Many Navarro County Men Killed, Wounded Past 3 Years
6, 1944

Navarro County, Texas


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Heavy Toll In Lives Cost of War To This Community 36 Months


Daily Sun Staff


   What has three years of war cost Navarro county? Not in money and materials, but in blood and tears! There have been 80 service men killed, 117 wounded, 32 missing and 45 prisoners of war.

   These boys have paid the price!

   This does not include the sleepless nights, heartache and fearful days spent by the wives, mothers and relatives waiting messages of loved ones, dreading the ring of the telephone and fearing the knock at the door.

   This does not begin to tell or portray the anguish and sorrow of telegrams from the war and navy departments “We regret to inform you that. . . .,” telling of the death, wounding, missing or capturing of a husband, father, or maybe a youngster out of high school only a few months—old enough to die for Freedom, yet not old enough to vote—that the totalitarian threat to civilization may be crushed.


   And yet, America, Texas and Navarro County were more fortunate than most of our Allies—particularly Britian, Russia, France, China, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Denmark and others—our lands have not been under the Nazi or Jap domination and occupation—we have not been subjected to bombing and the robot menace slaying of hostages in reprisals, machine-gunning of innocent civilians.

   (The names and figures included in this resume of the losses in blood and lives of Navarro countians up to this third anniversary of the treacherous attack at Pearl Harbor by Japan, plunging America into war with the Axis nations are only those as carried in reports published from time to time in this newspaper. Some of the information necessarily is incomplete and there is the likelihood there are many casualities involving Navarro countians that have not been reported to this newspaper.  Any relative with additional information not contained herein is invited and requested to report the same as in that manner a more complete record of Navarro countains will result.)

   Slain or Died In Service.

   First Lieut. Thomas E. Brown, Jr. 26, formerly of Richland, died in Fort Benning, Ga., June 30, 1942, buried at Richland.

   S-Sgt. Scott Bowden, 23 son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bowden, Rice, missing in action, Sept. 9, 1943, serial gunner on Mitchell bomber, North Africa Theatre, completed 48 missions, graduate of Rice High School.  He entered service August 5, 1941.  Sgt. Bowden was killed

in action Sept. 9, 1943.

   Lieut. George H. Bennett, killedMarch 14, 1942, at San Diego Bay plane crash.  Husband of WAC Judith Polk Bennett of Corsicana. Buried here. 

   First Lt. Elliott H. Beale, air officer 12, F. A., Second Div., killed in action, June 11, 1944, in France liaison officer with Division since June, 1943. Entered service November 1940.  Wife resides here.

   James Norman Brinkley, seaman, 2-C. U. S. Navy, killed in action, according to message, Nov. 5, 1942. Son of James W. Brinkley, Corsicana.

   First Lt. James Brantley, 26, bomber pilot, killed in action over England, Aug. 6, 1944.  Survived by wife, two children, San Antonio, parents, A. L. Brantley, Galveston, and Mrs. Jesse L. Watkins, New Haven, Conn.;  grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Marr, Corsicana, and Mrs. J. H. Brantley, Nacogdoches.

   S-Sgt. Bill Baldwin, 30, U. S. Army, infantry, died June 21, 1944, of wounds received June 19, in action in France.  He is the son of W. I. Baldwin, Richland Route 1.

   Cpl. Clarence Coleman, negro,Coast artillery, South Pacific, died, son of Will Coleman, 818 East 8th, Ave. Corsicana, telegram, March 2, 1944.

   Major Andrew L. Chilton, 25, Ft. Worth, USAAF, England, killed in action over Germany, May 21, 1944. Wife Jane Jester Chilton, Corsicana, Air Medal, P-38 Lightning group operations officer.  Graduate of University of Texas.  One year old daughter, Mary Chilton, Corsicana, and parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Chilton, Fort Worth.

   Sgt. William Carl Chapman, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Chapman, Blooming Grove, accidentally killed with pistol, Ventura, Calif., March 1942.

   James Chaney, killed France, June 21, 1944.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Chaney, Spring Hill.

   S-Sgt. James A. Coleman, killed in action, Italy, June 9, 1944.  Wife resides in Fort Worth; son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Coleman, Streetman.

   S-Sgt. William Neal Davis, 35, Kilgore, reared at Richland, killed in action in France, July 26, 1944.Wife resides in Dallas;  mother, Mrs. Maggie Davis, Richland.

   Sgt. Arthur Coy Dewey, 1222 W. 12 ½ Ave., Corsicana, Killed in action, North Africa, May6, 1942.  One of first American soldiers to land in North Africa.

   Pvt. Juan P. Dimas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Dimas, Chatfield, killed in action, South Pacific, April 7, 1944.

   Pfc. Frank DeLaeruz killed in action, Feb. 24, 1944, in Italy; sister, Mrs. Lina Ramirez, Corsicana.  

   Pvt. Lee A. Denbow, 36, killed in action, France, July 4, 1944. Wife Mrs. Lucile Denbow,  1701 ½ Maplewood, Corsicana.

   Pfc. William H. Davis, 25, killed in action, Italy, July 7, 1944.  Parents Mr. and Mrs. Bob Davis, 310 N. 9th St. Corsicana. 

   Collie Frost, negro, killed in action somewhere in North Africa, July 28, 1944.  Son of Wiley Frost, Blooming Grove.

   S-Sgt. Denton Farmer, 29, infantry, killed in action in France, June 12, 1944.  son of Mrs. Tommie Farmer, Purdon, entered service, March 1942, overseas, April 1944.  Worked at American Well and Prospecting Company. Wife Joyce Farmer, Abilene.

   Cpl John D. Fields, 27, killed in action, North African theatre, Sept. 15, 1943, Salerno beachhead, bazzoka gun operator.  Wife Faye Garvin Fields, a son, parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fields, Frost.  Member 132 Field Artillery, 36th, Division when mobilized, November, 1940.

   Eddie Ferguson, U. S. Army, prisoner of war, died in Japanese prison, war department telegram July 9, 1943, revealed to father, Arthur Ferguson, Angus Route1.

   Pvt. Lou W. French, 21, infantry, seriously wounded in France, June 16, 1944, while in action.  Telegram received July 24, 1944, that he had died of wounds.  Son of Mrs. Annie L. French, 410 West Tenth avenue, Corsicana.  Graduated from Corsicana High School, and entered service in October, 1942.  He had been overseas six months.  Two brothers in armed forces.

   Ship Cook 1-C James Johnson Goodman, 23, U. S. Navy, killed by land mine, Sept. 8, 1944, according to information to his parents Mr. and Mrs. Jim Goodman, Albany, formerly of Frost.  Goodman was born at Frost and graduated from Mertens High School.  He had served four years in Navy.

   Capt. James R. Gilcrease, Houston, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Gilcrease 2012 West Third avenue, Corsicana, killed near Chicago May 21, 1943, when army bomber crashed into illuminating gas tank.

A 1936 graduate of CHS, he received his commission and wings in 1940.  Surviving are wife, young son and parents.

   S-2C Norman Barney Godwin, 17, U. S. Navy, died of wounds in line of duty, telegram to mother, Mrs. Maudie White, Corsicana, July 28, 1944, revealed.  Born and reared at Blooming Grove.

   A-C J. D. Gilliam, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alton N. Justiss, Corsicana, killed in plane crash, near Houston, July 21, 1942, while on a mission out of Lake Charles training.

   Pfc. Elmer N. Griffin, infantry, died of wounds, Oct. 20, 1943, in Pacific area.  Son of Robert M. Griffin, Purdon.  First report was that he was seriously wounded and also missing since August 15 while being evacuated for medical treatment.

