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Last SOH Class Is Graduated

Daily Sun Staff

Corsicana State Home graduated its last high school SOH Graduates Get Diplomas Friday Night

Corsicana State Home will hold its commencement exercises tonight at 7:30 o’clock in the main auditorium at the institution.

George Nokes, Corsicana attorney, will be the commencement speaker.

Nineteen graduates, comprising the final class to graduate from the Home High school, will receive diplomas from Supt. R. I. Boyd, Jr.

In addition to the usual commencement address and other traditional program events, special awards will be made.

Valedictorian of the graduating class in traditional commencement ceremonies Friday night in the Home auditorium.

Faye Wright, an attractive little brunette from West Texas, became the last senior to walk across the stage and receive her diploma in the 60 years the Home here has been sending forth its graduates.

Compliments Group
Sup. R. L. Boyd Jr. told the class “You are one of the best groups I have seen graduate at any school.”

Hereafter, high school-age students at the Home will attend Corsicana High School.

Attorney George Nokes of Corsicana brought the main commencement address.

“I have seen too many young people who fears what lies ahead of them,” Nokes said. “I hate to see those who fear the future and what it holds, those who fear the A-bomb, those who fear a depression.”

Material Things.
“We have more material things than any country in the world, and we also have opportunity. We should be singing with joy to live I the richest country in the world. And yet fear is taking hold of too many young people,” Nokes stated.

“Fear destroys you in anything you want to do.”

Nokes told the graduates that this country came out of a depression, and that the country has worked out more difficult problems than the problem of the atomic bomb.

“Faith in our government and our country is needed badly now. Confidence in ourselves, in the future, in our fellow-man is needed by all of us.”

Noting the fact that he was addressing the final graduating class of the Home, and that there is a movement afoot to abolish the Home entirely, Nokes told the seniors “I don’t think there will come a time when they will discontinue this Home. It’s doing a great job. There’ll always be a Corsicana State Home, in my opinion. The graduates of this Home have their chins up, and they are proud of their alma mater.”

The ceremony started with the processional, played by Oma Lee Campbell.

O. B. Herrington brought the invocation, and the senior class sang, “Now Is The Hour.”

“Larger Family”
Jean Flowers, class salutatorian gave the salutatory address, in which she noted her class was the last to graduate from the Home and that “we go forth as members of a large family.”

Betty Belschner, valedictorian, said that “the State Home had its traditions, and its traditions fostered ideals, inspiration and accomplishment.”

“Deep in our hearts,” she said, “we will always have a place for our alma mater.”

Award Diplomas
Walter J. Moon presented the graduating class to Supt. R. I. Boyd Jr., who passed out diplomas as they crossed the state, to Johnny Mauldin, Alice Bentley, Evelyn Mauldin, Clemmie Tanner, Jerry Perona, Jean Flowers, Lowell Eaves, Nell Robertson, Alvin Atley, Dorman Wallace, Mary Lee Fore, Betty Belschner, Evelyn Chapman, Mildred Allen, Bobby Tomerlin, Verline Kimbrough, Estelle Bromagen, Floyd Cheatum, and Faye Wight. They received their diplomas in alphabetical order, and Miss Wright was the last to receive heres. Supt. Boyd halted her and presented her to the audience.

Announce Honors
The following other awards were made after the diplomas, as the result of voting by the junior class:

Lowell Eaves, most handsome boy; Jean Flowers, most beautiful girl; Bobby Tomelin, most popular boy; Clemmie Tanner, most popular girl: Jerry Perona, best all-around boy; Mary Lee Fore, best all-around girl; Bobby Tomerlin, boy most likely to succeed; Betty Belschner and Evelyn Mauldin (tie) for girl most likely to succeed.

Home teachers voted Jerry Perona the most representative boy and Mildred Allen the most representative girl.

After the song “Farewell To Thee” by the graduates, and the benediction by O. B. Herrington the class filed out to the recessional.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - Saturday, May 29, 1954 - submitted by Diane Richards


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