The 1993 Bears Den
Year Book of Frost School
Frost, Navarro County Texas


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Page 1
List of Contents

Page 2
Homecoming pictures

Page 3
Homecoming pictures

Page 4
Homecoming pictures
Top right
– Brandilyn Bills
Top left – Brandie Williams
Bottom left – Stevena Bidwell
Bottom right – LaQuincy Hooks
Other pictures

Page 5
Homecoming picture
Top right
– Jimmie Sanford
Top left – Kris Kienzie and Tony Calk
Center – seniors
Bottom right
– Angela Rodriquez
Bottom left – Gabi Avant

Page 6
Homecoming pictures
Top left – Queen nominees
Top right – Bonfire
Bottom right – Queen
Crissy Moyers

Page 7
Top left – Queen Crissy Moyers
Top right – Queen Crissy Moyers and escort Caleb Martin
Bottom left – Amy Herd and Crissy Moyers
Bottom right – Amy Herd and Crissy Moyers and father

Page 8
Seniors – top row – Coman Nail, Crissy Moyers, Iesha Young, Chad Updegraff, Amy Herd
Bottom – Ronnie Holliman, Gabi Avant, Thomas Johnston, Angela Hill, Caleb Martin

Page 9
Misc. Senior pictures

Page 10
Gabrielle “Gabi” Avant, Amy Herd, Angela Hill, Ronnie Holliman, Thomas Johnston

Page 11
Caleb Martin, Crissy Moyers, Coman Nail, Chad Updegraff, Iesha Young

Page 12
Stevena Bidwell, Brandilyn Bills, Tony Calk, Perry Calvin, Chad Coker, Sherman Crayton, Vicky Davis, Richard Gorman, Jason Leggett, Keri Lindley, Eric Littlejohn, Sherry McMullen, Brandi Noble, Michael Pike, Chris Pyburn, Angela Rodriquez, Traci Rowe, Jimmie Sanford, Sherri Stephens, J. R. Surovik, Stan Sweet, Aida Villarreal, Windi Woodall

Page 13
Class Officers
Reporter –
J. R. Suriovik, Vice Pres. – Chad Coker, Sec. – Stan Sweet, President – Jason Leggett, Treasurer – Brandi Noble
Class Favorites – Jimmie Sanford and Vicky Davis

Page 14
Angel Elmore, Jimmy Carter, Jennifer Clark, Donna Dotson, David Dawson, Faye Dowdle, Matt Ellison, Kim Hailey, Jamie Hammon, LaQuincy Hooks, Wendy Morris, Joey Murphy, Penny Norrell, Jammy Peters, Kenneth Pike, Tammie Rowe, Elaine Speer, Amy Sweet, Tracy Terry, Sunny Vess, Aida Villarreal, Natasha Wheeler, Brandie Williams, Ricky Williams

Page 15
Class favorites
– Ricky Williams and Jennifer Clark
Class Officers
Vice President
– Penny Norrell, President – Jammy Peters, Secretary – Brandie Williams, Reporter – Sunny Vess

Page 16
Michael Arnold, Angie Avant, Amy Bowling, Amber Callahan, LaToshia Castillo, Michael Chavez, Jana Childress, Susie Cox, Shaeque Elder, Rob English, Matthew Gage, Ruthie Garcia, Beth Harvey, Josh Haws, Ty Herd, Perry Hill, Jennifer Isabel, Joseph Maddox, Joshua Martin, Lee Morris, Bobbie Moyers, Rusty Perry, Russell Rogers, Teddy Rowe, Kim Sanchez, Jeronimo Suaste

Page 17
Danny Tadlock, John Wallace, Jennifer Welborn, Stephanie Wells, Joe Ybarra
Class Officers
President – Joshua Martin, Vice President – Amy Bowling, Treasurer – Perry Hill, Secretary – Stephanie Wells, Reporter – Ty Herd
Class Favorites – Kim Sanchez and Ty Herd

Page 18
Kathy Berry – Business
Elbert Butler – Agriculture
Kyle Coker – Science/Coach
Elizabeth Doyle – Sp. Ed. Aide
James Eagle – Math/Coach
Yvette Eagle – Math
Susan Ernst – Sp. Ed
Debbie Franks – Lunchroom Manager
Charles Griste – Math /Computer
Leon Harville – Spanish
Norma Ivie – Counselor
Joyce Long – Aide
Dan Lunsford – History
Robbie McCommons – Aide
Bottom right – Mr. Kevin Zeulke and Mr. Dan Lunsford