   Paul Harshaw, Dallas, formerly of Corsicana, killed in plane crash, Las Vegas, Nev., March 26, 1942.  buried here.

   Sgt. Charles Lynn Haywood, 21,son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Haywood, Streetman Rt., killed in action in France, word received Aug. 30, 1944.  Enlisted, October, 1940.  Wife and baby in Kansas City.

   S-Sgt. Billy D. Hurley, 23, radio operator and gunner on B-24, Army Air Forces, killed near Boise, Idaho, Dec. 26, 1942.  Body buried here.  C.H.S. and Hillsboro Junior College ex-student.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hurley of Corsicana.

   Sgt. Vernon H. Hartley, U. S. Army Air base, accidentally killed, October 31, 1943.  Funeral at Blooming Grove.  Reared in State Home.  Wife resides at Denton. (A brother, Curran A. Hartley prisioner of war of Japs.)

   Percy N. Kelly, U. S. Navy, missing in action, Nov. 30, 1942 and message, Dec. 18, 1943, said the Navy presumed him to be dead.  He was on the USS Pensacola.  A Purdon High School graduate, he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Kelly, Corsicana.

   Everett Keathley, son of Mrs. Zack Keathley, Frost, killed in Action, Sept. 10, 1944, in Italy.

   Pfc. Billy M. Long, 20, Army, killed in action June 2, 1944, in Italy.  Decorated for bravery at Anzlo Beach.  Graduate of Teague High School.  Father is O. O. Long of Roane.

   Pvt. William Lendon Long, U. S. Army Ferry Command, lost life, Feb. 3, 1943, secretary of war telegram to wife, Anna R. Long, 102 East Woodland, Corsicana, April 19, 1943.  He had previously been reported missing in action in the North Atlantic area.  He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Long of Fort Worth, formerly of Corsicana.

   Pvt. Perry Wayne Layfield, infantry killed in action, according to telegram received by parents Mr. and Mrs. Bunk Layfield, Kerens.  Reported March 9, 1944.

   Charles Eugene Lewis, 19, seaman second class, U. S. Coast Guard, killed accidently, April 17, 1943, wile rolling a baseball field.  He died in a U. S. Marine hospital, Norfolk, Va., and was buried in Dawson.  He is the son of Mrs. E. W. Watts of Penelope and C. W. Lewis of Oklahoma City.

   Pvt. Joseph W. Lusk, killed in action, reported July 1, 1944, to sister, Ruby Lusk, 509 North Fifth street Corsicana.

   Pfc. Vincent Martinez, son of Pablo Martinez, South Fourteenth street, Corsicana, killed in action, reported Aug. 28, 1944.

   Cpl. John W. Matlock, Jr., army Camp Polk, La., found dead.  Son of Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Matlock, Frost.

   Lieut. John P. McKinney, 24, U. S. Air Forces, killed in accident, April 26, 1943, at Barksdale Field, Shreveport, La., when medium bomber crashed at take off. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. P. P. McKinney of Corsicana.  A graduate of Corsicana in 1937, he was commissioned at Ellington Field. McKinney attended Texas A. and M. College.

   Pvt. James T. McCulloch, 19, Waco, reared in Dawson, killed in action, Aug. 7, 1944, in France.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Zola D. McCulloch, Waco, he is also survived by a brother, three sisters and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Hampton, Waco, and Mrs. Jim Prater, Dawson.

   First Lieut. Ashbell G. McClung, 23, killed in action, Dec. 8, 1943, with the 36th Division in Italy.  Son of Mrs. Hazel McClung of Kerens, he graduated from Kerens High and attended Texas A. and M. College and Texas Tech.

   Flight Officer Richard R. Massengale, 21, died in North Africa area, Sept. 26, 1943.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Massengale, Blooming Grove.

   Cpl. Georgia L. McCafferty, missing at Corregidor, in 1942, and a telegram to his mother, Mrs. Agnes McCafferty, 812 West Eleventh avenue, May 25, 1944, from the war department stated that government presumed her son to be dead.  The Purple Heart decoration was awarded posthumously.

   Pfc. James B. McMillian, 19, U. S. Marine, killed in action, Jan. 2, 1944, in Southwest Pacific area, according to message to mother, Mrs. Alma Womack, 501 North Commerce street, Corsicana.  Pfc. McMillan enlisted Oct. 20, 1942, and went overseas in June 1943.

   Sgt. Theo Masters, Jr., 23, killed in action, June 13, 1944, in France.  Wife, Inez, and little daughter reside with her father, Frank Chapman, Corsicana fireman.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Theo Masters, Sr., of Hubbard.

   Robert Henry May, U. S. Navy, died at San Diego, Calif., April 8, 1944.  Funeral was held here.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. May of Navarro.

   Pvt. Wilmer H. Brinkley, 19, U. S. Infantry, died in France, August 15, two days after being wounded, according to telegram received by parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brinkley, Corsicana 2.  He attended Powell High school.  Entering the service, Aug. 11, 1943, he went overseas in February, 1944.

   S-Sgt. Gorman L. O’ Daniel, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. G. O’Daniel, Petty’s Chapel, Corsicana Route 5, “Missing in action since Dec. 12, 1943, according to telegram of Jan. 24, 1944, and telegram of February 4, 1944, stated he was killed in action in Italy.  He was wounded Sept. 25, 1943, in Italy, but returned to active duty with the 36th Division later in the year.  He enlisted, Jan. 31, 1941.

   Pvt. Weldon Perkins, 21, Army, died Sept. 23, from wounds received in action in Italy.  Husband of Laura D. Perkins, Blooming Grove.  Son of Mrs. T. R. Perkins, near Italy, Texas.  Entered service Dec. 4, 1942.  A brother, Pvt. Orby Perkins, Italy, Texas, wounded in the Salerno battle in Italy.

   S-Sgt Robert J. Page, Jr. 80 Service Squadron, Luke Field, Phoenix, Ariz., died natural causes, November 11, 1942.  Funeral held at Blooming Grove with burial at Dresden cemetery.

   Pfc. Alton Ray Pierce, 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Pierce, Powell 1, killed in action, August 6, in France.  Entered services, February 10, 1942.  Surviving are parents and four brothers.

   Flight Officer John Ralph (Red) Hewitt, 26, slain in action over Madgeburg, Germany, Sept. 12, 1944, relatives were advised. Graduate of Blooming Grove High School, he was employed in the AAA offices before enlisting in the Air Forces prior to Pearl Harbor.  Surviving are his mother, Mrs. Lennie V. Donnell, Fort Worth; aunt, Mrs. Rubye Ellis, Blooming Grove, with whom he resided;grandmother, Mrs. J. O. McSpadden, Sr. , Blooming Grove and three brothers.  He received Air Medal and and other decorations.

   Pfc. Samuel Thomas Bridges, Marine, 22, killed in action, July 28, 1944, on Guam.  Enlisted Jan. 22, 1942 and went overseas, January 1943. Surviving are parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Bridges, Corsicana; three brothers, two sisters, two half-sisters and five half-brothers.

   S-Sgt. Tom Conn, 26, killed in action, Sept. 2, 1944, in France.  He was in infantry.  Landed Cherbourg, June 7.  Wife, six-months-old daughter, Corsicana; father, Jack Conn, Wortham.

   Pfc. John C. Harris, 18, U.S. Marine, killed in action, Sept. 21, 1944, somewhere in Pacific, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Harris, Streetman. Enlisted, Dec. 31, 1942.

   V. E. (Tiny) Johnson, 25, U. S. Navy, killed in action, South Pacific, reported Nov. 13, 1944.  Reared in State Home.  Worked in Cotton Mills.

