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Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Final exercises for the 1927-28
school year at the Odd Fellows
Home were completed Friday evening
when diplomas were presented
the nine young ladies composing
the 1928 graduating class and the
prizes for work done during the
year were awarded. Superintendent
G. W. Hawkins, whose resignation
became effective Saturday,
was presented with a handsome
watch and chain by C. A. Wheeler,
past grand master of the Texas Odd
Fellows, as an appreciation of the
service which he has rendered the
home during his administration.
A large number of visitors from
various parts of the state visited
the home Friday and attended the
commencement exercises during the
evening, and the audience was further
augmented by many Corsicana
Several selections by the Odd Fellows
orchestra under the direction
of W. O. Barlow opened the program,
with the graduates marching
down the long center aisle to
the stage as the processional was
T. G. Brooks of Port Arthur, for
many years, superintendent of the
home Sunday school, pronounced
the invocation.
Miss Imogene Harvey, in a very
brief but effective address, welcom-
ed the visitors and friends of the
graduating class. She pointed out
that it was a very important, occasion
for it marked the close of the
first act of their lives, with the second
and more important act just
ahead, and asked the assistance of
the order in making the second act
a true success.
"To Spring," a piano solo, was
very attractively executed by Miss
Georgia Davidson.
A selection by the girl's sextette
of the home was presented in a
very pleasing manner.
Valedictory Address.
Miss Estelle Wilson, valedictorian
of the 1928-class, pointed out that
the class was completing a very
happy past and were facing an unknown
future, the success of which
depended upon the foundation
which they had prepared during
their high school days.
She paid tribute to the members
of the order of Odd Follows and
ladies of the Rebekahs for the care
and privileges which had been given
them; to Superintendent and
Mrs. Hawkins for their untiring and
faithful efforts; and to the faculty
for their work as they realized that
the true greatness of America is in
its citizenship.
Closing her address, she pointed
out to her classmates, that the sun
which appeared just above the horizon
was a rising and not a setting
"Youth Unafraid."
H. D. Fillers, superintendent of
the Corsicana Public Schools, was
introduced by Mr. Hawkins as the
speaker of the evening. Taking as
his subject "Youth Unafraid," the
speaker introduced his remarks
with the statement that the way
in which the girlhood of America
was responding to the opportunities
offered them proved that the
future of the nation was in safe
History is full of the remarkable
accomplishments of youth unafraid
the speaker asserted and pointed
out numerous examples which included
Columbus, Alexander the
Great, Joan of Arc, Jane Addams,
and Charles A. Lindbergh. The
outstanding example of a fearless
youth was pointed out as Jesus
Christ in the temple arguing with
the doctors.
He asserted that the graduates
would not face the great second act
of life alone but that they would
be accompanied by their ambition,
courage, hope, prayers and the best
wishes of their friends.
One of the unique features of the
evening, was the class song, which
had new words set to the tune of
"Among My Souvenirs."
J. D. Buster of Sherman, Grand
Master of the Texas Odd Fellows,
pointed out that there were three
essentials of success: Faith in God,
faith in country and faith in fellow
man. He declared that one should
be dissatisfied with anything less:
than their best.
He then presented diplomas to
Georgia Davidson, Artie Chapman,
Imogone Harvey, Erma Ruth Wray,
Nell Dean, Faye Golightly, Vera
Arledge, Clemmie Vest, and Estelle
Annual Prizes Awarded.
Mrs. Annie Savage, president of
the Rebekah Assembly of Texas,
presented the fine arts medals of-
fered by the order each year. The
medals for music were awarded
Misses Georgia Davidson and Kitty
Aldredge, while the expression
medal went to Miss Gracie Lewis.
The Savage medal offered annually
to the young lady making the
best average in the commercial department
was presented by Frank
Hubbard of Kaufman to Miss Estelle
The annual award offered by W.
H. Wray, treasurer of the home
board, to the best all-round student
in the home was presented by H.
J. Emmins of Dallas to Miss Imo-
gene Harvey. The award was $25 in
Superintendent Hawkins- then
presented the annual awards to the
boys and girls in the entire home
for outstanding work done during
the year.
The prize winners were:
1 Bill Webb, first prize $30; 2
Wash Campbell, $25; 3 Bill Vest,
$20; 4 Wulbur Johnson, $15; 5 Jas.
Patterson, $10.
Industrial Work.
Boys: 1 Alden Erwin, $25; 2 Leslie
Marbee, $20; 3 Alton McClintock,
$15; 4 Nell Wilson, $10; 5 R. D.
Hitt, $5.
Girls: 1 Imogene Harvey, $25; 2
Nelma Yother, $20; 3 Elizabeth
Tice, $15; 4 Opal Whitaker, $10; 5
Jessie Smoke, $5.
C. A. Wheeler of Austin, past
grand master, took the floor and
after tracing the progress of the
home under the supervision and
guidance of Supt. and Mrs. Hawkins,
presented the retiring superintendent,
with a handsome watch
as a token of the appreciation of
the order, the faculty and the children
of the, home.
In accordance with his usual custom,
Dr. E. A. Johnson, of Corsicana.
presented a book to the student
in each grade making the
highest average for the year. He
pointed out before making the
awards that the averages for 1928
were higher than they had been in
several years. The books were
awarded to the following: Kindergarten,
Mary Fox; first grade, Doris
Marie Allen; second, Marian
Buckalow; third, Lucile Fox;
fourth, Sidney Awalt; fifth, Derrill
Williams; sixth, Helen Knight;
seventh, Katherine Brown; eighth,
Ada Rutherford; ninth, Christine
Arledge; tenth, Opal Whitaker;
eleventh, Imogene Harvey; commercial,
Estelle Wilson.
At the conclusion of the program
it was announced that the high
school now had 23 1/2 units of affiliation,
a good gain of 2 1/2 during the past year.


The Corsicana Daily Sun - Saturday, June 2, 1928
Submitted by Diane Richards


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