Page 19
Annie McCollough – Sp. Ed. Aide
Martha Murray – Home Economics
Earldene Patterson – English/UIL
David Penque – English/Beta Club
Ruth Pengue – English/Annual
Cheryl Ray- Sp. Ed. Aide
Denny Rucker – Science/Coach
Wendy Rucker – P. E./Coach
Pam Stephens – Sp. Ed./Aide
Neil Warren – Library Asst.
Becky Williams – Computer Lab.
Gail Worthen – Librarian
Kevin Zeuike – History
Bottom left – Mrs. Nell Warren
Center bottom – Earldene Patterson
Bottom right – Coach James Eagle

Page 20
Mr. and Miss FHS – Caleb Martin and Amy Herd

Page 21
Most Likely to Succeed – Caleb Martin and Crissy Moyers

Page 22
Most Reliable – Caleb Martin and Crissy Moyers
Most Representative – Caleb Martin and Angela Hill

Page 23
Friendliest – Crissy Moyers and Coman Hill
Flirtiest – Jason Leggett and Windi Woodall

Page 24
Most School Spirited – Brandilyn Bills and Jamie Hamon
Most Athletic – Amy Herd and Jammy Peters

Page 25
Football Sweetheart – Sunny Vess
Campus Cut-ups – Jimmie Sanford and Brandie Williams

Page 26
Fly sheet – Clubs

Page 27

Top picture
Kenneth Hall, Bobbie Moyers, Angela Hill, Crissy moyers, Brandilyn Bills, Stevena Bidwell
Bottom picture
– Crissy Moyers, Vice President – Angela Hill, Secretary – Brandilyn Bills, Treasurer – Stevena Bidwell

Page 28
Fellowship Christian Athletes
Members –
Josh Haws, Josh Martin, Ty Herd, Gabrielle Avant, Aide Villarreal, Jeronimo Suaste, John Wallace, Jammy Peters, Jason Leggett, Bobbie Moyers, Brandilyn Bills, Elaine Speer, Brandie Williams, Amy Bowling, Stephanie Wells, Caleb Martin, Amy Herd, Stevena Bidwell, Crissy Moyers, Shanequa Elder, Lateshia Castile, Kim Hailey
Not pictured – Jimmy Carter and Rusty Perry

President – Caleb Martin
Vice Pres. – Jammy Peters
Secretary – Crissy Moyers

Page 29
– Brandilyn Bills, Suzi Cox, Lateshia Castillo, Amber Callahan, Traci Rowe, (not pictured Tammie Rowe and Shanequa Elder), Amy Sweet, Brandie Williams, Alicia Frazier, Kim Hailey, Windi Woodall, Iesha Young, Keri Lindley, Fay Dowdle, Jennifer Isabell, Angela Hill
President – Angela Hill, Vice President – Lateshia Castillo, Secretary – Kim Hailey, Treasurer – Windi Woodall

Page 30
FFA Chapter Officers – Reporter
– Crissy Moyers, Treasurer – Stan Sweet, 1st Vice Pres. – J. R. Surovik, Sentinel – Sunny Vess, Vice President – Caleb Martin, Secretary – Amy Herd, President – Jason Leggett
Greenhand Officers
Beth Harvey, Stephanie Wells, Josh Martin, Ty Herd, Jeronimo Suaste, Amy Bowling, Josh Haws
Bottom picture – Caleb Martin

Page 31
– Bobbie Moyers, Josh Martin, Russell Rogers, Josh Haws, Perry Calvin, Stan Sweet, Chris Pyburn, Jammy Peters, Jimmy Carter, Angie Avant, David Dawson, Thomas Johnston
Middle – Brandi Noble, Ronnie Holliman, Chad Updegraff, Perry Hill, Stevena Bidwell, Ricky Williams, Jon Wallace, Jason Leggett, Brandilyn Bills, Jeronimo Suaste, Elaine Speer, Sunny Vess, J. R. Surovik, Amy Herd, Caleb Martin
Front – Penny Norrell, Coman Nail, Crissy Moyers, Ty Herd, Amy Bowling, Stephanie Wells, Kenneth Pike
Bottom picture – Jon Wallace

