The Cedar Tree

Year Book of State Home School
Navarro County, Texas


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Yearbook from the collection of John C. Barron


Front Cover

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Ex-Libris Page

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Page 5
Title Page

Page 6

Page 7
Dedication Photo -
John F. Wallace

Page 8
In Memoriam -
Edwin Field Archibald & Miss Betty Burleson

Page 9
Order of Books

Page 10
Annual Staff

Page 11
Fly Page - Buildings

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

Page 15

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18

Page 19

Page 20

Page 21
Fly Page - Chieftains

Page 22
In Appreciation

Page 23
In Appreciation Photo -
J. Sanford Halley

Page 24
In Tribute

Page 25
In Tribute Photo -
James V. Allred

Page 26
State Board of Control

Page 27
To Our Friends

Page 28
Executive Board

Page 29
Executive Board Photos

Page 30
High School Faculty -
B. A. Jeffries, Josephine Wallis, Thelma E. Burger, Harold B. Clem, Minnie M. Byrd, Frances Brown, A. D. Miller

Page 31
High School Faculty -
Joel C. Trimble, Mrs. Mamie Baade Forkel, Miss Rosa Baade

Page 32
High School Faculty -
Marguerite Odom, George H. Hurt, Agnes Grych, C. B. Smith, C. E. Dunham, O. B. Ballew

Page 33
Other Officers -
Miss Amanda Fearis, Miss Willie Mae Hall, B. A. McGlachlin, H. C. Wilson, Mrs. H. C. Wilson, M. W. Bergeson, Kathryn Fleshman, L. W. Ross

Page 34
Elementary School Faculty -
Mrs. E. F. Archibald, Ella George Rogers, Tom Lee Mallard, Mrs. Owen Elliott, Merlin Lee Mitcham, Mrs. A. T. McMillan, Elizabeth Steele, Gladys Ferguson, Natalie Lansford, Mrs. Bessie Lee Fitzhugh, Kathleen Neel, Anna Belle Shindler, Volu Kent

Page 35
Elementary School Faculty Photos

Page 36
Medical Staff -
Leslie E. Kelton, E. P. Norwood, R. N. Holloway, Miss Sallie Peel, Margaret C. Jeffires

Page 37
Fly Page - The Tribe

Page 38
Seniors '36 - Class Roll

Page 39
Seniors -
Annabelle Clark, Helen Smith, William Morrison Peterson, Lloyd Ray Williams, Charlcie Nichols, Hays Haffelder, Frances Marie McCown, Alma Yarbrough

Page 40
Seniors -
Minnie Lee Calloway, Wavie Pauline Keeling, Roy Goodman, Clarence R. Wilder, Charles Nichols, Lela Juanita Burton, Ruth Parker, Geraldine Mitchell

Page 41
Seniors -
Opal Strother, Margaret Louise Holloway, Alvin Beard, Pete Hamill, Wayne Bateman, Edna Elkins, Evie Cardell Letson, Minnie Faye Guinn

Page 42
Seniors -
Nannie Jack Carter, Gladys Mae White, Roy Lee Bullard, Harold Hood Sheppard, Edward Blevins, Mildred Esthea Thompson, Beth Ann Rainey, Josephine Clarice Davis

Page 43
Seniors -
Jewel M. Barlow, Marie Harris, Coy D. Martin, Marvin Earl Beard, Sam Wade Jones, Cecil Bell Greenwood, Verna L. Murphy, Naomi M. Thompson,

Page 44
Seniors -
Renna Alline Smith, Francis Pauline Younge, Norman Rose, William Younge Wilkins, William Pitts, Billie Frances Helm, Lula Maye Williams, Wanona Inez Friddle

Page 45
Seniors -
Corolla Milliman, Eleanor Knighten, Jessie James Gour, Oren Thomas Johnson Jr., Bert Penhale, Grover Simpson, Bernice Lee Barber, Florene V. Courtney

Page 46
Seniors -
Sybil Raines, James Hudman, Martin Crow, Kathryn Whitten, Weldon Wootten, Texie Boshear

Page 47
Class History

Page 48
Class History

Page 49
Senior Class Will

Page 50
Senior Class Will

Page 51
Senior Class Will

Page 52
"A Summer Sunday Afternoon" & "Derricks of Steel"

