1936 State Home
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Baccalaureate services for the
graduating class of the State
Home high school were held in
the main auditorium of the institution
Sunday morning and the
sermon was delivered by Rev. O.
W. Reece, pastor of the First
Christian church.
Basing his subject, "God's Plan
For My Life" upon a portion of
John 17:4, I have finished the
work which thou gavest me to
do, the Rev. Mr. Reece urged
the graduates to live a God planned
In his opening remarks the
minister said that the text was
a statement made by Jesus after
he had completed his work on
earth, when he had reached the
pinnacle, was standing on the
mountain top with his life behind
him and the cross before
him. Jesus, he added, could look
back over his life and be well
satisfied that it was perfect.
There were no little things to be
corrected, no weeds to hoe out,
no accounts to straighten up, no
wrongs to correct, no apologies
to make. He had finished His
work and there were no regrets.
Directing his remarks to the
graduates the Rev. M. Reece told
them that they could not think
of life in terms of three score
years and ten, but of the things
accomplished. He declared that
the life that accomplished most
was one that was God planned
and directed. He also told the
class that Jesus' life was not perfect
simply because He was divine,
but because God had directed
His life. Jesus, he added,
met his temptations as a man,
Here For Purpose.
"You are not here by accident,"
Rev. Mr. Reece said, "but are
here for a purpose. You are here
to help not only yourself but others.
Too many of us are drifters
and do not have a definite purpose
in life. If you will let God plan
and direct your life you will find
it easier to accomplish the things
which should be done. Each individual
is different and if you
do not accomplish the thing
planned for you to do it will
never be done."
"Be guided by your own talents
in selecting your life-work," the
speaker told the class," and enter
the field in which you can
accomplish the most, not only for
yourselves but others. God has
given you the blue prints, but
you are the builders. What you
make of your life depends upon
you. Keep your body and mind
clean and live a God planned life
and when you have finished all
will be well."
Caps and Gowns.
Dressed in caps and gowns
the members of the graduating
class marched to the section re-
served for them as the orchestra
played the processional. They
were followed by the high
school teachers of the home who
also occupied a reserved section.
The services were opened with
the choir and congregation singing,
"Holy, Holy, Holy," after
which the invocation was given
by Rev. E. K. Bryan, chaplain
of the Home.
"Love Divine," sung by the
choir and congregation, two accordion
numbers by Marilynn and
Patsy Lee Reece and an anthem
"Lift Up Your Heads, O, Ye
Gates," by the choir completed
the musical features of the program.
The graduating class this year
is composed of 42 girls and 14
boys. Jackie Hamill is valedictorian
and Melvin Haley is salutatorian,
Commencement exercises will
held tonight at 8 o'clock with
Dr. C. C. Selecman, president of
Southern Methodist University,
delivering the class address.
Other awards usually made in
connection with the commencement
exercises will also be made
Class Roll.
Following is the class roll.
Girls—Lois Allmond, Juanita
Allred, Inez Ashley, Eva Lee Bell
Christine Bock, Jewell Bowen,
Laura Belle Brombalow, Inez Bry-
son, Myrtle Burtchell, Helen Cant-
rell, Leslie Clark, Juanita Daffern,
Roberta Day, Frances Dodd,
Earleen Earles, Charlie Dee Hamill,
Jackie Hamill, Nelle Harris,
Wordie Isbell, Lorena Jordon
Hazel Lair.
Margaret Lake, Hellen Matlock,
Kathleen Matlock, Joyce
Nelle McGee, Mamie Thelma
Oliver, Grace Pruett, Gladys
Reeves, Carmen Royna, Kathryn
Rice, Helen Louise Sellers, Eloise
Smith, Myrtle Smith, Zona Thomas,
Lila Pearl Thornton, Ada
Welch, Esther Wells, Hattie Belle
Weisinger, Irene Weisinger, Marie
Wilson, Lucille Wilder, Dorothy
Boys—George Austin, Lawrence
Barlow, R. D. Burson, Otis Cardwell,
Billy Davis, Curtis Dehart,
Melvin Haley, Charles Higgins,
George McKnight, Blackmon
Lane, Roland Harin, J. C. Sharp,
Handley Simmons, Bob Smith.



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