – Kyle Brown and Mickie Ray

Page 32
Senior group picture
Class officers
President –
Heather Eagle, Vice President – Trey Moore, Secretary – Jim Bob Wallace, Treasurer – Dale Green, Reporter – Tracy Drennan

Page 33
Senior Class Favorites – Brian Hailey and Heather Eagle
List of Senior plans for the future
Page sponsored by
Ronnie and Pam Brown

Page 34
Individual senior pictures

Page 35
Individual senior pictures

Page 36
Josh Carty, Becci Duffield, Beverly Fortenberry, Nathaniel Hailey, Adam Montgomery, Angela Padilla, Ronald Pyburn, Mickie Ray, Sherri Reynolds, Joel Sanchez
Class officers (picture split between page 36 and page 37)
President – Mickie Ray, Vice president – Beverly Fortenberry, Sec. – Lee Vest , Treas. –Carol Smallwood, Reporter – Alan Speer
Page sponsored by Jackie and Ruby Carty

Page 37
Carol Smallwood, Tawana Smith, Alan Speer, Guy Swadley, Lee Vest, Reginald Walker, Forrest Warren, Jason Watts, Adeana Wilburn, Roy Williams
Bottom left picture is a picture split between page 36 and 37 Class officers
Class Favorites
– Adam Montgomery and Mickie Ray

Page 38
Lowell Ballew, J. J. Bratcher, Brandon Franks, Timm Garcia, Marcus Hailey, Jennifer Higdon, Jennifer Huff, Keli Lindley, Robyn Moore
Class favorites – Brandon Franks and Jennifer Higdon
Class officers picture is split between page 38 and 39

Page 39
Rebecca Moyers, Tim Neil, Gracie Rodriquez, Teresa Rowe, Nathan Swadley, Kevin Terry, Adam Vandiver, Sonny Votolato, Stevie Wagner, James Williams
Class officers picture is split between page 38 and 39 - President – Keli Lindley, Vice President – Robyn Moore, Secretary – Sonny Votolato, Treasurer – Jennifer Huff, Reporter – Tim Neil

Page 40
Angela Anderson, Paul Arnold, Cendy Davis, Shantelle Gibson, Amy Herd, Angela Hill, Ronnie Holliman, Thomas Johnston
Class Favorites – Patrick McMullen & Crissy Moyers
Page sponsored by Theresa & Ronnie Martin

Page 41
Caleb Martin, Patrick McMullen, Sherry McMullen, Rebecca Mills, Crissy Moyers, Coman Nail, David White, Iesha Young
Class Officers
President – Caleb Martin, V. Pres. – Iesha Young, Sec. – Rebecca Mills, Treasurer – Amy Herd, Reporter – Cendy Davis

Page 42
Top left –
Coach Johnny Cathey
Center top – Tom Mitchell
Carolyn Barry – Math, Johnny Cathey – History/ Coach, Billie Ruth Daniel – Home Economics, Elizabeth Doyle – Aide, James Eagle – Math/ Coach, Yvette Eagle – Math, Susan Ernst – Special Ed, Debbie Franks – Aide

Page 43
Janet Gillen – English, Norma Ivie – Counselor, Diane Ivy – History/ Coach, Julia Jones – Art, Tom Mitchell – Science, Earldene Patterson – English, David Penque – English, Gina Smith – Business, Chris Storer – Science/Coach, Faye Stroder – Aide, Annie Sweet – Aide, Becky Williams – Aide

Page 44
Sylvia Hastings – Payroll Secretary & Office Aide
Superintendent – Gene Burton
Jane Ross – Administration Secretary & Tax Assessor and Collector
Kim Welch – Principal Secretary
Principal – Bill Travis

Page 45
School Board
Top Left picture
– Bennie Kirby, Garlon Terry, Keith Speer
Group picture
President – Clifford Williams, V. Pres. – Ronald Martin, Sec. Bennie Kirby
Members – Garlon Terry, Dovie Bratcher, Keith Speer (not pictured Charles Warren)

