Blooming Grove Went Far Over Top in the Red Cross Drive
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Blooming Grove Went Far Over Top in the Red Cross Drive

Mr. J. R. Griffin of Blooming Grove was in town today.  Mr. Griffin is greatly pleased with the results of the Red Cross War Fund Drive in Blooming Grove.  “We began our donations too low—that is, we didn’t begin by asking each individual for enough.  A lot of us got together and doubled and trebled our original donations.  Then we went out asking for more and got it.  The people were willing to give,”  he said, “and they did so, cheerfully and generously.”  The Mr. Griffin gave an example;  “Saturday we sent away some of our boys to war.  The women gave a dinner and there was the biggest crowd I think that ever gathered in Blooming Grove.  The women raised $400.  We turned on a regulation auction in which various articles were sold over and over.  A basket of little peaches netted $7.00.  A widow sent in four frying size chickens and they brought $36.  A yearling sold for $147, and a little red pig brought $49.  The auction netted $300 or more.  Then after it was all over $80 was made up and given to the Orphan Home Band with which to buy uniforms for the boys.  It was a great day and one that the people enjoyed.  Blooming Grove’s quota was $2150.  We donated $2950.”


The Corsicana Daily Sun -
Wednesday, May 29, 1918
Submitted by Diane Richards

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