El Navarro - Volume II
Year Book of Navarro Junior College
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Extracted by Edward L. Williams



With sincere appreciation for his devoted service to the Navarro Junior College and community we dedicate the El Navarro of 1948 to Mr. O. L. Albritton.

Board of Regents

O. L. Albritton, Chairman Corsicana
Lloyd K. Carraway, Secretary Corsicana
R. Bruce McCormick, Member - Blooming Grove
L. B. Bonner, Vice-Chairman - Eureka
Leighton Dawson, Treasurer - Corsicana
J. W. Richards, Member - Richland


To the students of Navarro Junior College:
More than 700 students have enrolled in Navarro Junior College since its opening in September 1946.  These students caught the vision of the great demand for better trained men and women of the future.  Present and future business and social activities require greater knowledge and skill in the various fields of our complex world community.  The young men and women who are now preparing for the responsibilities that must inevitably come to them will have a large part in shaping the destinies of the generations that follow them.

The success of those who participate in the life and work of this institution must surely depend upon the time and energy given to these activities.  The final result of any task is determined by the amount of serious effort applied.

My wish for all of you is that you may derive the benefits you endeavor to attain and that health, happiness and pleasure may be yours as we work together in making Navarro Junior College second to none in our great and glorious nation of educational opportunity.

Ray L. Wallar, President, Navarro Junior College



Gaston T. Gooch, Dean - Registar

Mrs. Ted Sullins - Secretary

Miss Margaret Berry - Assistant Dean, Registar

Mary Ella Franks - Secretary



C. G. Strickland - Counselor at Veteran's Guidance Center and head of the Education Department at Navarro Junior College

Guyle Akridge - Assistant Athletic Director, B.A. East Texas State College; M.A. East Texas State College

Mrs. R. L. Arnold - B.A., S.T.S.T.C.; M.A., S.T.S.T.C.

Mrs. M. M. Ballard - English Instructor, B.A., University of Texas; M.A. University of Texas; English Major

O. B. Bellew - History Instructor, B.S. N.T.S.T.C.; M.S. N.T.S.T.C.

C. E. Beene - Band Instructor, B.A., T.C.U.; M.A. Colorado State College; Amarillo Junior College; Eastman School of Music

Mrs. Earl Boyd - Math and Spanish Instructor, Baylor University, Waco, Texas; B.A. Degree, Spanish and Education; M.A. Degree, Spanish and Education

Kenneth Clark - Physical Education Instructor, B.A., Baylor University

M. S. Cook - English and Speech Instructor; Bachelor Degree at N.T.S.T.C.; Master Degree at Northwestern University

Thelma Conitz - Shorthand; B.A., Baylor University

James H. Edgar, Jr., B.S. and M.S. at East Texas State Teachers College, Chemistry Instructor

Paul D. Floyd - B.A. and M.A., East Texas State Teachers College; History and Government Instructor

C. T. Gartrell - Economic and Distributive Education Instructor; B.S., Southwestern State College, Okla. A.&M.

Dorothy Hawthorne - B.A. at T.S.C.W.; Library Science at Public Library, San Antonio; Librarian

J. A. Nance - Biology and Agricultural Instructor, B.S. Texas A&M; M.S., Iowa State University

Margaret Pannill - A.B. Degree at S.M.U.; B.M. and B.P.S.M. at S.M.U.; M.A. at Columbia University; English and Music Instructor

A. Linton Whitfill - Math Instructor; B.A. at Trinity University; M.A. at S.M.U.

W. G. Stokes - Physics and Trigonometry Instructor; B.S., Sam Houston State; M.S., Sam Houston State


Note from President of the Student Body

Yes, our school has a start.  The Navarro Junior College has existed two years and is still kicking.  But is "still kicking" enough ?  We want our school to be the best and to offer the fullest opportunities to our posterity.  If these goals are to be reached it will take more than an inspiring and conscientious faculty and administration and Board of Regents.  A student body that will stick together and support their alma mater is another link in the chain of success.  And then another factor that can make or break a junior college is the understanding and support given by the people of the county.  In this respect the students play an important role, because the people largely judge a college by the actions of it student body.    Last but not least is an active cooperative,a nd sincere Alumni Association for after a few years of operation an Alumni Association would be composed of many men and women who are prominent in business and the professions who will help their school in many ways.

