El Navarro -  Volume VI
Year Book of Navarro Junior College
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Extracted by Edward L. Williams

As a token of our sincere respect and appreciation for our college president, Mr. Ray L. Waller, it is to him that we dedicate this, the sixth volume of EL Navarro

The Pioneer theme of El Navarro this year is in keeping with the pioneer spirit shown by Navarro's students in our new plant on new grounds.  We hope to show a true picture of these modern pioneers in their roles in classes, organizations, sports, and casual campus activities.  If this purpose has been accomplished, it was through the efforts of a hard-working staff.  Each member of the El Navarro Staff has had a large enough share in the production of this book to hope sincerely that everyone will enjoy it.   The Editor.

To The Student Body:
Since the opening day of Navarro Junior College, the students have shown the same pioneer spirit that was demonstrated by their parents who labored diligently to establish an institution of higher learning for the youth of this area.  The first students of this new institution were builders of good will and unusual school spirit, under conditions which seemed impossible.  In a group of temporary "war" buildings they made educational history in Texas, when the Association of Texas Colleges accepted this college on a fully accredited basis upon the first examination of their work.

The Faculty and Administration felt that the pioneer days would be over by the time you, the Students of 1951-52, registered last September, but we were never more inaccurate in our thinking.  I am sure the pioneers of Early American History did not labor under more adverse conditions than you did for the first five months of this school year.  Words and phrases are not available to sufficiently commend you for you fine spirit of helpfulness and cooperation during this very difficult period.

May your future be happy and successful in inverse ration to the amount of mud you have moved in transit over the campus during the construction period.

Yours truly, Ray L. Waller, President

To the students of Navarro Junior College:
With the moving into our new home, Navarro Junior College has reached another milestone in its short but spectacular career.  We have reached these new heights because of the fine spirit of cooperation of all who have been concerned in the building of one of the finest institutions of its kind anywhere.

This year should be a Red Letter year in your college experience because of what each one has contributed to the growth and development of a most worthwhile project.  Navarro Junior College will be a monument to all in the intellectual and far-sighted citizens who have worked so diligently that the succeeding generations will have a better place in which to live.

I wish to commend and congratulate you for your part in thei great undertaking.

Yours sincerely, Gaston T. Gooch, Dean-Registrar


Mrs. Gaston T. Gooch, B.S., N.T.S.C., Secretary to President
Mary L. Gilmour, Secretary to Dean - Registrar
Euneva Herod, Secretary
Jean Griffin Lee, Secretary

A. L. Bain - Kerens
John R. Corley - Corsicana, Chairman
Bill Bruss - Corsicana
Leighton Dawson - Corsicana
Lloyd K. Carraway - Corsicana
Burce McCormick - Blooming Grove
J. W. Richards - Richland

Greetings to all of you at N.J.C.
This has been a record year, one of which we are proud.  We have seen with increasing interest the many changes that the past year has brought to us.  As we watched the walls of the new N.J.C. rise into beautiful structures, we also noticed the growth of a very healthy school spirit -- a spirit comparable to these fine, sturdy buildings.

For your boundless spirit of cooperation in all our endeavors, for your overwhelming enthusiasm for doing all things well, for your superb loyalty to our college, we gladly say, "Thank you."  Be equally as cooperative, equally as enthusiastic, equally as loyal in helping to build your home, your community, and your nation when you leave these halls of N.J.C.
Sincerely, Ted Spencer


Mrs. R. L. Arnold - B.S., E.T.S.T.C.; M.S., E.T.S.T.C. - Journalism, Physical Education

R. L. Arnold - B.A., E.T.S.T.C.; M.A., E.T.S.T.C. - Business Administration

O. B. Ballew - B.S., N.T.S.C.; M.A., N.T.S.C. - Industrial Education, Social Science

C. E. BEENE - Amarillo Junior College, Eastman School of Music, B.A., T.C.U.; M.A., Colorado State College, - Band Director Chorus, Music

Mrs. Earl A. Boyd - B.A., Baylor University; M.A., Baylor University - Spanish, Education

Jack Cantrell - Burns Commercial College, Southwestern Commercial College, B.S., E.T.S.T.C. - Secretarial Science, Business

