1917 IOOF School
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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I.O.O.F Graduates

There were eight graduates: seven girls and one boy, as follows;  Verona Sheffield, Bessie Voss, Juanita Carter, Robbie Chapman, Johnnie Awalt, Ruth Boston, Louise Mills and Dwight McAnally.

Salutatory- Juanita Carter

Valedictory – Verona Sheffield


The Corsicana Daily Sun - Friday, June 1, 1917
Submitted by Diane Richards


SCHOOL CLOSES ' - • *• 'i.V ' '

^ ' . / ' - -1-1-" t-,%* • -'

Interesting Exercises at

the Home Witnessed

by Large Crowd


   The closing exercises at the school

the I. O. O. F. home drew a large

audience last night and the exercises

were greatly enjoyed by the large au-

dience. The following program was

carried out:


Invocation—T. G. Brooks.

I. 0. O. F. Song—Class.

Salutatory—Juanita Carter.

Historian—Dwight McAnally.

Reading—Ruth Boston.

Piano Solo—Juanita Carter.

Class Vision—Robbie Chapman.

Class Poem—Louise Mills.


Class Will—Bessie Vess.

Class Scrap Bag—Johnnie Awalt.

Valedictory—Verona Sheffield.


Address—Hon. C. L. Brackfield.

Presentation of Diplomas—Dr. T. A.


Presentation of Books—E. A. Johnson.



There were eight graduates; seven

girls and one boy, as follows: Verona

Sheffield, Bessie Vess, Juanita Car-

ter, Robbie Chapman, Johnnie Awalt,

Ruth Boston. Louise Mills and Dwight

McAnally. The graduating address by

Hon. C. L. Brackfield, former state

senator from the Henderson district,

and Grand Master of the Odd Follows

of Texas, was a masterly effort, in

which he praised the young people for

what they had done at the home and

in the school, and what the Odd Fellows

of Texas would expect of them

now that they were going out into the

world to make their own way. The

address was full of good advice, and

the speaker made a special effort to

impress upon the graduates the fact

that the Odd Fellows of Texas loved

them and would always feel an abid-

ing and deep-seated interest in their

welfare, and expected each and every

one of them to devlope into well

rounded and useful woman and man-

hood. The address seemed to make a

deep impression on the young people

and all hope that their lives will show

that its impress was lasting.

   At the conclusion of the address of

Mr. Brackfield, Dr. T. A. Miller of

Corsicana, in appropriate remarks,

delivered the diplomas.

   As is his custom each year, Hon. E.

A. Johnson, of Corsicana, gave a book

to the pupil who made the highest average

in his or her classes and the following is the list of the children who were awarded these books along with their grades, ages and general averages:

Kindergarten—Master Ballard Wil-

kinson, age 7 years; 92.77.

First Grade, Miss Lee Hodge, age 8

years, 93.

Second Grade—Miss Arveal Blankenship,

age 9 years; 90.

Third Grade—Master Marion Whitten,

age 9 years; 93.33.

Fourth Grade—Miss Edell Blankenship,

age 11 years; 94.33.

Fifth Grade—Master Charlie Hodges,

age 14 years; 90.87.

Sixth Grade—Miss Lucille Russell

age 15 year; 92.87.

Seventh Grade—Robert Whitten, 14

years; 9364 and Leslie Golightly, age

16 years; 95.46.

Eighth Grade—Estelle Blankenship

age 16 years; 93.68.

Ninth Grade—Miss Bessie Worley

age 17 years; 94.25.

Tenth Grade—Mr. Carl Stewart, age

17 years; 95.24.

Eleventh Grade—Miss Verona Shef-

field, age 18 years; 96.95.

   Mr. Johnson delivered the books to

the pupils and each child seemed

proud of the prize he or she had won

   The school term of the Home has

been a most successful one, and the

closing exercises last night wore in

every particular highly entertaining

to the large audience present.


The Corsicana Daily Sun - Friday, June 1, 1917
Submitted by Diane Richards



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