   Pvt. Lionel Marlow, 21, U. S. infantry, killed in action, Sept. 30, in France.  Wife, son, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Marlow, Electra.  Attended Corsicana High.

   Sgt. David C. McNeel, Marine, killed in action, Sept. 16, 1944, in Pacific.  Wife at Alburquerque, father, C. H. McNeel, Emhouse.

   Capt. Gulick Robinson, 23, killed in action August 2, over France near Metz.  Pilot of P-47 Thunderbolt fighter plane stationed in England.  Had completed 75 combat missions.  Former football star at Corsicana High and Hillsboro Junior College, spent year on patrol duty in Panama Canal Zone.  Wife is in Hillsboro.  Morther, Mrs. Nettie Sutton, resides in Paris.

   Bailey B. Ragsdale, Lieut. U. S. Arms, graduate of State Home here.  Legislator and politician.  Killed in action, June 3, 1944, in Italy.  Wife and 13 year-old daughter resides in Austin.

   Charles A. Roberts, 39, petty officer, second class, U. S. Navy, killed while working on ship in Norfolk, Va.  Wife resides in Fresno, Calif.;  mother, Mrs. Lizzie Roberts, Corsicana.

   Leroy Reese, former Corsicanan, 36th, division, killed in action in Italy, reported here Dec. 29, 1943, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Reese, Itasca, brother of Mrs. H. D. Bunch of Corsicana.  Wife and small baby survive.

   Pfc. Richard F. Harris, Marine, killed in action early in November 1944, in Pacific Theatre of operations.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur K. Harris, Winkler.  Entered service, Sept, 1942, and had been overseas two years.

   Pvt. Roy M. Smith, army, killed in Southwest Pacific, reported here Feb. 28, 1943.  Son of Mrs. Altha Smith, Corsicana.

   Pfc. J. P. Shields, 36, Eureka, killed in action on Los Negros Islands, Admiralty group, March 21, 1944.  Brother of Mrs. Effie Bonner and Mrs. Louis Weaver both of Corsicana; Mrs. Luther Greer, Eureka; Tom Shields, Corsicana;  Will Shields, Navarro and Lloyd Shields, Houston.

   Cpl. Claude Thomas Thompson, 21, killed in Louisiana while on maneuvers when tank broke through bridge.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Thompson.

   S-St. Louis W. Tirado, 36th Division, Purple Heart, missing in action in France, Sept. 20, 1944, and Nov. 10 message to Step-mother, Mrs. Louis Tirado, 706 North Thirteenth St., Corsicana, killed in action, Sept. 20, 1944.

   T-Sgt. Jesse V. Warner, infantry, seriously wounded in France, June 6, 1944, D-Day;  wounded Sept. 1, 1944, and was killed in action, Sept. 11, 1944, in Belgium.  Attended Hubbard High School. Enlisted, Oct. 21, 1935. Brother of Mrs. Lorene Woods, 405 South Twenty-Third and One-Half Street, Corsicana.

   Victor Ed Watts, U. S. Navy, Arizona battleship, was killed in action at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, according to information received Dec. 22, 1942, by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Watts, Corsicana.  Graduate of Corsicana High School, 1936.  Watts as the first casualty reported from Navarro county in World War 11.

   Pfc. Homer L. Wood, 24, anti-tank company, missing in action since May 7, 1942, after fall of Corregidor, presumed to be dead according to letter from the war department to parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey H. Wood, 214 East First avenue, Corsicana.

   Orland Watson, 23, native of Barry, resident of Dallas, killed in action, March 29, 1944, over Germany.  He was an aerial gunner, Flying Fortress, based in England only three weeks when slain.  Son of Mrs. Willie Watson, Dallas, and nephew of Mrs. G. F. Gay, 1213 West Fourteenth avenue, Corsicana.

   T-Sgt. Claud Willis, 23, infantry, Second Division, Third Army, killed in action, August 31, 1944, in France. Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Willis. Entered service, Oct. 17, 1940, and went overseas, November 1943.

    Loyce George Young, Marine killed in action, announced Dec. 24, 1942, Son of F. C. Young, 213 North Twelfth, Corsicana.

   Pvt. William H. York, 33, infantry, killed in action, June 28, 1944, in France.  Son of Mrs. Ada York, Purdon.

   Odell Dean, signalman, 3-C, U. S. Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Dean, Dawson, missing in action, March 12, 1943.  Later said by Navy presumed dead.

   Sgt. William D. Loftis, 20, U. S. Army Air Forces, tail gunner B-17 Flying Fortress, killed in action over Germany, October 7, 1944, message from adjutant general’s department to parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Loftis, Pursley, formerly of Corsicana, revealed. Graduate of Corsicana High School, he entered the air forces, February, 1943, and went overseas August 1, 1944.

   Sgt. Finis D. Murphy, 24, infantry, killed in action in Pacific, according to information received from General Douglas MacArthur, but time and other details were not revealed.  He was reared in Corsicana.  Surviving are five brothers, Troy L. Murphy, Corsicana;  Curtis Murphy, Houston;  Durwood and Eldon Murphy, both of Galveston; Sgt. Northam Murphy, Pacific area; and a sister, Mrs. Tom Adgate, Galveston.  He had been overseas 18 months.


Prisoners of Germans.

   Pvt. Joe A. Borsellino, U. S. Army, North Africa, reported missing in action, April 1, 1943, and prisoner of Germans, May 12, 1943. Wife resides in Fort Worth. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Borsellino, Corsicana.

   First Lt. Robert Noel Ballew, 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ballew of Frost, missing after his Thunderbolt escorted a Flying Fortress over Europe.  Enlisted in Canadian Air Forces in 1941 and transferred to American Air Force.  Was awarded Air Medal and an Oak Leaf Cluster.  Lt. Ballew was reported a prisoner of the Germans, April 25, 1944.  The officer formerly was employed in the display advertising department of the Dallas Morning News.

   Lt. Preston E. Conner, missing in action over Austria, Feb. 22, 1944; son of N. P. Conner, Dallas, formerly of Corsicana.  Lt. Conner resided with aunt, Mrs. P. A. Simpson, prisoner of war of Germans, telegram April 20, 1944.

   Harold Carter, pharmacists mate, USN, prisoner of Germans, held in France, telegram June 30,1942.  Wife resides in Corsicana.

   Homer L. Davis, infantry, prisioner of Germans, Dec. 10, 1943.  Missing in action Sept. 13, 1943;  parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Davis, Dawson.

   T-Sgt.  Walter Farmer, 20, Air Forces, stationed in England, missing March 20, over Germany, later prisoner of war of German government.  Received decorations.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harve Farmer, 817 West Park avenue, Corsicana. (Later promoted to staff sergeant)

   Lt. Morris Lee Floyd, missing in action, May 29, 1943, and was wounded, later a prisoner of Germans.  Lt. Floyd, the son of Mrs. J. B. Floyd of Kerens, was a navigator of a Flying Fortress B-17. 

   M-Sgt. James T. Foster, 36th Division, Italy, wounded twice in action, received Purple Heart Decoration, telegram to wife, Mrs. Glenna Foster, missing in action since June 26, 1944, later through International Red Cross, prisoner of German Government.

   T-Sgt. William P. (Jack) Howard, son of Mrs. C. D. Howard, 110 South 20th, St., prisoner of Germans, according to information received May 20, 1944.  Had completed 15 missions.  Wife resides in San Antonio.

