Dresden Tornado of 1890
Dresden, Navarro County, Texas


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Dresden Tornado of 1890
Blooming Grove Rustler, Friday, Sept. 26, 1890

Our sister city, Dresden, had the locks of her beauty ruffled by a severe wind storm Sunday afternoon.  About 4 o'clock the south-west showed an inky black strip which gradually rose exposing a green lining.  Texans soon learn to know what green clouds mean and begin to stow away things that are movable and fasten doors wit an extra latch. The wind was terrific but the real path of the cyclone was not wide, there fore not much damage was done to the town.  The old hotel, a large two story frame building, was unroofed and otherwise, uninjured.  The Presbyterian Church is a heap of rubbish and kindling wood, the destruction being complete.  The damage to the cotton crop was enormous.  The fields were white with open bowls (sic) which the wet weather had prevented the farmers from picking.  The wind blew it out on the ground and the rain pounded it in.  Many fields that had hardly been touched by the pickers, will now not be worth picking.

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