M. S. Cook - B.S., N.T.S.C.; M.S., Northwestern University, University of Colorado, Baylor University - English, Speech

James H. Edgar, Jr. - B.S., E.T.S.T.C., M.S., E.T.S.T.C., Chemistry, Chemistry of Nursing

Paul D. Floyd - B.A., E.T.S.T.C., M.A.; E.T.S.T.C. - University of California, University of Colorado, Social Science

Gaston T. Gooch - B.S., N.T.S.C.; M.S., N.T.S.C. - Economics

Mrs. Juanita Hardy - B.A., Austin College; M.A., E.T.S.T.C., Biology, Anatomy, Physiology

Dorothy Hawthorn - B.A., T.S.C.W. - Librarian

Ralph Hollywood - B.A., Austin College, M.A., Southwestern University, Baylor University - Assistant Athletic Director, Physical Education

Ina Mae McCollom - B.A., N.T.S.C.; M.A., University of Texas - Social Science

Ralph E. Page - B.S., E.T.S.T.C.; M.A., S.H.S.T.C. - Agriculture

Margaret Pannill - B.A., S.M.U.; B.M., S.M.U.; B.P.S., S.M.U.; M.A. Columbia University - English

Dorothea Penn - B.S., Columbia University; Texas Christian University, Harris Hospital, Fort Worth - Anatomy, Chemistry

Mrs. Dorothy Quaite - B.M., Trinity University; M. M., American Conservatory; Julliard School of Music - Piano, Organ, Voice

Lee Smith - B.A., Austin College; M.S., Baylor University - Athletic Director, Physical Education

W. G. Stokes - B.S., S.H.S.T.C.; M.A., S.H.S.T.C. - Mathematics, Physics

A. L. Whitefill - B.A., Trinity University; M.A., S.M.U. - Mathematics



Richard Gaines - President
Jackie McGraw - Vice President
Ann Fowler - Secretary-Treasurer


Pat Allen - Corsicana
Thomas R. Allen - Richland
Joe D. Anderson - Richland
Jimmie V. Bailey - Corsicana
James T. Baker - Teague
Norman Bennett - Bryan
Richard W. Black - Hillsboro
Helen Bonner - Corsicana
Jo Nell Bounds - Wortham
Helen Ruth Bower - Corsicana
Belly Gene Brasher - Ennis
Jerry Caton - Corsicana
Tommy N. Cole - Valley Mills
Clark Compton - Teague
Donald W. Corley - Waxahachie
Mary Cunningham - Hillsboro
Elizabeth Curtis - Corsicana
John Fannin - Corsicana
Ann Fowler - Corsicana
Richard Gaines - Mildred
James H. Garner - Dawson
Raymond Gilbert - Corsicana
Charles Harper - Frost
Silvanus F. Herod - Richland
Joe Highnote - Corsicana
Charles R. Holt - Streetman
Gwynne Hooser - Frost
Wayne Johnston - Kerens
Thomas E. Jordan - Blooming Grove
Flem Keathley - Weslaco
Orville Langston - Corsicana
Patricia Livingston - Corsicana
Glenn Long - Dawson
Wayne G. McClung - Hillsboro
Jackie McGraw - Blooming Grove
Frank D. Manchac - Corsicana
Bobby Murphy - Corsicana
Frank Novotny - Ennis
Artalissa Orme - Blooming Grove
Kennith R. Owens - Waxahachie
Daniel Ozymy - Abbott
Gilbert Payne - Waxahachie
Mary Ellen Poarch - Corsicana
Jesse E. Pryor - Mexia
Trim Rhodes - Blooming Grove
Charles Ray Roberson - Hillsboro
Jerry Roberts - Waxahachie
Joan Robinson - Barry
Victor Spaniel - Ennis
Ted Spencer - Blooming Grove
Bobbie Staggs - Corsicana
Carrie Terry - Corsicana
Peggy Tuggle - Hillsboro
Charles G. Vess - Corsicana
Bruce Walker - Hillsboro
John David Watson - Wortham
Charles Way - Frost

