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Graduating Class Do Themselves and

State Full Credit.

   The graduating class of the State

Home high school held their commencement

exercises last night. The class consisted of Oscar Carpenter, Bessie Anderson, Etta Owens, Vernon

Hebel, Minnie Mae Brown, Johnnie

Rylie, George Gilbert and Pearl

Coogle.  The program for the evening


"Welcome Pretty Primrose Flower"

—Pinsuti—Glee Club.

Salutatory—"Woman and the Present

War"—Johnie Rylie.

Class History—Pearl Coogle.

"Roses Everywhere"—Denza—Minnie

Mae Brown and Johnie Rylie. .

"Two Years of, Wilson"—Oscar Carpenter.

"Rub or Rust"—Etta Owens.

"Violets"—Dvorak—Glee Club.

"Texas A. and M.  and the People"—

George Gilbert.

Metropolis"—Minnie Mae Brown.

"Carmena"—Lane Wilson, Johnie


"Class Prophecy"—Bessie Anderson

Valedictory—"Present War Making

History"—Vernon Hebel.

Farewell Song—Class.

   The class acquitted themselves

with credit to themselves and the

great state institution of which they

are inmates.

   The exercises were witnessed by a

large audience there being a goodly

number from Corsicana. Superintendent

W. F. Barnett of the home presided

and among those who occupied

seats on the rostrum with the graduating

class were Tom Finty Jr., the

widely known correspondent of the

Dallas News. President J. M. Dyer of

the Corsicana Business League, and

the teachers. When the program had

been completed, every number of

which was thoroughly enjoyed and enthusiastically applauded, Mr. Finty

delivered the diplomas following a

brief but very thoughtful address to

the class, which was attentively listened

to and no doubt highly appreciated.

   Besides the diplomas several of the

graduates received certificates for

special work such as bookkeeping,

stenography, domestic science, manual

training, etc. Superintendent Barnett

made the closing address in which he

outlined the work in the home and the

school showing with what diligence

the graduates had pursued their studios

and how much they merited the

success which they had attained. Mr.

Barnitt also complimented the people

of Corsicana for their generous cooperation

in the work of the home.

   Preceding last night's exercises but

being a part of them there was held

yesterday afternoon a declamation

contest in which Oscar Carpenter was

awarded the first prize of $5 in gold

and John Owens the second prize of

$2.50. The judges were J. S. Millerman,

J. G Smith and H. M. Mauldin.

   In a spelling contest Miss Bertha

Mae Burton won first prize, $5.00,

while Charley Leeds won the second,

this prize being $2.50. Miss Burton, it

will be remembered, won first place in

the county spelling contest held several

weeks ago at the high school.

   The graduates were the recipients

of many flowers and presents. Mr. J.

M. Dyer of the J. M. Dyer Dry Goods

company, gave each of the girls a

handsome ivory stick lace fan and

each of the boys a handsome four-in-hand



The Corsicana Daily Sun - Tuesday, June 1, 1915
Submitted by Diane Richards



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