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I feel that this is the team but I could be wrong, Katy Jewell (Gillen) Potts born 1906 , Mary Louise McCormick born 1905, Gertrude Martin born 1905, Sarah Elizabeth Grady born 1906, Vanney Beatrice “Bee” ( Mabry) Pitts born 1904, Hix ?, Lucille (Walker) Moore born 1905 ----The only Hix I could find was Lila Hix born 1909, Nell Martin (Gertrude’s sister born 1907)
..... Diane Richards


The Blooming Grove sextette and the basketball representatives of Rice battled on the Corsicana Y. M. C. A. basketball court last night for 30 minutes and when the final whistle was blown, the scores were still tied 28-28. Both teams put forth every effort to snatch victory but each time that one of the opposing forwards would ring a goal the other team invariably duplicated the feat within the next minute.

At the end of the first period the score was 8-8. During the second, Blooming Grove forged ahead and the period ended 26-23. In the last period Rice came back strong, rang 2 goals and one free goal. With only 30 seconds to play, Miss Gertrude Martin, veteran and sensational forward for the Blooming Grove sextette, dodge her guard and stayed off defeat by ringing a goal which tied the score.

Both teams missed many shots at the goals because of over-eagerness.

Edens of the Rice aggregation was high point forward with 18 points. Miss Gertrude Martin scored 15 points for the Grove.

For outstanding stars of the two teams the line-ups are outstanding stars as each player was a star and put forth every effort within her power to bring victory for her team.

Following is the line-up of the two teams:

Blooming Grove – G. Martin and McCormick, forwards: Grady and Mabry, centers; Hix and N. Martin, Guards; Gillen, sub-center.

Rice—Ribble and Edens, forwards; Dyer and Bartlett, centers; Jackson and Miles, guards; Harris, substitute.

Officials—Referee, O. P. Douglas; timekeeper, West; scorekeeper, Goldberg.

Time—10 minute thirds; five minute intermission.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - Wednesday, January 3, 1923 - Submitted by Diane Richards


Blooming Grove basketball sextette will meet Rice team tonight at the Corsicana Y. M. C. A. court to play off the tie which was staged here the night of January 2. The final score was 28-28 and the score is a fair indication of the relative strength of the two opposing sixes. Blooming Grove fans are predicting that with Miss Gertrude Martin in the game tonight, a different result will be noticed after the game. They contend that they would have won the other contest had their star of four years standing had not been handicapped with an injured hand. Rich adherents are equally sure that they can “carry home the bacon.”

The probable line-up of the two teams are:

Blooming Grove: Forwards, G. Martin and McCormick; centers, Grady and Mabry; guards, Hix and N. Martin.

Rice: Forwards, Ribble and Edens; centers, Dyer and Bartlett; guards, Jackson and Miles.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - January 13, 1923 - Submitted by Diane Richards



Blooming Grove basketball sextette defeated the Rice High School six Saturday night on the Corsicana Y. M. C. A. court 16-13. The two teams met here January 2 and battled to a 28-28 tie. Neither team had been defeated this season and the Blooming Grove team has not been the receiver of the smaller end of a score in this district within the last four years.

The Rice girls gave their opponents a run for their victory and the game was not decided until the last whistle was blown.

At the end of the first half, Blooming Grove was leading with a score of 12-2, but the Rice girls whose middle names are fight as long as they are in the game, came within one point of tying the score in the last stages of the game. Just before the last whistle, Miss Gertrude Martin broke away from her guard and tossed the final counter which gave them a lead of three points.

Following is the lineup of the Blooming Grove team; forwards, G. Martin and B. Mabry; centers, L. Walker (Cap.) and McCormick; guards, N. Martin and Hix. Substitutions, Grady for N. Martin.

Rice: Forwards Eden and Ribble; centers, Dyer and Bartlett; guards, Jackson and Miles.

Blooming Grove drew six personal and four technical fouls. Rice was assessed one personal and one technical foul.

Officials: referee, Jones; scorekeeper, Moore; timekeeper, Count, Douglas.

Time: 15 halves; intermission five minutes.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - Monday, January 15, 1923 - Submitted by Diane Richards


Local fans will have another opportunity of witnessing the speedy Blooming Grove girls basketball team in action against the Richland sextette as a preliminary game to the Dallas University contest with the Y Varsity five on the Corsicana Y. M. C. A. court tonight.

The Blooming Grove team defeated the star Rice team in the second game 16-13. The first game between Rice and Blooming Grove resulted in a 28-28 tie. Blooming Grove is the only team which has been able to defeat the Rice sextette. Blooming Grove has not been defeated in this district during the last four years.

According to information received from the Richland headquarters, the team from Richland has improved over their early season playing and will give the Blooming Grove team a fight from the word go.

The probable line-up of the Blooming Grove team will be: Forwards, G. Martin and McCormick; centers Grady and Mabry; guards, N. Martin and Hix.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - January 20, 1923 - Submitted by Diane Richards



Richland basketball team was defeated by the speedy Blooming Grove Sextette Saturday night on the Corsicana Y. M. C. A. court in a preliminary contest to the Dallas University Y Varsity tilt to the decisive count of 18-5.

Miss Mabry of the Blooming Grove sextette carried off the honors as high point scorer with ten counts to her credit, three field goals and four free throws.

Miss Gertrude Martin, star member of the Grove team for four years threw four field goals.

Madewell of Richland threw one field goal and her colleague Hayes tossed three free throws.

Hix, guard of Blooming Grove turned in her usual stellar performances and Lucille Walker starred at the center garden.

Following is a line-up of Blooming Grove; Forwards, G. Martin and Mabry; centers, Walker and McCormick; guards, Hix and N. Martin.

Richland—Forwards, Madewell and Hayes; centers, Stone and Reeves; guards, McNuley and McCamey.

Officials—Referee, W. E. Jones; scorekeeper, John Bunch; timekeeper, Leslie Douglas.

Time—15 minute halves.

Blooming Grove was assessed six technical fouls and the Richland girls drew five technical.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - January 22, 1923 - Submitted by Diane Richards


The Blooming Grove sextette had little trouble in defeating the Powell basketball team on the Corsicana Y. M. C. A. court Saturday night by a score of 19-8. The first half ended 12-3 in favor of the Blooming Grove team.

Mabry of the Blooming Grove six was high scorer with six field goals and three free goals. McCormick accounted for two field goals. L. Christian of the Powell team scored two field goals and four free goals.

Blooming Grove: Forwards, Mabry and McCormick; centers, Walker and McSpadden: guards, Hix and Grady.

Powell; Forwards, I. Christian and K. Christian; centers, Patterson and Jackson; guards, Wright and Carter.

Officials; Referee, Hauks, scorekeeper, Moore; timekeeper, Leslie Douglas.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - February, 19, 1923 - Submitted by Diane Richards

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