The Bulldog - 1945
Year Book of the Rice School
Rice, Navarro County, Texas


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Extract Submitted by Annette Keen (daughter of Virginia Parker Keen)  - 5/2003
Page Photos submitted by Pam Caldwell - 10/2003

James Cummins - Business Manager
Frances Emmert - Editor-in-Chief
Rosa B. Wear - Ass't. Editor-in Chief and Typist
Dillard Ellington - Ass't. Business Mgr.
Jerry Murph - Ass't. Business Mgr.
Joan Burdine - Ass't Editor-in-Chief
Jimmie Little - Ass't Editor-inChief
Joe E. Murphey - Ass't. Business Mgr.
Bobby Bowden - Sports Editor
Jo Anne Hall - Ass't Sports Editor

C. O. Slaughter - Superintendent
Marjorie Hayes
Mattie Mae Ellis
Irene Mitchell
Nadine Baldwin
Jimmie Bledsoe
Alline Ford

Jo Ann Hall - President
Jerry Murff - Vice-President
Rosa B. Wear - Secretary & Treasurer


Rosa B.
James Cummins
Jo Ann
Bobby Bowden
Frances Emmert
J.W. Fitzgerald
Jack Bradley
Bill Blackwell
Melvin Ray Hill
Ouida Inez Roberts
J.C. Bray
James Bray
Faye Poarch

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Senior Calendar
Dec. 8 1944 "The Very Thought of You"
Dec. 12, 1944 J. C. Bray's Farewell Party
Dec. 23, 1944 Christmas Caroling
Feb. 21, 1945 Senior Buffet Supper
Feb. 29, 1945 Hill Billy Round-Up
April 21, 1945 Junior-Senior Banquet
May 11, 1945 Senior Play
May 20, 1945  Baccalaureate Service
May 19-24, 1945 Commencement Exercise
Class Will

 The Senior Class of '45 wishes to go to Washington and make the coming peace.  While we are absent we wish to distribute our property to the ones who need it most.
Bradley's wise cracks and remarks are left to Mrs. Mitchell.
Little leaves his friendly attitude and calmness and ability to never get mad to Mrs. Ellis.
Blackwell leaves his "old man mose" walk to Mrs. Hayes.
 James Cummins leaves his ability to flirt with all the girls and win all their hearts to Howard Hill.
 Rosa B. leaves her ability to break the boys hearts to Joan Burdine and her white lies to Virginia Ann Parker; also the changable mind.
Murff leaves his non-chalantness to Jack Hodge.
 Fay leaves her ability ! to quit school and get married to Frances
Fitzgerald leaves his athletic ability to Charles Bishop.
 Melvin Ray
Hill leaves his ability to stretch his stories to Lorin Murff.
Bray leaves his shyness to Dillard Ellington who could make good use of it.
 Jo Ann
Hall's school spirit and ability to always show up at every Bulldog game to Helen Hartley; also her high temper.
Emmert leaves her studiousness and quietness to Buddy Pollan.
Murphey leaves his ability to make alibies when in dutch and usually comes out o.k. to Hugh Emmert.
Bowden leaves his ability to win the innocent Ennis girls hearts to Joe Murphey.
 J.C. !
Bray's ability to admire the girls but yet keep quiet is left to Richard Cummins who we are afraid won't carry it out very well.
Robert's ability to still make good grades after staying up such late hours is left to Evah Jean Coulson.
 The Senior Class as a whole leaves their best wishes, all the desks, chairs, stoves, and their ability to get along with the teachers to                   Mr.
Class Prophecy

 Look at the time!  Here it is 1950.  Only five years have passed since there were twelve idiots graduated from DEAR OLD RICE HI.  Lets take a glance in the lives of these people.
 Yes, this is one of those Coke-Cola Bottling Companies owned and operated by Jimmie Little Jr. ---Why only five years ago he couldn't drink one without spilling it.  Now just look at him.

