The Bulldog - 1940
Rice School Yearbook
Rice, Navarro County, Texas


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This yearbook was loaned to me to scan by Verna Bonner, it is from her private collection.

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Front Cover

Page 1
Greetings & School House Photo

Page 2
Bulldog Staff

Page 3
Fly Page {Faculty}

Page 4
Faculty Photos:
C. E. Smith, Culver Griffing, Coy T. Tindel, Virginia Jackson, Dorothy Straughn, Helen Ruth Morrison, Mrs. Pearl Smith, Ernestine Orrick, Minnie Pearl Wilson, Livian Barns.

Page 5
Fly Page {Seniors}

Page 6
Senior Calendar

Page 7
Senior Class Photos:
Joy Cochran, Earlene Briggs, Melton Pollan, Evelyn Christian, James Earl Hatley, Fannie  Lee Walker, Claude Donaldson Jr., Juanita Swafford, Elizabeth Murphey, Porter Swafford, Marjorie Harper, William Denton Muriff

Page 8
Class Will

Page 9
Class Prophecy

Page 10
Fly Page {Juniors}

Page 11
Junior Class Photos:
Louise Murphey, J. E. Blackwell, Van Nita Fitzgerald, Kathryn Swafford, Fred Ramos, Patsy Ruth Gregory, Mary Louise Gillespie, Charlie  Ruth Perry, Dorothy Poarch, Catherine Thompson, Howard Wear, Ruthie Durbin, Floyd Wigginton

Page 12
Fly Page {Sophomores}

Page 13
Ninth Grade:
Jeannette Christian, Clayton Fortner, Vera Nagy, Harald Chase, Joyce McMullan, Robert Green, Frankie Hodge, Frances Pollan, Jackie Poarch, Betty Jo Pritchett, Mildred Blackwell, Mrs. Tindell

Page 14
Fly Page {Freshmen}

Page 15
Eighth Grade: Martha Briggs, Ollie Morin, Frances Fields, Bill Joe Fitzgerald, Helen Maria Hatley, Jack Briggins, Francis Chase, Oscar Ramos, Glades Mae Thompson, Helen Lockhart, Mr. Smith, Joann Turner, Lera Jean Spencer, Bud Kelts.

Page 16
Fly Page {Grammar School}

Page 17
Seventh Grade: Robert Earl Clark, Billy Coulson, Mr. Griffin, Georgene Pollan, Betty Gean Bradley, Eula Faye  Threet, Marjorie McMullan, Carl David Hheather, Blanch Nagy, Roy O'Neil, Louis Ramos, Calvin Fields, Jarrell Wingo, Claude Junior Marshall

Page 18
Sixth Grade: Faye Chase, Charles Murphey, Moss Maxwell, Miss Marrison, Peggy Hall, Joan Hall, J. W. Fitzgerald, Bobby Bowden, Buddy Warfield, Jerry Murff, Bill Blackwell, Jack Bradley, Henry Morin Mary Lou Walker, Rosa Bee Wear, Silvia Pierce, Jeanette Henry, James Earnest Cummings

Page 19
Fifth Grade: Jack Hodge, Jimmie Fields, ALice Stringer, Opal Knot, Lirin Murff, Ester Knot, Joe Murphey, Virginia Ramos, Charles Ellis, Billy Mahaley, John Embry Pollan, Mrs. Smith, Joe Ellis, Helen Hartley, Billy Marriot, Maggie Parrs, Charles Bishop, Marjorie  Sue Pierce, James Stringer, Joan Burdine, Virginia Ann Parker, Betty Joe Davis, Fama ray Harris, Billy Joyce Cave, Helen Liech

Page 20
Fourth Grade: Floyd Barlow, Burton Stringer, Rex Castillo, Howard Wigginton, Trumon Mathis, Miss Orrick, Lupe Robles, Ramona Dimas, Rudy Morin, R. M. Bowden, Margie Ruth Waddell, La Rue Fitzgerald, Johnnie Meador, Betty Jo Braddock, Mary Anna Christian, Betty Carol Parks, Ray Coulson, Richard Cummings, R. E. Briggs, Jennie Blackwell, Audry Faye Thompson, Tillie Mae Price.