If the administion, faculty, Board of Regents, student body, and the people of Navarro County can continue to work together as they have in the past two years and with the help of an Alumni Association, there is no doubt in my mind that the Navarro Junior College will continue to grow and climb higher in the standings of the education institutions in our nation.

I can not express in words the thanks in my heart for the consideration and co-operation shown me by all concerned while I have had the honor of being the student body president of Navarro Junior College.

Bill McKie, President of Student Body


  • Melva Gaines - Presidnet; Mildred High Scholl 44; Associate Editor of Annual 46-47-48; Best All-Around Girl 47; B.A. Major
  • Geraldine Ross - Sec. Treas.; Corsicana High School 46; N.T.S.T.C. 46; Football Queen of N.J.C. 47
  • Ben Acock - Corsicana High School, Band 47, Pre Med Major
  • John Adams - Corsicana High School 44; "N" Club 47; Physical Education Major
  • Howard Adams - Blooming Grove High 42; Chemistry Major
  • Jehu Allen - Richland High School; B.A. Club 46-47; Football 46; B.A. Major
  • Shirley Anderson - Corsicana High School 46; Canterbury Club 46; Annual Staff 47
  • Jimmy Andrews - Corsicana High School; Cheer Leader 46; Agriculture Major
  • George Blasingame - Coolidge High School; Liberal Arts Major
  • Ina Balentine - State Home High School 46; B.A. Club 46-47-48; Spanish Club 47-48; General Education Major
  • John Barr - Bryan High School 42; B.A. Major
  • David Barnes - Louisiana High School 43; Choral Club 46-47
  • Jennie Beavers - Corsicana High School 46; B.A. Club 46-47; B.A. Major
  • James Beggs - Football 47
  • Edwin Benefield - Dawson High School 40; K.V.K. 46-47; Football 46; Engineer Major
  • Charles Bishop - Riche High School 45; Engineer Major
  • Annie G. Bonner - Corsicana High School 45; Annual Staff; B.A. Major
  • Walker Boyd - Mildred High School 46; Chemistry Major
  • J. C. Bray - Rice High School 44; Engineer Major
  • James Bray
  • Clayton Bridges - Corsicana High School; Dramatic Club; Pre-Law
  • Maxine Brown - Richland High School 46; Annual Staff 46-47; Interior Decorating Major
  • Harold Bryant - Corsicana High School 44, T.U. 44-45; Vice-Pres. Freshman Class 46-47; Football 46-47; Co-Captain of Basketball 47; Track 47; Pres. K.V.K. 46; Pres. of "N" Club 47; Engineer Major
  • Charles Byrd - Corsicana High School 47
  • Vera Canady - Ennis High School; B.A. Major
  • Lew Carter
  • Tommy Caskey - Dawson High School 42; Elementary Education
  • Billy Clowe - Corsicana High School 44; Aeronautical Engineering
  • J. C. Collier - Corsicana High School 42; Business Administration Club; "N" Club; Football 46-47-48; Business Administration.
  • James Crocker - Blooming Grove High School; Blue Room Club; Engineering Major
  • Don Cummins - Corsicana High School 46; B.A. Club; Engineering Major
  • McAfee Daniel - Frost High School 46; Dramatic Club; Spanish Club; Future Teachers Club; English Major
  • Marilyn DuBose - Streetman High School 46; Dramatic Club; Business Administration
  • James Estelle
  • Eugene Ewing - Corsicana High School 46; B.A. Major
  • Winfred Feazel - Longview High School 42; Business Administration Major
  • Billy Joe Fluker - Corsicana High School; Electrical Engineer Major
  • Alton Frost - Wortham High School; Football 46-47; B.A. Major
  • J. C. Fulton - Blooming Grove High School; Blue Room Club; Petroleum Engineering Major
  • Bill Gartman - Blum, Texas; Education Major
