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Two Corsicana Military Units Leave for Camp
The Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light, Tuesday, August 4, 1936

Headquarters Battery and Battery D 132nd F.A. Left Saturday

Two Corsicana detachments of the 132nd Field Artillery Texas National Guard, the headquarters battery and battery D., left early Saturday morning for the annual encampment at Camp Hulen, Palacios, under the command of Major General George P. Rains new commander succeeding Major General John A. Hulen, of Fort Worth.

Simultaneous with the announcement of plans for the two-weeks camp came the announcement the Captain John J. Garner, of the D battery, has been made a major in the second battalion of the 132nd F. A. And the appointment was effective at midnight Friday.

Captain Festus A. Pierce will be in charge of the headquarters battery.

Major Garner and 50 men and four officers left at 12:30 a.m. Saturday and were due to arrive at Camp Hulen at 12:30 p.m. Saturday. The D battery traveled by eight trucks carrying in addition to the men and officers and equipment, four French 75 mm. guns, two 37 mm. guns, two machine guns and two automatic rifles.

They went down Highway 75 to Houston and thence highway 96 to El Campo and thence 72 to Palacios. The battery is due to return to Corsicana at 7 a.m. August 15.

A firing range has been rented by the government about 20 miles from Palacios and service firing practice will be the most important activity by the D battery. Intensive instruction and practice will be given eight men operating the heavy guns and machine guns and automatic rifles in addition to a school for truck drivers.

The Headquarters battery headed by Captain Pierce moved to Palacios in two detachments. The first left by rail at 12:01 a.m. Saturday under the direct command of Lt. Bruner K. Sutton and the second by trucks at 5:30 a.m. Saturday under the command of Captain Pierce.

In the first group were 16 men and two officers and in the second were 29 men and one officer.

While in camp the two Corsicana batteries will participate in numerous reviews the largest being on August 14 when all 8,000 troops of the thirty-sixth division will be in review. On Wednesday August 5 another review will be held. On August 12 the entire 132nd Field Artillery regiment joins the 72nd Infantry Brigade for 24-hours field maneuvers near Blessing. Two-thousand five hundred men will be in this event. Orders call for field maneuvers simulating actual warfare.

The Corsicana detachments will participate in all the activities scheduled for the thirty-sixth division, 61st Field Artillery Brigade.

This will be the first time since the thirty-sixth division returned from France that a new commanding officer will be in charge.

Major General Rains succeeds Major General Hulen, but will officiate for only a year, as army retirement regulations will remove him on account of age.

Following is the personnel of the headquarters battery:

Lieutenant Bruner K. Sutton

1st Sgt. Donald D. Newcomb

Staff Sgt. John C. McKissack

Staff Sgt. Norman O. Price

Sgt. Sam Haslem

Cpl. Wilmotte Curtis

Cpl. James T. Foster

Cpl. Clyde F. Halbert

Cpl. Almer P. White

Pvt. 1cl. Barton O. Bradley

Pvt. 1cl. John T. Guynes

Pvt. 1cl. Thomas M. Spikes

Pvt. 1cl. Edwin N. Rehders

Pvt. Marvin E. Beard

Pvt. Dennis D. Donoho

Pvt. Austin B. Sharp

Pvt. Clyde D. Wilson

Pvt. Delmar Owens

Capt. Festus A. Pierce

Master Sergeant Floyd Hardy

Staff Sgt. Clifton S. Miller

Sgt. J. C. Gaston

Sgt. James A. Morriss

Sgt. John F. Skelton

Cpl. Philip Gibson

Cpl. Jesse B. Gordon

Pvt. 1cl. Milton A. McAfee

Pvt. 1cl. Carl M. Sanders

Pvt. 1cl. Grover Simpson

Pvt. 1cl. Winfred Mooneyhan

Pvt. J. C. Anderson

Pvt. Edward W. Blevins

Pvt. Willis D. Bowlin

Pvt. Arthur F. Chandler

Pvt. 1cl. Quincy Gains

Pvt. Hays Haffelder

Pvt. Darwin G. Hales

Pvt. Cecil Jernigan

Pvt. James R. Laudan

Pvt. Charles A. Nichols

Pvt. Charlcie W. Nichols

Pvt. Norman Rose

Pvt. Edward E. Miller

Pvt. Lloyd R. Williams

Pvt. William Y. Wilkins

Pvt. James M. Guynes

Pvt. Leland C. Yancy

Pvt. Hershel F. French

Roster of Battery D 132nd F. A. Departing at 12:30 a.m. under command of Capt. John J. Garner:

1st Lieut. Randolph Robinson

2nd Lieut. Louis C. Molloy

2nd Lieut. Morris L. Baker

1st Sgt. Albert V. Kirkland

Sgt. Greely Aston

Sgt. Calvin C. Barron

Sgt. Perry Bass

Sgt. Leslie L. Hickey

Sgt. James Hitchcock

Sgt. Remus L. Jones

Sgt. E. C. Miller

Sgt. M. K. Riley

Cpl. Aubrey J. Beale

Cpl. Willie L. Burge

Cpl. Bruce C. Cagle

Cpl. Troy Cooley

Cpl. Arthur L. Huitt

Cpl. Walter V. Knight

Cpl. Rex J. Moss

Pvt. 1cl. Vernon R. Ashworth

Pvt. 1cl. Charlie Aston

Pvt. 1cl. Elisha Carver

Pvt. 1cl. Richard L. Fowler

Pvt. 1cl. Verne Gaines

Pvt. 1cl. Eugene V. Hickey

Pvt. 1cl. Harold Hardgrave

Pvt. 1cl. Rex K. Loper

Pvt. 1cl. Pete McCain

Pvt. 1cl. Ollie Murphey

Pvt. 1cl. Eustus B. Prewitt

Pvt. Harley H. Anderson

Pvt. Olan E. Bailey

Pvt. James B. Baker

Pvt. Clifton M. Barron

Pvt. Albert S. Bass

Pvt. William C. Beale

Pvt. William H. Beeman

Pvt. Caxton R. Bivin

Pvt. Joseph M. Brooks

Pvt. James E. Byrd

Pvt. John W. Fowler

Pvt. Hue L. Gordon

Pvt. Jim B. Hodges

Pvt. Avery T. Jackson

Pvt. William C. Jackson

Pvt. Rayford E. Jones

Pvt. Wyatt D. Lake

Pvt. Ross H. Loper

Pvt. Arthur A. Melton

Pvt. Rupert R. Miller

Pvt. Emmett F. Montgomery

Pvt. Jesse L. Montgomery

Pvt. Richard W. Myers

Pvt. Henry Nichols

Pvt. Calvin L. Pike

Pvt. Louis S. Porteous

Pvt. Thomas A. Reid

Pvt. Owen E. Soloman

Pvt. Billy W. Walling

Pvt. Martin Walling

Pvt. Leo C. Walker





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