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Nevell Pierson letters from a newspaper --- probably The Blooming Grove Rustler Aug 12, 1918 Dear Mother, Well, I have landed safely somewhere in France, don't think I can tell the exact place but you will know I'm in France. They say we are about 300 miles from the firing line. At any rate I can not hear the big guns. I am just about as safe here as I was before I came over here.

My! I certainly have seen some country and water on my trip. We did not have the least bit of trouble on the way; did not see a single Sub and we rode on the enemy's ship, too, the picture of which I sent you.
Yes, I see Linzy Griffin every day. He does not seem to be homesick in the least. Of course all of us prefer the USA. I surely have a wonderful story to tell when I come home; and that will not be so very long.
The allies have almost gotten the enemy back on their own soil, the widest place being 20 miles and the narrowest point something like five miles.
There is no news to tell, hence I shall stop. I am still in good health, have plenty of money to do me. Se sure and use my address correctly.

Aug 23, 1918 Somewhere in France
Dear Mother,
Well we have been moving for the past few days but we are located for awhile now. I have transferred from the mechanical department into the regular army.
Believe me the allies are sure doing their part, we get the real news every few days. It happens to be good all the time.
We sure have a good captain however, I do not know his name just now. All of our officers are good and I think that makes a great difference. As I told you before I have been transferred to a new company and that is the Co E 143 Inf. I like it fine so far. Of course everything does not come very pleasant every time but I shall take it as it comes and do my best regardless of the difficulties and yet I have not suffered very bad so far.
If anyone happens to ask about me you can tell them that I am in the real service learning every way by which I shall protect myself during warfare.
The time has come to win the war and everyone should be at his duty.
One of the greatest things of which I am proud to say that we know that God is for us, hence who shall be against us. I have always said the greatest thing we American soldiers need is prayer. Each person should be on speaking terms with the supreme God, hence prayer is what we all need.
These are some of the things I have seen First, the farms off, but nothing on them so to speak. Second, buildings are all rock or stone, and I guess some of them have been here since Christ was on earth. France has splendid public roads. The railroads are slightly antiquated in appearance.
Now the people sure know how to work, but have poor work tools. The wagons are pulled by one horse or two in a line. The people wear wooden shoes and usually dress in black. Will close for now.


Nevell was from Blooming Grove and was friend of my Mother's. She had gone to grammar school in Blooming Grove.

Born March 1 1894 WWI registration card.
Find-a-grave died: 1 Feb 1958
Buried: Laurel Land Dallas. Married Leila Pearl Mixon

1910 Census Precinct 5 Navarro
D O Pearson 41
Velia Pearson 38
Newell Pearson 16
Lilian Pearson 15
Luther Pearson 13
Nolan Pearson 11
Grace Pearson 7



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