  • Neil Gay - Corsicana High School 42; Basketball 47; Football Manager 47; B.A. Major
  • Raymond Gilmore - I.O.O.F. High School; Football 46-47; K.V.K.; Track 47; Physical Education Major
  • Dewey Grimes - Corsicana High School 42; B.A. Club; Blue Room Club; B.A. Major
  • Billy Gene Hamilton - Mildred High School 44; N.T.A.C. 44-46; Annual Staff Photographer 48; Engineer Major
  • Fred Hardgrave - Corsicana High School 46; Sports Editor 47-48; Engineer Major
  • Jack Harper - Van High School - Basketball 47-48
  • McCurin Harwell - Corsicana High School; Choral Club 46; Bible Major
  • Wanda Hedrick - Corsicana High School; Music Major
  • W. W. Hedrick - Corsicana High School 40; Veterinary Medicine Major
  • Jack Hitchcock - Corsicana High School 43; Football 46-47-48
  • Billy Joe Hodge - Mildred High School 44; Football 46; P.E. Major
  • James Hodges - Corsicana High School 46; Choral Club 46-47; Engineer Major
  • Alvin Hurt - Corsicana High School 46; Agriculture Major
  • Jim Bob Ivey - Kerens High School 41; Weatherford Junior College 41; Co-Captain Football 46-47-48; Basketball Manager 47; Agriculture Major
  • John Henry Jenkins - Mildred High School 44; K.V.K.; Pre-Law Major
  • Roy Ray Johnston - Business Administration
  • Betty Jo Jordan - Corsicana High School - Choral Club 46-47; Annual Staff 47; Journalism Major
  • Wesley Jordan - Corsicana High School 44; K.V.K.; Football 46-47-48; Engineer Major
  • J. H. Justice - Corsicana High School 46; Basketball 47-48; "N" Club; B.A. Major
  • A. Y. Kilcrease - Corsicana Highschool 46; Blue Room Club; Chemical Engineer Major
  • Kenneth Kiser - Corsicana High School 46; Agriculture Club; Vet. Medicine Major
  • Eugene Kormos - Corsicana High School; Engineer Major
  • Louis Kormos - Corsicana High School 41; K.V.K.; Basketball 47-48; "N" Club; B.A. Major
  • David Little - Football 46-47-48
  • Pricilla Lively - Corsicana High School 46; Football Sweetheart 46; Annual Staff 47
  • Bruce Love - Corsicana High School 44; N.T.S.T.C.; N.T.A.C.; Blue Room Club; Pre-Dentistry
  • Don Love - Corsicana High School; Texas A&M; N.T.S.T.C.; Pre-Dental
  • George Lucas - Wortham High School 40; B.A. Club 46; B.A. Major
  • James Lowrance - Ferris High School 40; K.V.K.; Football 46-47-48; Physical Education Major
  • Betty Marr - Corsicana High School 43; B.A. Major
  • Annabeth Matthews - Wellman High School 46; W.T.S.C.; Dramatic Club; Speech Major
  • Jack Matthews; Dawson High School 44; K.V.K., "N" Club; Physical Education Major
  • Ted Metcalf - Corsicana High School; Industrial Arts Major
  • Jimmy Morris - Corsicana High School 41; Pres. Choral Club 46-47; Music Major
  • Joe McAdams - Corsicana High School 46; Editor of Annual 48; Chemical Engineer Major
  • Coy W. McClendon - Richland High School; Chemical Engineer Major
  • Andrew McColpin - Corsicana High School 46; Mechanical Engineer Major
  • Bill McKie - Corsicana High School 41; S.M.U. Pres. of Student Body 47-48; Law Major
  • Toby Nesmith - Corsicana High School 44; K.V.K.; Chemistry Major
  • Troy Nokes - Corsicana High School 46; B. A. Major
  • Wanda Page - Corsicana High School 46; Annual Staff 47
  • Sammy Palmeri - Corsicana High School 39; Pres. of Student Body 46-47; B.A. Major
  • Richard D. Parker - Corsicana High School
  • Joseph Pearson - Corsicana High School; Engineering Major
  • Leon Phillips - Corsicana High School 44; K.V.K.; Engineer Major
  • John Embry Pollan - Rich High School 46; Engineer Major
  • Billie Jean Price - Wortham High School 46; Annual Staff 47; B.A. Major
