Banks Sutherland Funeral Home
Mortality Schedule 1917 - 1918
Corsicana, Navarro County Texas


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This information was taken from the files of the Bank Sutherland Funeral Home, later McCammon Funeral Home, Corsicana, Texas.  The information was copied by Mrs. Balfour H. Clark, Mrs. Will Miller, and Mrs. Roland Bee.   It was typed by Mrs. Albert B. Horn, Genealogical Chairman 1966 - 1968, James Blair Chapter DAR, Corsicana, Texas.

Additional information is added in RED under the original listing.

Mrs. J. E. Warfield, died 1-6-1917, age 46

John Hunt Millins, died 1-8-1917, age 67

Mr. J. W. Bradley, died 1-13-1917, age 64, father Mr. Norwood

George W. Elliott, died 1-15-1917, age 86

Mrs. A. E. Byrd, born 4-16-1838, died 2-21-1917, age 78

Tom R. T. Elkins, died 1-21-1917, age 72, wife informer

Jim Green, died 1-31-1917, age 47, wife informer

W. T. Carrigan, born 1-3-1856, died 2-1-1917, age 51

Mrs. Sallie Morehead, died 2-6-1917, age 79

C. M. Hornbeak, died 2-13-1917, age 55 yrs, 1 mo, 8 da, father Samuel Hornbeak, born TN, mother Harriett Rice, born TN

Jim Collins, born 12-1840, died 10-23-1916, S. Collins

Mary Knox, widow, died 12-11-1916, age 55, father Dan Watt

Lucinda Holland, died 8-13-1916, age 89

Mattie Compton, widow died 6-2-1916, age 39, father Warren Wallace

Emma Weatherhead, widow, died 5-28-1916, father John Gordon

Mrs. C. Caldwell, died 2-20-1917, age 83

Mrs. H. V. Harloc, born 12-13-1841, died 2-22-1917, age 75, father ? Cubly, born Ala.

Andy Neal Cann, born 2-8-1853, died 2-28-1917, age 64

Mrs. Fannie Henson, born 4-4-1846, died 3-3-1917, age 64, father Captain Love

Mrs. Neal, died 3-5-1917, age 89 yrs, 1 mo

Grandma Edwards, died 3-1-1917, age 89 yrs, 1 mo, widow

Mrs. L. Sargent, widow, died 3-11-1917, age 73, county farm

George Lancer, died 3-13-1917, age 53

Mrs. Della Briggs, born 10-21-1870, died 3-18-1917, age 46, father Ely F. Buckner

T. J. Walling, died 3-19-1917, age 64

Mrs. Sallie B. McCammon, born 1-28-1857, died 4-1-1917, age 60, father M. H. Bird

Mrs. Della Braggs, died 3-19-1917, age 46, father E. J. Buckner

Mrs. John C. Hammond, died 4-4-1917, age 65 yr, 3 mo

Tom J. Wilson, died 4-4-1917, age 82 yrs, 3 mo, 23 da

Joseph T. Madison, born 3-4-1845 died 4-8-1917, age 72, father James Madison

Mrs. Margaret Martin, died 4-13-1917, age 55, mother J. B. Garvin

G. W. Horn, born 10-17-1877, die 4-22-1917, father W. T. Horn

Mrs. Clarence Urban, born 7-31-1881, died 4-27-1917, age 36, father J. A. Daniels born Ala, Mother Georgia Frazier born Ala

Mrs. S. C. Howell, wife of S. C. Howell, born 6-1863, died 4-29-1917

Gus Southword, died 4-2-1917, age 49

J. W. Nicholds, died 5-6-1917, age 73

James Trusdale, born 3-5-1836, died 5-6-1917, age 81, IOOF Home

Augusta Hoffman, died 5-7-1917, age 77

J. J. Gillman, died 5-17-1917, age 61

Mrs. J. A. Rutherford, born 8-19-1863, died 5-21-1917, age 53, husband reported

J. W. Nobles, died 6-3-1917, age 51, father William Nobles, Ala, Mother Eliza Owens, Texas

Rubin Freedman, born 3-14-1859, died 6-9-1917, age 55

Mrs. Daniels, wofe of Dr. Daniels, died 6-18-1917, age 84

Mrs. J. W. Cunningham, died 6-19-1917, age 46, father B. W. Stuart born Penn, Mother Augusta O. born Penn

