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Sept 4, 1918
Somewhere in France
Dear Mother:
I received a letter from Flora, Beatrice and Katie today and also the kodak pictures of you, father and my two sisters and where they were taken in the front yard sure looks good to me and it made me feel somewhat bad that I did not get a letter from you with theirs.

I also got a letter from Flora yesterday and Reuben and answered them both the same day.
From the way Flora stated in her letter she thought I would get those pictures on my birthday, but on my birthday I was on my way to the front.
I have seen "No Man's Land" and like it pretty well and you would hardly believe it when I tell you that I have picked and ate blackberries out on this place.
In all the letters I have been getting from you all you want me to write and tell you about my trip, but I have written you two letters telling all about my trip and I suppose by this time you have received these letters. I have sent some clothes back home by a Lieutenant who has gone back to the states, so when you get them write and let me know.
I have seen Lanier Walton,Vernon Roughton and one of the Taylor boys and they all look good and are getting along fine. Tell papa that I have written the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to send my Liberty Bonds to Mr. Levy at the First Nat. Bank for safe keeping and when he gets them to write and let me know.
We are all getting used to the "Cooties" -- if you don't know hat I mean-- I will call them fleas for short as that is what they really are. I wish I was at a place where I could have some pictures taken of myself and sent to you but where I am no I have no opportunity.
No doubt you are worrying about me but I don't want you to worry too much as I am well and getting along alright and I am still with my old bunch of boys and we are all glad to be together.
Tell all I said Hello and give them my regards.
With lots of love and kisses, I close Your loving son, DOCK P.S. If you have already received or when you do receive my insurance policy be sure and take care of it. Should anything come up that you want to know about me, remember to refer to my number 2,224,887.



  • Donated by Virginia Crilley
  • This letter was just below the one from Earl Sheets that I just posted, but the clipping doesn't have a date. I think it may have come from the Corsicana Sun. It would be very helpful if anyone can figure out who Dock is?!


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