  • Wilburn Raby - Corsicana High School; K.V.K.; Football 46-47-48; Physican Education Major
  • Reo Ragan - Corsicana High School 39; K.V.K.; Pre-Law Major
  • Douglas Ragsdale - Barry High School 42; K.V.K.; Engineer Major
  • Kenneth Ray - Powell High School 43; Physical Education Major
  • J. C. Redden - I.O.O.F. 39; Engineer Major
  • Calvin Renfrow - Corsicana High School 44; Hillsboro Jr. College 46; K.V.K.; Engineer Major
  • Charlie Rhodes - Barry High School 43; K.V.K.; B.A. Major
  • Bill Richards - Emmit High School; B.A. Club Pres. 46; B.A. Major
  • Billy Richardson - Richland High School 42; B.A. Major
  • Sam Roberts - Corsicana High School 45; Mechanical Engineer Major
  • Paul Rogers - Corsicana High School 42; Pharmacy Major
  • Ruthellen Scott - Corsicana High School 46; B.A. Major
  • Tommy Seay - Corsicana High School 41; Pre-Dental Major
  • Charlie Smith - Forrest High School (Dallas); Annual Staff 47; Basketball 46-47-48; Football 46-47; "N" Club; B.A. Major
  • Peggy Smith - Corsicana High School 45; Sec. of Choral Club 46; Sec. and Treas. of Aesculapius Club 46; Treas. of Ganterbury Club 46; Business Manager of Annual 47-48; Pre-Med Major
  • Rita Jean Smith - Mildred High School 46; Interior Decorating Major
  • Mary Ann Spornitz - Corsicana High School 46; Cheerleader N.J.C. 46; B.A. Club 47; B.A. Major
  • Ted Sullins - Terrell High School 42; K.V.K. 47; "N" Club; Engineer Major
  • Louis Todd - Corsicana High School 44; Spanish Club; Commercial Art Major
  • Joy Lee Watkins - Oak Ridge, Tenn. High School 45; N.T.S.C.; Chemistry Major
  • Barbara Watson - Corsicana High School; Annual Staff 47; B.A. Major
  • Billy Watson - Barry High School 46; Engineering Major
  • Gus Watson - Corsicana High School 43; Football 46; K.V.K.; Engineering Major
  • John Sims - Streetman High School; Engineer Major
  • Travis Cockerell - Fairfield High School; Law Major
  • Ann Guthrie - Corsicana High School
  • Pete Willard - Wortham High School; Football 47; P.E. Major
  • Marie Dial
  • Mudge Matthews
  • Rita Woodward
  • Virginia Ward, President
  • Rube Davis, Vice-President
  • Martha Allen, Secretary Treasurer
  • Martha Allen
  • Danny Anderson
  • Betty Joe Baggett
  • Bill Balcom
  • Jessie Beamon
  • Gerald Bee
  • Jack Bradley
  • John Bradley
  • Floyd Brinkley
  • Will Mack Crawford
  • Ray Cummings
  • J. B. Carrington
  • Donald Calome
  • Jo Anne Counts
  • Paul Currington
  • Margie Curry
  • Patty Sue Daniels
  • Dan Davidson
  • Larue Derden
  • Bill Dickie
  • Fred Ellett
  • Helen Ganze
  • Virginia Grant
  • Charles Herd
  • Jack Holland
  • Dorothy Holley
  • Gene Hollings Worth
  • Royce Howell
  • Billy Hoyle
  • Stella Johnapelus
  • Wade Johnston
  • J. C. Leadbetter
  • Lonnie Lewis
  • Pattie Little
  • Joan Long
  • Lloyd Longino
  • Bobby Lowe
  • Bob McCormick
  • Bennie Jean McDaniel
  • Doyle McManus
  • Albert McMichael
  • David Maguirk
  • Ebbs G. Mershawn
  • Darwin Miller
  • Scott Miller
  • Wanda Mitchal
  • Rita Moore
  • Doris Murphey
  • Jo Ann Nagy
  • Marion Newman
  • Wanda NeSmith
  • Jack Omberg
  • Betty O'Neil
  • Oliver Pearson
  • B. F. Place
  • Harold Prestidge
  • Marjory Prine
  • David Ragen
  • John Rumbelow
  • Ruby Shoemaker
  • Doris Statham
  • Joe Steen
  • Bill Stewart
  • James Skipworth
  • Ann Stokes
  • Jack Straubing
  • Glenn Stucker
  • Dale Taylor
  • Patsy Nell Tyner
  • Milton Vinson
  • Helen Watkins
  • Du Bart Watson
  • Harold Watson
  • Robert Way
  • Jimmy White
  • Joy Elaine White
  • Troy Wilson
  • Everett Withrow
  • Ruth Evelyn Womack