(Not Pictured)
Forrest N. Adams
Maurice W. Allen
James W. Blissett
Bence Maurice Hunter
Leona Kupper
Donald H. Lambert
Danny McDonald
Kenneth R. Scarbrough
Roy D. Shroyer
Franklin Slate
Frank H. Warfield



Orrie Harris - President
Jackie Rea - Vice President
Shirley Thornton - Secretary-Treasurer


Ronald Allen - Mexia
Koleta Anderson - Corsicana
Billy G. Aven - Powell
Kenneth L. Bailey
Charles L. Barnett - Sherman
Billy B. Batton - Kerens
Evadne Baxter - Kerens
Bobby Beauchamp - Corsicana
Hubert E. Boales - Florence
Carman Bonner - Lufkin
James H. Brader - Livingston
Jerry Brader - Livingston
Geneva Brewer - Milford
Edwina Brummett - Wortham
Jerry Callaway - Corsicana
Charles C. Carroll - Blooming Grove
Peggy Carroll - Corsicana
Dwight Chappell - Corsicana
Dwain C. Cleere - Hillsboro
Frankie Cohagan - Gatesville
Billy Don Collins - Blooming Grove
Dean Cooper - Corsicana
Dorothy Cooper - Corsicana
Jane Copeland - Dawson
Peggy Copeland - Corsicana
Jimmy Crawford - Blooming Grove
Neal David Crundwell - Teague
Charles W. Darnell - Blooming Grove
Dorothy Davis - Corsicana
Sylvia Jo Davis - Hillsboro
Dwain Dawson - Corsicana
Abby Gail Dodge - Wortham
Wanda English - Hubbard
Faye Evans - Corsicana
Peggy Everitt - Corsicana
Doyce Eves - Ennis
R. C. Farmer - Corsicana
Harold Fawcett - Hillsboro
Harold V. Fisher - Mexia
Max E. Fletcher - Mexia
Annette French - Purdon
James Howard Gantt - Frost
John J. Garner - Corsicana
Charlie Garrett - Kerens
Tommye Jean Gilpin - Fairfield
Thomas Gorden Grant - Hillsboro
Warren R. Grant - Hillsboro
Kenneth R. Green - Penelope
Jerry D. Griffin - Corsicana
Genetha Grinstead - Purdon
Nettie Grizzle - Hubbard
Elizabeth Hagle - Dawson
Anita Hall - Kerens
Elizabeth Hamilton - Hillsboro
Orrie L. Harris - Corsicana
John G. Harvey - Hillsboro
Floyd D. Hawkins - Corsicana
Joan Hawkins - Corsicana
Jack Hedrick - Corsicana
Lou Ann Horn - Kerens
Richard E. Ingham - Corsicana
Kenneth Ingram - Kerens
Edna Innerarity - Corsicana
Yvonne Irvin - Hillsboro
Dora Ivy - Fairfiled
Bobby L. Jacobs - Rice
Adolph Janecka Abbott
Kenneth Johnson - Kerens
William W. Keitt - Hubbard
Robert L. Knauth - Florence
Lila Dean Langford - Hillsboro
Jean Griffin Lee - Blooming Grove
Ray Glenn McClendon - Waxahachie
Neal F. McCord - Kerens
Joyce McDowell - Corsicana
David M. McKay - Hillsboro
Shirley Mabe - Hillsboro
Mary Nell Manahan - Fairfield
Charles L. Manning - La Vega
Eugene Marek - Penelope
Hugh A. Marlowe - Blooming Grove
Louie L. Masters - Mexia
Bobby B. Mayo - Kerens
Billy G. Montgomery - La Vega
Patricia Moody - Emhouse
Doyle R. Moore - Belton
Edna Moore - Mexia
James E. Moore - Frost
Paula Joan Moore - Irene
Thomas J. Mowlam - Corsicana
Norman D. Nichols - Corsicana
James Edward Pettey - Hillsboro
Joel Petteway - Bremond
Beauford J. Piwetz - Baytown
David I. Podsednik - Hillsboro
Perry L. Price - Kerens
Jack Rea - Corsicana
Wayne Richards - Blooming Grove
Durwood Robinson - Corsicana
Wanda Sue Rogers - Bynum
Richard Saunders - Frost
Glenna Sawyer - Dawson
Sarah Jane Seale - Kerens
James Shaw - Bynum
Jack F. Sheppard - Frost
W. B. Slater, Jr. - Dawson
June Sparkman - Corsicana
Gloria Spence - Corsicana
Charles K. Stack - Corsicana
Nelda Stiles - Dawson
Jerry N. Stovall
Weldon G. Syme - Belton
Jimmy R. Taylor - Bynum
Jo Ann Thomas - Blooming Grove
Shirley Thornton - Fairfield
Berney G. Turner - Pickton
Walter Turner - Corsicana
Vallee Wafer - Hillsboro
Gayle Walker - Hillsboro
Dorothy Ward - Port Arthur
Ernest Ward, Jr. - Corsicana
Wayne Warrington - Corsicana
Jane Watson - Corsicana
Nancy Weems - Corsicana
Adrelyn Westbrook - Blooming Grove
Marvin S. Wheat - Corsicana
Clyde B. Wiley - Bynum
Naomi Winkler - Corsicana
Madge Worsham - Corsicana
Charles Young - Frost
Bill C. Younger - Corsicana

