1919 IOOF School
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Odd Fellows Are Pleased

With Work Accomplished

in School

   The graduating exercises of the

I. O. O. F. Home were held Thursday

and Friday of last week. This celebration

was greatly enjoyed by the

students and the many visiting friends

of the Home.

  On Thursday evening the Senior

Class presented their play, "Miss

Topsy Turvy, or the Courtship of the

Deacon " All the students taking

part in the entertainment showed exceptional

talent in the presentation of

their various parts, and many pleas-

ing compliments were paid the young

actors. The cast of characters for

the play was as follows:

  Topsy Turvy, Nellie Clarendon-

Winnie Mae Simmons.

  Mae Golden, Topsy's Cousin—Cora


  Mrs. Clarendon, Topsy's mother—

Louise Kelley.

 Miss Springs, Topsy's governess—

Bessie Worley.

   Lord Clarence, a rich Englishman—

Lee Mac Rogers

   Frank Golden, Mae's Brother—Lynn


   Deacon Jones, pillar of the church—

Travis Boston.

   Ned, a servant—Irvin Clary.

   The graduating exercises proper,

and the presentation of the diplomas

was held on Friday evening. After a

selection by the orchestra, Mr. T. G.

Brooks of Corsicana gave the invoca-

tion. The program was as follows.

   Salutatory, Travis Boston; Class History,

Bessie Worley; Springtime (Donisetti-

Herbert), High School Chorus;

class Poem, Mae Wilkinson: Shepherds

All and Maiden Fair (Nevin), Bessie

Worley: As the Fleet Goes By, Cora

Smith; Toreador Song, (Bizet),  High

School Chorus; Valedictory, Lynn Carter;

Commencement Address, Lockette

Stewart; Award of Diplomas, Mr.

Hawkins of Houston, chairman of the

Board of Trustees of the Home:

Award of Prizes, Messrs. E. A. Johnson

and W. H. Wray; and Graduates

Farewell, Class.

   Various valuable scholarships were

offered and presented to the graduating:

students. Judge J. M. Blanding

offerred a scholarship in Austin College.

Lynn Carter was awarded a

scholarship and Miss Bessie Worley re-

ceived a scholarship in the College of

Industrial Arts at Denton.

   Lockett Stewart who delivered the

Commencement Address is a graduate

of the I. O. O. F. school and has attended

Austin College where he made

a splendid and enviable record, and received

highest honors.

   A prize of $25 was given by Mr. W.

H. Wray, and was awarded to a small

ten year old boy named Linthicum

who has made an average of 98.1

This young fellow also received a

prize of $50 from a member of the Order,

who has the same name although

he is no relation to the boy.

   E. A. Johnson of Corsicana who '.s

very prominent in the Texas I. O. O.

F. Lodge, gave appropriate prize's to

the students making the highest aver-

age in each of the twelve grades. Mr.

Johnson has been giving these prizes

for many years in order to encourage

the boys and girls in their school

work, and develop high scholarships.

   In speaking of this year's work at

the I. O. O. F. Home, Mr. Johnson

said that excellent work has been

accomplished there during the past year.

"The enrollment at the Home is now

about 400," said Mr. Johnson" and

everything is being done to promote the

welfare of the boys and girls. We

are proud of what has been done."


The Corsicana Daily Sun - Monday June 9, 1919
Submitted by Diane Richards



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