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Capt. Davis Outlines Duties and Deportment for His Men

At ten o’clock Sunday morning as per previous notice all members of Troop F recruited in this city lined up on the east side of South Beaton Street where they were formally notified by Captain Davis that they were now United States soldiers and that in the future they would be under the regulations of the United States government.

The roll call showed that all were present with one or two exceptions, those absent having valid excuses. Captain Davis explained to the troop that in accordance with a decree issued by the president that at twelve o’clock Saturday night all National Guards ceased to exist and that from that hour they were regular United States soldiers, subject to the articles of war, and that these articles would be read to the troop from day to day. He told the boys that as long as they are gentlemen that the guard house would have no terrors for them and admonished them to be gentlemen and at all times to be mindful of the wishes of others and to always remember that the citizens of Corsicana had treated them with every consideration, besides donating liberally to their mess fund.

The members of Troop F, about sixty-seven in number who lived out of town and would be fed and housed here were assigned lodging and the feeding was turned over to Mess Sergeant Bowen. Captain Davis told the men that mess would be served at seven, twelve and six o’clock and that roll call would be at 7:45 each morning, that daily drills would start at eight and continue until 10:30, and that a school would be held each afternoon for non-commissioned officers and that drill by the company would be resumed each afternoon. Captain Davis also advised the boys to get overalls pending the arrival of uniforms, for which requisition has been made, and stated that it was not known when the troop would be ordered to Fort Worth.

After those men who live out of the city had been assigned to rooms the troop was dismissed for the day.

There was quite a crowd of citizens who witnessed the muster-in and close attention was paid to the remarks made to the troop by Captain Davis.

Following is the muster roll:

Capt. Charles A. Davis, 1st Lieut. William G. Kinsolving, 2nd Lieut. Leland L. Leslie, 1st Sergeant John L. Walton, Supply Sergeant Tom W. Ransom, Mess Sergeant John A. Bowen, Stable Sergeant Felix DeLafosse.

Sergeants—Robert P. McClellan, Bunyon Mikell, James E. Tarver, James M. Dyer, Jr., Henry A. Glenn.

Corporals—Ward Clopton, Douglas F. Jackson, Robert L. Harlee, Otto P. Lowry, Hugh G. Sloan, Louis C. Molloy, John Sloan, Harry Brassell.

Cooks—Joseph B. Boyd, Lawrence C. Hunt.
Horsehoers—Carl G. Ruth.
Saddler—Homer G. Watson.
Buglers—Edwin P. Bonner, Walter P. Wilson.

Privates 1st Class—Percy D. Blackburn, Carl Q. Boucher, William R. Burk, James T. Collier, John Garner, James Huitt, Charles F. Irvine, William O. Jackson, William C. Langham, Claude M. Liles, Louis M. Marshall, Robert G. Molloy, Beden Owen, Ray E. Pressley, William A. Reese, Ed V. Sweatt, Troy H. Tarver, Lorin P. Tilley, Roy F. Thompson, John A. Thompson, Jr.

Privates—Rufus Arp, Jack Armstrong, Claude R. Atkinson, Ira S. Raley, Charley Bee, Jr., James D. Boucher, Arther D. Burleson, Edward Bozek, Joseph E. Bradley, Claude Collins, Elbert G. Crafton, Monroe L. Crawford, Walter J. Cross, Sam E. Ellis, George G. Fleming, Azro Fortner, Jessie M. Garlington, Everett S. Gentsch, Homer C. Gentech, Chester Gilliam, Jack T. Gladney, Jr., Oscar L. Gladney, Bethel Goodin, Edson E. Graham, Marion Harliee, Ernest C. Hawkins, George S. Holloway, Percy F. Howell, Amos Jackson, Lemuel McCord, Boyd McMillan, William M. Manning, Jessie L. Mann, Fred Mabry, Bryan S. Miller, Raymond W. Morgan, George P. Nordhausen, Ree A. Norred, Bufford H. Nutt, James S. Olsen, Clinton F. Paschall, Thomas J. Price, William B. Ransom, Wayne F. Reynolds, Robert D. Richards, Edwin Riddle, Marvin E. Riley, Marcus L. Riley, Mammon K. Riley, Penn Rowe, Walter Scruggs, Frank Seton, John D. Spencer, Edwin C. Staples, James J. Stellman, Hugh B. Steward, Sam Stroder, Gordon L. Sutton, Lile Swafford, Frank B. Taylor, Sam T. Taylor, Cazie N. Thompson, Lee Wellons, Hubert M. Wigley, Melvin Wigley, Lewis E. Williford, Earl V. Wilson, Edward H. Williams, Luther H. York, Fred S. York.


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