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Navarro County, Texas


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One of the frontier towns of Navarro County was Pisgah.  This was a little village high on the Tehuacana ridge.  Named by Eleazar Nash in 1844, the city rested on the north edge of the rocky cliffs and was on the passage over the edge, on the main route from Corsicana to Houston.  The little town consisted of four stores and a cave nearby that was used as a saloon and a gamblers hang out.  The cave was called white elephant and was run by Luck Short.  He was known as the "undertaker's friend."  The cave was equipped with a stove and tables.   A large canvass hung across the opening to keep out the cold.
By 1849, the little town began to have troubles.  During the surveying of the land grants, it was found some of the land overlapped and two good neighbors found themselves in a land dispute and neither would consider giving up the four or five acres involved.   Works passed and tension grew worse until in the fall of 1855 Dr. W. H. Anderson on his was to visit a sick patient was ambushed and killed by foes.
Families who settled there were the Andersons, Tankersleys, Rosses, Loves, Carrolls, Picketts. Bowmans, Garlicks, Dixons, Meadors and Whites. Other neighbors living near Pisgah were Dr. S. A. Ross, The Rushings, The Tramels, Eleazar Nash, H. C. Nash, M. T. Nash, A. J. Carroll, Montaville and Clinton Fouty, and Arthur Davis.
In later years, the outlaw, John Wesley Hardin, would use this as his hideout. There are many legends concerning the caves found here.


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