W. M. H. Smtih born Miss, 3-17-1855, died 6-21-1917, age 63, father B. D. Smith born Miss, mother Lancene Harriss

Mrs. Sallie Neblett, died 6-22-1917, age 79, W. D. Neblett reported, father Jim Atkinson, mother ____ Duncan

W. R. White, died 3-31-1917, age 77

Mrs. Bertha Storey born 1-17-1855, died 7-1-1917, father ____ Echols, born GA, mother ____ Hammonds, born GA

Mrs. Mary Loving, died 7-3-1917, age 83 yrs, 4 mo, father Rev. P. R. Batty Lovingston, born VA, Mother Mattie Barly

Mrs. Nina Johnson, born 3-11-1868, died 7-7-1917, age 46

J. W. Shirley, born 7-12-1860, died 7-6-1917, age 56, father W. H. Shirley, Mother Lucy Martin

J. W. Crowley, born 9-2-1863, died 7-1-1917, age 53, mother Mary Thompson, born Miss

William J. Deen, born 10-18-1864, died 1-10-1917, age 53, father W. G. Deen, born GA, mother ____ Bates, born GA

Mrs. C. J. Montgomery, widow, born 4-4-1832, died 7-13-1917, age 85, father Overton Cotton, born Ala., mother Rebecca Williams, born GA

Ed Knott, born 2-15-1885, died 7-14-1917, father C. N. Knott, born Ala, Mother Ida Seviers, born Ala

Genevieve Simpson, born 12-30-1874, died 7-22-1917, father John Howard, born Miss, mother Sarah Ganway born Miss.

B. Coleman, born Ky, mother ___ McDonald, born Ky, b 7-2-1857 - d 7-25-1917, 60

Mrs. Annie Willis, born Tenn, wife of G. W. Willis, died 7-26-1917, age 63 yrs, 5 mo, 9 da, father B. W. Scott born Tenn, mother Ora King born Tenn.

Mrs. Mary Biggs, widow, born Ga 10-22-1835 died 5-2-1917, father Thomas N. Pitts born Ga, mother Nannie Moreland

Mrs. Lula Sullivan, born Miss. 1-1-1871, died 8-3-1917, age 46, father Frank Murry, born Ohio, mother Margaret Deskin

Appolas Harris, born N. Y. 6-27-1837 died 8-3-1917, age 80, father Wm. Harris, born France, mother Maximillian Ferneir born France

Caroline Crump, born 3-13-1847, died 8-3-1917, age 70, born Miss, father Magus Brock, born Miss, mother Sarah Vernon born Miss.

Norriss Stewart, born 4-4-1845, died 8-1-1917, age 72, father Jackson Stewart born Pa, mother ____ Mullins born Pa

Mariah L. Martin, widow, born 1-17-1850 Ga, died 8-25-1917, father _____ Lard, born GA

Mrs. Harburn, wife of L. R. Harburn, died 4-4-1917, age 42

John Berry, died 9-4-1917, age 42 yrs, 2 mo. 13 da

Mrs. Nancy Wilson, widow, born 7-31-1852, died 9-29-1917, age 65, father John Floyd born S.C. , mother Elizabeth Green born S. C.

