"The Frost Storm"
by Ottie Moore
Frost, Navarro County, Texas


Frost Community || Frost Tornado

This poem was written the week after the storm by Otie Moore.


" The Frost Storm"

Another great disaster,
Has swept our town away,
The town we always cherished,
Has  gone upon it's way

The people were so happy,
That morn so fair in may,
Until the wiry cyclone,
Swept down in Frost that day.

Their homes were wrecked in anguish,
Their loved ones from them torn,
Their heads were bent in sorrow,
For the anguish they had borne.

The little schools were scattered,
The place the children loved.
Their little lives were threatened,
By the cyclone up above.

The teachers were so thoughtful,
The children's lives to save,
Not a moment did they ponder,
But placed them in a cave.

The children were so thankful,
they escaped with their own lives.
But O'er the wind swept country,
You could hear their mournful cries.

The town will be built back,
The buildings that were displaced,
But the ones who's lives were taken,
Can never be replaced.

The town was once so thriving,
So once was you and I.
So friends beware we know not when,
He'll take us home on high.

The people will look back,
And wonder why the cause.
Dear sinner, Friend t'was Gods own hand,
Stop, Listen, Think, and Pause.

Once Who Loved The Town -
Ottie Moore

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