The Cedar Tree
Year Book of State Home School
Navarro County, Texas


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Yearbook from the collection of John C. Barron

Front Cover

Page 1
Title Page

Page 2
The Staff; The Book Makers

Page 3
Order of Books

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6
Superintendent's Message to the Senior Class

Page 7
J. Stanford Halley

Page 8
Executive Board

Page 9
The South

Page 10
Views of Campus

Page 11
South Entrance to Administration Building

Page 12
The Conservatory

Page 13

Page 14
Aeroplane View

Page 15
Fly Page - Faculty

Page 16
High School Faculty -
E. L. Fletcher, Mrs. E. F. Archibald, Miss Clara Dalee, Miss Irene Moore, Miss Josephine Wallis, Mrs. J. Stanford Halley

Page 17
High School Faculty -
Miss Hallie K. Sadler, Joel C. Trimble, Mrs. Mamie Baade Forkel, Allan Walker, Miss Cecile L. Cantrell

Page 18
High School Faculty -
D. B. Pitts, Miss Agnes Berry, E. S. Blackburn, J. M. Baker, A. M. Wilson

Page 19
Grammar School Faculty -
M. L. Bannister, Mrs. B. A. McGlachlin, Miss Frances Connally, Miss Inez Roberts, Miss Volu Kent

Page 20
Grammar School Faculty -
Miss Myrtis Merrill, Miss Estelle Walter, Miss Leola Sawyer, Miss Bettie Burson

Page 21
Grammar School Faculty -
Miss Jonnie Norwood, Mrs. T. A. Bohannan, Miss Annabelle Shindler, Mrs. E. L. Fletcher, Miss Emma Adgate

Page 22
Other Officers -
T. A. Bohannan, Miss Willie Mae Hall, B. A. McGlachlin, Miss Amanda Fearis, Mrs. L. H. Neiman

Page 23
Medical Staff -
T. P. McClendon, E. P. Norwood, R. N. Holloway, Miss Mirinda Maxwell

Page 24
Poem - Trees by Frances Nell Halley

Page 25
Fly Page - Classes

Page 26
Class Officers (photos)

Page 27
Class Officers (Names) -
Bob Hale, Wanda Richardson, Fred Doyle, Kathleen Bock, Frank Ellsworth, O. J. Baker, Otis Davenport, Earl Allverson, Carol Jean Richardson, Jimmie Knight, Albert Bennett, Alva McDaniel, Corinne McAdory, Albert Bennett, Ruby Lee Hill, Corinne McAdory, Eddie Johnson, Kenneth Marshall, E. C. McKeefer, Annie Hale

Page 28
Seniors -
Walter Baker, Kathleen Bock, Alyce Cannon, Elwyn Cannon

Page 29
Seniors -
Fred Doyle, Bennie Griffith, Bob Hale, Frank Harvie, Mary Hurtt

Page 30
Seniors -
Jewel Jones, Rose Knight, Everett E. Lear, Mada Love, Alton Mullins

Page 31
Seniors -
Alice Jo Nettles, Laverne Ragsdale, Myrtle Reed, Virginia Richards, Wanda Richardson

Page 32
Seniors -
Nell Ringo, Lula Sewell, John Allen Sheppard, Claude Eads, Opal Thornton, Jimmie Knight, Rebecca Williams

Page 33
Senior Individual Activities -
Juanita Adams, Walter Baker, Kathleen Bock, Alyce Cannon, Elwyn Cannon, Fred Doyle, Bennie Griffith, Robert Hale, Frank Harvie

Page 34
Senior Individual Activities -
Mary Hurtt, Jewell Jones, Rose Knight, Everett E. Lear, Mada Love, Alton Mullins, Alice Jo Nettle,

Page 35
Senior Individual Activities -
Laverne Ragsdale, Myrtle Reed, Virginia Richards, Wanda Richardson, Nell Ringo, Lula Sewell, Claude Eads, Jimmie Knight

Page 36
Senior Individual Activities -
Opal Thornton, Rebecca Williams

Page 37
Senior Class History

Page 38
Senior Class History

Page 39
Senior Class Will

Page 40
Senior Class Will

Page 41
Senior Class Prophecy

Page 42
Senior Class Prophecy

Page 43
Senior Class Prophecy

Page 44
Senior Class Prophecy

Page 45
Senior Class Prophecy

Page 46
Junior Class -
Fred Berry, Helen Blackburn, Etta Brae, Elizabeth Britton, Zela Dean, Frank Hayes, Berdie Knight, Hazettte Knight, Jimmie Knight, Clance Belle King, Lydia Jackson, Ruth Little, Lucille McAdory, Helen Moore, Lillian Moore, James Morton, Mary Ellen Oberlin, Carol Jean Richardson, Myrt Tittle, Ben Williams

Page 47
Junior Class -
Earl Allverson, O. J. Baker; Leon Bly, Weldon Bryant, Melba Cunningham, Otis Davenport, Claud Earle, Frank Ellsworth, Berla Fielding, Frances Neil Halley, Mary Higgins, Linnie Hudson, Ernest Mader, Ruth Owens, Herman Parsons, Mary Bess Reid, Ermon Richmond, Opal Thornton