Page 46
Regional Champs
Football team group picture
Front –
Dale Green, Marcus Hailey, Roy Williams, Sonny Votolato, Cliff Williams, Josh Carty, manager Sherman Crayton
Middle – Head Coach Chris Storer, manager Miran Gibson, Adam Montgomery, Ray Hooks, Doug Schwenson, Ronnie Holliman, James Williams, Justo Sepulveda, manager Chris Pyburn
Back – Coach Johnnie Cathey, Kyle Brown, Jason Watts, Nathaniel Hailey, Brian Hailey, Alan Speer, Ronald Pyburn, Reginald Walker, Coach James Eagle
Not pictured – Brandon Franks
Bottom picture - Senior Captains – Ray Hooks, Justo Spulveda, Brain Hailey, Kyle Brown
Season games and scores

Page 47
Football Action shots
Football write-up
Bottom left
– Ray Hooks, Brian Hailey and others
Page sponsored by Bobbie & Marion Green

Page 48
Football Action shots
Football write-up
Left –
Reginald Walker and team mates
Right – Kyle Brown and team mates
Page sponsored by Coach Chris Storer

Page 49
Football action shots
Top left
– Reggie Walker
Top right – Offensive line and Reggie Walker
Center right – Coach Chris Storer, Marcus Hailey and Sonny Vololato
Bottom – Justo Spulveda

Page 50
Cheerleaders group picture
Jesse Mills, Tracy Drennan, Sherri Reynolds, Adeana Wilburn, Mickie Ray, Beverly Fortenberry
Mascot – Kevin Terry
Sponsor – Robin Burton
Page sponsored by Robin Burton

Page 51
Jesse Mills, Tracy Drennan, Sherri Reynolds, Adeana Wilburn, Mickie Ray, Beverly Fortenberry

Page 52
Dance Team – Icees
Group picture – clockwise - Sponsor – Yvette Eagle, Becci Duffield, Shantelle Gibson, Jennifer Higdon, Keli Linley, Jennifer Huff, Rebecca Mills and Heather Eagle
Center pictures – Captain Becci Duffield and Captain Heather Eagle
Bottom left – Shantelle Gibson and Rebecca Mills
Bottom Right – Jennifer Huff and Keli Lindley
Page sponsored by Yvette Eagle

Page 53
Dance Team – Icees
Top left
– Becci Duffield and Shantelle Gibson
Center picture – Jennifer Huff, Keli Lindley and Heather Eagle
Bottom left – Becci Duffield, Heather Eagle and Jennifer Huff

Page 54
Football Honors
Dale Green, Nathaniel Hailey, Marcus Hailey, Reginald Walker, Justo Sepulveda, Brian Hailey, Adam Montgomery, Alan Speer, Ray Hooks, James Williams, Josh Carty, Doug Schwenson, Cliff Williams, Kyle Brown

Page 55
Girls Basketball Honors
Tracy Drennan, Helen Dillard, Robyn Moore, Beverly Fortenberry, Amy Herd
Boys Basketball Honors
Trey Moore, Nathaniel Hailey, Brian Hailey, Lowell Ballew, Reggie Walker
Pictures in background

Page 56
Boys Basketball Action shots
Season games and scores
Right top –
Brian Hailey
Bottom left – Trey and others
Bottom right – Lowell Ballew
Page sponsored by Coach Johnny Cathey

Page 57
Boys Basketball action shots
Top left –
Nate Hailey
Top right – Dale Green
Center – Coach Johnny “Cat” Cathey and team
Bottom left – team mates
Bottom right – Tim Neil
Write –up
Page sponsored by
Robert and Velma Ballew

Page 58
Girls Basketball action shots
Top left
– Amy Herd
Top right – Coach Diane Ivy and team
Bottom right – Helen Dillard
Note from Helen Dillard

Page 59
Varsity Girls Basketball group picture
Manager Raul Ybarra, Amy Herd, Sherri Reynolds, Robyn Moore, Mickie Ray, Tracy Drennan, Beverly Fortenberry, Helen Dillard, Coach Diane Ivy
Middle left picture – Tracy Drennan
Middle right – Robyn Moore
Varsity season games and scores
JV team – Crissy Moyers, Teresa Rowe, Keli Lindley, Angie Anderson, Adeana Wilburn
Kneeling – Coach Diane Ivy

Page 60
Cross Country Teams go to State

Left picture –
Nathaniel “Nate” Hailey
Bottom right – Adeana Wilburn
Cross country Team members – Coach Kay Waites, Tim Neil, Trey Moore, Kyle Brown, Nate Hailey, Bev Fortenberry, Reginald Walker, Tracy Drennan, Helen Dillard, Lowell Ballew, Coach Diane Ivy, Amy Herd, Adeana Wilburn, Crissy Moyers, Robyn Moore
Seated – Sonny Votolato, Shantelle Gibson and Justo Sepulveda