Mechanics School

The Mechanics school of Navarro Junior College was opened in October of 1947.  The object of this branch of the College is to offer a complete course of auto mechanics in a two year period.




Joseph Pearson - Best Looking Boy

Stella Johnapelus - Most Beautiful Girl

Harold Bryant - Most Popular Boy

Peggy Smith - Most Popular Girl

Jim Bob Ivey - Best All-Round Boy

Melva Louise Gaines - Best All-Round Girl

Geraldine Ross - Football Queen


Who's Who

Joe McAdams
Joe is an outstanding student of N.J.C.  Besides being a valuable member of the band, he has found time to edit this year's El Navarro.  If he keeps up his good record, it is the general opinion that some college will be lucky to get Joe next year.

Bill McKie
One of the best liked boys in N.J.C. this year is Bill McKie who is known for his friendly grin and hearty laugh.  Knowing everybody, taking an interest in all school activities, and making good grades, he has added much to school life the past two years.  Bill was President of the student body this year and chairman of the Entertainment Committee last year.  When Bill graduates this spring N.J.C. will lose one of its favorite students.

Martha Allen
One of the best-known and best-liked freshmen is Martha Allen.  Her sweet disposition, as well as her good grades, has made a place for her this year in Who's Who.  Martha has been chosen business manager of the newspaper this year.  N.J.C. will be lucky to have her as a student next year.

Dan Davidson
His friendly disposition and his genuine enthusiasm have made Dan one of the best known Freshmen.  He has distinguished himself by being one of our best football and basketball players.  He likes athletics of all kinds, and takes part in as many sports as possible.  Dan is destined to be an outstanding student of N.J.C. next year.

Sammy Palmeri
A quite manner and friendly nature are characteristics of Sammy.  Although he excells in his scholastic record, he has shown an active interest in many school activities.  Last year Sammy was student body president.  Sammy will be missed as few students are when he bids N.J.C. goodbye in January.

Wanda Nesmith
Wanda's winning personality and friendliness to everyone has won her many friends and a place in the Who's Who this year.  In addition to making good grades, Wanda has found time to be active in many school activities.  N.J.C. feels sure Wanda Nesmith's record will be even greater next year.


 Student Council

C. E. Beene, Band Instructor
Paul D. Floyd, History Instructor
Melva Gaines - Sophomore Class President
M. S> Cook, English and Speech
Bill McKie, Student Body President
Margaret Pannill, English and Music Instructor
Virginia Ward, Freshman Class President
Purpose:  The purpose of the Student Council is to coordinate all campus activities and to promote better Faculty-Student relations.

El Navarro Staff

Editor-in-Chief - Joe McAdams
Associate Editor - Melva Gaines
Sports Editor - Fred Hardgraves
Business Manager - Peggy Smith
Asst. Bus. Manager - Virginia Ward
Feature Editor - Rita Woodward
Photographer - Billy Hamilton


Not one person alone can make an annual.  Neither can just a small group.  If this year's El Navarro is a success, it is due to the cooperation of the entire student body.  In this book we have tried to preserve something of the past year to serve as a lasting memory to those who are graduating.  If we can do this, our efforts are justified.  Joe McAdams, Editor.