Page 48
Junior Class History

Page 49
Junior Class History / Junior Class Will

Page 50
Junior Class Will

Page 51
Junior Class Prophecy

Page 52
Junior Class Prophecy

Page 53
Junior Class Prophecy

Page 54
Sophomore Class -
Clarice Calhoun, Lahoma Beasley, Lucille Morris, Opal Jackson, Bernice Griffith, Corinne McAdory, Ann Thrower, Kitty Ruth Johnson, Lillie Mae Kinney, Sallie Higgins, Fern Cardwell, Sara Lee Morton, Ethie Jo Bannnister, Lynn Perdue, Ruby Lee Hill, Alva McDaniel, Minnie McCown, Ruth Owens, Willie Lee Davenport, Lewis Woods, Howell Nash, Glenn Nelton, Willie Herrell, Albert Bennett

Page 55
Freshman Class -
Odessa Lee, Helen Lear, Ruby Woods, Audrey Daugherty, Viola Ham, Mamie Lou Hoffman, Ruby Morris, Imogene Bock, Thelma Sellars, Marguerite Dittman, Grace Cannon, Marie Jorday, Annie Hale, Maxine Jones, Margaret Tatum, Helen Davenport, Lucille Adair, Mary Ruth Clark, Lola Dean, Colleen Lennington, Marie Manasco, Cora Heath, Mary Jo Perdue, Wilson Lane, Annis Farmer, Ray Austin, Clifton White, Hyman Muffson, Eddie Johnson, Doyle Marshall, Gordon Elkins, Kenneth Marshall, Lewis Lear, Floyd Phillips, E. C. McKeefer, L. V. Knott, Bowman Knott, Roland Edrington, Claude McHugh, Bill Orange, Mary Opal Austin, Raymond Black, Florene Earle, Dorothy Hamblin, Buster Hurtt, Maxine Jones, Velma Jo Martin, James McCown, Jessie Lockwood, Ruby Richardson, Woodrow Shuttlesworth, Kittie Belle Suggs, Alvis Turpin, Morgan Ward, Earl Wilkerson

Page 56
Building Photo

Page 57
Fly Page - Organizations

Page 58
Student Self-Government Officers -
Alton Mullins, Bob Hale, Walter Baker, Opal Thornton

Page 59
Poetry Club

Page 60

Page 61
MacDowell Club

Page 62
Girls' Glee Club

Page 63
Campfire Girls

Page 64
Drama and Curtain Club

Page 65
Agriculture Club

Page 66
Building Club

Page 67
Fly Page - Athletics

Page 68
Coaches -
E. L. Fletcher, Miss Frances Connally, Miss Myrtis Merrill, Miss Irene Moore, E. S. Blackburn, M. L. Bannister, Miss Inez Roberts, Miss Leola Sawyer

Page 69
Football Letter Men -
O. J. Baker, Walter Baker, Albert H. Bennett, Otis Davenport, Fred Doyle, Bennie Griffith

Page 70
Football Letter Men -
Willie Herrell, Frank Hayes, Bowman Knott, L. V. Knott, Ernest Mader

Page 71
Football Letter Men -
John McDaniel, E. C. McKeefer, LaVerne Ragsdale, John Allen Sheppard, Ben Williams

Page 72

Page 73
Football Writeups

Page 74
Football Writeups

Page 75
Pep Squad

Page 76
Boys' Basketball

Page 77
Girls' Basketball

Page 78

Page 79

Page 80
Girls' Volleyball

Page 81

Page 82
Grammar School Baseball

Page 83
Grammar School Track

Page 84
Campus in Winter

Page 85
Fly Page - School Life

Page 86

Page 87
Interscholastic League

Page 88
Official High School Newspaper

Page 89
The Cedar Tree Staff

Page 90
The Will-o-the-Wisp

Page 91
The Round Table

Page 92
Best All Around Boy -
Robert Hale

Page 93
Most Beautiful Girl -
Wanda Richardson

Page 94
Best Boy Citizen -
Walter Baker

Page 95
Best Girl Citizen -
Rebecca Williams

Page 96
High School Belles:
Jimmie Knight, Mada Love, Berta Fielding, Virginia Richards, Frances Nell Halley, Opal Thornton, Clarice Belle King, Ruth Owens, Mary Higgins

Page 97

Page 98

Page 99

Page 100
Constitution and By-Laws of the State Home High School Student Self-Government Organization

Page 101
Constitution and By-Laws ... (continued)

Page 102
Constitution and By-Laws ... (continued)

Page 103
Constitution and By-Laws ... (continued)

Page 104
Constitution and By-Laws ... (continued)

Page 105

Page 106
Candid Photos

Page 107
Autographs -
with autographs

Page 108
Autographs -
no autographs

Page 109
Autographs -
no autographs

Page 110
Autographs -
no autographs

Page 111
Autographs -
no autographs

Page 112
Autographs -
no autographs

Page 113
Fly Page -

Page 114

Page 115

Page 116

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Page 118

Page 119

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Page 122

Page 123

Page 124

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