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   Commencement exercises were held Friday night for the I.O.O.F. Home school at the Home auditorium.  The main address and the presentation of diplomas were made by T. W. Davidson of Dallas, grand master of the Texas grand lodge and former lieutenant governor of Texas.   Numerous awards and honors were also announced.  H. I. Rush, principal of the school presided.

   The program was opened with an orchestra selection under the direction of W. O. Barlow.  The invocation was given by Rev. J. L. Hines, Church of Christ minister.

   The salutatory address was given by Nevo Standefer and the valedictory address was made by Catherine Brown.

   “I Love a Little Cottage,”  was sung by Victor Lewis, with Miss Emily Roberts as accompanist.

   A piano quartet:  “Carnival of Roses,”  was given by Misses Margot   Davidson,   Ruth Taylor, Martha Alford and Emma Lilly Burgess.

   The seniors gave the class song, with Mr. Barlow at the piano.

Better Chance of Success.

   In the beginning of his address, Grand Master Davidson told the graduates they were differently situated from other boys and girls.  He asked them if they were envious of the boys and girls who had rich parents, automobiles, charge accounts, etc.?  Then the speaker said he had much rather be underprivileged than be reared in the lap of luxury.  He declared a boy or girl who had not been pampered had a better chance of success in life and told them to remember that they are never  down until they admitted it. He urged the graduates to have courage and if honors were not accorded them, achieve them.

   Grand Master Davidson outlined the early hardships endured by many outstanding men in American history who rose to places of eminence.  He mentioned George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and others.

   He stated that graduates were now building their character and he reminded them they had enjoyed happy surroundings during their stay at the Home, and he termed the advantages of the Home as being considerably better than those in the average home.

   In concluding his address, Grand Master Davidson gave the following quotation from Robert E. Lee:

   “Duty is the sublimist word in the English language, you can’t do more and should never do less.”

Awards Presented.

   Mrs. May Hatcher James of Dallas, president of the Rebekah Assembly, awarded the fine arts medals to Martha Alford, Lottie Mae Owensby and Helen Knight.

   Mrs. Johnnie House of Fort Worth made the presentation of the checks from the Fort Worth Lodge No. 251 to the members of the graduating class and the six who were leaving the Home. Checks to the graduates and others leaving the home were presented by E. Q. Vestal, Dallas, grand secretary, for the Greenville I.O.O.F. Lodge.

   Arnold Smith was presented $5 in gold by C. P. Masters of Commerce, member of the board, for making the highest average in the seventh grade.

   G. W. Hawkins of Houston, past grand master of Texas, and formerly superintendent of the Home, made the $250. prize awards to the students in the industrial and vocational work during the past year.  Those receiving the awards included:

Vocational Awards.

   Margot Davidson, $25; Lucy Mae Cruse, $15; Catherine Brown, $12.50; Maggie Lou Holland, $7.50; Irene Lynch, $7.50; Ruth Thranert, $7.50;  Florine Buckalew, $7.50; Nina Thranert, $7.50;  Linnie Jackson, $5;  Goldie Vestal, $5; Martha Alford, $5;   Juanita Tallet, $5; Elizabeth Adcock, $5; Vera Pauline Davidson $5; Quida Williams, $2.50;  Geneva Owenby, $2.50; Dudley Fox, $20;  Harry Goodloe, $12.50; D. I. Harbin, $10;  Haskel Adcox, $10;  Weldon Randel, $10; Harold Davidson, $7.50;  Marian Buckalew, $7.50;  Ralph Marcus, $7.50; Glen Gibbons, $5; Curtis Reynolds, $5;  Sterling Ellis, $5; Walter Harwell, $5;  Edwin Goodloe, $5;  and J. D. Williams, $10.

   The following book awards were made by E. A. Johnson, Corsicana, secretary of the school board, to the students in each grade making the highest grade for the year:

   Kindergarten, Jo Pafford; first grade, Bobbie Arnold; second grade, Smith Arnold; third grade, Charldeen Hightman; fourth grade, Waylord Irving;  fifth grade, Doris  Herring;  sixth grade, Marie Goodloe; seventh grade, Annie Perry;  eighth grade, Emma Lilly Burgess;  ninth grade, Lillie Mae Owensby;  tenth grade, Ruth Thranert;  eleventh grade, Margot Davidson;  Catherine Brown, highest grade for four years; and Edra Anderson, commercial department.

   Lottie Mae Owensby was awarded the $10 in gold prize from F. M. Compton, past grand master, for the best all-round student.  The presentation was made by Mr. Hawkins.

Other Prominent Visitors.

   Other Rebekah Assembly officials present but not on the program included Mrs. Lizzie Bunch, Fort Worth, vice president of the Rebekah Assembly; and Mrs. Nettie Hawkins, Houston, warden, Rebekah Assembly.

   Motion pictures of the presentation of the diplomas to the graduates by Grand Master Davidson were made.

   Those receiving diplomas were Catherine Brown, valedictorian; Hope Harvey, president; Nevo Standefer, salutatorian;  Margot Davidson, Lucy Mae Cruse, Pauline Baldwin, Jessie Smoke, Edra Anderson, Vertie White, Victor Lewis, Temp Fletcher, Paul Campbell and Carl Perry.

   The following are leaving on account of having reached the age limit: Edna Eads, Helen Rankin, Dannie Lou Sisson, Laverne Vest, Morris Nellison and J. D. Williams.

   The auditorium was filled for the commencement exercises and a large number of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs from Corsicana and other lodges were present.  A number of the men from the Old Folks Home at Ennis were also on hand.

The Corsicana Daily Sun  -  Saturday, May 28, 1932
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