   T-Sgt. Grady Hawgley, crew chief, B-17, Flying Fortress, missing in action somewhere in Europe, Sept. 6 1943, later reported prisoner of Germans.  Stationed in England, wife, Fayrene Hawgley, resides at Kerens, and was presented Air Medal in ceremonies at Corsicanaq Field in January, 1944.

   Cpl. Woodrow Kelly, medical corps, prisoner of war of the Germans, January 1944.  Awarded Gold Star, Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Cluster, decorations.  Brother of Odell Kelly, Brushy Prairie community.

   Sgt. Sam Moore, Jr., chief turret gunner, bomber, missing over Germany in March 1944, and April 19, 1944 reported prisoner of war.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Moore, Frost. Graduate of Frost High School in 1942 and formerly was captain of football team.

   S-Sgt. Coy D. Martin, prisoner of Germans, reported April 27, 1943, after being shot down Feb. 4, 1943.  Graduate of State Home.  Mother, Mrs. Mattie McCaslin, resides in Archer City.

   S-Sgt. Leamon E. McCulloch, waist gunner on B-17 bomber, prisoner of war of Germans, May 19, 1944, after being reported missing in action over Poland in April.

   Lt. W. H. Power, prisoner of Germans, after missing in action from June 13, 1943.  Navigator in flying forces of U. S. Stationed in England. Lt. Power had made many flights over France and Germany.  Wife is the former Christine Neese of Corsicana.

   Lt. James P. Roberts, March 9, 1944, reported prisoner of Germans.  Missing in action over France, Feb. 4, 1944.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roberts, Chatfield.

   Capt. Randolph Robinson, 40, U. S. Army, prisoner of Germans since Sept. 14, 1943.  Local National Guard officer and was in Fifth Army, being captured at Salerno Beachhead.  Son of Mrs. S. A. Robinson of Eureka.

   First Lieut. Dan Story, Air Corps, missing, March 1, 1943, Middle East Command, reported prisoner of Italians, March 13, 1943, father S. P. Story, received DFC and Air Medal decorations at Corsicana Field, June 19, 1943.  Later was transferred to German prison camp when Italy got out of war.

   Van Simmons, navigator on Flying Fortress, missing in action, April 17, 1943, flying over Germany and was reported prisoner of war, July 17, 1943.  Air Medal and two Oak Leaf Clusters awarded to father, J. W. Simmons, of Kerens at Corsicana Field, Jan. 17, 1944.

   Sgt. Lawson L. Wade, 31, 614 West Fourth avenue, 36th Division, missing in action since Sept. 14, 1943 and Nov. 30, 1943, reported prisoner of the Germans.

   First Lieut.  Charles A. Whitlock, Jr., reported prisoner of war, Nov. 11, 1943, after being reported missing in action since Aug. 16, 1943.

   S-Sgt. Tom B. Wheeler, Flying Fortress, missing in action over Germany, Oct. 18, 1943, and Jan. 21, 1944 prisoner of War.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Wheeler, Tupelo.


Prisoners of Japanese.

   Eldred I. Costlow, FA, USA, prisoner of war, Japanese, Java, in 1942, Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Costlow, 629 North Main ST. Reported missing in action, June 1942 and prisoner January 1944. Wrote doing all right in prison camp. Aug. 7, 1944.

   Pvt. Raymond C. Carrizales, prisoner of Japs;  mother, Mrs. Santos Carrizales, Richland.  Report, May 26, 1943.

   Pvt. Tom S. Chandler, Air Corps, prisoner of Japanese, Philippines, son of Mrs. Ethel Chandler, Streetman, reported Jan. 23, 1943.

   Harvey Crenshaw, prisoner of Japs, Philippines, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Crenshaw, Corsicana, notification, Feb. 19, 1943.

   Eddie L. Donaho, Army, prisoner of Japs; son of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Donaho, Corsicana Route 3. Volunteered for Philipines November 1941, prisoner in Java, notification, January 1943,  after missing in June 1942.

   Norman Lee Gilbreath, 21, USA, missing in Philippines, June 7, 1942. Prisoner of war, Feb. 8, 1943.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Floyd Gilbreath, Corsicana, Route 1.

   Hugh Garland, U. S. A., missing in action, Java, June 11, 1942.  Later prisoner of war of Japanese government and moved to Japan, May 1943.  Son of Supt. and Mrs. H. A. Garland, Mildred.

   Pvt. James E. Hinkle, Marines, 1-c, prisoner of Japs, Shanghai, July 4, 1942, October 16, 1942, later at internment camp in Central China.

   Cpl. Curren A. Hartley, army prisoner of war, Japanese, Philippines, Feb. 8, 1943.  brother of Jodean Hartley of Denton, formerly of State Home.

   Jack Kenner, army, missing in action Java early in 1942. Reported prisoner of Japs May 6, 1943.  Son of Mrs. Louis Hollan of El Paso, formerly of Corsicana.

   Capt. Harry Katz, army, prisoner of war of Japs, according to message July 1, 1943.  Brother of Mrs. Leon Daniels, Corsicana.

   Ronald N. Moses, son of Mrs. Alma Steele of Corsicana, reported prisoner of war of Japanese in Java, Jan. 28, 1943.  He left Corsicana with Nation Guard unit, November 1940, and later transferred to Pacific duty.

   Dayton Mayo, army, missing in action, reported prisoner of Japanese, Jan. 29, 1943.  Inducted with National Guard unit, Nov. 1940.

   Sgt. James B. Morris, 28, U. S. Army 7 years, captured by Japs on Corregidor, May 7, 1942. Broadcast to brother, J. L. Morris, 604 East Second avenue, Corsicana, June 27, 1944.

   Vernon Fate Puckett, chief machinist mate, U. S. Navy, Manila, missing, according to report May 9, 1942.  Reported prisoner of war of Japanese, March 8, 1943, in Philippines, and on Aug. 20, 1943, card written in Camp No. 1, Philippines stating he was uninjured and well.

   Pvt. Hurshel Reeves, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Reeves, Frost, missing in action in Philippines message reported Aug. 18, 1942, Bataan April 19, 1943, message from war department that he was prisoner of war of Japanese.  Enlisted May 11, 1941.

   Billy J. Sawyer, army, Philippines, missing in action, reported, June 26, 1942, and mother, Mrs. Dona Sawyer, Dawson, advised son prisoner of Japanese, March 12, 1943.

   Lieut. Commander Jerry A. Steward, 49, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Steward, Sr., Steward’s Mill, Freestone county, missing in action, Manila Area, June 1942, it was learned in July, 1942. May 20, 1943, advised Commander Steward was prisoner of Japs.  Received Navy Cross award for bravery in Philippines Islands.

   Pfc. William E. Schultz, 27, son of Mrs. Gertrude Lee Fuller, 800 South Main street, Corsicana, prisoner of war of Japs in the Philippines, reported Jan. 29, 1943.  He had been reported missing in action May 7, 1942.  Born at Mertens and attended Frost High School.

   Dewey Lee Spruiell, army, Japanese prisoner in Camp No. 2 Philippines, reported Sept. 24, 1943.  Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Arch Spruiell and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Spruiell, Dawson.

   Pvt. William Thomas, son of Mrs. Flora Smith Kerens, reported prisoner of Japan in war department announcement, July 9, 1943.

   Lieut. W. M. Taylor, Jr., missing in action, Philippines, July 20, 1942. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor, Corsicana, May 26, 1943, telegram from war department, prisoner of Japanese.  Letter in November, 1944, Lt. Taylor drowned or recaptured by Japs after freighter sunk by Americans as prisoners of war being shipped from Philippines.


Prisoner of Italians.