 What is this?  Maybe we are evesdropping but let's listen.  "I'm sorry Miss Wear but if you don't start devoting more time to your job as secretary, and quit some of your daydreaming and letter writing, I'm afraid I'll have to find me another secretary."  The same old gal.  And what was Rosa B. daydreaming about?  The same familiar face that was sitting in front of her maple desk that of James Cummins, her faithful admirer during the Senior year of '45.  James is now a lawyer.  Just look at the headlines of this morning's paper.  "Prominent Chicago Lawyer Sues Himself For Damages."  Still the same typical moron.  When he completes this foolish case his plans concern the preacher and the future. 
 Now let's take a look at Commander and Mrs. Chas. E.
Murphy who are now living at Lake Michigan Training Center where they are carrying out those swell plans!   which were made during their senior days of  '45.  They have just finished making their last payment on that cute little brick house with the white fence around it.  Don't get excited that is only a dog playing in the yard. 
 EXTRA!  EXTRA!!  Read all about it!  "BACHELORS ATTENTION!" The "
Bowden Bachelors Home" has been established with the beautiful Nurse Ouida Roberts.  It was covered by the dashing reporter of the "New York Times", James Bray.
 No wonder Chicago won in the World Series in Baseball.-----Just look who their pitcher was ----Jerry
Murff, the former Star Pitcher of "Good Old Rice Hi."
 There's old Frances who is now making good use of that Draughons Business Course she took back in '45.  She has just topped the speed record in typing and Shorthand and she has actually learned to spell.  Let's look a wee bit clo! ser, is that  an engagement ring on her finger?  Wonder who the lucky guy is?
 MOO--MOO-- Just listen to those cows bellowing and who wouldn't bellow to have a boss like J. W.
Fitzgerald.  Oh! Yes who is the little girl with him?  Could it be the one with long black shiny curls that he used to go with back in the old school days.
 TWEET----TWEET!!  There goes the whistle, and just look at the Football Coach at A&M College.  Who would have ever thought THE Jack
Bradley could do this?
 Here, look at the new Texas Senator, they even had to make an amendment to the Constitution because Bill
Blackwell was only 23 and they had to have him for information concerning farming.
 Gee Whiz!  Just look how Rice has grown.  It even has a clinic now, founded and operated by Dr. Melvin R.
Hill.  He has what it takes, he finished his training in half time, 4 years.
 Faye is following her Navy Man from por! t to port, therefore he has a girl in every port.  She goes with him so the girl will be her in every case.
 NBC:  "Your hands can have that Ivory look in only 12 days"  Why that voice sounds familiar  Yes of course thats our old schoolmate J. C.
Bray.  Wonder how long he has been out of the Army?

Junior Officers
Murphey - President
Ellington - Vice-President
Burdine Secretary & Treasurer

Frances Crockett
Joe E. Murphey
Fama Ray Hallis
Lorin Murff
Virginia Ann
Charles Bishop
Helen Hartley
Adail Kubin
Dillard Ellington
Joan Burdine
Buddy Pollan
Neomia Grace

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Sophomore Officers
Cummins - President
Blackwell -  Vice-President
Wheeler - Secretary & Treasurer

Richard Cummins
Jennie Nell
R. M. Bowden
Betty Jo Davis
Billy Avens
Floyd Barlow
Marie Wheeler
Johnnie Grace
Billy Bray

Freshman Officers
Evah Jean
Coulson - President
Emma Jean
Barnes - Vice-President
Betty Lou
Roberts - Secretary & Treasurer

Emma Jean Barnes
La Verne Medlin
Annie Lee
Joe Chase
Robert Hartley
Betty Lou
Bobbie O'Neal
Evah Jean
Hugh Edwin Emmert
Alvin Barlow
Howard Hill

Top Row - Left to Right:  Billie Louise
Hartley, Geneva Gonzales, Geneva Harrin, Bessie Thompson, Nellie Ann Perry, Nora Poarch, Mrs. Mitchell, Alice Kirk, Dorothy Anderson, John O'Neal and Johnnie Vrana.
Middle Row - Left to Right:  Irene
Emmert, Alvis Camele, Flora Mae Cochran, Doyle Bishop, Glenn Braddock, James Franks, Danial Hill, Eugene Harris, Billie Chase, and Kenneth Bledso.
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Betty
Barlow, Charles Thompson, Lois Jean Nutt, Jack Bowden, Jimmie Ray Grace, Jimmie Jones</! STRONG>, J. C. Roberts, Jerry Slaughter, Bobby Bradley, and Bonnie Wheeler


Top Row - Left to Right:  Joe Villarreal, Ann Ellis, Willie Barlow, J. C. Woods
Middle Row - Left to Right:  Mary Jo Harris, Charles Atchley, La Vern Grace, Hugh Earl Emmert, Billie Ann Spurgeon, Durwood Robinson, Miss Nadine, Ann Nita Barlow, and Alfred Barlow.
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  John Robinson, Peggy Braddock, Jack Hobbs, Jesse Mae Bell, Dow Hartley, Bobbie Sue Coulson, Rex Braddock, Nell Harvell, and  J.W. Atchley