(Not Pictured)
Ben Bristow
Bunk Cloud
Alexander B. Compton
Billy R. Dennis
Charles D. Gillen
Howard Glenn Gunter
Tom P. Harrison
Farrell Leon Howard
Louise Irwin
Carlton Kilgo
Lewis H. Lynch
Bobby T. Malcolm
Betty Joe Marr
McKinley Muse, Jr.
Billy E. Nickelson
Johnny W. Rhodes
James R. Wooten

Night Class

Lorene Allen
Clyde Bryant
Jimmie D. Capehart
Parks Christian
James Neal Crawford
Dorothy Dickson
J. C. Dillard
Mary L. Dillard
William M. Elliott
Walter Farmer
Kenneth R. George
James Glass
Odell Green
Thomas A. Green
Fred Kesinger, Jr.
Buster McDonald
James N. Patrick
Mary Jane Ross
William Talkington, Jr.
Eula Faye Threet
Marie Towns
Billy W. Turner

(Not Pictured)
Dale E. Alexander
Frances C. Bailey
Elbert L. Brister
William D. Burnett, Jr.
Bobby L. Butler
William J. Clayton
Jesse A. Collins
Kent L. Copenhaver

Cecil W. Davis
Chester E. Duke, Jr.
Jessie M. Files
Charlie L. Flynn
Raymond C. Fouse
Edward E. Graham
Thomas O. Hand
Deamon E. Harrison
William E. Harrison
Basil L. Herod
Weldon A. Herod
Kelton E. Holloway
Richard T. Holloway
Mary Kate Holman
John B. Jenkins
Billy B. Jones
Hilda P. Jones
Otis E. Langston
James I. McNeel
Thelma D. Pryor
Samuel J. Rhodes
Wallace B. Roberts
Claude C. Rogers
Finley Y. Roundtree
John E. Slate
Norman R. Smith
Berta Sue Tatum
Robert C. Walker
Vernon L. Walker
Charles E. Wood

Industrial Education Class

Ralph W. Antill
Billy O. Benton
Leroy Crocker
James B. Hanna
Joe M. Hodge
G. T.Knighten
Lee O. Lambert
Edward Middleton
Donald Muirhead
Lewis Muirhead
James T. Phelps
Edward Pirtle
Lealon L. Rogers
Alton Schlemmer
Elmer Sloan
Arthur Smith
J. F. Summerall
Henry W. Temple
Linzie B. Wheat

(Not Pictured)
Darrell H. Hughes
James N. Willoughby

Psychiatric Technicians Class

Bobby G. Autry
Roy Breckenridge
Lillie Burnett
Ira V. Ellis
Elsie R. Farris
Lela M. Harris
Anna King
Guy Littleton
Ruby Littleton
Rosa McDowell
William McDowell
Susie Maxwell
Thelma Monk
Collin P. Moore
Oleta Moore
Bertie L. Morton
Etta Pitts
Annie Richardson
Mary L. Seale
Lonnie R. Self
Mary Self
Maggie Smith
Bobbie Stephens
Hattie Teel
Raymond Vyers

