1941 State Home
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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These things necessary for the attainment of success in life are will, work and worship, Rev. C. Duke Payne, pastor of the First Christian church, told the graduating class of the State Home high school in the commencement address Monday night.

The Rev. Mr. Payne prefaced his remarks with the story of a man who had set his heart upon finding the most beautiful pearl in the world and not stopping until he had found it.  “Failure,” he added, “to attain the pearl” or the goal of your career will leave some little something out of your life that will make it incomplete.”

The minister then said that the world was in a terrible mess and that an effort was being made to prepare the young people for the abnormal conditions that exist.  Declaring that the principles which he would discuss were good now, 1,000 years form now, in abnormal times or in normal times, he said they were essential to the finding of the pearl.

“Will, work, worship are the three things that sum up the principles I shall discuss: the speaker said.

Must Have Will.

Launching into his talk each word of the principles enunciated were discussed at length, by the minister.  “You must have the will, the desire to accomplish your objective,  you must work hard with the one thing in mind, the attainment of the goal” he declared.

“There are many things that you can leave undone, or ignore, but you must come to some kind of terms with God,” Rev. Mr. Payne told the class members in discussing worship.  “You can not ignore Him, you must accept or reject Him, and the most natural thing in all the world is to seek fellowship with God.  You must come to some kind of terms with Him, and you will never find the “pearl” until you come to the right terms with God” he said in conclusion.

Dressed in caps and gowns the 39 graduates took their places on the stage as the orchestra played “Under the Double Eagle” as the processional.

The invocation was given by Rev. M. W. Bergeson, chaplain of the Home.

A special feature of the musical program in connection with the exercise was a piano duet “Lustpiel Overture” by Misses Billye Jeanne Ivey and Allie Marle Long.

Tied For Second Honors.

Eunice Smith and Allie Marie Long tied for salutatory honors and each were accorded a place on the program.  Miss Smith had for her subject “Future America” and Miss Long “Loyalty.”

Miss Norma Louise Dean played a violin solo “End of a Perfect Day” as her contribution to the program.

The valedictory address was given by Miss Hazel Hudson and her subject was “I Am an American.”

The Kelton awards given each year to the winner of the best short story writing contest were presented by R. J. Green, principal of the high school.  Theda Wann, senior was the winner of the first place and the $20 prize.  Last year Miss Wann won second place as a junior and was entitled to $10 for that accomplishment, and in addition was given an extra $10 for winning twice in  succession, making a total of $40.  Second place this year went to Hubert Dickson, a junior.   His award was $10 which he will collect upon graduation.

Diplomas were presented by Frank Davis, member of the state board of control.

Mills awards.

The Roger Q.  and Carrie Mills awards were presented by J. S. Hailey, superintendent.  These awards are made each year to the boy winning the annual debate and the girl accomplishing the most in domestic science.  The awards were started several years ago by Major C. H. Mills in honor of his father and mother and since his death Mrs. Mills has continued them.  First place in debate went to Randall Higgins who received $20.  Marshall Thixton, winner of second place was presented an award by Mrs. Tom Bailey, speech teacher.

First place in domestic science went to Eunice Smith who received $20;  second place was won by Billye Jeanne Ivey, third by Alpha Lee Tucker and fourth by Hazel Hudson.

The class song “To State Home” concluded the program.

Class Roll.

Following is the class roll;

Girls—Jean Abernathy, Geneva Andrews, Mary Louise Cornwell, Juanita Crawford, Mattie Lee Crawford, Norma Louise Dean, Harley Corine Fagan, Hazel Hudson, Billye Jeanne Ivey, Katherine Jones, Margaret Bobbie Knipp, Marie Long, Ernestine Morton.

Ida Dell Purvis, Jewell Reed, Eunice Smith, Jewel Dean Sutton, Elizabeth Thornton, Julia Ermine Tickle, Alpha Lee Tucker, Sallie Inez Veleto, Ruby Veleto, Willie Mae Walsh, Mary Theda Wann, Frances Lillian Wilson, Edna Wood, Uta Mae Yarbarough.

Boys:  Cecil E. Gibson, Randall Higgins, Pete Highnote, Perry Bruce Holley, J. D. Knipp, Warren Lee Phipps, William H. Pratt, Robert Lewis Purvis, Alfred Shaw, Marshall Jackson Tixton, J. B. Wann, Edgar Wood, Jr.



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