Mrs. Nancy Blackman, born 4-12-1845, Ark. died 10-3-1917, age 72, father James Hamilton, mother ___ Hammond

R. H. Phillip, born 3-5-1856, died 10-6-1917, age 61, father Jack Phillips, born GA, mother ___ Taylor, born GA

Mrs. Brown, wife of W. A. Brown, died 10-21-1917, age 48

Lamkin Allen, died 10-28-1917, age 75, Mrs. S. C. Odell, informant

H. E. Kinsloe, born 7-2-1853, die 10-27-1917, age 64, father Dr. I. Kinsloe, born Pa, mother Isabel Thompson, born PA 
Harris B. Kinsloe [Obituary]; Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX

Mrs. Lizzie E. Smith, born 7-2-1870, died 11-2-1917, father J. T. Fullerton, born TX, mother ____ Bates.

E. E. Dunn, born 4-15-1835, died 11-9-1917, age 82, father James Dunn born Ky, mohter ___ Freeman, born Ky
Ewing Eric Dunn, C.S.A. Veteran, Sheriff of Navarro Co. from april 8, 1876 to Nov 1884, Mason, bur Oakland Cem, Corsicana, wife Rachel C. Doolin, father James Henry Dunn, mother Lucinda Freeman Bigham. [elw]

J. T. Gains, died 11-9-1917, age 42, father T. L. Gains born Tenn, mother ___ Hall, born Tenn.

L. B. Baker, born 3-13-1837, died 11-9-1917, age 78 yrs, 7 mo, 26 da

Rufus M. Wilson, born 4-21-1874, died 11-9-1917, father W. W. Wilson, born GA, mother C. M. Davies born GA

Charles Stein, born 10-18-1844, died 11-18-1917, father Jeff Stein mother ___ Dyer

J. R. Marvin, born 10-26-1874 in Milwahka, Wis., died 11-19-1917, father John A. Marvin, born Pa., Mother ___ Sagler

Mrs. Williams, wife of Murphy Williams, born 8-25-1872, died 12-19-1917, father W. M. McCrery, born Ala, mother Miss Bonner born Ala

W. W. Smith, born 3-6-1841, died 12-12-1917, age 76, father M. H. Smith born Ala

Robert L. Gordon, died 12-12-1917, age 83, born in Canada

Mr. Beasley, died 12-17-1917, age 86, Roane, Texas, buried in Conner Cem., W. C. Conner informant
Note: Appears to be Mrs. Harriet Ann [Anderson] Beasley, wife of Dr. Wiley Beasley.  b. Oct 2, 1831 d. Dec 17, 1917 [elw]

John Truman, born 10-15-1864, died 12-15-1917, age 52, father E. R. Truman, mother ___ Freeman, born Mass.

James A. Jinks, born 4-28-1870 died 12-26-1917, father Labin Jinks

Mrs. E. Conner, died 12-25-1917, age 76
Note: Appears to be Matilda F. (Sharp) Cockrell, Mrs. Edward Parkson Beasley, bur at Conner Cem.  Cem Recs lists date of death as Dec 28, 1917. [elw]

Dr. J. W. David, died 12-29-1917, age 53 yrs, 9 mo, 27 da

John Erins, died 1-5-1918, age 68

Fannie Thompson, born 8-5-1869, died 1-5-1918, born S.C.

J. H. Green, born 4-7-1855, died 1-8-1918, age 63, father James Green, Mother Mary Miller

W. C. White, born 8-25-1856, died 1-11-1918, age 61, father M. White born Mo., mother Mary West

J. W. Hoffman, widower, born 4-18-1837, died 1-12-1918, age 80, father J. W. Hoffman born Germany

A. H. Marian, born 11-19-1840, died 1-16-1918, age 76, father William Marian, born Ireland

Judge N. S. Neblett, born 3-16-1855, died 1-18-1918, age 62

J. B. Hogg, died 1-14-1918, age 73 yrs, 4 mo, 27 da, father James Hogg born Tenn., mother Miss Bates, Tenn

B. G. Harris, born 6-17-1850, died 6-21-1918, Father Ben Harris born England

Jere Greenlea, died 7-26-1918, age 56 yrs, 6 mo, 15 da, father William Greenlea, mother ___ McCrery born Ala

