The 1957 Bruin
Year Book of Jackson High School
Corsicana, Navarro County Texas


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Yearbook from the collection of John C. Barron

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Title Page

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Dedication - Jackson High Quarterback Club

Page 4
Jackson High School - Alma Mater

Page 5
Fly Page - Administration

Page 6
Board of Education: Mrs. Will Miller, Matt Dawson, Mrs. E. W. Williams, Maurice G. Young, Maco Stewart, R. L. Wheelock Jr., Dr. Paul Mitchell

Page 7
Administration: Robert A. Ashworth (Superintendent of Schools); Oscar E. Bounds (Business Manager); Dr. Jim Kearns (Director of Curriculum)

Page 8
Principal's Message: Walter F. Cotton

Page 9
Jackson High School P.T.A. - Mrs. Willie B. Portis, Mrs. Ola Mae Nahtan, Mrs. Veline Cephus, Mrs. Pauline Huckaby, Inez A. Rhodes, Bessie Herron, Effie B. Madison, Pearlie B. Collins, Louise B. Searcy

Page 10
Faculty: Earl L. Campbell, Mrs. Vera Coleman, Walter Day, LaSalle Donnell, Mrs. Verlon J. Jackson, Dazell Lee, Mrs. Zenobia Marshall, Walter Mitchell, Miss Johnnie M. Moore, Miss Maggie Moore

Page 11
Faculty: Mrs. Janice B. Morgan, Australia Phillips, Mrs. Jimme D. Powell, Carlly Redus, Mrs. Inez A. Rhodes, Mrs. Louise Sarcy, Mrs. Alva J. Smith, Hulen Smith, Mrs. M. A. Springfield, Mrs. E. Yeldell

Page 12
Teachers' Autographs - Blank

Page 13
Fly Page - Seniors

Page 14
Senior Class Officers - James McCoy, Wilbert Bluitt, Rosie Marie Primous, Helen Ruth Herron, Thurman Bluitt, Rogers Gowans, Jesse Johnson, Mrs. Z. H. Marshall

Page 15
Seniors: Thurman N. Bluitt Jr., Wilbert Earl Bluitt, Sara Louise Birdwell, Alberta Carter, Vester Lee Choyce, Joel Edward Conley

Page 16
Seniors: Patricia Louise Davis, Rogers Gowan, Robert Taylor Green, Billie LaJoyce Harris, Helen Ruth Herron, Rosetta Marie Holmes

Page 17
Seniors: Verna Mae Huckaby, Jessie Mae Johnson, Jesse Williard Johnson, Bettye Jean Manuel, James Arthur McCoy, Ocell Miller

Page 18
Seniors: Rosie Marie Primous, Burtis Robinson, Willie Howard Stewart, Norma Kathryn Stovall, Loretta Dell Stovall, Ruby Patricia Watts

Page 19
Seniors: Luster Earl Williams, Willie Mae Williams

Page 20
Junior and Senior Prom - Photos

Page 21
Fly Page - Juniors

Page 22
Junior Class Officers - Travis Curry, Tommie Faye Miller, Billie Ann Williams, Pinkie Keeton, Lillian Crawford, Walter E. Day

Page 23
Juniors: John D. Alexander, Walter Andrews, Mattie Bell Brooks, Georgia Mae Burrell, Patricia Ann Butcher, Elton Campbell

Page 24
Juniors: Melvin Campbell, James Earl Chandler, Odell Christle, Carolyn Clay, Samuel Cole, Robert Conley

Page 25
Juniors: Lillian Marie Crawford, Eugene Cunningham, Travis Ray Curry, Mary Eliza Griffin, Evelyn Henderson, Eugene Johnson

Page 26
Juniors: Lee Vercy Johnson, Robbie Faye Jones, Pinkie Eola Keeton, Birdie Lee, Robert Louise Madison, Tommie Faye Miller

Page 27
Juniors: Lois Lee Paige, Curtis Robinson, Pauline Robinson, Roy Sanders, Ira Wade, Vera Lee Wafer

Page 28
Juniors: Joseph Washington, Billie Ann Williams

Page 29
Fly Page - Sophomores

Page 30
Sophomore Class Officers: Napoleon Johnson, Morris Johnson, Annie Laura Tankersly, Jesse Ray Curry, Maurice McGriff, Earl L. Campbell

Page 31
Sophomores: James Black, James Brandon, Hazel Burnett, Daniel Campbell, Dorothy Campbell, Jeanetta Chaney, Billy Christle, Henrietta Cooper, Jesse Curry, L. J. Davis, Vera Day, Bennie Fortune