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Top Row - Left to Right:  Estelle Villarreal, Helen Thompson, Joyce Ellis, George Isbell, and Lester Bray.
Third Row - Left to Right:  Lonnita Williams, Betty Wheeler, Peggy Danials, Raymond Ethridge, Mrs. Bledso, Martha Twilligear, Billie Emmert, and George Barlow.
Second Row - Left to Right:  Kenneth Ellis, Josephine Sain, Virginia Braddock, Willie Estelle Leach, Davis Evelyn Jones, Velma Twilligear, Bobby Marriot, Simon Dela Rosa, Fastina Dela Rosa.
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Robert Hill, Lavina Wheeler, Lester Parish, Lineta Franks, John Sain, Don L. Taylor, Frankie Knott, Dewey McMullan, and Joyce Ann Puckett

Top Row - Left to Right:  Bobby Braddock, Jeannette Medlin, Rachael Villarreal.
Third Row - Left to Right:  Edward Vrana, Gene Robinson, Melton Villarreal, Howard Chase, Buel Grace, Margaret Herrin, Mrs. Ford, W. D. Pollan, Ann Murff, Kay Hobbs.
Second Row- Left to Right:  Dovie Woods, Wanda Jones Perry, Barbara Braddock, Jerelyn Carver, Juanita Braddock, Ann Lee Wheeler, Jackie Wayne Russel, Ivon Isbell, Betty Jean Ribble, Bobby Jo Twilligear, and Jimmie Perry.
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Marion! Leach, John Dela Rosa, David Harvell, Tim Hartley, Henry Vrana, and Glenn Rasco.



King:  James Cummins
Queen:  Rosa B. Wear



Basket Ball Sweetheart - Jo Anne Hall
Football Sweetheart - Rosa B. Wear

Most Popular Girl - Rosa B. Wear
Most Popular Boy - Jimmie Little
Prettiest Girl - Rosa B. Wear
Most Handsome Boy - James Cummins
Most Ambitious Girl - Frances Emmert
Most Ambitious Boy - Jack Hodge
Most Athletic Girl - Fay Poarch
Most Athletic Boy - Charles Murphey
Best All-round Girl - Jo Anne Hall
Best All-round Boy - James Bray
Most Attractive Girl - Rosa B. Wear
Most Attractive Boy - Bobby Bowden
Cutest Girl - Joan Burdine
Cutest Boy - Dillard Ellington
Favorite Girl - Jo Anne Hall
Favorite Boy - Charles Murphey
Favorite Senior Girl - Rosa B. Wear
Favorite Senior Boy - James Cummins
Favorite Junior Girl - Joan Burdine
Favorite Junior Boy - Dillard Ellington
Favorite Sophomore Girl - Jennie Blackwell
Favorite Sophomore Boy - Richard Cummins
Favorite Freshman Girl - Evah Jean Coulson
Favorite Freshman Boy - Joe Chase
Favorite Teachers- Man - Mr. Slaughter
                            Lady - Mrs. Baldwin
Favorite Girls Sport - Volley Ball
Favorite Boys Sport - Football
Favorite Subjects -- First - English
                            Second - Math


Top Row - Left to Right:  Rosa B. Wear, Jo Ann Hall, Fama Ray Harris, Frances Emmert, Helen Hartley, Emogene Barnes, And Mrs. Baldwin.
Second Row - Left to Right:  Betty Lou Roberts, Adail Kubin, Billie Louise Hartley, Bobby O'Neal, Nellie Ann Perry, Jennie Blackwell, and La Verne Medlin.
Third Row - Left to Right:  Irene Emmert, Nora Poarch, Bonnie Wheeler, Dorothy Anderson, Frances Crockett, Annie Lee Nutt, and Joan Burdine.
Fourth Row - Left to Right:  Betty Doris Barlow, Neomia Grace, Betty Jo Davis, Bessie Thompson, Alice Kirk, Flora Mae Cochran,
Virginia Ann Parker, and Evah Jean Coulson.


Top Row - Left to Right:  Joe Murphey, Bill Blackwell, R.M. Bowden, J.W. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Baldwin, Jerry Murff, Charles Murphey, Bobby Bowden, and Richard Cummins.
Middle Row - Left to Right:  Charles Bishop, Dillard Ellington, Jimmie Little, Jack Bradley, Lorin Murff, Billy Avens.
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Joe Chase, Ray Coulson, Billie Ray Braddock, Alvin Barlow, and Hugh Emmert.