Freeman Atz, born 5-1-1823, died 2-5-1917, age 94 yrs, 7 mo, 3 da

Mrs. Carrie Armstrong Eason, born 4-20-1856, died 2-7-1918, age 61 yrs, 4 mo, 18 da, father J. B. Armstrong, mother ___ King.
Note: Mother was Nacy D. King -[dbs]

Patrick Marrow, died 2-8-1918, age 60 yrs, 1 mo, 6 da

Mrs. J. H. Hardin, born 1-19-1879 in Miss, died 2-27-1918, father John Canall, born Tenn, mother Vicotria Thompson, born Miss

Mrs. T. C. White, died 2-2-1918, age 47, father ___ Ingram born Ga

Capt. C. H. Allyn, born 9-15-1842, in Oswega N.Y. died 3-6-1918

Clarence M. Dempsey, born Tenn, 11-14-1867, died 3-11-1918, father M. D.  Dempsey, born Tenn, mother Mary J. Marshall born Tenn

R. L. Lamb, born 1-1-1863, died 3-1918, father L. R. Lamb

Mrs. A. M. Griffin, widow, born 10-6-1842, died 2-24-1918, born in Ga, father Albert Varnell, born Ga., mother Eliza Bradford born Ga.
Nancy Jane Varnell, wife of  Andrew M. Griffin, bur. Dresden Cemetery [elw]

Mrs. L. P. Smith, born 3-24-1841 Ala died 3-25-1918, age 77, father Robert McNeely born Ala

J. H. Wright, born 2-22-1878, died 3-28-1918, father James N. Wright born Ala, mother Rose Miller, born Tenn

Mrs. Lula Reed, born 10-17-1872, died 3-29-1918, father George Peeper born Miss., mother ___ Pittman

Wylie A. Kendrick, born 2-11-1849, Ga, died 3-29-1918, father W. A. Kendrick, mother Mary Blow

Mrs. Missouri E. McGill, widow, born, 9-15-1845, died 4-6-1918, father Hugh Ingram

Mrs. Mary M. McCreary, widow, born 11-13-1818, S.C. died 4-10-1918, age 99 yrs, 4 mo, 27 da, father William Bonner, S. C. mother Ann Lee Joel, S. C.

W. W. Smith, born 3-3-1869, died 4-13-1918, age 49, father M. Smith

Mrs. M. E. Dunn, born 2-16-1834, died 4-14-1918, age 84

Mrs. Lee Pugh, born 10-28-1881, died 4-26-1918, father Hermin Hawkins, born S.C., mother Idnie Carroll born TX

Tom Thornell, b. 10-20-1876, d. 5-6-1918, father Sidney A. Thornell born Ala, mother Nancy Jane Rogers born Ala

Mrs. Isaah F. McNeil, widow, born 4-15-1842, died 5-5-1918

Mrs. S. E. Dillard, born 1-25-1851 Ala, died 5-9-1918, age 67, father John Sacks born Ala, mother Rozanna Lewis born Ala

Mrs. Myrtle McNeel, born 3-23-1877, died 5-18-1918, father Ben Trammell born Ga, mother M. Wear born Ga

Wm. Jones, widower, born 3-8-1881 died 5-23-1918, father Jim Jones born Miss, mother Nanie Rawles

Mrs. Parker, wife of J. T. Parker, born 10-30-1849, died 5-27-1918, father J. H. Ruffin, S.C., mother ___ Avarett born Ga

B. M. Woods, Sr., died 6-1-1918, age 86 yrs, 5 mo

W. A. Overstreet, born 2-18-1877, died 6-3-1918, father J. D. Overstreet, mother May Mann, wife reported

J. P. May, born 10-6-1855, died 6-6-1918, age 62, father W. S. May born Ala, mother Miss Collins born Ala

Mrs. Fannie M. Stiteler, widow, born 3-9-1826 died 6-29-1918, age 92, father L. L. Halbert, mother Matilda Nash born N.C.