Ben Acock - Trombone
Gerald Bee - Trombone
Paul Curington - Trombone
Annie George Bonner - Drum
Martha Allen - Drum
Bob Goulder - Bass
Mr. C. E. Beene - Director
Oliver Pearson - Trumpet
Joe McAdams - Flute

Cheer Leaders

Pattie Little - Although new at the task of cheerleading, Patti has shown her ability to summon a little more energy and pep when it was needed.  N.J.C. is indeed fortunate to have her back next year

Fred Ellett - The versatility of this well know cheer leader is deeply felt when Fred leads a yell.  Any school would be proud of a yell leader like Fred Ellett

Rita Woodward - With one year of cheerleading her, Rita came back with even more pep and zeal to give life and spirit to the students when it was needed.

Jimmy Scoggins - Jimmy's unconquerable spirit made him one of the most outstanding cheer leaders this year.  The bulldogs can be sure of a lasting spirit as long as Jimmy is around

Marilyn Dubose - The red haired sophomore has captured the respect of the fans by her "Never say die" spirit.  Her graduation will end two successful years as cheerleader of N.J.C.

P. E. Class

Purpose:  Physical Education for women has as its purpose recreation, social contacts, group spirit, health, and a wholesome activity.  These classes for the girls are an aid in bodily development, a means of self expression and a help to self control.

Pattie Daniel
Barbara Watson
Ruby Shoemaker
Virginia Ward
Joy Watkins
Mrs. Arnold
Melva Gaines
Peggy Smith
Doris Statham
Wanda Mitchell
Bennie Jean McDaniel
Wanda Page
Marie Dial
Ann Stokes
Rita Moore
Ruthellen Scott
Patsy Tyner
Maxine Brown
Helen Ganze
Gay Watkins
Priscilla Lively
Billie Jean Price
Joy White


Dramatic Club

Purpose:  The Dramatic Club was organized to promote training in speech and to develop further the student talents in the art of presenting plays and other dramatic accomplishments.

Paul Currington
John Henry Jenkins - Secretary and Treasurer
Richard Hoggatt
Annie G. Bonner
Bennie McDaniel
Melva Gaines - Vice-President
Everett Withrow
McAfee Daniels (* should be Daniel)
M. S. Cook - Sponsor
Jimmy Morris - President
Otis Jones
Virginia Ward
Rita Woodward
Marilyn DuBose
George Lucas
Clayton Bridges


Future Teachers Club

Purpose: 1) To enable those students who plan to teach to become better acquainted.  2) To acquaint the prospective teachers with those activities and problems of the teaching profession which are not acquired in teacher training courses.  3) To encourage more young people to enter the teaching profession.  4)  To provide an opportunity to discuss mutual problems and to enjoy the association of fellow students.

Clara Hodge: President
Billy McNabb: Vice-President
Priscilla Lively: Secretary and Treasurer
Maxine Brown: Historian



B. A. Club

Purpose: The. B. A.  Club was organized to hold social meetings and to discuss better business relations.

Mr. Arnold - sponsor
Otis James - Historian
Bill Richards - President
Maxine Brown
Bennie McDaniel
Melva Gaines
George Lucas - Vice-President
Buddy Grimes
Marie Dial
Wanda NeSmith
Annie G. Bonner - Secretary and Treasurer
Vera Canady
Betty O'Neal
Ann Guthrie
Marian Newman


Aggie Club

Purpose: To promote the study of agriculture in Navarro County and the surrounding communities and to foster congenial fellowship among the agriculture students of N.J.C.