Page 32
Beta Club
Members on tour – top row –Principal
Gordon Lockett, Jammy Peters, Ricky Williams, Caleb Martin, Iesha Young, Elaine Speer, Joshua Martin, STevena Bidwell, Chaperon Brenda Speer
Second row – Sponsor David Penque, Stephanie Wells, Stan Sweet, Keri Lindley
Third row – Sunny Vess, Penny Norrell, Angela Hill, Amy Bowling, Crissy Moyers
Fourth row – Jeronimo Suaste, Joey Murphy, Tony Calk
Bottom row – J. R. Surovik, Jason Leggett, Jon Wallace
Center bottom - Sunny Vess
Bottom right – Coach Lockett

Page 33
Beta Club
Bottom right
– Jeronimo Suaste and Jammy Peters
Bottom center – Keri Lindley, Iesha Young, Jason Leggett, Jon Wallace, J. R. Surovik, Ricky Williams, Joshua Martin
Write up about Betas

Page 34
Annual staff
Top right
– Angela Hill
Bottom left – Perry Calvin
Center right – Annual staff
Bottom right – Mrs. Penque

Page 35
Annual staff
Top left
– Crissy Moyers
Top right – Stevena Bidwell
Bottom left –Amy Herd, Angela Rodriguez, Angela Hill, Brandi Noble
Bottom right – annual staff

Page 36
Members – Top row
– Jimmy Carter, Elaine Speer, J. R. Surovik, Iesha Young, Perry Calvin, Stan Sweet
Middle row – Beth Harvey, Jammy Peters, Sunny Vess, Amy Bowling, Kerri Lindley, Caleb Martin, Ricky Williams, Jason Leggett, Josh Martin, Jerinomo Suaste
Bottom row – Stevena Bidwell
Not pictured – Jimmie “Squeaky” Sandford and Faye Dowdle
Regional Qualifiers
Top row –
J. R. Surovik, Ricky Williams, Jammy Peters, Caleb Martin, Jason Leggett, Sponsors Mrs. Earldene Patterson and Mr. Kevin Zeuike
Bottom row – Crissy Moyers, Stan Sweet, Angela Hill, Keri Lindley and Iesha Young

Page 37
Top picture
– J. R. Surovik, Caleb Martin, Jason Leggtt, Ricky Williams, Crissy Moyers
Middle picture – Mrs. Earldene Patterson and Jason Leggett
Bottom left – Caleb Martin
Bottom right – J. R. Surovik

Page 38
One Act Play
Misc. pictures

Page 39
One Act Play
Cast –
Donna Dotson, Kim Hailey, J. R. Surovik, Angela Hill, Ricky Williams, Crissy Moyers, Caleb Martin, Amy Bowling, Jason Leggett, Tracy Terry, Chis Pyburn, Jeronimo Suaste
List of honors

Page 40
Fly page – Sports

Page 41
Cross Country
Team –
Coach Rucker, Amy Herd, Perry Hill, Blake English, Ty Herd, Jason Leggett, Brandilyn Bills, Ricky Williams, Jeronimo Suaste
Top right – Ricky Williams
Bottom right – Ty Herd and Jeronimo Suaste
Center left – Amy Herd
Bottom left – Brandilyn Bills

Page 42
Top right – team picture
Top left –
J. R. Surovik
Bottom – team picture

Page 43
Team picture –top row
- Coach Denny Rucker, Matthew Gage, Chris Pyburn, David Dawson, Rusty Perry, J. R. Surovik, Coach James Eagle, Coach Kyle Coker
Middle row – Paul Doyle, David Watson, Eric Littlejohn, Jammy Peters, Richard Gorman, Russell Rogers, Sherman Crayton, Stan Sweet
Bottom row – Danny Tadlock, Jeronimo Suaste, Perry Hill, Kenneth Pike, Teddy Rowe, Jon Wallace, Chad Coker

Page 44
Girls Basketball
Season games and scores
Top picture
– Amy Herd
Bottom left – Brandilyn Bills
Bottom right – Amy Bowling

Page 45
Girls Basketball Team
Latesha Castille, Amy Herd, Kim Hailey, Brandi Noble, Bobbie Moyers, Shanequa Elder, Elaine Speer, Amy Bowling, Brandilyn Bills, not pictured Brandi Williams)
Bottom left – Kim Hailey
Bottom right - Brandie Williams
Page sponsored by Coach Kenneth Hall