Fannie L. Kennemore, born 2-28-1882, died 6-28-1918, father R. E. McDaniel, born La, mother ___ born, Ill
Note: Should read Fannie E. McDonald, wife of David Edward Kennemore [elw]

J. H. Parish, died 7-2-1918, age 75 yrs, 2 mo, 7 da

A. W. Goodwin, born 9-17-1868, died 7-15-1918, wife reported

Hamilton N. Witherspoon, d. 7-21-1918, age 41 yrs, 4 mo, 22 da, father Dr. W. A. Witherspoon

J. W. Jordan, born 12-31-1849 in Ga, died 7-21-1918, age 68, father J. W. Jordan, born N.C., mother Mary Hanell, born N.C.

Mrs. Allie Conner, died 7-24-1918, age 52

T. C. Bonner, born 8-8-1870 Tenn, died 7-24-1918, age 46, father F. T. Bonner, born Tenn., mother ___?

T. J. Puryear, born 7-14-1849, Ky, died 7-25-1918, age 64, father T. J. Puryear

Mary McClintock, wife of J. M. McClintock, born 1-1-1864, died 7-26-1918, age 54, father Benjamin Drake, born Mo, mother Louisa Davis, born Mo.

G. T. Petty, died 7-30-1918, age 46

Martha Freeland, died 8-8-1918, age 67, father W. E. Freeland born N.C., mother Sarah A. Zidler born N.C.

A. J. Spikes, died 8-12-1918, age 89 yrs, 6 mo

D. B. Laighton, died 8-31-1918, age 82

Eugene Harwell, died 9-2-1918, age 52 yrs, 10 mo, 13 da, wife informant

Mrs. Emma Thompson, born 9-24-1875, died 9-9-1918, father B. J. Berry born Ga, mother Annie Williams born Tenn

Ellick Laferty, died 9-10-1918, age 60

A. S. Presley, died 9-19-1918, age 71

C. W. Jester, died 4-2-1909, age 68, body moved here in 1918
Charles Wesley Jester (3 April 1841 - 2 April 1909) husband of M. Eliza "Lisa" Rakestraw.  Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, TX [elw]

Mrs. Hannah Hirach, born Mo. 1-13-1842, died 9-25-1918, father born Germany, - was Henry Openheim

Mrs. M. G. Davis, died 9-26-1918, age 82 yrs, 11 mo, 10 da

Mrs. Pearl White, born Ky. 4-5-1880, died 10-13-1918, father Benj. Demmy born Ky, mother Camal Birdson born TN

Mary Eliza McCrary, died 3-30-1918, age 48 (Single)

Scott Bagby, born Va, 4-30-1877, died 10-14-1918, father A. C. Bagby born Va, mother Mildred Goodman born Va

Mrs. Ollie Pickens, born 6-7-1889, died 10-16-1918, father M. J. Jackson born TX, mother Mary Williams born Ala

Mrs. B. L. Smith, born 7-7-1889, died 10-18-1918, father Josh Mann born Miss, mother Nancy Stone born Miss

Mrs. Roy Layton, born 4-24-1875 died 10-17-1918, father Jim Franks born TX, mother ___ Wigley born TX

Mrs. Jno. J. Raezer, born 1-6-1885 died 10-19-1918, father Lege McGee born La, mother Mittie Kessinger born Ill

Mrs. C. A. Millicanm, died 10-22-1918, age 56 yrs, 8 mo, 13 da

Cliff Sparks, born 6-5-1882, died 10-22-1918

S. W. Moulder, died 10-19-1918, age 55 yrs, 4 mo, 8 da

Ray Ely, born 12-22-1888, died 10-23-1918, father J. A. Ely born Penn, mother Maude Edwards