Page 53
Fly Page - Underclassmen

Page 54
Junior Class -
Ed Hamblin, Harry Gardner, Jimmie Tarrer, W. O. Johnson, Billy Britton, Bill Perkins, Albert Reed, Leslie Tiner, R. F. Locke, Ernie Hubbard, Arthur Theis, Austin Sharp, Gaylon Thornton, W. F. Benson, J. B. Reed, Charles White. Bettie Lou Montgomery, Bernice Powers, Jeanne Clemens, Rosemary Penhale, May Franklin, Pearl Delaney, Mary Madaox, Muriel Tiner, Alice Glover, Doris Lee Wheeler, Bernice Tindel, Lawrence Hartwell, Walter Bell, Herman Welch, Ben G. Smith, George Millard, Ida Lee McGinty, Grace Holland, Inez Hallmark, Sue Davis, Juanita Young, Doris Britton, J. W. Blevins, Claude McHorse, Sally Bryson, Eva Fern Mitchell, Madeline Ratliff, Margaret Wood, Lois Ruth Edrington, Ruth Hubbard, Mildred Powers, Sybil Freeman, Lois Mitchell

Page 55
Sophomore Class -
Dottie White, Monroe Wood, Lorene Montgomery, Richard Martin, Lucille Gann, Lena Rogers, Ray Meyers, James Clark, Grafton Kniffen, Curren Hartley, Arthur Picone, Allie Blanche Pierce, Gladys Todd, Donald Letson, Nettie Dale Ausley, Luther Peterson, Mazie Bell Hill, Mildred Passmore, Frances Jordon, Frances Russell, Oleta Tindel, Rosa Lee Parker, Elizabeth Lybrand, Ruth Rowell, Esther Prestidge, Oscar Vann, Lorene Reed, Lena Nell Highnote, Freida Parker, Martha Ivey, Eloise McCowan, Vesta Mae Freeman, Dottie Dimple Lively

Page 56
Freshman Class -
Estelle Rowell, Orphie Holland, Ethel Fawver, Christine Goodman, Anna Mae Passmore, Ruth Gage, Mary Louise Hardin, Charlene Coop, Katherine Hines, Mary Louise Purvis, Eva Crawford, Connie Mae Smith, Francis Smith, Mary Lou Fife, Mary Elon Pierce, Bettie Lou Banister, Mark Wooten, Milford Thompson, Guy Stevenson, Eugene Sheppard, Harrison Thomas, Willie Prestidge, Wesley Friddle, J. D. Whitley, Carl Sharp, Thomas English, Carroll Lively, Alvie Davenport, Joe Crow, Evan Cornwell, Ina Mae Davis, Lois Williams, Jewel Johnson, Pauline Fife, Janell Martin, Sybil Barber, Maxine Poole, Janice Courtney, Lena Fay Carter, Mary Lee Handy, Louise Coop, Cozette Soape, Modena Edrington, Juanita Smith, Verl Stinnett, Dorothy Strother, Nannie Maud Maddox, Pearl Hampton, Violet Bell, Dorothy Earles, Robert Hampton, Vernon Hartley, Eugene Doss, Oliver Picone, Odell McNeil, Donald Abernthy, George Martin, James Meadows, Darrell, Whitley, James Ross, Walter Wheeler, Paul Blevins, Roy Meadows, Robert Day, Billy Bateman, Jimmie Peterson, Norman Carter

Page 57
Fly Page - Tribal Life

Page 58
Junior Boys' Choir

Page 59
Rhythm Band

Page 60
Harmonica Band

Page 61
Seventh Grade Chorus

Page 62
Glee Club

Page 63

Page 64

Page 65
Pep Squad

Page 66
Religious Activities

Page 67
Fly Page - Deeds of Prowess

Page 68
Football Review

Page 69
Football Squad

Page 70
Track and Field; Football Calendar

Page 71
Track Team

Page 72
Basketball Team

Page 73
Fly Page - Powwow

Page 74

Page 75
Honor Students -
Gladys Mae White, William Morrison Peterson

Page 76
Roger Q. Mills Literary Society

Page 77
National Honor Society

Page 78
Numquam Non Paratus Club

Page 79
Candid Photos

Page 80
Candid Photos

Page 81
Candid Photos

Page 82
Candid Photos

Page 83
Candid Photos

Page 84
Candid Photos

Page 85
Candid Photos

Page 86
Candid Photos

Page 87
Fly Page - ADS

Page 88

Page 89

Page 90

Page 91

Page 92

Page 93

Page 94

Page 95

Page 96

Page 97

Page 98

Page 99


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