Page 46
Boys Basket ball
– Jason Leggett, Ricky Williams, Jammy Peters, Chris Pyburn, Sherman Crayton, J. R. Surovik, Caleb Martin, Chad Updegraff
Bottom picture – Caleb Martin

Page 47
Boys Basketball
Season games and scores
Top picture –
Caleb Martin
Center picture – Chad Updegraff
Bottom picture – Sherman Crayton and Caleb Martin

Page 48
JV Girls Basketball team – Ruthie Garcia, Lateshia Castille, Tracy Terry, Shanequa Elder, Bobbie Moyers, Stevena Bidwell, Jennifer Isabell, Jennifer Welborn, Stephanie Wells,
JV Boys Basketball team – top row – Perry Hill, Jon Wallace, Eric Littlejohn, David Dawson, Joshua Martin, Joseph Maddox, Jeronimo Suaste,
Bottom row – Joey Murphy, Teddy Rowe, Josh Haws, Ty Herd
Season games and scores

Page 49
Baseball team – Coach James Eagle, Jimmie (Squeeky) Sanford, Perry Calvin, Caleb Martin, J. R. Surovik, Jason Leggett, Ricky Williams, Josh Martin, Asst. Coach Daniel Lunsford, John Wallace, Teddy Rowe, Ty Herd, Joey Murphey, Joe Ybarra, Jeronimo Suaste, Bat boy J. C. Eagle

Season games and scores

Page 50
Boys Track team – front row – Sherman Crayton, Jeronimo Suaste, Ricky Williams, Jammy Peters
Back row – David Dawson, Matt Gage, Chris Pyburn
Center left picture – Matthew Gage
Center right – Ricky Williams
Bottom left – David Dawson
Bottom right – Matthew Gage

Page 51
Girls Track team – Aide Villarreal, LaTeshia Castille, Faye Dowdle (not pictured Kim Hailey and Shanequa Elder)
Bottom picture – Aide Villarreal and Faye Dowdle

Page 52
Girls tennis team – Bobbie Moyers, Donna Dotson, Aide Villarreal, Tracy Terry
Bottom row – Jennifer Welborn and Elaine Speer
Top right picture - Boys tennis – Joey Murphy
Center right picture – Elaine Speer and Tracy Terry
Bottom – Joey Murphy
Center bottom – Jennifer Welborn
Bottom right – Bobbie Moyers

Page 53
Top left – Donna Dotson
Middle – Crissy Moyers
Top right – Aide Villarreal

Page 54
Cheerleaders and Mascot
Mascot –
LaQuincy Hooks
Cheerleaders –
Stephanie Wells, Brandilyn Bills, Shanequa Elder, Tracy Terry, Sunny Vess, Elaine Speer, Amy Bowling
Bottom left –
Elaine Speer
Bottom right –
Shanequa Elderxt

Page 55
Cheerleaders – Tracy Terry, Amy Bowling, Brandilyn Bills, Sunny Vess, Stephanie Wells

Page 56
Dance team - Icees
Write up-
Penny Kay Norrell
Top picture – Kim Hailey, Jennifer Isabel, Penny Norrell
Bottom picture – Penny Norrell, Jennifer Welborne, Kim Hailey, Latisha Castille, Jennifer Isabell

Page 57
Dance Team – Icees
Sponsor –
Elizabeth Doyle
Top picture – Jennifer Isabell
Team – Jennifer Welborn, Jennifer Isabel, Kim Hailey, Manager Latisha Castile, Faye Dowdle, Penny Norrell

Page 58
FHA & FFA Awards
Amber Callahan, Kim Hailey, Keri Lindley, Angela Hill, Iesha Young, Latisha Castille, Ty Herd, Sunny Vess, Jon Wallace, Jason Leggett, Caleb Martin,
Mrs. Kim Perkins – Outstanding Service Award from Frost FFA

Page 59
FFA Awards
Livestock Judging -
Coman Nail, Amy Herd, Caleb Martin, Jason Leggett
Dairy Judging – Ricky Williams, Joshua Martin, Amy Bowling, Stephanie Wells
Ag. Mechanics – Thomas Johnston, Stan Sweet, J. R. Surovik
Tractor McChanics, - Thomas Johnston, Caleb Martin, Ronnie Holliman

Page 60
UIL Honors – Awards Banquet
Top picture
Coach Kenneth Hall, Amy Herd and Caleb Martin
Bottom picture – April Williams, Erin Revill, Amy Bowling, Beth Franks