Page 61
Cross Country
Left picture – Frost boys
Top right –
Helen Dillard, Bev Fortenberry, Tracy Drennan
Bottom picture – Amy Herd
Letter from Bev Fortenberry

Page 62
Track team
Top left picture
– Helen Dillard
Top right – Kyle Brown and others
Center left – Josh Carty
Center – Ronald Pyburn
Bottom left – Amy Herd
Girls track team picture – Adeana Wilburn, Helen Dillard, Amy Herd, Shantelle Gibson, Tracy Drennan, Coach Diane Ivy

Page 63
Track team
Top picture
– Reginld Walker
Bottom left – Tracy Drennan
Bottom right – Adam Montgomery

Page 64
Page sponsored by
Robert and Velma Ballew
Top picture – Boys Tennis Team – Kevin Terry, Lowell Ballew, Dale Green, Trey Moore, Alan Speer, Sonny Votolato, Jesse Mills
Center right – Lee Vest
Center left – Robyn Moore
Bottom picture – girls tennis team – Helen Dillard, Crissy Moyers, Tracy Drennan, Robyn Moore, Bev Fortenberry, Lee Vest

Page 65
Tennis Write –up
Top picture
– Trey Moore
Bottom left – Dale Green
Bottom right – Lowell Ballew

Page 66
Baseball write-up and awards

Top right
– Lowell Ballew
Middle – James Williams
Bottom left – Alan Speer
Middle bottom – Kyle Brown
Bottom right - Alan Speer
Page sponsored by Coach James Eagle

Page 67
Baseball group picture
Back Row
– Coach James Eagle, Kyle Brown, James Williams, Trey Moore, Alan Speer, Dale Green, Doug Schwenson
Front row – Camera Operator Jennifer Huff, Lowell Ballew, Adam Montgomery, Bat Boy J. C. Eagle, Stevie Wagner, Josh Carty, Statistician Heather Eagle
Left bottom – Kyle Brown
Bottom right – Adam Montgomery
Season games and scores

Page 68
Top picture
– Robyn Moore, Mickie Ray, Sonny Votolato
Center – Doug Schwenson
Bottom left – Rebecca Mills
Bottom right – Lee Vest

Page 69
Front row
– Jesse Mills, Stevie Wagner, Caleb Martin, Rebecca Mills, Lynne Lewis, Crissy Moyers, Lee Vest, Beverly Fortenberry
Back row – Robyn Moore, Doug Schwenson, Kyle Brown, Trey Moore, Lowell Ballew, Iesha Young, Mickie Ray, Sonny Votolato,
Not pictured – Alan Speer, Heather Eagle, Adam Montgomery, Josh Carty, Justo Sepulveda and Sponsor Mrs. Earldene Patterson
District Winners
Doug Schwenson,Mickie Ray, Rebecca Mills, Lee Vest, Robyn Moore, Sonny Votolato, Josh Carty, Trey Moore, Jesse Mills, Heather Eagle, Adam Montgomery, Justo Sepulveda

Page 70
One-Act Play
Write-up by Heather Eagle
Top Picture
– Heather Eagle
Bottom left – Heather Eagle and Mickie Ray
Bottom center – Rebecca Mills
Bottom right – Mickie Ray
Page sponsored by Earldene Patterson

Page 71
One Act Play
Top left
– Crissy Moyers
Top Right – Kyle Brown and Jesse Mills
Center picture – Cast – Heather Eagle, Mickie Ray, Rebecca Mills, Crissy Moyers, Kyle Brown, Jessie Mills, Jennifer Huff, Carol Smallwood, Beverly Fortenberry (not in order with picture)
Bottom left –Jennifer Huff
Bottom right – Carol Smallwood

Page 72
Bear’s Den Staff
Editor –
Lee Vest, Jesse Mills, Heather Eagle, Justo Sepulveda, Alan Speer, Mickie Ray, Bev Fortenberry, Sherri Reynolds and Becci Duffield
Top right picture – Justo Sepulveda and Sherri Reynolds
Bottom Right – Lee Vest
Bottom left – Alan Speer
Page sponsored by Mrs. Janet Gillen

