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Approximately 45 Rotarians were Dads for a day to the State Home’s 465 boys and girls Wednesday—launching in the institution’s spacious dining hall, touring the campus with Boy Scouts for guides and listening to an entertaining program in the general assembly auditorium.

The moment the visiting Rotarians’ cars stopped at the parking space in front. Boy Scouts introduced themselves and took the guests in hand. Arriving at the moment the dinner gong sounded, this reporter was shown to the dining hall by Scout Bobby Sherman, a freckled-faced boy with auburn head, who took an interest in seeing that his guest got the information he wanted.

Band Concert.
The band concert that was given during the luncheon hour was something special Bobby said. “On other days the members of the band eat with the rest of us,” he explained. Girls of the Home waited on the tables. Bobby said that they also wash and dry the dishes, taking turns at these tasks at regular intervals. Much credit for the splendid meal the Rotarians were furnished and for the efficiently trained corps of students who did the serving to Mrs. R. W. Griffin, dining room hostess; and Mrs. E. E. Collins, dietician.

Kellly Welcomed Guests.
The Home’s chaplain, the Rev. E. B. Fulton, gave the invocation. Superintendent Moyne Kelly welcomed the guests and announced that as soon as the meal had been completed, there would be a tour of the campus.

Led by the institution’s efficient band, the guests were first shown a group of 21 baby beeves which D. B. Osburn, the vocational agriculture teacher, is priming for the livestock and agriculture show which will be staged here in September at the local fair grounds.

The baby beeves are actually cared for and fed by the Home’s FFA boys who are members of Osburn’s beef production classes. Eight of the calves were secured from Cunningham and Fleming. Several Shorthorns in the group were brought from W. E. Peterson of Justin and the Angus calves came from a ranch at El Dorado.

See Dairy Herd.
The Rotarians were next shown through the dairy barn where 52 cows are regularly milked under the supervision of R. W. Griffin, dairy herdsman. The cows are now averaging about 3 1-4 gallons of milk daily. Last month 57 cows averaged 3 1-3 gallons daily, Griffin said. Twenty-five boys do the dairy chores. There are eight milking machines for their use.

J. A. Brister, manual training instructor, is in charge of the cabinet and woodworking shop which we next visited. Ash tray holders, candle holders, a magazine stand and other articles made by the students were on exhibition.

John L. Roberts, machine shop instructor, has two classes of 25 students he instructs in the next building the group visited. He instructs in shaper, Milling machine and drill press and lathe work. He also gives courses in shop mathematics, shop theory, and machine drawing.

Program of Songs.
As a prelude to the state Home program, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jenkins of Houston entertained with several songs. Mrs. Thelma Lindsey accompanied at the piano. Jenkins is a leader in Rotary International. A. F. Mitchell, Fred Harvey, and Drew Gillen were also introduced as guests by John Corley, chairman.’’ Kelly, on behalf of the boys and girls, expressed appreciation for the visit of the Rotarians. He announced that the Home is losing 12 members of its band this year because the members are graduating.

Mrs. Dora Rutherford, music teacher, played the piano for 40 or more first and second grade pupils as they sang various children’s songs. The pupils singly and in groups, also gave readings, declamations and other entertainment.

Kelly announced that it was originally intended that the program should be called the “Twins Program. But these grade students also wanted to entertain you,” he explained.

23 Sets of Twins.
The Home has 23 sets of twins, two sets from the same family, Kelly said. Those who participated in the program, giving songs or readings, were Oliver twins, Sutton twins, Chapman twins, Perone twins, McFarland twins, Fletcher twins, Rice twins, Forester twins, Carpenter twins, Fletcher twins, and Braselman twins.

Mrs. Brent Williamson, fifth grade teacher, sponsored the “Twins Program.” Miss Lu Ouida Vinson, second grade music teacher, assisted with the primary program.



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