Page 32
Sophomores: Autry Green, Corine Hayward, Bonnie Henry, Debra Jackson, Ossie Jackson, Morris Johnson, Napoleon Johnson, Earnestine Martin, Maurice McGriff, Charles McGriff, Bonnie Medlock, Bedissa Nathan

Page 33
Sophomores: James Nealy, Robert Newsome, Tony Overton, Charles Primous, Loreda Quarles, Effie Smith, Annie Tankersly, Lozell Washington, James Wilkes, Agnes Williams, Leroy Wilson, Eddie Wright

Page 34
Autographs - blank

Page 35
Fly Page - Freshmen

Page 36
Freshman Class Officers: Donald Huckaby, James Cox, Birdie Bolden, Patricia Jackson, Ernest Johnson, Virginia Ward, Clydia Hill, Shirley Carroll, Jeweline Jones, Betty Nash, Billy Portis, Johnny Johnson; Sponsors: Mrs. Powell, Mr. Phillips, Mrs. Smith

Page 37
Freshmen: Walter Blair, Avery Bonner, Harietta Brooks, Leroy Brown, Lois Brown, Neil Brown, Roosevelt Busby, Gracie Carroll, Shirley Carroll, Claudia Cephus, Bobbie Collins, Gussie Collins

Page 38
Freshmen: Edward Cook, Rubie Cook, Christine Cummings, Lela Sue Dixon, Martha Evans, Hazel Fields, John George, Walter George, Alonzo Gibson, Joe Green, Loretta Green, Willie Gross

Page 39
Freshmen: George Harris, Ada Harvey, Laura Henderson, Clydia Hill, Donald Huckaby, Bernice Jackson, Patricia Jackson, Robert Jackson, Earnest Johnson, Jim Johnson, Robert Johnson, Vernon Johnson

Page 40
Freshmen: Jeweline Jones, James Langston, Betty Marshall, Faye Marshall, Oran Martin, Elton McGriff, Doshia Miller, Leonard Miller, Oscar Miller, Betty Nash, Shirley Nathan, Billy Portis

Page 41
Freshmen: Willie Shannon, Bobbie Simmons, Robert Smith, Betty Stoval, J. T. Taylor, Virginia Ward, Jesse White, Leoris Whitfield, Marshall Williams, Rozella Williams, Windrell Woods, James Wynne

Page 42
Candid Photos

Page 43
Candid Photos

Page 44
Candid Photos

Page 45
Fly Page - Junior High

Page 46
Eighth Grade: Rosaline Andrews, Earline Betts, Erma Lee Benton, Andrew Blair, Jerry Brandon, Edward Brown, Ethel Mae Brown, Johnny Harold Brown, Stella Mae Brooks, Joe Dean Carter, Loran Caruth, Eugene Chaney, Mozell Chaney, James Clay, Willie Colbert

Page 47
Eighth Grade: Authur Collins, Wyart Collins, Deloise Cooks, Leonard Coy, Creola Curry, Martha Curry, Arnette Davis, Madaline Dempsey, Herman Driver, Tina Dudley, Joyce Edwards, Margaret English, Joe Willie Foster, Clara Nell Green, James Gross

Page 48
Eighth Grade: Jerry Hamilton, Avon Herron, William Herron, Lillian Holmes, Marion Jackson, Helen Jimerson, Charles Johnson, Alice Mae Jones, Frances Jones, Chestine Kelly, Floyd Lawrence, Wanda Ray Robinson, Jeweline Lewis, Douglas Madison

Page 49
Eighth Grade: Jackie McDade, Percell Minton, Larry Nathan, Eddie Perkins, Charles Polk, Ruthie Runfro, R. O. Rice, Ruth E. Robinson, Robert Simpson, Chester Sims, Hazel Smallwood, Erma Smith, Judith Stovall, Edward Tankersley, Alice Taylor

Page 50
Eighth Grade: Theresa Tilly, Dianne Wallace, Sandra Waller, Stella Walker, Charles Watts, Marva Whitaker, Minnie Wilkes, Carolyn Williams, Charles Williams, Pearlie Williams, Betty Wilson, Edna Wilson, W. C. Woods, Lois Wright, Dianne Yeldell

Page 51
Seventh Grade: Etta Alford, Everett Bluitt, Joe Blair, Willie Bonner, Henderson Body, Ada Brandon, Joe Brooks, Herbert Brown, Robert Brown, Johnny Brown, Willie Brown, Roselle Burnett, Eleanor Burts, Raymond Busby, Willie Campbell, Gloria Caruth, Ernest Cobbs