Page 73
Newspaper Staff
Editor/Art Editor-
Trey Moore, Sports Editor – Marcus Hailey, Class/Club Editor- Alan Speer, Feature Editor – Lowell Ballew, Managing Editor – Angela Padilla
Top right picture – Lowell Ballew
Top left – Alan Speer
Bottom right –Trey Moore, Dale Green, Lowell Ballew
Bottom left – Sponsor Mrs. Earldene Patterson and Trey Moore
Page sponsored by Mrs. Earldene Patterson

Page 74
Beta Club
Top picture
– members – Sponsor David Penque, Caleb Martin, Rebecca Moyers, Lee Vest, Jennifer Huff, Helen Dillard, Josh Carty, Sherri Reynolds, Stevie Wagner, Becci Duffield, Rebecca Mills, Crissy Moyers

Bottom - Bev Fortenberry, Trey Moore, Tim Neil, James Williams, Dale Green, Sonny Votolato, Tracy Drennan, Iesha Young, Mickie Ray, Robyn Moore, Lynne Lewis and Jesse Mills
Officers picture – bottom left – Treasurer-Robyn Moore, Reporter-Lee Vest, Secretary-Jesse Mills, Vice Pres.-Mickie Ray, President-Bev Fortenberry

Page 75
Drama Club
Picture Drama Club members – top –
Bev Fortenberry, Carol Smallwood, Kittie Ray, Melvin Brown, Adeana Wilburn, Mickie Ray, Heather Eagle, Sponsor Mrs. Earldene Patterson, Lee Vest
Bottom – Guy Swadley, Jason Watts, Nathaniel Hailey, Gary Williams, Jason Dozier, Raul Ybarra
Bottom right picture – Officers – President Raul Ybarra, Treasurer Carol Smallwood, Secretary Heather Eagle, Vice President Gary Williams
Left bottom picture – Gary Williams and Jason Dozier

Page 76

Top right picture – FFA Officers –
Treas. Robyn Moore, Sec. Bev Fortenberry, Historian Kevin Terry, Vice Pres. Carol Smallwood, President Raul Ybarra

Bottom right picture – FHA Officers – back row – Vicky Davis, Shannon Lee, Kevin Terry, Shantelle Gibson.
Middle row – sponsor Mrs. Billie Ruth Daniel, Jennifer Huff, Brandi Noble, Sherri Stephens, Rebecca Moyers, Traci Rowe, Lee Vest, Bev Fortenberry, Teresa Rowe,
Front Row – Robyn Moore, Raul Ybarra, Carol Smallwood
Center right picture – FFA Green-Hand officers – President Caleb Martin, Vice President Amy Herd, Secretary Crissy Moyers, Treas. Ronnie Holliman, Sentinel Thomas Johnston, Parliamentarian David White
Page sponsored by Elbert and Bobette Butler

Page 77
Top Left – Sweetheart
Sherri Reynolds
Top right – FFA Officers – Pres. Justo Sepulveda, VicePres. Lowell Ballew, Sec. Sonny Votolato, Treas. Tim Neil, Reporter Crissy Moyers, Sentinel Doug Schwenson, 1st Vice Pres. Cliff Williams, 2nd Vice Pres. Jesse Mills
Center picture – Stevie Wagner, Sonny Votolato, James Williams
Bottom right – Kyle Brown, Thomas Johnston
Bottom left – FFA Members – top row – J. J. Bratcher, Doug Schwenson, Marcus Hailey, Adam VAndiver, Kyle Brown, Jesse Mills, Sonny Votolato, James Williams, Ronnie Holliman, Lowell Ballew, Jason Dozier
Bottom Row – Caleb Martin, Stevie Wagner, David White, Crissy Moyers, Thomas Johnston, Coman Nail

Page 78
Junior High Play
“The Happy Scarecrow”
Top picture
– Tony Calk and Jason Leggett
Bottom left – Michael
Bottom Right – Rocky Votolato and Jason Leggett

Page 79
Junior High Play
“The Happy Scarecrow”

Left top
– Sunny Vess and LaQuincy Hooks
Top Right – Elaine Speer
Center picture – Jimmy Carter and Summer Blair
Bottom left – Ricky Williams or Rocky Votolato
Bottom right – Tracy and Jason Leggett

Page 80
Top right picture
– Rocky Votolato
Group picture – Michael Pike, Ricky Williams, Rocky Votolato, Jammy Peters, Penny Norrell, LaQuincy Hooks, Sunny Vess, Elaine Speer, Stan Sweet, J. R. Surovik, Kristi Neil
Not pictured – Jason Leggett and Eric Ray

