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35 Get Diplomas At State Home’s Commencement


Daily Sun Staff

A growing philosophy on the part of Americans that it is all right to “fudge” a little—if it’s against the government, was described by Robert W. Calvert of Hillsboro her Friday night as he brought the commencement address for 35 graduating Corsicana State Home seniors.

Calvert, former speaker of the Texas House and former chairman of the Democratic State Executive Committee, returned to the Home from which he himself graduated 27 years ago to address his remarks specifically to the graduating students.

Moyne Kelly, former State Home superintendent and now executive director for the State Board of Hospitals and Special Schools, also a graduate of the Home, presented the diplomas.

“ The tendency to cheat your government just a little bit is worse than it seems on the surface,”  Calvert told the seniors.  “The theory that the purpose of a government is to support the people is a new and false sentiment.  It is still the duty of the people to support the government.

“Most of you didn’t come here of your own volition, but because of some unfortunate event which happened to your parents.  The state—a beneficent state—stepped in and enfolded you,”  he said.  “I can look back now, and I know that you have had here a home and advantages that many children do not have with their parents at home.

“You have had good superintendents, teachers, matrons.  They have done their best to instill in you virtues that will enable you to repay Texas.

Owe Debt.

“So far the state hasn’t asked a great deal of you in return,” Calvert said, “I say to you that you owe a debt that you can never repay, and that you ought to dedicate a part of your life in an attempt to repay it.

“On second thought there is a way to repay it.  That is by being a good citizen.

“When you leave here tonight, you are going to have to make a choice pretty quick.  This state is full of good people who want to help you, and it is true that no one gets along very well without friends.  But nobody owes you anything.

“Adopt a philosophy of life that says you are going to live right, even though temptation comes.  Play square.”

Student  Speeches

Calvert’s speech followed Dorothy Edwards’ salutatory address, which expressed thanks for “the foundation of our lives here,” and DeWayne Weatherford’s valedictory, which cautioned against letting the thinking of a few people influence the thinking of all.  Weatherford took valedictory honors with a scholastic average of 94.  Both students received college scholarships.

The two addresses were divided by the song, “Graduation Day,” sung by the senior class.

Superintendent M. E. Dumas introduced Calvert by saying “there is not one other man in the state of Texas that has the interest of the State Home and its students more at heart.”

Assistant Superintendent W. C. Murdock gave awards to the class favorites and to those winning them in typing, secretarial training, cosmetology and mechanics.

Dr. Leslie Kelton made the annual Kelton Short Story Awards.  There was a tie for first place between Nancy Wright and Doris Cawthon, both senior graduating students.  Both received cash awards.

Presentation of the senior graduating class was made by E. C. Watson, Moyne Kelly presented the graduates their diplomas.

Rev. Milton O. Davis brought both the invocation and benediction.  Miss Oma Lee Campbell played processional and recessional music.

List of Graduates.

Those graduating were:

Jerry Loftin, Billy Cannon, Glynn Canady, W. A. Cannon, Roger Perona, Oliver Milner, Lewis Lynch, James Murdock, Tommy Gordon, DeWayne Weatherford, Eugene May, Billy Jack Jones, J. T. Shipley, Louetta Alford, Flora Alice Anders, Cora Lee Berry, Bertie Lee Boring, Bobbye Campbell, Juanita Cass, Doris Cawthon, Marietta Cheatham, Opal Creacy, Dorothy Edwards, Jean Hull, Thelma Hutchins, Bettye Lou Kelly, Helen Jane Murdock, Alta Patty, Theresa Patty, Ella May Prestridge, Nancy Wright, Bobbye Rogers, Rose Marie Walker, Marjorie Weaver and Norma Lou Young.


Class Favorites

The Class Favorites are as follows:

Most Beautiful Girl—1. Helen Jane Murdock.  2.  Bertie Lee Boring.

Most Handsome Boy—1. Tommy Gordon.  2.  DeWayne Weatherford

Best Boy Athlete—1. Roger Perona.  2.  W. A. Cannon

Most Popular Girl—1. Helen Jane Murdock.  2.  Bobbye Campbell.

Most  Popular Boy—1. Tommy Gordon.  2.  DeWayne Weatherford

Best Girl Athlete—1. Flora Alice Anders.  2.  Thelma Hutchins

Best Girl Citizen—1. Dorothy Edwards.  2.  Bobbye Campbell.

Best Boy Citizen—1. Benny Jack Jones.  2.  DeWayne Weatherford.

Special Awards

Special awards in typing went to the following:

Glyn Canady, Benny Jack Jones, JerryLoftin, J. T. Shipley, Billy Cannon, Betty Lou Kelly, James Murdock and Roger Perona.

Secretarial training special awards went to Bertie Lee Boring, Juanita Cass, Opal Creacy, Helen Jane Murdock, and Rose Marie Walker.

Cosmetology awards went to Flora Alice Anders, Marietta Cheatham, Ruby Jean Hull, Bobbie Jean Campbell, Juanita Cass, Opal Creacy, Ella Mae Prestidge, Bobbie Clara Rogers, Rose Marie Walker and Cora Lee Berry.

Lewis Lynch won a special award in mechanics.

The Corsicana Daily Sun  -  Saturday, May 20, 1950  -  Submitted by Diane Richards


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