Page 61
UIL Awards – Awards Banquet
Top picture
– Donna Dotson, Sunny Vess, Brandilyn Bills
Bottom left – Sunny Vess, Brandilyn Bills, Amy Bowling, Elaine Speer, Tracy Terry, Stephanie Wells, April Williams

Page 62
Awards Banquet
1st year honored students
– Anthony Ybarra, Texanne Bidwell, Jacob Carty, Chris Rowe
Second year honored students –Angela Hill and Erin Revill

Page 63
Awards Banquet
Top picture – 3rd Year Honored students –
Jammy Peters, Amy Bowling, Josh Martin, Elaine Speer
Center right – 4th year Honored Student – Sunny Vess
Center left – 5th Year Honored Students – Jason Leggett and Stan Sweet
Bottom picture - 6th year honored student – Caleb Martin

Page 64
Top right
– Brandilyn Bills
Bottom left – Prom King Caleb Martin and Prom Queen Angela Hill
Other pictures

Page 65
Top left – Forrest Warren, Stan Sweet, Mrs. Earldene Patterson
Bottom right- Keri Lindley and Stan Sweet
Center bottom – Richard Gorman
Other pictures

Page 66
Top left
– Thomas Johnson
Top right – Gabi Avant and Amy Herd
Bottom – Coman Nail, Chad Updegraff and Caleb Martin

Page 67
Top picture –
Ronnie Holliman, Chad Updegraqff, Caleb Martin, Iesha Young, Gabi Avant, Thomas Johnston, Angela Hill, Amy Herd
(not pictured Crissy Moyers, Coman Nail)
Center picture – Caleb Martin and Jason Leggett
Beta graduates – Gabi Avant, Iesha Young, Caleb Martin, Angela Hill, Crissy Moyers

Page 68
Eighth Grade
Nick Cooper, J. D. Dawson, Tina Dawson, Dottie Dial, Paul Doyle, Kirsten Elder, Crystal Ford, James Gorrel, Jordan Haden, Raymond Hill, Dwayne Holman, David Johnson, Tony Keith, Crystal Leggett, Milton McRae, Christa Montgomery, Sherry Nail, Chasity Rasco, Erin Revill, Chris Rowe, Kevin Scott, Nick Stamper, Travis Updegraff, Tony Walker, David Watson, April Williams

Page 69
Eighth Grade
Class Officers – Vice Pres. –
Christa Montgomery, Pres. – Erin Revill, Treasurer – Chris Rowe, Secretary – Chasity Rasco
Class Favorites – Chasity Rasco and Nick Cooper

Page 70
Seventh Grade
Texanne Bidwell, Wes Calvin, Jacob Carty, Dottie Dial, Blake English, Valerie Fonseca, Brandie Johnson, Stacy McCommons, Johnny Murphy, Tonya Patterson, Amanda Reed, Victor Songer, Dane Thomas, Anthony Ybarra

Page 71
Seventh Grade
Class officers – President –
Valerie Fonseca, Treasurer – Texanna Bidwell, Vice Pres. – Amanda Reed, Secretary – Anthony Ybarra
Class favorites – Anthony Ybarra and Amanda Reed

Page 72
JH football team – top row – Coach Rucker, Chris Rowe, Justin Dawson, David Watson, Blake English, Tony Walker, James Gorrell, Nick Stamper, Dane Thomas, Anthony Ybarra, Jonathan Murphy, Coach James Eagle
2nd row – Manager Paul Doyle, Jordan Haden, Eddie Hasty, Kevin Pyburn, Nick Cooper, Jacob Carty, Tony Keith, Kevin Scott, Raymond Hill, Michael Welborn, Travis Updegraff, manager David Smith
3rd row – Josh Perry, Terry Rasco, Dante Hailey, Brandon Cooper, Wes Calvin, Jeffery Dyer, Timmy Keith, Michael Clayton, Travis Kaddatz, John Perkins, Joe Garcia
Bottom left picture – Tony Walker
Bottom right picture – David Watson

Page 73
JH Cheerleaders – Back Row – Sponsor Becky Williams, Chasity Rasco, Texanna Bidwell, Amanda Reed,
Middle row – Crystal Leggett
Bottom row – Stacy McCommons, April Williams, Christa Montgomery
Page sponsored by Becky Williams