Page 81
Bottom left
– Sunny Vess, Jammy Peters, Elaine Speer
Top left, Rocky Votolato, J. R. Surovik, Stanley Sweet
Top right – Elaine Speer and Penny Norrell
Bottom right – Michael Pike and Kristi Neil

Page 82
JH graduation group picture – Chris Pyburn, Eric Ray, Stevena Bidwell, Vicky Davis, Myron Gibson, Richard Gorman, J. R. Surovik, Landon Bass, Sherman Crayton, Shannon Lee, Tony Calk, Jason Leggett, Michael Pike, Aida Villarreal, Stanley Sweet, Brandilyn Bills, Eric Littlejohn, Brandi Noble, Perry Calvin, Tracy Rowe
Bottom left picture – Chris Pyburn

Page 83
JH Graduation
Top picture
– Tracy Rowe and School Board member, Richard Leggett
Ushers – Sunny Vess, Aide Villarreal, Kim Hailey, Rocky Votolato, Jammy Peters, Ricky Williams
Bottom left picture – Salutatorian – Stanley Sweet
Center picture – Valedictorian Jason Leggett
Bottom right – Tony Calk

Page 84
Eighth Grade
Landon Bass, Stevena Bidwell, Tony Calk, Perry Calvin, Sherman Crayton, Vicky Davis, Miran Gibson, Richard Gorman, Shannon Lee, Jason Leggett, Kerri Lindley, Eric Littlejohn, Brandi Noble
Class officers
Jason Leggett, Vice Pres Stan Sweet, Secretary Tony Calk, Treas. J. R. Surovik, Reporter Vicky Davis

Page 85
Eighth Grade
Michael Pike, Chris Pyburn, Eric Ray, Johnny Riffitt, Monica Rejcek, Angela Reynolds, Angela Rodriquez, Traci Rowe, Sherri Stevens, J. R. Surovik, Stan Sweet, Aida Villarreal
Class Favorites – Brandi Noble and Richard Gorman

Page 86
Seventh Grade
Michael Arnold, Summer Blair, Jimmy Carter, Benjamin Chastain, Marie Davenport, David Dawson, Donna Dotson, Faye Dowdle, Matt Ellison, Chris Garcia, Kimberly Hailey, Jamie Hamon, Tracy Hill, LaQuincy Hooks, JoAnn McClatchy, Lee Morris
Officers – President Rocky Votolato, Vice President Ricky Williams, Secretary Tracy Hill, Treasurer Jammy Peters, Reporter Sunny Vess

Page 87
Seventh grade
Wendy Morris, Kristie Neil, Penny Norrell, Jammy Peters, Kenneth Pike, Cassidie Pitt, Tammie Rowe, Elaine Speer, Leisa Sterling, Jorja Stout, Sunny Vess, Aida Villarreal, Rocky Votolato, Brandie Williams, Ricky Williams
Class favorites – Matt Ellison and Tracy Hill

Page 88
Sixth Grade
Teacher –
Pam Brown
Suzi Cox, Matthew Gage, Beth Harvey, Perry Hill, Billy Kinsel, Joseph Maddox, Milton McRae, Teddy Rowe, Taleana Smity, Jennifer Welborn
Top picture – Jennifer Isabel
Page Sponsored by Buddy and Fern Baylew

Page 89
Sixth grade
– Donna Baer
Amy Bowling, Amber Callahan, Shanequa Elder, Josh Haws, Ty Herd, Gwen Higdon, Jennifer Isabel, Joshua Martin, Barbara Moyers, Rusty Perry, Kim Sanchez, Jeronimo Suaste, Danny Tadlock, Jon Wallace, Stephanie Wells, Joe Ybarra

Page 90
JH Football
Top right picture –
Coach James Eagle and team
Group picture – top – Coach Johnny Cathey, Mgr. Raul Ybarra, Matt Ellison, Miran Gibson, Richard Gorman, David Dawson, Jimmy Carter, J. R. Surovik, Chris Pyburn, Jason Leggett, Sherman Crayton, Mgr. Melvin Brown and Coach James Eagle
Middle – Tony Calk, Jammy Peters, Kenneth Pike, Michael Arnold, Lee Morris, Michael Pike, Ricky Williams, Landon Bass, Stan Sweet, Rocky Votolato
Bottom – Russell Perry, Danny Tadlock, Joseph Maddox, Ty Herd, Perry Calvin, Milton McRae, Jeronimo Suaste, Teddy Rowe, Joe Ybarra and Perry Hill
Season games and scores
Action shots
Bottom left
– Miran Gibson
Bottom Right – Miran Gibson