Troy Wilson
W. C. Poston - Parliamentarian
Robert McCormick
William Pullin - Secretary
C. B. Calome
DuBart Watson
Toppy Watson
James Session
Billy Hodge
Floyd Brinkley
Jimmy Andrews
George Blassingame - President
Reo Ragan
Mr. Nance - Sponsor
Joe Murphey - Treasurer
J. K. Bradley
Chas. Williams
Neil Gay - Vice President


Spanish Club

Purpose: The Spanish Club was organized to develop a wider knowledge of Hispanic contributions to modern culture; to provide a nucleus for Spanish student activities; and to encourage those students who show special interests in Spanish.l

Mrs. Boyd
Roy Manning - Historian
Glynn Stucker
Eugene Ewing
McAfee Daniels
Lewis Todd
Edwin Benefield
Reo Ragan
Jack Straubing - President
Bob Corley
Floyd Brinkley
Kenneth Douglas
Travis Cockerell
J. W. Rumbellow
Rita Woodward - Treasurer
Marion Newman
Mrs. Marjory Prine - Secretary
Mrs. Clara Hodge - Vice President
Ina Ballentine
Priscilla Lively
Maxine Brown
Sammy Palmeri


"N" Club

Purpose: To keep in contact with all lettermen from Navarro Junior College.

Neil Gay - Reporter
John "Sparky" Adams - Vice President
Ted Sullins
Wilburn Raby
J.C. Collier
Oliver Littlejohn
James Lowrance - Secretary - Treasurer
Louis Kormos
Milton Vinson
Pete Willard
Alton Frost
Luke Thorton
Jack Hitchcock
Toppy Watson
Joe Bob Dickson
Danny Anderson
Henry Anderson
Jim Bob Ivey
Harold Bryant
J. H. Justice
J. B. Carrington
Milton Spurgeon
Dan Davison
Billy McNabb
Charlie Smith
Wesley Jordan
Harold Bryant - President



J.C. Collier, Back; Co-Captain of 1947
J.C. is a wing back with ability to do almost anything with a football.  His brilliant work on the gridiron will be missed in 1948

Jim Bob Ivey, Guard; Co-Captain of 1947
Jim Bob is a 160 lb. lineman that is unsurpassable in the position at guard.  Jim Bob will not be with us next year but wherever he goes, our best wishes go with him

Harold Bryant, Back
Harold could really carry the mail.  He never gave up and that is why he will be missed next year

Danny Anderson, Back
Danny played fine football this year and he will play again next year.

John (Sparky) Adams, Back
Sparky is a little boy with plenty of drive.  He will be greatly missed next year.

Jimmy Baggett, Back
Jimmy's spirit and fight will be missed next year

Pete Willard, Back
Pete was a little boy but fast and tough.  He will be back with the Bulldogs next year.

Alton Frost, Back
Alton played a good hard brand of ball this year in the backfield.

Jack Matthews, Back
Jack called signals and did a jam up job at this.  He could also run with the ball

Milton Vinson, Back
Milton hails from Frost, did a good job carrying the pigskin this year.

Ray Cummings, Back
Ray played his position well and we are all expecting great things from him next year.

Rube Davis
Rube was a boy with lots of power.  He will be back next year.

Jack Hitchcock, Center
Jack played a good season at center.  He will be missed next year.

Wilburn Raby, Center
Wilburn is as tough as they come.  His spirit and fight will be missed next year.

David Little, Tackle
David is a big boy and handles himself well.  We are sorry to loose David.

Milton Spurgeon, Tackle
Milton is a big boy and plays the game for his enjoyment.  He often spilled the opposition for considerable losses.

J. B. Carrington, Tackle
Played a good season at tackle this year.  He will be missed next year.

Charlie Smith, Back
Charlie, after starting the season rather slowly, became one of our leading ground gainers.  We will miss him next year.

Toppy Watson, End
Toppy did not stop fighting for a minute this year.  He caught more than his share of the passes.  We are expecting him to be a star next year.

Raymond "Red" Gilmore, End
"Red" spilled the opponents for many a loss this year.  His undying will to win will be missed next year.

Dan Davidson, End
Dan is a 220 pound freshman, he has the makings of a fine offensive and defensive end.

Leroy Ray, Back
Leroy is a little boy who played a good hard brand of football this year.

Lloyd Longino, End
Lloyd is tall and he plays end well.  We are expecting great things from him next year.

Alon Gaines, End
Alon was a rugged defensive end and a fine pass receiver.

Albert McMichael, Back
Albert was a hard blocker !

B. F. Place, Back
B. F. was fast and shifty and was always in there trying.

Luke Thornton, Back
Luke called signals and made a name for himself running with the ball.  He will be missed next year.

