The Bulldog - 1941
Rice School Yearbook
Rice, Navarro County, Texas


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This yearbook was loaned to me to scan by Verna Bonner, it is from her private collection.

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Front Cover

Page 1
Title Page

Page 2

Page 3
C. E. Smith

Page 4
Fly Page - Administration

Page 5
Board of Trustees & Faculty

Page 6
Faculty Photos

Page 7
Fly Page - Seniors

Page 8
Senior Class Officers & Senior Class Photos :
J. E. Blackwell, Van Nita Fitzgerald; Louise Murphey; Patsy Ruth Gregory; Oscar Travis; Mary Louise Gillispie; Catherine Thompson

Page 9
Senior Class Photos: Freed Ramos; Howard Wear; Kathlyne Swafford; Dorothy Poarch; John Robert Cummings; Afton Sheets; Ruthie Durbin; Buddy McMullan; Helen Crockett; Freddie Burkhalter

Page 10
Senior Play

Page 11
Senior Class Will

Page 12
Senior Class Will (cont.)

Page 13
Class Prophecy

Page 14
Class Prophecy (cont.)

Page 15
Fly Page - Juniors

Page 16
Junior Class Photos: Betty Jo Pritchett; Jeannette Christian; Joyce McMullan; Harrell Chase; Frankie Hodge; Mildred Blackwell; Fred Coulson; Francis Pollan Maggie Mae Crockett; Jackie Poarch; Ross Riggs; Vera Nagy

Page 17
Junior Class

Page 18
Junior-Senior Banquet

Page 19
Fly Page - Sophomores

Page 20
Freshmen & Sophomores Group Class Photo

Page 21
Sophomore Roll Call

Page 22
Fly Page - Freshmen

Page 23
Freshman  Roll Call

Page 24
Fly Page - Athletics

Page 25
Football; Boys Basketball; Girl's Basketball Photos

Page 26

Page 27
Basketball; Archery

Page 28
Fly Page - Activities

Page 29

Page 30
Homemaking Club

Page 31
The Spanish Club

Page 32
The Student Council

Page 33
Misc Photos

Page 34
The 1941 Bulldog Staff

Page 35
Annual Staff - Photos

Page 36
Best Wishes - From Friends of Rice High School

Page 37

Page 38

Page 39

Page 40

Page 41

Page 42

Page 43

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