   Cpl. Edmon L. Hardy, army, prisoner of Italians, July 19, 1943. Son of Mrs. Betty A. Hardy, Richland Rt. 1, (Probably turned over to or taken by Germans)


Missing in Action.

   Lt. Lynn Bostick, 23, missing in action European Theatre, April 19, 1944, flying first mission as co-pilot.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Bostick, Dallas, formerly of Corsicana.  Football star at SMU.  Primary training at Corsicana Field Class 43-I.

   Johnny Lois Burgett, USN, son of Mrs. J. C. Carver, Pursley, missing in action, since October 1942, message April 27, 1943, stated.  Saw service in Nicaragua and Pearl Harbor.  His rating was that of chief machinist mate.

   James Capps, infantry, missing in action, July 23, 1944, returned to active duty, July 30, according to wife’s telegram, war department.

   Lt. Bob Campbell, China-Burma-India area, missing in action Feb. 24, returned and missing and returned second time.

   Pfc. Luther English, USA, missing in action, North Africa area (including Sicilian campaign), son of Mrs. Millie English, Wortham, Aug. 25, 1943.

   Joe D. Freeland, Jr., T-Sgt. son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Freeland, Sr., Dawson, missing over Germany since Feb. 21, 1944.

   Capt. J. R. Griffin, Jr., Air Forces, Australia, missing, April 13, 1942, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Griffin, Blooming Grove.

    Sgt. Lloyd M. Gabriel, native Navarro countian, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Gabriel, Sr., Grosebeck, missing in action over Germany since Jan. 30, 1944, Turret gunner in England.

   Lt. Meredith Hart, reported missing over Italy since June 4, 1944 according to report to wife former Miss Helen Haste of Corsicana, now of San Antonio.

   Sgt. R. M. Jennings, Jr., Navarro, missing in action since June 13, 1943.  Was tail gunner on bombing plane.  Volunteered for air forces, July, 1942, and had been overseas several months in the European theatre when he was missed.

   First Lieut. Roy J. Moore, holder of Distinguished Flying Cross, missing in action, Southwest Pacific since May 22, 1943.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Moore, 1203 West 13th, avenue, Corsicana, and husband of Mrs. Janis Moore, Los Angeles, Calif.  Graduate of Corsicana High School, he enlisted as an aviation cadet while a senior in the Law School of the University of Texas.  Hit a Jap 5000-ton transport and other ships, March 3, 1943.

   Taylor McCulloch, army, missing in action in Italy, according to report of Nov. 6, 1943.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McCulloch, Navarro Mills.

   Robert Porter Mangum, mess attendant first class, U. S. Navy, missing, according to message to father, Eldridge Mangum, Kerens, Sept. 18, 1942.

   Lieut. James Moore, 26, Army, co-pilot, bomber, stationed in England, missing over Germany since May 8, 1944.  Graduate of Baylor in 1939 and ex-student of the University of Texas. Lieut. Moore is the husband of Mrs. Dean Moore of Milford and Frost and the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Moore of Frost.

   Pfc. Winston Oliver, Wortham, missing in action in Mediterranean area, reported Nov. 22, 1943.  Son of Ed Oliver of Wortham.

   Sgt. Pace P. Payne, missing in action, New Guinea since June 26, 1942.  Volunteered April 22, 1942 and was tail-gunner on plane.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Payne Corsicana 5.

   Leonard M. Power, U. S. Army son of Mrs. Belle Schitosky, 1716 North Beaton street, Corsicana, missing in Philippines, reported in story, Aug. 22, 1942.  Enlisted in 1938.

   Billy Gene Payne, U. S. Navy, missing in action Southwest Pacific since Nov. 24, 1943.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Payne of Pursley.

   Cpl. Jimmy Doyle Carroll, missing in action in France, learned here on Oct. 13, 1944.  Former captain of Blooming Grove football team, highest scholastic average of senior boys in 1941.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Carroll of Ellis County, formerly of Blooming Grove.

   Hershel A. Daniel, 19, S-2c, U. S. Navy, missing in Pacific area, gunner on Navy bombing plane, date not mentioned in telegram to parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Daniel, Corsicana, Oct. 14, 1944. Graduate of Corsicana High, 1942.  Wife resides in Corsicana.

   Lieut. Wm. B. Robeson, U. S. Air troop carrying transport pilot, missing in Latin-America, May, 1943, found and rescued next month.

   S-Sgt. Dewey L. Rhoads, 20, Air Forces, left waist gunner, Fortress Picadilly Ann, missing over France since June 19, 1944.  Awarded second Oak Leaf Cluster to Air Medal decoration.  Son of Mrs. Ruth Rhoads, 623 North Beaton Street, Corsicana.

   Pfc. James C. Richards, 23, infantry, missing in France since Sept. 21, 1944.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dave M. Richards, Emhouse.  Overseas, June 10, 1944.

  Pfc. George Berton Sartor, 25, previously reported missing in action in Italy. June 14, 1944, returned to duty with his outfit, June 27, according to information received by wife, Lorene Sartor.

   John C. Stevenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stevenson, Frost, Route 1, reported missing prior to March 24, 1944.  One of seven in draft age.

   Sgt. Robert Lynn Stevenson, 21, gunner on a Flying Fortress, AAF, stationed in England, missing reported March 13, 1943.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stevenson, Frost, Route 1.  One of seven brothers in the draft.

   Pfc. W. O. Venable, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Venable, Corsicana Route 1, reported missing in action over France since June 19, 1944.  Native of Ellis county.

   Lawrence Elmer Warner, S-1c, Navy, missing in action, Nov. 8, 1944, telegram to parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Warner, 2013 West Thirteenth avenue, Corsicana.  Age 24, wife Atherine Warner resides here.

   Lt. M. Y. Wilson, Jr., Hamlin, formerly of Corsicana, missing in action over Germany since April 11, 1944.  Wife resides in Chickasaw.

   S-Sgt. Joe Williams, 1939 Corsicana High graduate, missing over Germany since April 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Williams, Waxahachie, formerly of Corsicana.  Member of a bomber crew based in England.

   Pvt. Oscar O. McCrory, 34, U. S. Army, infantry, missing in action since Nov. 14, 1944, in Germany, according to war department message to his wife, Mrs. Pearl L. McCrory, Corsicana Rt. 4.  Formerly employed at the American Well and Prospecting Company, he entered the armed forces, February 16, 1944, and went overseas, Sept. 19, 1944.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. McCrory, reside at Zion’s Rest.  He is the father of four children, Jean, aged 12 years; Mary Sue, 9;  Jackie 6; and Claudie Wayne, 4.

   S-Sgt. Raymond W. Myrick, U. S. Army, Infantry, missing in action since Nov. 19, 1944, in Germany according to telegram received by his wife, Mrs. Margaret Myrick of Corsicana, from the war department.  He had been in armed forces the past 18 months and overseas since October.  He formerly was employed at the Oil City Iron Works.


Wounded In Action.

   Sgt. Greeley Aston, 112 North 14th St., Corsicana, wounded in Italy, recuperated in North Africa hospital.

   S-Sgt. Oliver E. Allen, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Allen, Emhouse-Corsicana, wounded in Central Pacific area.

   Pvt. James H. Baldwin, 22, U. S. Army, wounded at Cassino, April 9, 1944, veteran North Africa Sicilian campaigns.  Husband of Mrs. Pauline Baldwin, Corsicana Route 1; son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Baldwin, Richland, Route 1.  A brother Floyd H. Baldwin, U. S. Air Forces, stationed in New Guinea.

   T-5 William B. Berry, son of Mrs. Letha Berry, Wortham, Route 1, slightly wounded.