Page 21
Choral Club

Page 22
Choral Club

Page 23
The Rhythm Band

Page 24
Rhythm Band

Page 25
Fly Page {Athletics}

Page 26
1940 Football Review

Page 27

Page 28
Basket Ball Girls & Track Events

Page 29

Page 30

Page 31

Page 32

Page 33

Page 34
The Senior Play

Page 35
Junior-Senior Banquet

Page 36
Fly Page - {Autographs}

Page 37
Fly Page - {Advertising}

Page 38
Advertising: The First State Bank, Clarence Mahaley, Fortson Brothers Gin, Bards Beauty Shop

Page 39
Advertising: John Sloan Insurance, Rutherford Gin Company, John Spencer & Ernest Cummins Dealers in Livestock, The Rice Pharmacy

Page 40
Advertising: Loop & Walker, William's Barber Shop; T. D. Queen Dry Goods, Mrs. H. C. Cassels Ice and Cold Drinks, Farmer and Braddock Gas and Oil, Rice Warehouse & Cotton Yard Co.

Page 41
Advertising: Andrew G. Steele Candidate for Assessor and Collector of Taxes Navarro County, Doyle Pevehouse For Representative 60-1 District Hill and Navarro Counties, Donald Marr for Judge, Corsicana Bottling Company, Sears Roebuck &  Co.

Page 42
Advertising: Jackson Brothers Dodge & Plymouth, Louis "Tires" Daniels Auto Supply Store, Jim Hugh Candidate for Tax Assessor and Collector Navarro County, The Navarro Hotel and Coffee Shop, Swift's Ice Cream, Johnson's Drug Store, Buie  Implement Co., Buie  Appliance Store

Page 43
Advertising: Tessie Dickeson Studio, Cap Currington - Sheriff of Navarro County, R. Arthur  Caldwell - District Clerk of Navarro County, Southland Cotton Oil  Company

Page 44
Advertising: Elect Julius Jacobs for Criminal  District Attorney, A. W. Leverman & Son, Hodge & McCammon, Leonard Bros.

Page 45
Advertising: J. M. Dyer Co., Lyda Reed - County Clerk Navarro County; C. M. Fitzgerald - Road Commissioner, Precinct No. 2, Charles T. Banister - Criminal District Attorney

Page 46
Advertising: Corley Funeral Home, W. M. Forester Chevrolet Co., The Big 4 Shoe  Store

Page 47
Advertising: Coca-Cola, Dixie Orr Oil Company, The Carter Fashion Shop, Upco Print Shop

Page 48
Advertising: Sam Daiches Jeweler & Optometrist, Burson & Pearson Florists, McLellan Stores Co., Halley Blake, Clowe Floral Co., Miles Furniture Co., Western Auto Associate Store, H. Grantham

Page 49
Advertising: The Cotton Warehouse & Cotton Yards, Ennis tag and Sales Book, Roorbach's Pharmacy, Southland Ice Company, J. E. Keever

Page 50
Advertising: Steve Bell, High School Cleaner, Corsicana Laundry & Cleaning Co, Sledge Work Clothes, Sikes Floral Co., Stewart Motor Co., Glory-O Beauty Shop, Barq's, Singer Sewing Machine Company

Page 51
Advertising: Planters Cotton Oil Mill, Ennis Pharmacy, Citizens National Bank, Ennis State Bank

Page 52
Advertising: Ross Crumley Hardware, Pierce's Department Store, McKee Lumber Co., NEHI Bottling Co., Mosshart's Mens Wear, Stone & Graham Butane; Barrington Chevrolet Co.

Page 53
Advertising: Hesser Drug Company, Rogers Brownbilt Shoe Store, Dunkerley Jewelry Company, Butane Gas Company, Harkins Tailors and Cleanders, Moore's Industries, Castellaw Drug Company, Ennis Motor Co.


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