Page 52
Seventh Grade: Andra Collins, Marlowe Crawford, Willie Criddle, Robert Cummings, Charlie Davis, L. V. Davis, William Dawson, Johnnie Dixon, Maudra Dixon, Virginia Dixon, Ester English, Brenda Fortune, E. C. Ford, James Foster, Joe Green, Nellie Green, Pearlie Green

Page 53
Seventh Grade: Ruby Green, Jimmie Hawkins, Deloris Herron, Gertrude Huckaby, Ida Jimerson, Mildred Jones, Mamie Johnson, Robert Jones, Lura Jones, L. A. Jones, J. D. Jones, Delois Jones, Bennie Kelly, Juanita Keeton, Willie Leonard, Zanel Lewis, Vivian Lynch

Page 54
Seventh Grade: Bobbie Mathis, Albert McAdams Jr, Estell Miller, David Milton, Elsie Newsome, Barbara Portis, Helen Ruth Renfro, Choicie Mae Smith, Ada Mae Tarbutton, Adolphus Tabutton, Wm. Thomas, Bobbie Tilly, Douglas Waller, Edna Ward, Margaret Ward, Roy Washington, Barbara Young

Page 55
Fly Page - Favorites

Page 56
Miss Homecoming: Carolyn Cosette Clay; Miss Jackson: Shirley Nathan

Page 57
Queens of the Bears: Lela Sue Dixon, Ruby Lee Thomas

Page 58
Miss Homecoming and Attendants: Annie Tankersley, Diane Wallace, Helen Jimerson, Ora Curry, Henrietta Cooper, Alice Jones

Page 59
The Crowning of the Queens: Wilbert Williams, Arnetta Davis, Autry Green, Effie Jean Smith, Arthur Collins, Lillian Ann Holmes, Robert Jackson, Verna Mae Huckaby

Page 60
Most Beautiful Girl: Helen Ruth Herron

Page 61
Most Handsome Boy: Maurice McGriff

Page 62
Most Popular Girl: Billie LaJoyce Harris

Page 63
Most Popular Boy: Autry Green

Page 64
Vanity Fair: Loretta Don Stovall, Lois Yvonne Brown, Shirley Jean Miller

Page 65
Vanity Fair: Hazel Ray Burnett, Pauline Robinson, Effie Jean Smith

Page 66
Most Scholarly Girl: Ruby Patricia Watts, Most Scholarly Boy: James Arthur McCoy

Page 67
Most Versatile Girl: Rosie Marie Primos; Most Versatile Boy: Travis Ray Curry

Page 68
Most Dependable Girl: Billie Ann Williams; Most Dependable Boy: Joe Edward Green

Page 69
Most Athletic Girl: Norma Kathryn Stovall; Most Athletic Boy: Billy Joe Christle

Page 70
Most Mischievous Girl: Alberta Carter; Most Mischievous Boy: Bonnie O'Field Henry

Page 71
Senior Favorites: Rosetta Marie Holmes & Roger Gowans

Page 72
Junior Favorites: Pinkie Eola Keeton & Robert Louise Madison

Page 73
Sophomore: Vera Marie Day & Leamond Charles McGriff

Page 74
Freshman Favorites: Clydia Mae Hill & Vernon Johnson

Page 75
Freshman Favorites: Birdie Beverly Bolden & Robert Miller Johnson

Page 76
Freshman Favorites: Christene Cummings & James Cox

Page 77
Fly Page - Organizations

Page 78
Student Council: Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. Searcy; Scholarship Club: Mrs. Rhodes

Page 79
Jackson High School Choral Club & Jackson High School Band

Page 80
Drum Major and Majorettes & Pep Squad

Page 81
Bethune Tri-Hi-Y & Busy Boys Hi-Y Club

Page 82
Jackson Chapter New Homemakers of America

Page 83
Jackson Chapter New Farmers of America & Chemistry Club

Page 84
Spanish Club & Library Club

Page 85
Commercial Club & Shop Work at Its Best

Page 86
Junior Tri-Hi-Y & Jr. Hi-Y

Page 87
Citizenship Club

Page 88
Candid Photos

Page 89
Fly Page - Athletics

Page 90
Football - Offensive Team

Page 91
State AA Football Champions 1956

Page 92
Football: Billy Christle, Odell Christle, Walter Andrews, Willie Newsome, Thurman Bluitt, Burtis Robinson

Page 93
Football: Ossie Lee Jackson, James McCoy, Luster Williams, Ira Wade, Walter George, Eugene Johnson

Page 94
Football Photos

Page 95
Basketball Teams

Page 96

Page 97
Fly Page - Advertisements

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