Mrs. L. J. Scruggs, born 5-1888 died 10-23-1918, father G. W. Floyd born Mo

J. C. Walker, born 10-24-1882, died 10-25-1918, father W. E. Walker born Ark

Mrs. J. A. Rutherford, born 8-19-1865 died 10-10-1918, father J. C. Mace

Mollie Burke, born 4-20-1858, died 10-20-1918, age 60, father Ben Harkness, mother Julie Crawford born Tex

W. J. Brown, born 8-17-1851 in Ark, died 11-4-1918, age 67, father Chas Brown, mother Mary Pratt born Ark

Roger Farmer, born 10-10-1888 died 11-5-1918, father J. M. Farmer born Tex, _____ Crawford born Tenn

Mrs. W. Kenner, born 12-24-1876 in Miss, died 10-31-1918, father D. Monerift born Ala, mother Kate Gresham born Ga

T. S. Byrd, born 8-19-1873 in Miss, died 11-7-1918, father G. P. Byrd, born N.C., mother B. E. Dunn born S.C.

James J. Procter, born 12-31-1878 died 11-7-1918, father N.J. Procter born S.C. mother Mollie Reagan born Ala

Rufus Knight, born 2-14-1860 in Ala, died 11-11-1918, age 54, father S. T. Knight born Ga, mother Lou Painter born Ga

Sarah Wilson, born 9-13-1850 in Tenn died 11-11-1918, age 68, father John Holly born Tenn, mother Jane Newell born Tenn

E. D. Call, died 11-16-1918, age 59, wife reported

Mrs. Josephine Roberts born 12-28-1839, died 11-17-1918, age 79, father R. M. Mason, born Ala, mother ___ Westbrook, Ala

Luther Simpson, born 9-26-1880 in Tenn, died 11-22-1918, father Eli Simpson born Tenn, mother ___ Addcock born Tenn

L. R. Norwood, born 11-3-1886 in Ala died 11-28-1918, father T. D. Norwood born Ala, mother Martha Dewitt born Ala

W. M. Henry, born 4-17-1863 died 12-2-1918, father W. J. Henry born Miss, mother Mary Brice born Tex

Mrs. Lola Ivy born 7-7-1870 in Miss, died 12-2-1918, age 48, father F. Morris born Miss, mother M. Ward, born Miss

C. E. Hanna, Jr., born 12-24-1885 in Ill died 12-3-1918, father C. F. Hanna, Sr. born Ill, mother Lizzie McDonald born Mo., body shipped to Kansas City, Mo.

Mrs. Etta Milam, born 7-6-1878 died 12-6-1918, father W. A. Trull, mother Sallie Cray

Mary Bolyer, widow, born 11-27-1853, died 11-23-1918, age 64

Mrs. Olive Wilson, born 9-5-1860 Ohio, died 12-5-1918, father Calvin Collins, born Va, mother Susan Hammer born Ill

J. A. Townsend, born S.C. 8-7-1836 died 12-8-1918, age 82, father J. T. Townsend born S.C., mother Mary Acker born Ga

John Milburn, born 8-8-1883, died 12-9-1908, father J.G. Milburn born Mo, mother S. A. Cate born Ark

Stella Lee Creasy, born 6-8-1888 died 12-14-1918, father John A. Martin born Tenn, mother ___ Donaho born TX

R. M. Spurlock, born 8-1852, died 12-8-1918, age 66 father Joseph Spurlock, mother ___ Howard

W. T. Burtt, born 8-8-1834, died 12-19-1918, father Thomas Buritt born Mass

Arch E. Odom, born 12-18-1834 in Miss died 12-33-1918 (note error in day), age 84, father Randall Odom born Miss, mother ____ Mullins born Ga

L. F. Carson, born 11-10-1857 in Tenn, d. 12-24-1918, age 61, father D. M. Carson born Va., mother M. Philips born Tenn

Mrs. Mary J. Love, widow, born 1-3-1839 in Ala died 12-26-1918, age 79, father Joseph T. Streety, mother Mary Hartly


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