Page 74
JH Girls Basketball
Top row
– Tina Dawson, April Williams, Kirstin Elders, Erin Revill, Stacy McCommons, Tonya Patterson, Chasity Rasco, Mgr. Jackey Harvey
Bottom row – Sherry Nail, Brandy Joynson, Annette Flores
Season games and scores

Page 75
JH Boys Basketball
Raymond Hill, Dane Thomas, Paul Doyle, Nick Stamper, David Watson, Travis Updegraff, William Hawthorne
Bottom picture – Travis Updegraff and Chris Rowe
Season games and scores

Page 76
JH Girls Track - Annette Flowers, Amanda Reed, Stacey Mocommons, Erin Revill, Kirstin Elder, April Williams, Tonya Patterson, Chasity Rasco

Page 77
JH Boys Track
Team –
Coach Rucker, Dane Thomas, Paul Doyle, Nick Stamper, James Gorrell, Travis Updegraff, Anthony Kirby

Page 78
Top row
– Staci McCommons, Erin Revill, Chris Rowe, Dane Thomas, James Gorrell
Bottom row – Texanna Bidwell, April Williams, Christa Montgomery
Bottom left – Amanda Reed
Bottom right – Nick Stamper and David Watson

Page 79
JH One Act Play
Top left –
Nick Stamper
Top right – Staci McCommons and David Watson
Center picture – Cast – Nick Stamper, David Watson, Chris Rowe, Amanda Reed, Staci McCommons, Tonya Patterson, James Gorrell, Christa Montgomery, April Williams
Bottom left – April Williams and Christa Montgomery
Bottom – Annette Flores

Page 80
JH Graduation
Top right –Valedictorian
– Erin Revill
Top left – Salutatorian Chris Rowe and Valedictorian Erin Revill
Center right – group of eighth grade
Bottom left – Paul Doyle and James Gorrell
Bottom right – Tony Keith and Mr. Watson

Page 81
JH Graduation
Top row
– Nick Stamper, Tony Walker, Paul Doyle, Milton McRae, David Johnson, James Gorrell, Jordan Haden, Kristen Elder, Erin Revill, Shaw,
Middle row – Justin Dawson, Kevin Scott, Raymond Hill, David Watson, Travis Updegraff, Chris Rowe, Christa Montgomery, Tony Keith, Tina Dawson, (ushers – William Hawthorne, Texanne Bidwell, Annette Flores)
Front row – Sherry Nail, Chasity Rasco, April Williams, Chrystal Ford
Bottom left – David Johnson and Christa Montgomery
Bottom right – Erin Revill, April Williams, Crystal Ford, Chasity Rasco

Page 82
Sixth Grade
- Kristi Earp
Kimberly Allen, Kathy Avant, Reina Calderon, Michael Clayton, Brandon Cooper, Jeffery Dyer, Beth Franks, Joe Able Garcia, Jackie Harvey, Eddie Hasty, Timmy Keith, Leslie Leverette, Renee Murray, John Perkins, Jay Pike, Rebecca Songer, Michael Welborn, Amy West, April Willeford

Page 83
Sixth Grade
– Pam Brown
Reynaldo Calderon, Kristol Campbell, Shauna Eagle, Dante Hailey, Jared Hill, Travis Kaddatz, Dustin Lewis, Bonnie Nail, Josh Perry, Kevin Pyburn, Patsy Rodriquez, Melisa Sander, David Smith, Sunny Stamper, Ami Vantreese

Page 84
Fifth grade
– Bobbette Butler
Dustin Burleson, Amber Cagle, Shana Calk, Kacie Campbell, Chris Cupit, Eric Dowdle, Jamie Fonseca, Rexana Hall, James Littlejohn, Ray McMullen, Melesio Suaste, Benjamin, Terriah, Jessica Tucker, Nick Watson, Shelly Williams, Julia Ybarra

Page 85
Fifth grade
– Angie Hohenberger
Jessica Berry, Kyla Duffield, Jason Gorrell, Chrystal Johnson, Kevin Milazzo, James Raney, Steven Rossiaky, Michelle Sander, Chris Scott, Casey Siegmund. Frances Suaste, Josh Wells, Sarah Young, Christie Zander

Page 86
Fourth Grade
– Jana Hall
Christi Bassham, Jennifer Eastman, Brian Fonseca, LaWanda Manning, Erin Reynolds, Lewis Richardson, Amy Robinson, Jeremiah Rose, Jason Terriah, Scott Thomas, John Tucker, Ray Vantreese, Zachary Warren, Shana Winkler

