Letter from James C. Elliott to his Cousin
December 25, 1862


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Letter from James C. Elliott to his cousin - December 25, 1862
(To a cousin, probably Sarah Elliott. She later became the wife of Richard M. Caddel, and these letters were contributed by his descendants. Have no idea where the Elliott family was at that time)

Letters were contributed by W. M. Caddell

San Antonio Texas Dec 25, 1862

Dear Cousin

I take great pleashure in addressing you a few linds which leaves me well we are again Camped near San Antonio we moved up to Burney since I left home but are now at our same old camp ground the health of our Company is very good at time I am sorry to inform you that there has bin two of the boys died in our Company since I left home and some few from other Companys the names of the two that died in our Company was C. M. Mackey & John Eavens they bothe died with the winter feaver there is only one or two of our boys sick at this time this is Chrismas day and a very beautiful day to but there was some bad news came in Camps this morning orders has bin in Camps ever since we have bin here for the boys to stay away from town but they would not do it they go there very near every night and get into fusses and kill a few Mexicans very near every night but last night we got two of our boys killed that we know of at this time there is severall missing this morning and there was three wounded that has come into Camps there was between fifty and a hundred that run away and went to town out of our Battalion they are ordered under arrest I Expect they will all be Court Martialed that went to town last knight the boys killed five mexicans last knight that we have heard of this morning Only one of the boys that was killed belong to our Company and one that was wounded belong to our Company Names Thomas Bales killed & Ed Rancier wounded & the other boys that was killed and wounded belong to the other Company in our Battalion We have not sent off our prisoners yet but I think one Company out of our Battalion will have to start to Vicksburg, Mississippi pretty soon with them they will be Exchanged before long I would like very much to go with them when they take them off for I think I could get to go by home. Tell your Ma that I would love to see her again very much Tell Betty and Bill & Nanney the same tell them I say Chrismas Giff to all if I was down there, I would have a big pie shore if I had to steal the Chickens to make it my self we will not see much Chrismas out here this year we cant git to go anywhere nor see any I will have some beef boiled for Dinner to day and some corn bread baked is all I believe I will have for Dinner Tell Nannie when she is eating pies to think of me & tell all the girls Chrismas Giff for me & give my love to all who may inquire of me and except the same to your self dont be like Betty and not answer my lettters (Show this to all)?

I remaine your Affectionate cousin as Ever Untill Death

James C. Elliott

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