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Graduation exercises for the Senior
class of the State Home High School
were held Monday night in the main
auditorium of the school with Dr. H.
A. Trexler, teacher in the department
of history S. M. U., delivering the
class address.
Dr. Trexler used as his subject
Choice and based it on the event
in the life of Solomon when he
chose wisdom when being offered
anything he might ask by God. Mr.
Trexler said that man is the only
animal that has the ability to
choose and declared that people
could do what they wanted to.
He admonished the class to do
as Solomon did, choose the thing
that was best for them. Solomon
chose wisdom because that was
what he needed as a ruler.
The various choices of life were
reviewed by the speaker who also
told of the ambitions of the people
of different nations. In discussing
this phase he said that four years
ago a large per cent of the people
of the United States would have
selected the life of a great capital-
ist or industrialist but now after
having seen great fortunes
swept away they were back to
saner thinking and that it was
difficult to tell now what we, as a
nation would choose.
J. S. Halley, superintendent of
the Home, introduced the speaker
of the evening and also presided
over the program given in connection
with the graduation.
The Seniors took their places on
the stage as the State Home orchestra
played "Marche Militaire"
as the processional. Others on the
stage included the speaker of the
evening, Mr. Halley, W. T. Brumbalow,
and E. E. Sheehay, members
of the State Home school
Awards Made.
The various awards made in connection
with the graduation were
made by J. S. Halley. Allen Richardson
received the $20 in gold
given by the late C. H. Mills in
honor of his father R. Q. Mills
for the best debater in the Home.
Clara Bell Adams was awarded
$20 given by Mr. Mills in honor
of his mother, Mrs. Carrie Mills
for the best work done in the domestic
science department. Other
awards in the domestic science department
were presented Corrine
Wilson, second place, two pair of
silk hose; Evelyn Whipp, third
place, silk hose; and three honorable
mention, Martha Orange, Naomi
Hale and Mary Lee Britton,
who also received silk hose.
Judges in the domestic science department
were Sydney Marks, Miss
Fannie Greenlee and Mrs. E. C.
Huckabee. The silk hose as prizes
were given by J. M. Dyer Co.,
Marks Bros, and Miss Fannie
Bibles were also presented each
member of the class and Billy
Suggs received a cashier's check
for $20.47 from a savings account
which was started some time ago
from the profits from the sale of
Kelton Family Award.
Dr. Leslie Kelton, Jr., announced
the winners of the Kelton Family
Award. Each year the Kelton
family presents the two best short
story writers of the Home with
prizes of $20 and $10 respectively
for first and second place.. Members
of the Senior and Junior
class are allowed to compete for
these prizes and this year both
prizes were won by Juniors and
they will receive the money upon
their graduation, that being one
of the requirements to receive the
award. The contest was so close
this year a third prize of $5.00 was
given and it went to Naomi Hale
senior. Out of a possible 500
points the winner of first place
Miss Chrystal Shuttlesworth made
423 points; Miss Ethel King, winner
of second place 422 and Miss
Hale, third made 420. Judges in
this event were Mrs. A. A. Allison
Ted B. Ferguson, Mrs. Dettie
Scarborough, W. H. Norwood and
editor of Hollands Magazine
on presenting diplomas to the
class W. T. Brumbalow said the
entire class had done fine work
throught the four years in high
school. He also said it was the
largest class to graduate from the
Honor Graduates Heard.
Our Aims and Purposes was the
subject of the salutatory address
given by Naomi Hale. Miss Hale
said that a large per cent of the
class had decided early in their
high school days what they wanted
to do upon graduation and had
worked to that end. She assured
the faculty, members of the school
board and the people of Texas that
their aims were high and that they
expected to accomplish them.
Martha Orange, valedictorian,
spoke on Commencement and said
that the class realized that upon
their graduation they were starting
out to accomplish other things.
The fact that the class is graduating
is evidence of their ability and
determination, she said, and added
that most of them expected to
continue their education in the colleges
of the state.
The invocation was given by
Rev. D. W. Hooker, chaplain of
the Home. Special numbers on the
program included "Bells of Youth"
by the glee club; a violin solo
"Faust Waltz" by Frances Aven;
a piano solo "Mazurka" by Naomi
Hale, the class song "Speedwell" by
the class and the recessional "Class
Day” by the orchestra.
Forty-three in Class.
There are 12 boys and 31 girls
in the graduating class this year.
The class roll follows:
Boys—Donald Oliver Beasley,
Auburn Black, Lavern Clark, Joe
Sanford Davenport, R. C. Easter-
wood, Arthur Kauffman, Euvis
Maynard, Abner Ragsdale, Allen
Richardson, Henry Sprouse, Wil-
liam Suggs, Carl Alfred Thomason.
Girls—Clara Belle Adams, Fran-
ces Orada Aven, Mary Lee Britton,
Hazel Irene Cardwell, Helen Daven-
port, Nora Dell Davenport, Naomi A.
Hale, Inez Ham, Viola Ham, Vivian
Johnson, Dannie Lee Jones, Mattie
Belle Jones, Jewel Dixie Lockwood,
Thelma Claudette Long, Ruby Jo
Morris, Martha M. Orange, Elizabeth
Pierce, Jane Powers, Cannie Jack
Sheppard, Mary Doris Smith, Pauline
Sullivan, Gertrude Ruth Thiele, Ollie
Mae Thomas, Dorothy Lucille Thorpe,
Lillian Tipple, Alice Pauline Tipple,
Mildres S. Vann, Evelyn Whipp,
Lorena Whipp, Corinne Wilson,
Lottie Wood.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - Tuesday, May 30, 1933

Submitted by Diane Richards


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