Page 87
Fourth Grade
Teacher –
Judy Lockett
Genie Abbott, Clint Bidwell, Brian Clayton, J. C. Eagle, Heather Ford, Jacob Harrington, Josh Lockett, Billy Meskimen, Corey Parks, Rachel Rasco, Ashley Reynolds, Matt Songer, Kristen Spaniel, Laura Welch

Page 88
Third Grade
Teacher –
Nannette Daniels
Cody Ballew, Gary Davis, David Elder, David Hollingsworth, Tony Martinez, Autumn Moore, Tori Patterson, Zachary Reed, Jordan Revill, Kathy Sepulveda, Diana Terriah, Ryan Vess, Samantha Wallis, Teresa Ybarra

Page 89
Third Grade
– Becky Melton
Ray Abbott, Pete Aguinaga, Coleman Campbell, George Davis, Danielle Fisher, Zackary Gage, Erika Gonzalez, Carolyn Hooks, David Kaddatz, Jolynn King, Nicholas Songer, Kimberly Suaste, Crystal Wilson

Page 90
Second Grade
– Mrs. Beverly Vest
Angel Agiunaga, Marc Beckman, Joseph Clayton, Keith Dowdle, Rebecca Eastman, Dennis Haney, Katie Hodge, Steve Holman, Kevin Hooks, Jeremy McRae, Ben Melton, Cheree Moore, Laura Perkins, Ashley Rodriquez, Billy Wayne Stout, Frank Williams, Jason Zander

Page 91
Second Grade
Teacher –
Susan Revill
DeShonda Alford, Fernando Carreon, Ruby Cummins, Jared Dawson, Jenny Fortenberry, Kevin Griste, LaToya Hailey, Marcus Meskimen, Megan Perry, Zachary Robinson, Jason Rossiaky, Brandon Spaniel. Aaron Watson, Michael Welch, Michael Wilkinson, John Wilson, Chris Young

Page 92
First Grade
Teacher –
Sharon Bowling
Ervin Alford, Brett Baird, Chris Beckham, Kaitlin Berry, Gayla Bland, Billy Bowers, Jeremy Dowdle, Kristie Dowdle, Phillip Garcia, Kendyl Haws, Lucio Martinez, Brooke Melton, Brodie Monthei, Marcus Reamy, Mayra Rios, Cassady Tucker

Page 93
First Grade
– Mrs. Dawn Haden
Laura Aguinaga, Joshua Antley, David Blacksher, Felicia Cortez, Adam Dowdle, Candida Fisher, Crystal Haney, Aerial McMullen, J. T. Middleton, Jace Montgomery, Ty Moore, Nicholas Reamy, Jennifer Ross, Nikole Wallis

Page 94
– Lisa Bland
Austin Adams, Caleb Ballew, Billy Wayne Barham, Amanda Cummins, Lidia Estrada, Joshua Florence, Stephanie McCommons, Bo McGraw, Cassandra McMullen, Jeff Montgomery, Jessica Moore

Page 95
Jillian Penque, Luvenia Peters, Aaron Pippins, Ryan Rogers, Amber Rushing, Zachary Scott, Coy Songer, Jessica Welch

Page 96
Pre K
Teacher – Tamera Montgomery

Kyle Arnold, Nathan Bradford, Jason Florence, Ray Garey, Jason Giste, Danny Jinson, Jaryn Lockett, Cody Montgomery, Erika Ponder, Nicholas Porter, Juan Rios, Jr., Anna Rodriquez, Kristin Shulze
Bottom picture - Ray Garey, Nicholas Porter, Anna Rodriquez

Page 97
Mrs. Tamera Montgomery and her Pre K pictures

Page 98
Elementary Awards
Top picture – Miss Daniel’s third grade

Bottom left – Mrs. Earp and Jeff Dyer
Bottom right – Amy Robinson and Mrs. Hall

Page 99
Elementary Awards
Top picture
– Mrs. Vest’s first grade
Bottom left – Jessica Welch
Bottom right – Mrs. Montgomery’s Pre K