Page 91
JH Cheerleaders
Penny Norrell
Middle – Kristi Neil, Keri Lindley, Kim Hailey
Front – LaQuincy Hooks
Bottom right – Penny Norrell and Keri Lindley
Bottom left – Kim Hailey and Keri Lindley

Page 92
JH Basketball
– Eric Littlejohn, Jimmy Carter, David Dawson, Coach James Eagle, Eric Ray, Michael Pike, Tony Calk, Jason Leggett, Stanley Sweet
Bottom – Chris Pyburn, Miran Gibson, Rocky Votolato, J. R. Surovik, Ricky Williams, Sherman Crayton
Bottom left – Miran Gibson
Bottom right – Ricky Williams, Stanley Sweet
Season games and scores

Page 93
JH Girls Basketball
– Coach Kay Waites, Traci Rowe, Donna Dotson, Vickie Davis, Brandi Noble, Kim Hailey, Sherri Stevens
Front – Leisa Sterling, Sunny Vess, Elaine Speer, LaQuincy Hooks, Wendy Winchester, Tammie Rowe,
Not pictured – Brandie Williams
Center right picture – Leisa Sterling
Bottom picture – Vickie Davis
Season games and scores

Page 94
JH Boys Track team – Front – Rocky Votolato, Jammy Peters, Ricky Williams, Stanley Sweet, Tony Calk, Kenneth Pike
Back – Michael Pike, Sherman Crayton, Jason Leggett, Matt Ellison, David Dawson, Chris Pyburn, Miran Gibson, Coach James Eagle
Bottom left – Jammy Peters
Center Bottom – Miran Gibson
Bottom right – J. R. Surovik

Page 95
JH Girls Track team – Front – Brandi Williams, Traci Rowe, Wendy Winchester, Tracy Hill, JoAnn McClatchy, Tammi Rowe, Kim Hailey, Sunny Vess
Back- Brandi Noble, Kristi Neil, Summer Blair, Elaine Speer, Brandilyn Bills
Not pictured – Vicki Davis
Bottom right – Vicky Davis and Kim Hailey

Page 96
Elementary UIL
Top picture
– Ceci Burton
Middle right – Bobbie Moyers, Amber Callahan, Jennifer Isabell
Bottom right – Joshua Martin and friends
Bottom left – Amy Bowling

Page 97
Elementary UIL
Top left
– Bonnie Nail
Top right – Frances Suaste
Bottom left – Amanda Reed
Bottom Right – Cody Votolato
Page sponsored by Beverly Vest and Sharon Bowling

Page 98
Computer Lab instructor – Mrs. Gena Burton
Students picture

Page 99
Members – Back
– Tracy Drennan, Crissy Moyers, Brandi Noble, Amy Herd, J. R. Surovik, Helen Dillard
Row 2 – Jason Leggett, Caleb Martin, Joshua Martin, Perry Calvin, Rusty Perry
Row 3 – Tony Calk, Wes Calvin, Crystal Leggett, Paul Doyle, David Watson, Stanley Sweet,
Front – Aide Villarreal, Ty Herd, Jon Wallace, Josh Haws and Aida Villarreal
Officers – Pres. Helen Dillard, V. Pres. Tracy Drennan, Sec. Crissy Moyers, Treas. Joshua Martin, Reporter Caleb Martin, Parl. Jason Leggett, Hist. Jon Wallace
Bottom picture – Jon Wallace

Page 100
Elementary Field Day
Top picture
– Timmy and Dustin
Center picture – Mrs. Waites and students
Page sponsored by Helen & Wendell Warren

Page 101
Elementary Field Day
Top picture
– David Watson and Aaron
Center picture – Raul Ibarra and students

Page 102
Fifth grade
Kristi Brown, Tina Dawson, Dottie Dial, Paul Doyle, Jordan Haden, Raymond Hill, Dwayne Holman, Tony Keith, Crystal Leggett, Sherry Nail