   Benjamin L. R. Beeman, Kerens, Texas USNR, wounded in legs while landing troops at Bougainville, and returned to San Diego Naval Hospital.

   Pvt. John W. Bates, U. S. Army, son of C. W. Bates, Emhouse, wounded in Mediterranean area.

   William T. Berry, USMCR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Berry, Dawson, flesh wound in chest, Feb. 18, 1944.

   Billy Prince Berry, Cpl. U. S. Marines, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Berry, Kerens, recuperating in rest camp from slight hip injury received in Saipan battle.

   S-Sgt. Paul Bell, 3rd Armored Division, wounded in France, June 30, 1944, Purple Heart, wife Helen Bell, Frost, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bell, Corsicana 4.

   Pvt. James H. Carroll, 20, U. S. Army Infantry, wounded in action, Italy, May 22, 1944. Graduate of Blooming Grove High, football star, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carroll, Richland 1.

   First Lt. Bruce Carlton Cagle, 28, U. S. Army, infantry, wounded in action in France, advices July 7 and 15, wounded second time in France.  Purple Heart award.  Mobilized November 1940.

   Sgt. Troy Cooley, wounded in Mediterranean Area early in 1944.  Husband of Mrs. Lucile Cooley, 1113 West 14th Avenue, Corsicana, back in states.

   Ensign Washburn Crawford, U. S. Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Crawford, Kerens, wounded in leg in Italy early in March 1944.  He was a skipper of a ship.

   Sanford L. Chambers, wounded in action, Mediterranean area, announced Jan. 27, 1944; wife, Mrs. Melba F. Chambers, Kerens.

   Sgt. Brooks Costlow, wounded, found in ward of hospital in Australia by sister, Emma Costlow, also of Corsicana.  He had been wounded in combat.

   Pfc. James N. Crawford, U. S. infantry, wounded in France, July 12. Landed June 6 D-Day—Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Crawford, Corsicana 3.  Received Purple Heart and sent to Hospital in England, learned Sept. 7, 1944.

   Troy E. Dixon, chief petty officer, U. S. Navy, entered from Kerens, wounded, reported Oct. 29, 1942.

   Edmond (Si) Demming, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Demming, Corsicana, both legs and hand injuries in jeep accident. Reported on March 29, 1944.

   Alvin N. Dillard, wounded in action, France, June 14, 1944. Son of Mrs. Maggie M. Dillard.

   Maurice Davis, 23, infantry, seriously wounded in France, July 31. hospital in France.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Davis, 1116 West 11th Avenue, Corsicana.

   Sgt. James C. Allsup, wife, Mrs. Marjorie Allsup, 2312 West Fourth avenue, wounded in European area.

   Sgt. Walter M. Almond, wounded in European Theatre, wife, Mrs. Josephine Almond; Dawson.

    Cpl. Ed Ellington, paratrooper,18th Division, 5th. Army, Italy, wounded June 25 in spine. Hospitalized in Naples.  Son of  Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Ellington, Chatfield.

   Tech: Sgt. Leonard A. Elkins, Infantry, seriously wounded in France, June 14, 1944, son of Mrs. Nola Elkins, Corsicana. Arrived in McCloskey Hospital, Temple, Aug. 30, 1944, wounded  by 88 shrapnel in foxhole holding defensive position. Wounds in right shoulder and hand.

   Hubert Milam Ashcraft, U. S. Army 7 years, wounded in action, July 15, in France and returned to McCloskey General Hospital, Temple, Aug. 31, 1944. Overseas 11 months in Ireland, England and France. Wife resides at Cannel City, Ky.

   Homer Fullerton, Jr., army, wounded in action, July 31, in France. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Fullerton, Sr., Streetman. Hospitalized in England.

   Lt. Wm. B. Frost, Infantry, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Frost, Wortham Route 1, slightly wounded in action, May 26, 1943, in North American area, Athlete. Graduate of Wortham High School.

   Pvt. Marshal Franks, 23, infantry, wounded in France, June 28, 1944, message to parents, Mr. and Mrs. J, C. Franks, Rice.

   Lt. James R. Goolsby, wounded in action, North Africa, message July 23, 1943. Son of James C.Goolsby, Wortham.

   Pvt. Alfred J. Griffin, son of Mrs. Rhoda Griffin, Blooming Grove, wounded twice—June 13 and Aug. 10, 1944. He joined army in Oct. 1940 and went overseas to England, November 1943.

    Eugene Gable, U. S. Marine, accidentally shot in shoulder at rifle practice, San Diego, Calif.; paralyzed. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Gable, Dawson.

   T-Sgt. Hall W. Grimmett, wounded Mediterranean area, son of Joe N. Grimmett, Corsicana. Route 1, March 13 1944, and the second time wounded in Italy, May 29,1944.

   Pvt. Ruben F. Green, wounded in action Mediterranean area. Mother, Mrs. Martha Green, Kerens.

   Sgt. Chas. D. Borsellino, 5th Army, 36th Division; wounded in both feet. In hospital, Sept. 23, 1944. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Borsellino of Corsicana.

   Pvt. Billy V. Calame, 21, 29th Infantry Division, wounded near St. Lo, France, July 12, by mortar fragment that killed two and wounded three soldiers. Landed on D-Day. Entered armed forces, Oct. 20, 1943 and went overseas April 6, 1944. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Calame of Wortham. Brought home to McCloskey General Hospital in Temple.

   T-5 Neil Holloway, 29, half-track driver with Seventh Armored Division; wounded in action Sept. 11, in France. Entered service February, 1942, and went overseas June, 1944. Wife resides in Corsicana.

   Capt. W. W. Hamilton, 26, Gen. Stilwell’s Chinese-American tank forces, seriously wounded in action May 12, 1944. Wife, Patricia McGlothlin Hamilton, and son, W. M. Hamilton; are in Corsicana. Parents are Mayor and Mrs. W. B. Hamilton of Wichita Falls. Now in hospital in El Paso.

    S-Sgt. Mose Herman, wounded in action in Italy, early in 1944. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Butler of Corsicana.

   Sgt. Altus M. Horn, son of Ellis M. Horn of Dawson, wounded in action in North Africa,  learned here June 17, 1943. Received Purple Heart and Military Merit decorations.

   Leon Howard, army. slightly wounded in Italy. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Howard of Corsicana. Wound received late in 1943.

   Sgt. Roy Hodge, son of Mrs. Eva Hodge, Angus, reported wounded in  action in the Mediterranean area, Jan. 4, 1943.

   Sgt. Joseph Highnote, wounded in right side in France, according to letter written Aug. 24 from a hospital in England.

   S-Sgt. Haywood E. Howard, 23, infantry, wounded in action, Sept. 12, in France.  Entered army Sept. 8, 1943, and overseas March 3, 1944. Attended Mildred High school. Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Howard, Corsicana 5.

   Sgt. Henry E. Jackson, wounded in action, Mediterranean, according to information obtained July 24, 1944. Wife, Mrs. Thelma Jackson, resides in Corsicana.

   Robert Jackson, U. S. army, wounded in France in September, 1944, according to telegram to parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Johnson, Emhouse.

   Pfc. Sam A. Johnston, infantry, slightly wounded in France Aug.5, 1944, and awarded Purple Heart decoration. Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Johnston, Corsicana, formerly of Mildred.

   Pfc. Albert W. Johnston, army, infantry, seriously wounded in action August 7, in France.   Recuperated in hospital in England.  Sent Purple Heart to his mother, Sept. 7, 1944.  Attended Mildred school.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Johnston, South Thirteenth street, Corsicana.

   Warrant Officer Albert V. Kirkland, wounded slightly in action in Italy, according word to wife from war department revealed Jan. 3, 1944.