(Not Pictured)
Willie G. Barker
Wesley M. Fleetwood


Ann Fowler - Sophomore Campus Favorite

Richard Gaines - Sophomore Campus Favorite

Pat Allen - Sophomore Campus Favorite

Ted Spencer - Sophomore Campus Favorite

Faye Evans - Freshman Campus Favorite

Orrie Harris - Freshman Campus Favorite

Peggy Copeland - Freshman Campus Favorite

Jackie Rea - Freshman Campus Favorite

Shirley Thornton - Homecoming Queen and Football Sweetheart


Who's Who

Mary Cunningham
Mary Cunningham, a sophomore from Hillsboro, is active in the Future Teachers Club and Phi Theta Kappa, of which she is president and treasurer, respectively.  In addition to these activities, Mary is a member of the Spanish Club and El Navarro Staff.  Her education will be continued at North Texas State College.

Norman Bennett
An outstanding athlete at Navarro is Norman Bennett, a sophomore P. E. major from Bryan.  This year at college has been filled with honors for Norman.  He was chosen captain of the football and basketball teams and the Best Linesman of 1951.  A member of the "N" Club, Norman was elected to Who's Who for 1952.

Pat Allen
Pat Allen is one of the most active students on the campus of Navarro.   Besides being editor of EL NAVARRO, she is a Senorita and a member of the Growl Staff and Press Club.  She was elected President of Phi Theta Kappa, Freshman Class Secretary, Queen of the Fair and Rodeo, and a Favorite.  In addition, Pat sings with the chorus.  Living in Corsicana, Pat is majoring in music.  She plans to continue her studies at Texas Wesleyan College after her graduation in June.

Kenneth Owens
Kenneth Owens, a sophomore education major from Waxahachie, has been a valuable member of the basketball and baseball teams.  A member of the "N" Club, "K. O." served the student body capably as Election Manager.  Among his other activities, he is vice-president of Phi Theta Kappa.

Artalissa Orme, an English major from Blooming Grove, is an active participant in many phases of college life.  She was a leader in the Senoritas and a very active member of the Dramatic Club, having several parts in plays and winning a rating of excellent in the San Marcos Speech Meet in 1951.  Artalissa has served as secretary and vice-president of the Future Teachers Club.  The Spanish Club and Phi Theta Kappa have also profited by her membership.

Ted Spencer is a never-tiring worker on the Navarro campus.  Majoring in speech, Ted has served as president of the student body.  His activities include the tennis team, Phi Theta Kappa, El Navarro and Growl Staffs, and the Dramatic Club.  He has been highly complimented for his work on "NJC On The Air."  Navarro loses a good student when Ted goes to T.W.C. after graduation in June.

Orrie Harris has held numerous offices during his freshman year.  Orrie managed the football team and participated in tennis and golf.  He was elected Freshman Favorite and reporter for the Spanish Club, and served as a member of the Student Council and the Dramatic Club.  Orrie is majoring in history and lives in Corsicana.  Navarro is lucky to have such an outstanding student another year.

Kenneth Bailey's freshman year has been filled with sports activity.  He was a speedy halfback with the Navarro Bulldogs this year.  Besides being a football letterman, Kenneth is a member of the "N" Club and on the track team of '52.


 Student Council

Jackie McGraw
Ann Fowler - Vice President
Ted Spencer - President
Shirley Thornotn - Secretary
Jackie Rea
Miss McCollom
Orrie Harris
Richard Gains

Phi Theta Kappa

Artalissa Orme
Pat Allen - President
Peggy Tuggle
Pat Livingston
Mary Cunningham - Treasurer
Ann Fowler - Secretary
Miss Pannill
Bruce Walker
Ted Spencer
Danny McDonald
Dwight Chappell
Kennith Owens - Vice President

El Navarro Staff

Pat Allen

Associate Editor
Peggy Tuggle

Layout Editor
Genetha Grinstead

Art Editors
Peggy Tuggle
Thomas Mowlam

Organizations Editors
Jane Watson
Elizabeth Curtis
Annett French
Koleta Anderson
Mary Poarch