Jack Holland, Back
Jack was the boy who kicked the points for us.  He will be back next year.

James Skipworth, Back
Skippy was a little boy but fast.  He will be a valuable player next year.

Henry Anderson, Guard
Henry was a little tough boy.  He never stopped fighting; he did his part of the blocking and tackling.

Danny Burnham, Guard
Danny was a boy who had plenty of drive.  He played the game hard and liked it.

Joe Bob Dixon, Guard
Joe Bob played his position well and shows promise and ability for next season.

Harold Prestidge, Guard
Harold played a hard game and is rough to handle on the gridiron.

Tommy Phillips, Tackle
A Bulldog standout is the forward wall.  His services will be missed next year.

Billy McNabb, Guard
A big boy who made most of his weight.  He will not be with us next year.

Wesley Jordan, Guard
Wesley was always in there trying.  His brilliant work will be missed next season.

J. W. Rumbelow, Guard
J. W. is one of our top returning lettermen.

Jack Kirkland, Back
A little boy whose speed will come in handy in the Bulldog attck.

David Magouirk, Tackle
A squadman who will come into his own next season.

James Lowrance, Tackle
James is a veteran whose services will be sorely missed by Bulldog fans.

Neil Gay, Manager


N.J.C.   12  -  Decatur Baptist      0
N.J.C.     0  -  Cisco Jr. College 12
N.J.C.     6  -  Allen Academy      4
N.J.C.     0  -  Henderson           29
N.J.C.   13  -  Hillsboro              37
N.J.C.     0   - Clifton                   0
N.J.C.   14   - Ranger                12
N.J.C.   45   -  Terrell                  0
N.J.C.   34   -  Weatherford        0



Bill Balcom - Center
Dan Davidson - Center
Billy McNabb - Center
Hal Gene Murphy - Forward
Charlie Smith - Forward
Louis Kormos - Forward
Oliver Littlejohn - Forward
J. C. Collier - Forward
Jack Holland - Guard
John Hodges - Forward
Joe Steen - Guard
J. H. Justice - Guard
Harold Bryant - Guard
Lloyd Longino - Guard
Jack Harper - Guard
J. B. Carrington - Guard
Milton Vinson - Guard
Jim Bob Ivey - Manager




J. C. Collier and Harold Bryant carried the Scarlet and White colors of Navarro Junior College to places in the state junior college track met held in Paris.

Collier placed second in the broad jump and fourth in the 220 yard dash, while Bryant placed fourth in the 880-yard run.

The 440-yard relay consisted of Buddy Dickson, Harold Bryant, J. C. Collier, and James Symrl.

Bryant, Collier, Dickson were the lettermen in track for the season '47


Tennis Team

J. H. Edgar Coach

J. H. Justice

John Dempsey

Calvin Renfrow

Ted Sullins


The Growl

This year Navarro Junior College sponsored a newspaper for the first time.  The purpose of this publication is to keep the student body better informed on campus activities, promote school spirit, and to learn the fundamentals of Journalism.  The Staff for the first issue was as follows:

Editor-in-chief - Betty Jo Jordan

Associate editor - McAfee Daniel

Business Manager - Martha Allen

Associate Business Managers: Corsicana, Bill McKie; Frost, Rita Moore; Blooming Grove, Mack Crawford; Kerens, Fred Almendarez; Powell, Virginia Ward; Wortham, Patsy Tyner; Richland, Margie Prine.

Feature Editor - Barbara Watson

Feature Reporters - Annabeth Matthews, Rita Woodward, Virgil Moore

Sports Editors - Wesley Jordan, J. B. Carrington

Sports Reporters - Harvey Martin, Dan Davidson

Society Editors - "Giggs" Grant, Ruby Shoemaker, Ruth Ellen Scott

Society Reporters - Patti Little, Tommie Caskey, Ann Guthrie

Humor Editors - Joe McAdams, Bill Hamilton, Fred Hardgrave

Art Editor - Dale Taylor

Exchange Editors - Joy Watkins, Helen Watkins

Sponsor - Mrs. Joy E. Arnold


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