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This was the family Bible of William Louis Odell and Christine Staaden Odell.  When Christine Standen Odell died, May 20, 1953, her daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Odell Boone, gave me the family Bible.  It is still in my possession ...... William and Christinea Odell are my maternal grandparents.  Mrs. Raymond Harrison Bostick

Holman's Edition
H O L Y   B I B L E


The Authorized Edition of the New Testament,

A. D. 1611


Arranged in Parallel Columns;


Complete Concordance,

Embracing every Passage of Scripture in the Largest Editions,



A. J. Holman & Co.,
No. 1222 Arch Street


William Louis Odell was born the eleventh day of May 1858


Christennie Staaden (wife of W. L. Odell) was born the twenty eighth day of November 1865


Willie Irene Odell was born the 23 day of November 1885

Staaden Louis Odell was borned Oct. the 9, 1888.

Harry G. Benard Odell was born the 22 day of March 1891.

Maggie May Odell was born the first day of April 1893.

Frederick Cooper Odell was born the 14 day of March 1896

Olin Wells Odell was born Oct 5, 1897

Dorothae Francis Odell was born Oct. 8, 1904


Maggie May Odell died March 9, 1895

William Louis Odell died Feb. 19, 1941

Staaden Louis Odell died Aug. 30, 1949

Olin Wells Odell died Sept 12, 1949.

Christina Staaden odell died May 20, 1953.


Miss Willie Irene Odell was married to one Guy Hamilton Bond on the Twelfth day, January A. D. 1909.

Mr. Staaden Louis Odell was married to Miss Reva May Turk on the 25th day of October A. D. 1910.

Mr. Henry G. Benard Odell was married to Miss Pearlla Hollingsworths on the 25th day of November A. D. 1914.

Frederick Cooper Odell married Oma Inez Martin of Groenbeck on June 23, 1924.

Olin Wells Odell married Mollie McCabe of Dublin, Ireland on Nov. 27, 1919; divorced
Married Mazie ______ (she died)
Married Elizabeth R. (She was left a widow)

Dorothy Francis Odell married John Carlyle Boone on June 3, 1925.



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