Feature Editors
Edna Innerarity
Madge Worsham
Dorothy Cooper
Jo Nell Bounds
Gwynne Hooser

Business Manager
Ann Fowler

Assistant Business Managers
Helen Bonner
Peggy Copeland
Adrelyn Westbrook

Kenneth Ingram

Sports Editor
Ted Spencer

Pat Livingston
Gayle Walker
Mary Cunningham

Class Editors
John Harvey
Charles Vess
Patricia Moody
Frankie Cohagen
Jean Robison

Growl Staff

Helen Bower

Associate Editor
Jimmy Crawford

Feature Editors
Pat Allen
Evadne Baxter

Sorts Editors
Richard Gaines
Don Lambert
James Baker

Society Editor
Ann Fowler

Artalissa Orme
Ted Spencer

Business Manager
Helen Bonner

Assistant Business Manager
Mary Poarch

Exchange Editor
Edna Innerarity


Gayle Walker
Lou Ann Horn
Dorothy Ward - Secretary-Treasurer
Vallee Wafer
Elizabeth Curtis
Wanda Rogers
Sarah Jane Seale
Ronald Allen
Jesse Pryor - President
Joe Highnote - Vice President
Charles Carroll
Charles Vess
John Harvey
Billy Younger

Mr. Beene - Sponsor

Cheer Leaders

Peggy Copeland
Wayne McClung
Gwynne Hooser
Adolph Janecka
Wanda English
Jerry "Red" Roberts - Head Cheerleader
Adrelyn Westbrook


Adrelyn Westbrook
Edna Innerarity
Sylvia Davis
Yvonne Irvin
Shirley Mabe
Ann Fowler
Genetha Grinstead
Pat Allen
Abby Gail Dodge
Lila Dean
Annette French
Gwynne Hooser
Frankie Cohagen
Elizabeth Hagle
Wanda English
Pat Moody
Naomi Winkler
Artalissa Orme - Leader
Helen Bower - Leader
Jo Nell Bounds - Leader

Mrs. R. L. Arnold - Sponsor


Dramatic Club

Madge Worsham
Ann Fowler
Elizabeth Hamilton
Peggy Copeland
Adrelyn Westbrook
Anita Hall
Shirley Mabe
Patricia Moody
Annette French
Dorothy Ward
Jane Watson
Faye Evans - Secretary
Pat Livingston
Evadne Baxter
Mary Poarch - President
Artalissa Orme
Lila Dean Langford
Edna Moore
Wanda Rogers
Peggy Tuggle
Mr. Cook
Charles Darnell
Don Collins
Orrie Harris
Perry Price
Ted Spencer - Vice President

M. S. Cook - Sponsor


Future Teachers Club

Mary Cunningham - President
Joan Robison
Pat Moody
Adrelyn Westbrook
Genetha Grinstead
Gayle Walker
Shirley Mabe
Lou Ann Horn
Anita Hall
Elizabeth Hamilton
Peggy Tuggle - Secretary
Artalissa Orme - Vice President
Glenna Sawyer
Dean Langford
Wanda Sue Rogers
Gloria Spence
Jo Nell Bounds - Treasurer
John Harvey - Reporter
Wayne Johnston
Ronald Allen
Kenneth Johnston
Jesse Pryor

Mrs. Earl Boyd - Sponsor


Press Club

Jo Nell Bounds
Ann Fowler
Frankie Cohagen
Edna Innerarity
Peggy Everitt
Patricia Moody
Helen Bonner
Adrelyn Westbrook
Kenneth Ingram
Don Lambert
James Baker
Wayne McClung
Pat Allen
Evadne Baxter
Mary Poarch
Jane Watson
Mrs. Arnold
Dorothy Cooper
Faye Evans
Richard Gaines
Helen Bower - President
Jimmy Crawford - Vice President
Secretary - Edna Innerarity


