Texas Teacher's Daily Register For Graded and Ungraded Schools - Powell School; and Powell School Subscription


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Texas Teacher's Daily Register For Graded and Ungraded Schools - Powell School; and Powell School Subscription

Information submitted to the Navarro County Genealogical Society by Christine Sloan of Powell
Published in the Navarro County
Leaves and Branches Volume 5 - Issue 1 - February 1982
All Rights Reserved

Form K, District Community, No. 1 County of Navarro, State of Texas, District Community No. 17

Note: This REGISTER must be returned to the County Superintendent at the end of the school term to be delivered by him to the next Teacher of this school.

Copyright 1894, 1897 and 1898, by J. M. Carlisle
Eugene Von Boeckmann Publishing Co., Printers, Bookbinders, Stationers, Austin
Teacher's Daily Register for Term Commencing Oct 23, 1899

GIRLS - Name Age BOYS - Name Age
Dena Adams 9 John Brookshire 17
Addie Carnes 12 Levi Green 10
Myrtle Dorsett 12 Ernest Garner 8
Nettie Dorsett 10 Wilson Gregory 8
Maggie Graves 10 Wiley Manning 12
Maggie Green 12 Dave Miles 10
Dovie Heighton 9 Walter Heighton 6
Pearl Hataway 7 Clyde Garner 7
Nellie Miles 8 Dee Gunn 7
Dessie Terry 9 Reid Phillips 8
Bessie Wilson 8 Joe Wilson 6
Myrtle Wilson 8 Clarence Cohen 7
Bettie Gunn 9 Lee Williams 8
Rena Reid 9 Adrain Hataway 10
Ruth Willis 5 Joe Gregory 12
Mary Phillips 10 Sammie Long 10
Ida Williams 11 Jimmie Norton 10
Emma Long 15 Jimmie Bush 8
Effie Jones 11 Jimmie Horn 10
Beulah Soles 11 John Jones 13
Willie Soles 8 Willie White 10
Nellie Bush 11 Lucius White 7
Sallie Horn 12 Barney Breithaupt 7
Mandy Norton 12 Willie Cantwell 9
Euphenia Richie 7 Elmore Norton 8
Florence White 8 Abner Kiser 7
Ada Coleman 14 Roy Moncrief 13
Josie Coleman 12 Willie Haygood 13
Pearlie Coleman 8 Tommie Haygood 13
Estelle Albritton 9 Jimmie Haygood 9
Allie Horn 9 Billy Thompson 12
Ola Davis 9 Charlie Thompson 10
Alice Yarbrough - Arthur Albritton 11
Etta Coker 8 Archie Pirtle 11
Annie Donald 8 Neal Yarbrough 15
Mattie Miley 8 Bob Horn -
Mary Bingham 8 Claude Coker 11
Minnie Coulson   Bob Brown 5

Teacher: Mattie Burke (Martha Burke Brown)


Powell School Building Subscription

We, the trustees of Powell School, feeling it our duty to do everything in our power for the educational advancement of our school and community have decided to add a room to our present building, it being, absolutely necessary for the wellfare of pupils of said school.  And we earnestly ask the people of Powell and community to help us liberally.
Respectfully Submitted
Trustees: J. H. H. Burke, S. G. Sheppard, S. A. Dosser

And we, the undersigned feeling that a duty rests upon each and every one and that everyone interest in himself, family, or community will give liberally.  We promise to pay the amount set after our respective names for the purpose of making the necessary room for the comfort of our school children.

J. H. H. Burke 25.00 paid
S. G. Sheppard 5.00 paid
S. A. Dosser 5.00 paid
R. E. Boykin 20.00 Worked In
A. L. Kelton 2.00 Paid
J. B. Towns 2.50 Paid
R. F. Smith .50  
J. D. Miles 2.50 Paid
T. D. Frizzell 2.50 Paid
A. R. Burke 2.00 Paid
H. J. Breithaupt 2.00 Paid
W. N. Davis 1.00 Paid
T. J. Cranford .50 Paid
E. W. Blaylock .50  
W. W. Adams 5.00 Paid
J. C. Brown 1.00 Paid
W. W. Terry 5.00 Paid
W. B. Yarbrough 2.00 Paid
J (?) J. Dosser 1.00 Paid
J. C. Breighaupt 1.00 Paid
F. N. Drane 3.00 Paid
P. F. Halbert 1.00 Paid
W. M. Tatum 1 Keg Nails, 2 Locks, 2 Door Buts Paid
A. Lustrn 2.50 Paid
Jesse B. Jones .50 Paid
C. C. Jackson .50 Paid
C. Cole 1.00  
J. R. Sims 1.00 Paid
W. J. Towns 2.50 Paid
H. M. Huggins 1.00 Paid

Report of the trustees of Powell School

By collections of Subscriptions: $105.25
To amt paid Out $111.00
To amt unpaid $85.00
Balance: $91.25

The above statement shows taht we are in debt $91.25. Which must be paid.

We the undersign, do not wish to let our trustees bear the burden of the above indebtedness, promise to pay now or by the first of October 1899, the amount set after our respective names.

R. E. Boykin 2.50 A. C. Gunn 2.50
Mattie Burke 5.00 J. C. Carnes 1.00
W. L. Towns 2.50 A. D. Younglove 1.00
W. T. Towns 2.00 J. N. Zarner 1.50
A. D. Wilson 2.00 S. G. Sheppard 1.00
A. R. Burke 1.00 E. L. Lossin 1.00
W. W. Adams 2.50 H. Coker 2.50
Cas W. Miles 1.00 Z. T. Garner 1.00
Z. T. Lawhon 2.50 S. A. Dosser 1.00
W. T. Haygood 1.00    


(on another page)

Powell (White)  $510.24
Powell (colored) $523.62

Schools  $1,033.86


(on another page - probably more pledges)

Miller & Guthrie 2.50 Paid
L. Palaskey 1.50 Paid
J. S. Norton .50 Paid
Z. T. Lawhon 2.00 Paid
J. R. Towns 1.00 Paid
M. M. Campbell .50 Paid
T. G. Brooks 2.50 Paid
J. S. Gibson 1.00 Paid
E. Brown 5.00 Paid
C. F. Ferrell 1.00 Paid
Mrs. Sam Brooks 5.00 Paid
N. J. Hopper .50 Paid
E. H. Lonon 1.00 Paid
J. P. Towne .25 Paid
A. H. Guines .50 Paid
T. G. Townes 1.00 Paid
Berry Coleman 5.00  
A. D. Younglove 2.50 Paid
J. B. Johnson 1.50 Paid
W. W. Adams 5.00 Paid
W. W. Terry 5.00 Paid
Mrs. Gunn 1.00  


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