   Carter Kirven, U. S. Navy, wounded Pearl Harbor attack Dec. 7, 1941.  Later was discharged from navy and entered civil service job with the navy on Pacific Coast.

   Sgt. Billy Levine broke leg jumping in foxhole to escape falling bombs, reported May 8, 1944.  Returned to McCloskey Hospital in Temple.  Served with the army in Italy.

   Theo Montfort, 21, airplane gunner, son of Mrs. Bertha Montfort, Corsicana, wounded over Holland in June 1944.

   Pfc. Bob R. McDonald, infantry, 36th Division, seriously wounded in Italy Dec. 11, 1943.  Was inducted Feb. 28, 1941.  Son of A. M. McDonald, 512 North Commerce, Corsicana.

   Sgt. William Lynn Matthews, Dawson, received seven wounds in the body when hand grenade exploded in France according to message received by his mother, Mrs. Clay Matthews.  Reported recuperating in hospital in England, Sep. 8, 1944.

   Capt. David McElwrath, 4th Division, field artillery, wounded in the leg in France, according to July 20, 1944, report; recuperated in England and returned to outfit. He is the husband of Essie Elizabeth Slaughter McElwrath of Corsicana.

   Pvt. Wiley McClain, army, slightly injured in France, July 29, 1944, according to report to brother S. C. McClain, Dawson.  He had been in army four years.

   Pfc. Durand O. Mann, lost three fingers of right hand, Nov. 30, 1942, when he fell between freight cars en route to bus station to return to post at Muskogee, Okla.

   Lieut. (jg) Gordan A. MacInnes, chaplain, U. S. Navy, escort carrier, Block Island, sunk in Atlantic and chaplain hurt.  Resigned as pastor of Third Avenue Presbyterian church here to enter service.

   Pvt. Robert E. McCleary, 24, field artillery, 36th Division, wounded twice, Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Cluster, reported Sept. 9, 1944.  He is son of Mrs. Earl McCleary of Kerens.  Prior to being mobilized he attended Kerens schools.  He saw action with the 36th in North Africa, Italy and France.

   Pfc. John Milton Miller, 21, field artillery, wounded in February, 1944.  Purple Heart.  He was in the National Guard before it was mobilized, November 1940.  He landed at Salerno, Miller is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Miller, 1912 West First Avenue, Corsicana.

   Sgt. Doyle C. Moore, 27, infantry, wounded Aug. 26, 1944, in France and returned to hospital in England.  He has received Purple Heart, Rangers Badge and Combat Infantryman’s Badge.  Sgt. Moore is the son of Buford Moore, Corsicana 5, landed on Cherbourg D-Day.  He entered the armed forces, November 1941 and went overseas September 1943.  His outfit was at the front in France 67 days.

   John L. McAfee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy McAfee of Corsicana, was wounded in action, July 28, 1943, in North African area and received the Purple Heart decoration, later being returned to the states after the Sicilian campaign.

   Cpl. Eugene Nutt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Nutt, critically injured in accident at Camp Edwards, Mass., early in February 1943.  Later was discharged from service after losing eyesight in the explosion at Camp Edwards.  Cpl. Nutt was with the National Guard when it was federalized in November 1940.

   Pfc. Daniel B. Nevill, wounded in Mediterranean area, reported June 26, 1944.  Son of Mrs. Ora E. Nevill of Corsicana.

   James M. Pike, U. S. army, slightly wounded in action in Italy, reported Jan. 7, 1944.  War Department telegram to mother, Mrs. Nellie M. Pike.

   S-Sgt. James C. Perkins, medical corps, seriously injured, February 5, 1944, at Bougainville Island.  Brother of Lester Moland of Blooming Grove.

   Pvt. George S. Peden, 30, infantry, seriously wounded in action, July13, 1944, in France.  Enlisted May 18, 1942, and went overseas in February, 1944.  Son of Jim Peden, Barry and brother of Mary I. Peden, Barry, Route 2.

   Tech. 5th Grade Eulin Parker, wounded in action in Italy, reported here May 10, 1944.  Son of Mrs. Ida Parker, Dawson, Route 2.

   Pfc. Frank M. Powell, 21, U. S. Marines, wounded in action, Nov. 23, 1943, in Southwest Pacific, according to information received by parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Powell, 319 West Tenth Avenue.

   Pfc. Earl C. Pryor, 22, 36th infantry, wounded in action learned here Aug. 12, 1944.  Awarded Purple Heart and Combat Infantry Badge.  Son of W. W. Pryor. Enlisted in army, October, 1940.  He was reared at Pursley.

   Sgt. Buford L. Benfield, Corsicana, wounded in action in European area, according to Associated Press reports.  His wife Ellen I. Benfield, resides at 713 West Eleventh avenue, Corsicana.

   Sgt. Dilbert C. Cox, 24, army, wounded Sept. 11, 1944, in France. Wife resides at Richland.

   Pvt. Joseph H. Cooper, Dawson wounded in action in European Theatre, reported Nov. 1, 1944. No details or relatives given in notice.

   Pfc. Will R. Fulton, 21, infantry, seriously wounded in France, Oct. 26, 1944.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Fulton, Blooming Grove.

   Pfc. Ira T. Fuller wounded in action, European Theatre, Associated Press list.  Son of Mrs. Anna Fuller, 1507 West Twelfth Avenue, Corsicana, Texas.

   Major Jack Griffin, U. S. Air Forces, seriously wounded in action, Sept. 11, 1944, over Germany.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Griffin, Blooming Grove Returned home for re-assignment in October on leave.

   Pfc. Billy D. Gorden, 18, Marine, wounded on Palsu Island, and brought to Oakland hospital. Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Gorden, Corsicana, Route 1.

   Sgt. Olen L. C. Graves, U. S. army, son of Lester M. Graves, Frost 2, awarded Purple Heart decoration for wounds on Pelell Islands in Palau Group.  Reported Nov. 18.  Details and extent of wounds not revealed.  Decorated in New Caledonia hospital.

   Pfc. Kelton Harris, husband of Lottie Harris, wounded in European Theatre, newspaper release.  Worked at filling station here. Wife is in Dallas.

   Sgt. Roy Miller, 31, infantry.  Wounded in action Oct. 20, 1944 in the Philippine invasion, war department advised his wife, Mrs. Flora Miller, 1538 West Third avenue.  Entered service in June, 1941.

   Pfc. Joe B. Robinson, 29, Rice returned from overseas in plane with Gen. George C. Marshall, chief of staff.  Bullet forced pieces of helmet into skull in action.  Brought to Walter Reed hospital and later visited home at Rice, July 21, 1943.

   Pfc. Leroy Reed son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Reed, Kerens.  Was wounded in Italy and received Purple Heart, according to announcement Jan. 30, 1944.

   S-Sgt. Carmen D. Roxburgh, wounded in Mediterranean area, reported March 8, 1944.  Grandson of George Roxburgh, Corsicana.

   Pfc. Homer L. Reeve, wounded in action, Mediterranean area, reported Jan. 29, 1944.  Sister, Mrs. J. L. Parrish, resides at Rice, Route 1.

   Lt. Chris L. Roper wounded in both legs, shrapnel, in France, announced Aug. 1, 1944.  Brother of Mrs. A. B. Garland.  Wife resides in Dallas.  Formerly attended SMU and worked at K. Wolens.

   1-C Gunner’s Mate Vernard J. Roe, wounded, reported May 3, 1944.  Recovered and back on duty with U. S. Navy.  Son of Constable and Mrs. T. J. Roe of Corsicana.  Assigned to shore duty in November 1944.