Aggie Club

Mr. Ralph Page - Sponsor
Joe Anderson
Beauford Piwetz
Wyane McClung
Trim Rhodes
Tommie Jordan
Jackie McGraw
Hugh Marlowe
Wayne Richards
Dwain Dawson - Reporter
Jimmie Bailey - Vice-President
Warren Grant
Richard Ingham
Jimmy Taylor - Sentinel
Bill Kiett
Bruce Walker - Treasurer
Neal McCord - President
Bobby Jacobs
Charles Way
Johnny Garner - Secretary


Spanish Club

Gwynne Hooser
Pat Livingston
Nettie Grizzle
Gayle Walker - Vice President
Lou Ann Horn
Koleta Anderson
Edna Innerarity
Peggy Copeland
Frank A. Manchac
Thomas Mowlam
Mrs. Boyd
Sylvie Herod
Edna Moore
Louise Irwin
Peggy Tuggle - President
Mary Cunningham
Artalissa Orme - Secretary
Gilbert Payne
Orrie Harris - Reporter


Art Club

Peggy Tuggle - President
Wanda Rogers - Secretary
Mrs. Hardy
Patricia Moody - Reporter
Adrelyn Westbrook - Vice-President



Madge Worsham
Pat Livingston
Pat Allen
Peggy Carroll
Jane Watson
Dorothy Cooper
Ann Fowler
Peggy Copeland
Mr. C. E. Beene - Sponsor
Bobbie Staggs
Mary Poarch
Gloria Spence
Ted Spencer
Charles Darnell
Ronald Allen
David McKay


"N" Club

Kennith Owens
Tom Allen
Hubert Boales
Kenneth Bailey
Billy Dennis
Billy Montgomery
Charlie Manning
Tommie Jordan
Jackie McGraw
Trim Rhodes
Bobby Malcolm
Charles Stack
Norman Bennett
Bobbie Staggs
Maurice Allen
Richard Gaines
Don Lambert
Orville Langston

Coaches Lee Smith and Ralph Hollywood - Sponsors



Maurice Allen - Back
Kenneth Bailey - Back
James Baker - Tackle
Norman Bennett - Tackle
Richard Black - Back
Carmon Bonner - Guard
James Brader - Tackle
Jerry Brader - Center
Bill Brasher - Back
Jerry Calloway - Back
Tommy Cole - End
Billy Dennis - Back
Doyce Eves - Back
Richard Gaines - Back
Charles Gillen - Back
Floyd Hawkins - Back
Maurice Hunter - Center
Tommie Jordan - Back
Bill Kiett - Tackle
Don Lambert - Guard
Orville Langston - End
Charles Manning - Back
Billy Montgomery - Tackle
Neal McCord - Tacl;e
Jackie McGraw - Back
Gilbert Payne - End
Beauford "Beefy" Piwetz - Tackle
Jackie Rea - Center
Truman Rhodes - Back
Wayne Richards - End
Roy Shroyer - Tackle
Charles Stack - End
Bobbie Staggs - Back
Weldon Syme - Back
Jimmy Taylor - Guard
Berney Turner - Back
Clyde Wiley - Back



Clyde Wiley - Forward
Tommie Jordan - Guard
Tom Allen - Guard
Kennith Owens - Guard
Hubert Boales - Guard
Doyle Moore - Guard
Orville Langston - Center
Charles Stack - Center
Ray McClendon - Forward
Norman Bennett - Guard
Bob Knauth - Forward
Leon Barnett - Forward



1951 Baseball Champions of the Texas Junior College Athletic Conference

Ted Darland
Rufus Nutt
Bobby Vaughn
Chili Smith
Robert Chrisman
Robbie Graves
Wilton Stone
Wilburn Guthrie
Tom Allen
Hubert Boales
Kenneth Owens
Bobby Lawrence
Bobby Boatman
Tommie Jordan
Richard Gaines
Ross Cleveland
Coach Bill Stokes
Manager "Blackie" Hines



Jerry Caton
Orville Langston
Jackie McGraw
Trim Rhodes
Don Granger
Bill Brasher
Doyce Eves
Alan McCormic



R. L. Arnold - Instructor
Clayton Stubbs
Franklin Slate

Information Extracted by Edward L. Williams

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