Page 103
Fifth grade
Chasity Rasco, Terrance Rayborn, Kevin Scott, Jimmy Springer, Brandi Votolato, Tony Walker, David Watson, April Williams, Christa Montgomery
Teacher – Mrs. Bobbette Butler
Top left picture – Crystal Leggett
Top Right picture – Mrs. Bobbette Butler

Page 104
Fourth grade
Teacher –
Mrs. Angie Hohenberger
Wes Calvin, Dan’te Hailey, Eddie Hasty, Eric Kirby, Jay Pike, Terry Rasco, Kasey Reffitt, David Smith, Teresa Sterling, Melisa Updegraff, LaSandra Walker, Michael Walker, Anthony Ybarra

Page 105
Fourth Grade
– Mrs. Janet Wallace
Anna Aquirre, Texanna Bidwell, Ceci Burton, Reynaldo Calderon, Jacob Carty, Joseph Elder, Crystal Farmer, Joey Grant, James Higdon, Danny McBride, Stacy McCommons, Amanda Reed, Katie Rejcek, Timothy Smith, Johnny Springer
Top picture – James Higdon

Page 106
Third Grade
Teacher -
Miss Nanette Daniel

Kimberly Allen, Melinda Bunch, ReinaCalderon, Kristol Campbell, Jeffery Dyer, Shauna Eagle, Beth Franks, Donald Guinn, Jacqueline Harvey, Jared Hill, Travis Kaddatz, Timmy Keith, Dustin Lewis
Top picture – Josh Perry, Kimberly Allen, Sarah Young and Dustin Lewis

Page 107
Third Grade
Bonnie Nail, John Perkins, Joshua Perry, Chad Pitt, Kevin Pyburn, James Raney, Hollie Reeder, Patsy Rodriquez, Jessica Tucker, Jerod Welch, Amy West, Julia Ybarra, Sarah Young

Page 108
Second Grade
– Mrs. Dawn Haden
Amber Bradley, Dustin Burleson, Amber Cagle, Glenda Guinn, Rexana Hall, James Littlejohn, Ray McMullen, Rachel Rasco, Lewis Richardson, Dustin Smith, Frances Suaste, Cody Votolato, Christie Zander
Top left picture – Frances Suaste

Page 109
Teacher – Mrs. Beverly Vest
Genie Abbott, Shana Calk, Kacie Campbell, Randy Charters, Eric Dowdle, Kyla Duffield, Michael Durham, Toni Elder, Bruce Holman, Brittany Ivy, Kevin Milazzo, Melesio Suaste, Michelle Updegraff, Nick Watson, Josh Wells, Shelly Williams, Travis Wolfe
Top right picture – Eric Dowdle

Page 110
First Grade
– Sharon Bowling
Ray Abbott, Christi Basham, J. C. Eagle, David Elder, Zackery Gage, Jacob Harrington, James Hill, Aaron Kirby, LaWanda Manning

Page 111
First Grade
Joseph Farmer, Billy Meskimen, Paul Monthei, Ethan Rayborn, KaSondra Redman, Jolyn Reeder, Ashley Reynolds, Erin Reynolds, Amy Robinson, Tasha Smith, Kristen Spaniel, Mary Ann Sterling, Kimberly Suaste, Zack Warren, Laura Welch

Page 112
– Mrs. Becky Melton
Cody Ballew, Coleman Campbell, George Davis, Jr., Keith Dowdle, Johnathan Dyer, Joshua Holman, Carolyn Hooks, Kevin Hooks, David Kaddatz, Tony Martinez, Orlenna McClanahan, Rebecca McDonald, Autumn Moore, Elizabeth Penque, Zachary Reed, Amanda Scott, Kathy Sepulveda, Brandon Spaniel, Frank Williams, Teresa Ybarra, Chris Young, Jason Zander
Page sponsored by Don, Beverly & Caleb Ballew

Page 113
Pre K
– Mrs. Karen Baker
Deshonda Alford, Marc Beckham, Virginia Bunch, Fernando Carreon, Jr., Jeremy Dowdle, Jenny Fortenberry, Latoya Hailey, Robert Thomas, McDonald, Jeremy McRae, Marcus Lee, Meskimen, Kristin Redmon, Marcus Reamy, Nick Reamy, Ashley Rodriquez
Top right picture – Latoya Hailey and Marc Beckham

Page 114
Top right picture
– Wanda Davis
Lunchroom – Wanda Davis, Terry Cagle, Juanita Sepulveda
Center left – Wayne Elmore
Bottom left – Custodians – J. O. Watts, Pat Belcher, Wayne Elmore, Ray Adams
Bottom right – Bus Drivers, Wayne Elmore, Cheryl Ray, Ray Adams

Page 115
Ads – Craftex (picture )

Page 116
Ads – Tate Electric – Tom’s Chip Plant – Italy Texaco – Payne’s Gro. And Mkt.

