Jeremiah D. Caddell to his Sister Caddell Acrey
July 22, 1863


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Letter from Jeremiah D. Caddell to his sister Sarah Caddell Acrey - July 22, 1863
(This letter is from Jeremiah D. Caddell to his sister, Sarah "Sallie" Caddell Acrey, of Belton, Bell Co., Texas. He was a member of Hood's Brigade, sometimes called the Navarro Rifles, and fought under Capt. Winkler.)

Letters were contributed by W. M. Caddell

Richmond, Va, July 22nd 1863

Sallie Caddell

Dear Sister

I gladly meet this opportunity of writing you a few lines, for the first time since I came to the regiment We hav bin moaving pretty mutch ever since I got to it and I hav not had time to write and when I had time there was no chance to send it off, I hav not received any letter from you since I left there neither hav herd from you, only threw a letter Albert receivd from Luiza She stated all was well. I hav bin very anxious to here from you and here how you wer getting along but Vixeburg has fell in to the hands of the yankeys and there is a (bar?) chance for letters to pass but I hope there will be some way to pass them threw, I came to the Regiment on the 18th of May it was on the Rapadon river It remained there a few days and then we taken up the line of march for Pennsylvania we crossed the Potomack at Williamsport in Maryland and from there to Chambersburg in Pa then to Gettersburg, and ther we met Genl Mede with his army and there we had another Sevear fight but tha had got a position on South Mountain and tha was very hard to drive back tho we drove them from ther first position almost all along the line but we had to fall back some 200 or 300 yds to get a position and we held that line for 2 days while our artilary and sharp shooters was at work on them, The battle commenced on the firs day of July and on the 2 our Brigaid was put in about five O clock in the Evening and we drove them in to the mountains and ther breastworks was so strong and the mountains rough with Rocks that we was halted to rest and while there I was wounded throu the foot and in a short time after I was struck the Regiment was ordered to fall back and take their position about 2 or 3 hundred yds in the (rear) and left me there with several other wounded a short time after our boys fell back the yankeys came down to where I was and asked some of the boys if they was wounded and when they came to where I was they ask me but I was lying on my face and I would not answer them and they went back and came again but I had not moved so they did not interrupt and I lay there til dark and then I crawled off a piece and drug my gun then I got up and used my gun for some suport and went to wher the Regiment was and when I got to them I found that  J. Q. Harris Wm T. Smith was killed and R. S. Miller missing and Capt. Winkler wounded threw the ( ? ) flesh wound also W. H. Bales in the side but not dangerous also C. H. Stokes (slite?) on the face he is with the Regiment,  Mine is a flesh wound Capt. Bales, and my self are here at Richmond and our wounds are healing very well, the other boys all came out unhurt John Duren is in as good health as you ever saw him and is always at his post, I came here on the 17th and to my astonishment I met with Brother Richard he was taken prisoner on the Mississippi River some 80 miles above New Orleans While attempting to storm a fort, he was parold and sent to this place for discharge he is in fine health and he dose not know when he might be exchanged, write as I am anxious to here from you and it may come threw give my respects to all of my friends No more at present but Your Brother J. D. Caddell 

(Jeremiah D. was the second son. "Sallie" was one of only two sisters. If the letter was to her, he had not heard that she died 20 Nov. 1862, Bell County. She and her husband are buried in the family plot with her mother & father, as welll as John C. Caddell, SW of Belton.)

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