   Cpl. Lee A. Robinson, 3rd Armored Tank Division;  wounded Sept. 1, 1944, shrapnel in hip in France, and hospitalized.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Robinson 1603 West Seventh avenue, Corsicana. 

   S-Sgt. Andrew Lee Steele, son of Mrs. Effie Steele, Streetman, Route 1; had been wounded twice in Italy and the Purple Heart decoration was sent to his mother, March 24, 1944.

   Pfc. Clifton M. Sharrer, 36th Division; wounded in leg May 14, 1944, in Italy.  Wife resides at Overton.  Parents are Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Sharrer, Kerens.  He was with the Kerens Nation Guard when it was mobilized November, 1940.

   Major Richard D. Salter, wounded in action Oct. 16, 1942.  Hit Jap cruiser at Kiska.  Later missing in Asiatic area and arrived home safely April 1944, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Salter, Corsicana and Emhouse.

   Pfc. Eugene Sheppard, Marine, wounded, learned here March 17, 1944.  Nephew of Mrs. Laura Hampton, 118 South Twenty-Sixth Street, Corsicana.

   Pvt. Alvis D. Sykes, wounded in Mediterranean area. Reported here Dec. 7, 1943.  Wife, Mrs. Sylvia G. Sykes, resides on Corsicana, Route 4.

   S-Sgt. Billy W. Starnes, 26, seriously wounded in action Aug. 6, 1944, on Guam Island.  Infantry.  Graduate of Corsicana High.  served three years in Calvery, 1936-1939.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Starnes, 312 North Ninth street, Corsicana.

   Cpl. J. Howard Shivers, 36th Division;  wounded in left leg by machine gun in Italy, reported March 1, 1944.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Shivers.

   Pfc. Gideon Taylor, Marines; wounded in Solomon Islands area in head, losing sight of one eye.  Reported Nov. 28, 1942.  Wife resides with parents, County Commissioner and Mrs. Jim Taylor, Corsicana, while Taylor overseas.  Arrived home April 6, 1943, from hospital with honorable discharge and returned to work for Humble Oil and Refining Company in East Texas.

   Vernon Webb Turner, radioman, 1-C U. S. Navy, wounded; reported Nov. 1, 1943.  Son of Vernon Orville Webb, Streetman.

   First Lieut. James B. Teer, wounded, European area.  Son of Mrs. Ellen Teer, Dawson.  Reported Sept. 11, 1944.

   S-Sgt. William Z. Vargo, seriously wounded in action Oct. 31, 1944, in France. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Vargo, Corsican, Route 2.  In army four years, overseas for second time in July.

   Pfc. Bennie F. Vaughn, 24, son of Mrs. Ettie F. White, Athens; seriously wounded in Italy July 6, 1944.  Member of Athens National Guard unit Mobilized November 1940, with 36th Division.  Native of Navarro county.

   Pfc. Hersell Wilson, husband of Mrs. H. T. Wilson, 1312 West Tenth Avenue, wounded in action and recuperated in English hospital.  Reported July 6, 1943.  Awarded Purple Heart.

   Pvt. John L. Woodland, seriously wounded March 9, 1944, in action in Italy.  Son of Mrs. Etta Woodland of Blooming Grove.  Awarded Purple Heart.

   Pvt. Troy K. Williams, wounded in North Africa.  Brother of Mrs. J. T. Andrews, Kerens, Route 2.

   Pfc. Albert D. Watkins, Barry; wounded in Italy, reported Oct. 27, 1943.  Husband of Lillian D. Watkins, Barry.

   Sgt. Clifton O. Whitley, wounded in Mediteranean area; announced Nov. 29, 1943.  Son of Mrs. Alice Whitley, Corsicana, Route 5.

   Lieut. George A. Watkins, critically injured Jan. 29, 1944, when B-24 plane crashed at Colorado Springs, Colo.  Five crewmen killed and three injured.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Watkins, Emhouse.

   Alfred L. Willoughby, wounded in Mediterranean area;  announced Feb. 28, 1944.  Son of Mrs. Leta Willoughby.

   S-Sgt. Lloyd R. Williams, 1937 graduate of State Home here; received Purple Heart; announced Oct. 18, 1943. Student in Sam Houston State Teachers College, Huntsville, when mobilized November 1940.  July 27, 1944, wounded in foot in Italy with 36th Division and promoted on battlefield from technical sergeant to second lieutenant for leadership shown.

   Pfc. Cecil L. Williamson, awarded Bronze Medal for gallantry in action;  announced October 28, 1944. Wounded in France, July 27, 1944. Son of Mr. and Mrs.  Ed Williamson, 816 South Eighteenth and One-Half street, Corsicsana.

   S-Sgt. Charles Hodge, 21, son of  Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hodge, Eureka; slightly wounded in action in Holland, Nov. 3, 1944, according to war department.

   S-Sgt. Jack White, awarded Silver Star for gallantry in action, August 20, 1944, in France, and Purple Heart, for wounds received in action Sept. 20, 1944, in Germany; message to parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe White revealed.  Enlisting in January, 1940, he has 28 months overseas duty, including the North African, French, Belgium and German drives.  he is in and English hospital suffering from shrapnel wounds in the leg and foot.

   Cpl. Glen Franks, 24, U. S. Army; wounded in action during invasion of Philippines, according to information from war department received by his wife, Mrs. Audie Franks, 308 Blevins, Fort Worth.  Entered armed forces Oct. 31, 1942.  He is the son of Mrs. M. D. Clarkson, 616 North Fourteenth street Corsicana and had been overseas four months.

   Lieut. Wade Blackford, U. S.infantry, 90th Division.  Patton’s Third Army, wounded according to information revealed Nov. 28, 1944, to his wife, Virginia Wright, Blackford, Corsicana.  His home is in Arlington, Va.  The officer had been overseas since June, 1944.  The time and extent of wounds received by Lt. Blackford were not revealed in the message.

   Billy Joe Smith, U. S. Marines, is recuperating in a navy hospital somewhere in the South Pacific, from his second wounding, according to information from the navy to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Smith, Corsicana, revealed Dec. 1, 1944.  He has been overseas 16 months.

   Pvt. Kenneth L. Blacklidge U. S. Marines;  wounded according to navy notification to parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richmond L. Blacklidge of Richland;  revealed Dec. 2, 1944.  Time and extent of wounds not stated.

   Sgt. Johnny Chirafis, U. S. Army has received the Purple Heart decoration for wounds received in action in Italy, according to information received here recently by his parents.  Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chirafis.  Details and the time of the wounds were not revealed in the announcement.

   Pvt. Charles Henry Harrison, 20, U. S. Army, Infantry, 79th Division was wounded in action Nov. 14, 1944, in France, according to a government telegram and letter received by the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harrison of Corsicana.  A shrapnel wound was received in the hip.  A 1941 Corsicana High graduate.  Harrison entered the armed forces March 29, 1944 and went overseas Sept. 14, 1944.

   Steve Thompson of Corbet, U. S. Armed forces, has been wounded in action in Germany, according to information received by his wife of Corbet, it was revealed Tuesday, Dec. 5, 1944.  He is the first Corbet boy wounded in the present war.

   Pfc. Jack H. Holloway, 19, U. S. Army, was seriously wounded in action Nov. 19, 1944, in France, according to a war department telegram received by his mother, Mrs. Mittie Holloway, 817 South Eighteenth and One-Half street, Corsicana.  he had been in the armed forces two years and went overseas in September, 1944.  He attended State Home School.


  • The Corsicana Daily Sun - Wednesday, December 6, 1944

  • Submitted by Diane Richards


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