1927 State Home
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Graduation exercises for the State
Home high school were held Thurs-
day night in the auditorium of the
home with Dr. J. S. Seneker mem-
ber of the theological faculty of
S. M. U. delivering the class address.
Members of the class occupied
the stage which was decorated
in class colors. They marched down
the aisle of the auditorium to the
tune of the processional march by
the high school orchestra under the
direction of Joel Trimble.
The invocation was given by J.
M. Hall, chaplain of the Home.
The salutatory address was given
by Nettie Mullins who welcomed all
to the exercises of the evening
and said that one of the ambitions
of the class had been realized
in graduation. She also spoke of the
friendships that had been formed at
the Home and of how the members
of the class would miss the friends
they had made while students at
the institution. She also stated that
the class was well equipped to face
life and expressed the appreciation
of the class for the work the State
was doing in preparing boys and
girls for life. Members of the class
she said, would look forward to
the time when they, as alumni,
could meet again at the Home.
Rena Ginther, valedictorian, in
her address said that the class
was happy as they faced the pros-
pects of life. She also expressed
the appreciation of the class for
the assistance of Donald McDonald,
superintendent; to E. L. Fletcher,
principal; Slayton Phelps, sponsor
for the class and to the members
of the faculty.
Musical numbers on the program
included a song by the girls glee
club with Miss Hattie K. Sadler at
the piano; a number by the high
school orchestra and a vocal solo
by Kitty Moore Hesfllew.
Edward Heath, member of the
graduating class, introduced Dr.
Seneker, who delivered the class
Dr. Seneker told the members of
the class they should have an ideal
and that they sould strive to attain
it. He also told them that their
faith would be tried every day and
in various ways. He illustrated his
talk with a story of 40 soldiers who
refused to burn incense as a recog-
nition of Casear as a divine and
told how they marched to their
death praising Jesus Christ. The
speaker stated that he did not be-
lieve the members of the class
would ever be called upon to lay
down their life in that manner but
he added that your faith will be
tested in many different ways. He
declared that they would be called
upon daily to give up life like the
He asked the class if they knew
what they were to do in the world
and what type of spirit was guiding
them. He then appealed to them to
bring the best to meet the best.
E. L. Fletcher, principal of the
high school, delivered the diplomas.
Following is the class roll; Edward
Heath, Lottie Moore, Hallie Nash,
Nettie Oberlin, Nettie Lee Mullins,
Hazel Baker, Kitty Moore Hestilow,
Rena Ginther, Nell Richmond, Clarence
Bly, Geneva Jordan, Earl Eads.
Ila Berry, Dan Heath, Bertha Welch,
Louise Smith and Catherine Steltenroth.

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