H. B. Elliott to Cousin Sallie Elliott
April 8, 1865


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Letter from H. B. Elliott to Cousin Sallie Elliott - April 8, 1865
(This letter was sent to Sallie Elliott, at Belton, Texas, who later became the wife of Richard "Dick" Caddel, youngest son of Andrew & Rhoda Caddel)

Letters were contributed by W. M. Caddell

Hempstead Texas April 8th, 1865

Dear Cousin Sallie

Your very welcome letter came to hand yesterdsay and you have but little idea how proud I was. I am truly glad that you answerd me so soon I could not contain myself hardly I have not heard a word from our part of the Country in near two Months I do not See why Mealinda has not wrote to me before this time. I am wating but not patiently, I want to go Home very much. This is nearer than I have (stayed)? to Home before, Well Sallie I do not know what to write I have nothing of interest there is nothing like War News now, we are all still, I Suppose we have bean brought here to keep back the Yanks if they attempted an invation, I do not hear of anything unusual from Galveston, I attended a Funeral prosession yesterday in honor to the remains of General Wharton, Who was killed by Col Baylor on the 6th Inst, I would give you the paticulars but it would take up too much room, I will state this much for the difference arose about Some Military affairs in which Col Baylor accused Gen Wharton of partiality (sic).

Sallie You can tell Bettie that I say she is large enough, I expect She thinks she is as much of a man as I am because she weighs as much, I think she had better go to Starving herself it is not all the men who admire a large Woman but as I know it is no fault of hers I cannot blame her, I Glory in Billy's success and he will make a Farmer, I expect his qualifications are good his opportunities have been so favorable. I hope (Nannie?) is almost a Woman and has quit her baby talk she will never be a woman until she stops all that I want to see you all but enough Tell your Mom that I think she could quit dodging (marriage?) So much Since she has so many grown children she can over See Coss I should think she might not to have to make a hand, I recon Grand Ma thinks she is gettin very old when she looks around on so many grandchildren I would be so glad to see her, Tell Vina that I am the same old ruff fellow and thank her for her well wishes. She use to try hard to be a Christian and hope she is still trying to keep in the path of duty Well Sallie You know who all to give my regards to and know whom I love and respect. Tell them my place of ( ? ) I must close now Sallie You will have to pay the postage this time I cannot get stamps.

From Your affectionate Cousin, H. B. Elliott.

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