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Year Book of State Home School
Navarro County, Texas


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Yearbook from the collection of John C. Barron

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Page 1
Title Page

Page 2
Yearbook Staff

Page 3

Page 4
Slayton Phelps

Page 5
Slayton Phelps

Page 6
Order of Books

Page 7
Building Photos

Page 8
Aeroplane View

Page 8.5
Semi Clear Fly Page - Faculty

Page 9
Superintendent -
Donald McDonald

Page 10
Faculty -
Mr. E. L. Fletcher, Mrs. Theresa H. Archibald, Miss Nettie R. Kelton, Miss Hallie L. Simpson

Page 11
Faculty -
Miss Evelyn Hugg, Miss Estelle Shepard, Miss Hallie K. Sadler, Miss Mattie Smith

Page 12
Faculty -
Mr. E. S. Blackburn, Mr. J. M. Baker, Mr. Clarence C. Redman, Mr. D. B. Pitts

Page 12.5
Semi Clear Fly Page - Seniors

Page 13
Senior Officers -
Edward Heath, Earle Eads, Nettie Mullins, Hazel Baker; Class Motto, Colors & Flower

Page 14
Seniors -
Louise Smith, Bertha Lee Welch, Clarence Bly, Kitty Moore Hestilow

Page 15
Seniors -
Lottie Moore, Ila Berry, Rena Ginther, Geneva Jordan,

Page 16
Seniors -
Edward Heath, Earle Eads, Nettie Mullins, Hazel Baker

Page 17
Seniors -
Nell Richmond, Nettie Oberlin, Hallie Nash, Catherine Steitenroth, Dan Heath

Page 18
Senior Class History

Page 19
Senior Class Will

Page 20
Senior Class Prophecy

Page 21
Senior Class Prophecy

Page 22
Senior Class Prophecy

Page 23
Senior Class Prophecy

Page 24
Senior Class Poem

Page 24.5
Semi Clear Fly Page - Juniors

Page 25
Junior Class Officers -
Robert Knight, Glenn Locke, Mable Moore, Class Motto, Class Colors, Class Flower

Page 26
Juniors -
Maryland Hestilow, Jane McCown, Grover Miles, Mable Moore, Robert Knight, Louise Dublin, Mara Sutton, Glenn Locke, Mae Owens, Billie Burke Mimms

Page 27
Juniors -
Jettie Hollingsworth, Emma Gene Mader, Howard Harvie, Pearl Reeves, Velma Suggs, Joseph Kilburn, Janice Cannon, Roy Nelson, Roberta Earle, Arthur Herrel

Page 28
Junior Class Will

Page 29
Junior Class Prophecy

Page 30
Junior Class Prophecy

Page 31
Junior Class Prophecy

Page 31.a
Blank Page

Page 31.b
Semi Clear Fly Page - Sophomores

Page 32
Sophomore Class Officers -
Claude Eads, Fred Doyle, Alice Jo Nettles; Class Motto, Colors & Flower

Page 33
Sophomores -
Walter Baker, Alice Cannon, Elwyn Cannon, Fred Doyle, Claude Eads, Lora Farmer, Bennie Griffith, Robert Hale, George Haley, Mary Hurtt, Jewel Jones, Everett Lear, Mada Love, Alton Mullins, Alice Jo Nettles, Lavern Ragsdale, Myrtle Reed, Virginia Richards, Nell Ringo, Lula Sewell, John Allen Shepard, Howard Smith, Rebecca Williams

Page 33.a
Semi Clear Fly Page - Freshmen

Page 34
Freshmen Class Officers -
Jimmie Knight, Gordon McDonald, Mary Bess Reid; Class Motto, Colors & Flower

Page 35
Freshman Class -
Jaunita Adams, Earl Allverson, O. J. Baker, Leola Bebee, Albert Bennett, Fred Berry, Etta Bray, Elizabeth Britton, Weldon Bryant, Leon Bly, Melba Cunningham, Lela Dean, Otis Davenport, Claudie Earles, R. G. Edney, Robert Edney, Frank Ellsworth, Berta Fieldings, Howard Harper, Frank Hayes, Mary Higgens, Lennie Hudson, Lydia Jackson, Clarice Bell King, Berdie Knight, Jimmie Knight, Ruth Little, Doyle Locke, Lucille McAdory, Gordon McDonald, Frank McCabe, John McDaniel, Earnest Mader, Lillie Moore, Helen Moore, James Morton, Ruth Owens, Edmond Owens, Herman Parson, Otho Pennington, Mary Bess Reed, Maggie Reeves, Carol Gene Richardson, Ermon Richmond, Adele Salmon, Myrl Tittle, Opal Thornton, Harold Weatherford, Leta White, Ben Williams

Page 35.a
Semi Clear Fly Page - Grammar School

Page 36
Grammar School Faculty -
Slayton Phillips, Lily Hale, Mrs. M. J. Crouch, Mrs. J. A. Pierce, M. Christal, Katy Lacy, Mrs. R. K. Willis, J. Norwood, B. Nussbaum, Bettie Burson, Irwin Eubanks, Opal Wineberg, Mrs. E. Fletcher

Page 37
Grammar School Group Photos

Page 37.a
Semi Clear Fly Page - Popular

Page 38
Jane McCown

Page 39
Glenn Locke

Page 40
Geneva Jordan

Page 41
Maryland Hestilow

Page 42
Mr. Odie Minatra

Page 43
Popularity Contest

Page 43.b
Semi Clear Fly Page - Organizations

Page 44
Annual Staff

Page 45
Yearbook Staff

Page 46
Minatrarian Club

Page 47
Spanish Club

Page 48
English Club & Dramatic Club

Page 49
Matheon Club

Page 50

Page 51
MacDowell Club

Page 51.b
Semi Clear Fly Page - Organizations

Page 52

Page 53
Football -
E. L. Fletcher, Maryland Hestilow, Bob Knight

Page 54
Football -
Glenn Locke, L.V. Knott, Earle Eads,

Page 55
Football -
Claude Eads, John McDaniels, George Haley

Page 56
Football -
Clarence Bly, Otis Davenport, Ben Williams

Page 57
Football -
Bennie Griffith, Hubert Hearn, Edward Heath

Page 58
Football -
Hubert Griffith, Grover Miles, Walter Baker

Page 59

Page 60
Basket-ball -
Mr. E. L. Fletcher, Berta Fielding, Mary Bess Reid, Mara Sutton, Jettie Hollingsworth, Geneva Jordan, Lula Sewell, Louise Dublin, Hallie Nash, Ila Berry, Mary Higgins, Mada Love, Alice Jo Nettles

Page 61
Basket-ball -
Geneva Jordan, Mara Sutton, Mada Love

Page 62
Basket-ball -
Hallie Nash, Ila Berry, Berta Fieldings

Page 63

Page 64
Track and Tennis Team

Page 65
State Home Track Entries in the County Meet

Page 66
State Home Winners in County Track Meet

Page 67
State Home Winners in Sixth District Meet

Page 67.b
Semi Clear Fly Page - Features

Page 68
Candid Photos

Page 69

Page 70
Candid Photos

Page 71

Page 72
Candid Photos

Page 73

Page 74
The Family Tree

Page 75

Page 76
Candid Photos

Page 77

Page 77.b
Semi Clear Fly Page - Advertisements

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Page 79

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Page 81

Page 82

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