Page 100
Elementary Field Day
Top picture
– Jessica Welch, Jeff Montgomery, Jillian Penque, Luvenia Peters
center left – Torri Patterson, Brook Melton, Manuel Almanza, Billy Wayne Scott, and Mrs. Beverly Vest
Bottom right – Mrs. Tamera Montgomery, Jason Florence, Jaryn Lockett, Kristen Schultze
Bottom left – Kyle Arnold, Matthew Redmon, Cody Montgomery

Page 101
Elementary Field Day
Top left
– Frances Suaste, Kacie Campbell, Christi Zander, Julie Ybarra
Top right – Beth Franks
Bottom left –Patsy Rodriquez, Bonnie Nail, Shauna Eagle, Krisann Earp, Cannon Earp
Bottom right – James Littlejohn, Zachary Frazier, Jason Gorrell, Joshua Maddox, Roy McMullan

Page 102
Superintendent – Jim Revill
Sec. Tax Assessor and Collector – Jane Ross
Payroll clerk – Sylvia Hastings

Page 103
– Gordon Lockett
Assistant Principal – Kenneth Hall
Secretary – Kim Welch

Page 104
School Board
– Ronnie Martin,
Vice Pres. – Keith Speer
Members – Joey Watson, Richard Leggett, Clay Reynolds
Not pictured – Garlon Terry and Dovie Bratcher

Page 105
Top picture -Bus drivers – Ray Adams, Wayne Elmore, Estella Rodriquez, Pat Belcher
Bottom left Maintenance – Ray Adams Wayne Elmore, Estella Rodriquez, Pat Belcher
Bottom right – Lunch room staff - Marie Raines, Juanita Sepulveda, Bonnie Avant, Estella Rodriquez

Page 106
Thank you note from Bear’s Den Staff

Page 107
Ads – Corsicana Overhead Door – Butler’s Shade Shop – Bon Appetit – Hillsboro Monument Works – Cen-TEx seed and Delinting – B. & G. Tire Service – Young Animal Hosp. – Katherine’s Kitchen – Frost Dress Manufacturing, - Lilley’s Auto & Farm Supply – NationsBank – Fireside Gift Shoppe

Page 108
Ads – Lucko’s Gro. – Hill College – High School Cleaners – Badie Stewart’s Allstate – Omberg & Mitchell

Page 109
Ads – Don Gibson – Collin Street Bakery – James Owen Hardware – The Ark – Jeff’s Suzuki – Polk Chiropractic – Christopher Russo – Trophies Unlimited

Page 110
Frost PTO
– Edna Hall, Vice Pres. – Stephanie Reynolds, Secretary – Carol Scott, Treasurer – Deann Harrington
Picture of students

Page 111
Ads – Quality Inn Ennis – Navarro College – Wenco – The Corner Store – Reed’s Fina

Page 112
ad – Citizens state Bank Frost ( picture of employees)

Page 113
ad – Frost Store (Cindy Wallis, Doyle Staggs, Cindy Welch)

Page 114
ad – Logan Ins. ( picture of John, Logan, Laura)

Page 115
ads – Frost Video – Corsicana Daily Sun - Sykora Ford

Page 116
ads – Filter Shop Glenn Cole – First Baptist Church Mertens

Page 117
ads – Jerrel Bolton Chevrolet – Joe Herd Farmer’s Coop Gin and Grain

Page 118
ads – Corsicana National Bank – Thurston Auto. Supplies – Carroll & Harper Animal Hosp. – Hand’s Furniture – Navarro County Coop – Show Studio – Paynes Gro & Mkt. – Sykora Ford

Page 119
ads – Wilson Paint & Body Shop – Cason’s Flowers – Alan L. Lee 11 – Huse’s Meat Mkt. – Corsicana Bedding – MADD, Peggy Adams – Tommy Menser, D. V. M – Dixie LP Gas – Vanities – Corral Cafι – Jeff’s Western Wear – Pat Owen’s Gifts, James Owen Hardware

Page 120
ads – Miller Feed – Vitters Tractors – George’s Casual and Western Wear – Cen-Tex Feed – Dana Bennett – A-1 Gas and Gro. – Ross Propane – Frost Church – H. R. Block

Page 121
ad – Williams Gin

Page 122
ads – Dobbs & Co. – Keith’s Drafting & Computer Serv. – B.& B. Welding – Frank Myers

Page 123
ad – Ray’s Auction

Page 124
misc. pictures

Page 125
misc. pictures

Page 126
misc. pictures

Page 127
misc. pictures

Page 128
In memory – Eric Phillip Ray

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