Leaders:  Jo Ann Hall and Rosa B. Wear

Bottom Row - Left to Right :  Joyce Ellis, Bonnie Wheeler, Nora Poarch, Bessie Thompson, Betty Jo Davis, Frances Crockett, Annie Lee Nut, Joan Burdine, Evah Jean Coulson, Ann Nina Barlow.
Middle Row - Left Right:  Betty Lou Roberts, Nellie Ann Perry, Adail Kubin, Billie Ann Spurgeon, Neomia Grace, Ann Ellis, Virginia Ann Parker, Bobby O'Neal, Flora Mae Cochran, Alice Kirk, Dorothy Anderson, and Irene Emmert.
Top Row - Left to Right :  La Vern Medlin, Jennie Blackwell, Billie Louise Hartley, Eama Ray Harris, Frances ! Emmert, Helen Hartley, Emogene Barns, and Mrs. Baldwin

Top Row - Left to Right:  Irene Emmert, Billie Louise Hartley, Ann Ellis, Billie Ann Spurgeon, Neomia Grace, Dorothy Anderson.
Middle Row - Left to Right:  Ann Nina Barlow, Joyce Ellis, Sponsor Mrs. Slaughter, Betty Doris Barlow, Nellie Ann Perry, Mary Jo Harris.
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Lavinia Wheeler, Josephine Sain, Davis Evelyn Jones, Betty Wheeler, Peggy Jean Danials, Helen Thompson, Willie Estelle Leach, Jesse Mae Bell, Bobby Sue Coulson,

Nell Harvell and Peggy Braddock.

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Top Row - Left to Right:  Mr. Slaughter, Bill Blackwell, Joe Murphey, Jerry Murff, James Cummins, R.M. Bowden, Billy Gene Avens, and Jimmie Little.
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  J.W. Fitzgerald, Charles Bishop, Richard Cummins, Jack Bradley, Lorin Murff, Dillard Ellington, Charles Murphey, and Bobby Bowden.

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Top Row - Left to Right:  coach Mr. Slaughter, Richard Cummins, R.M. Bowden, Joe Murphey, Bill Blackwell, Charles Bishop,  and Jack Bradley.
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Charles Murphey, James Cummins, Bobby Bowden, J.W. Fitzgerald, Jerry Murff, and Jimmie Little


Top Row - Left to Right:  Bill Blackwell, Joe Murphey, Jerry Murff, James Cummins, Charles Murphey, Coach -- Mr. Slaughter
Middle Row - Left to Right:  Billy Gene Avens, R. M. Bowden, Dillard Ellington, Lorin Murff, Buddy Pollan
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Richard Cummins, Jack Bradley, J.W. Fitzgerald, Jimmie Little, Bobby Bowden, Charles Bishop.

Captains:  Jennie Nell Blackwell and Fama Ray Harris

Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Virginia Ann Parker, Betty Lou Roberts, La Verne Medlin, Adail Kubin, Helen Hartley, Neomia Grace, Betty Jo Davis, and Bobbie O'Neal
Top Row - Left to Right:  Joan Burdine, Annie Lee Nutt, Evah Jean Coulson, Frances Crockett, Emma Jean Barnes, Frances Emmert, Rosa B. Wear, and Jo Ann Hall, And Coach Mr. Slaughter



Left to Right:  Jo Anne Hall, Rosa B. Wear, Mildred Grace, Jennie Blackwell, Emma Jean Barnes, Maria Wheeler, Fama Ray Harris, Helen Burdine, Virginia Parker, Neomia Grace, Betty Lou Roberts, and Evah Jean Coulson.



Left to Right:  Maria Wheeler, Jennie Blackwell, Mildred Grace, Coach Slaughter, Adail Kubin, Helen Hartley, and Fama Ray Harris.


Top Row - Left to Right:  Doyle Bishop, Coach Mr. Slaughter, Johnnie Vrana, John O'Neal, Charles Atchely, Charlie Thompson, Eugene Harris, and J. C. Roberts.
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Jack Bowden, Bobby Bradley, Jerry Slaughter, Billie Gene Chase, and Jack Hobbs.


Top Row - Left to Right:  Coach Mr. Slaughter, Billie Louise Hartley, Irene Emmert, Nellie Ann Perry, Ann Ellis, Billie Ann Spurgeon, Bonnie Wheeler, and Dorothy Anderson
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Bobbie Sue Coulson, Nora Poarch, Bessie Thompson, Alice Kirk, Flora Mae Cochran, Mary Jo Harris, Ann Nina Barlow and Joyce Ellis.
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