Page 117
Ads – Kenneth Biles Eye Care – Pat Owen’s Gift Shop – Deluxe Bakery – Curtis Mathes – Dobbs & Co. – Ark – Central Baptist Church – Fireside Gift Shoppe

Page 118
Ads – Corsicana Auto Parts – Tipton International -
Third Avenue Mkt. – Victorian Sample – Frost Dress MFG. – Hollingsworth & Raby – Bridial and Party Boutique – Reeves’ Pharmacy

Page 119
Ads – Reed’s Fina – Frost United Methodist Church

Page 120
Ads – City Cafι of Frost – Blackford Printing – Made With Love Gifts – Trophies Unlimited – Georges Casual & Western Wear – Navco Locksmiths – Allen I. Gallup – Baker Chevrolet – Corsicana Overhead Door – Menser Veterinary – John W. Smith. D. D. S. – The Fashion Shop

Page 121
Ad – First State Bank Blooming Grove – (picture Ed Hill, Brenda McGraw, Jennifer Jones, Jean Hinkle and other

Page 122
Ads – High School Cleaners – Carroll & Harper Vets. – Toyota – Stag Hair Design – Italy Auto Supply – Hand’s Furniture – Brenda’s Country Styler, - Humbert’s Hickory House – Young Animal Hospital – Griffin Roughton Funeral Home – Reid’s Pharmacy – Havel’s Inc.

Page 123
Ads – First Baptist Church of Mertens – Ronnie Hyles Home Supply

Page 124
Ads – Bargain City Resale – Navarro College – Specially For Me – Ebans Jewelry & Music – B. G Service Center – Old Jail Drive Inn – Frost Feed Mill – Donnell AG. Prod. Jimmy Haden

Page 125
Ads – Corsicana Ford Texas (picture) – Cooper’s Shoes – Dr. Pepper Bottling – Ross Propane (picture ) – Beaton Pharmacy

Page 126
Ads – Corsicana Graphics – Omberg & Mitchell

Page 127
Ad – Williams Gin, managers Bob Berna and Buddy Ballew (picture)

Page 128
Ads – Frost Store – D. &. C. Enterprises – Sixpence – Collectable Memories – Happy’s – City Office Supply – Photography Studio – Sullivans Horse Auction – Dr. Tim & Lavrel O’Shea – Hill County Implement Co. – Corsicana Answering service – Polar Bear Plus

Page 129
Ads – McGraw’s Food Store – BG Insurance – Navarro County Elec. – Miller Feed Co. – Furniture Barn – Vanities – Ugly Duckling – H. and H. Gro. (picture)

Page 130
Ads – Corsicana Daily Sun - Frost Baptist Church – First State Bank Italy

Page 131
Ads – Logan Ins. Agency (picture)

Page 132
Ads – Brenda’s Hair Design (picture Alan Speer) – Singing Wheels Skating Rink – Frost Youth Center – Bridal and Party Boutique (pictures)

Page 133
Frost P. T. O. – President Becky Melton, Vice Presidents Linda Herd and Melanie Perry, Secretary Robin Burton, Treasurer Shirley Dillard, Reporter Nell Warren

Page 134
Ad – Angela Padilla Custom Made Buttons – picture of Angela and Football players

Page 135
Ads – Dixie LP Gas – Reynolds Washateria and Car Wash (picture Sherri Reynolds) – Taco Shop – Builders Supply Co. – Flying High Jewelry

Page 136
Ad – Citizens State Bank (picture of employees)

Page 137
Frost Youth Center (picture)

Page 138
Autograph page

Page 139
List of Polar Bear Backers and Thank you note from annual staff

Page 140
Polar Bear Staff Survey
Top picture
– Sonny Votolato
Bottom left picture – Tawana and Angie
Bottom right – Coach Chris Storer and Christina

Page 141
Top picture – Brandon Franks
Bottom left – James
Bottom right – Jason

Page 142
Autograph page

Page 143
Autograph page

Page 144
Editor Heather Eagle picture and letter

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