Total Casualties Navarro County Men Since Beginning Of War Now Number Twenty
December 11, 1942

Navarro County, Texas


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   Twenty of Navarro County  have been killed, captured or reported "missing in action," since America entered the war, with, five officially reported wounded in action. This list does not include former Navarro county boys who enlisted or were inducted from their present homes and addresses.

All of the casualties were not reported from the battle fronts, but their injuries or deaths occurred while in the armed forces. The army, navy, and marine corps are represented in the list.

1. Victor Ed Watts, seaman, SS Arizona, was killed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked, drawing the United Slates into the war.

He was the first to lose his life.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Watts, Corsicana, Route 1, he graduated from Corsicana High school in 1936, and had been in the navy more than three years.

Carter Kirven, Corsicana, U. S. navy, was wounded at Pearl Harbor, later was discharged and is now reported a civil service employee on the Pacific Coast with naval operations.

2. William Carl Chapman, sergeant, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Chapman, Blooming Grove, accidentally killed at Ventura, Calif., by a pistol, March 5, 1942.

3. Lt. George H. Bennett, fatally Injured in San Diego, Bay plane crash. Husband of Judith Polk Bennett of Corsicana, now an officer in the WAACS.

 4. Vcrnon Fate Puckett, chief machinist mate, U.S. navy, Manilla, Philippines, reported missing-May 9, 1942.

3 Corporal Georgie L,. McCafferty, U. S. army, Corrigedor, missing in action, May 28, 1942. Mother, Mrs. Agnes McCafferty, 812 West Eleventh avenue.

6. Harold Carter, pharmacist mate, U S. navy, prisoner of war, German camp, France. Husband of Sybil O'Daniel Carter of Corsicana, June 3, 1942.

7. Norman Lee Gilbreath, 21, U. S. army, missing in Philippines. June 9, 1942. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Floyd Gilbreath, Corsicana 1.

8. Hugh Garland, U. S. army, June 11, 1942, missing in action, Java. Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Garland of Mildred.

9. Dayton Mayo, U. S. army, missing, June 12, 1942. Inducted with Kerens battery in November, 1940. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Mayo.

10. Jack Kenner, army, missing in action, Java, June 18, 1942. Son of Mrs. Louis Hollan, El Paso, formerly of Corsicana.

11. Billy J. Sawyer, army, Philippines, missing, June 26, 1942 Mother, Mrs. Doia Sawyer, Dawson.

12. Corporal Claude Thomas Thompson, Judy 2, 1942, aged 21, killed in Louisiana when tank fell through bridge. Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Thompson.

13. James E. Hinkle, private, first class, marines, prisoner of war of Japs, Central Chinese Internment camp. Parents are Mr and Mrs. J. W. Hinkle of Barry.

14. Lt. W. M. Taylor, Jr., U. S. air corps, missing in action, July 20, 1942, Philippines, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor, Corsicana.

15 Aviation Cadet J. D. Gillam, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alton N. Justiss, Corsicana, fatally injured July 21 in plane crash near Houston. Stationed Lake Charles air training camp.

10. Pvt. Hushel Reeves, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Reeves, Frost, missing in action in Philippines Aug. 18, 1942, at Bataan.

17. Leonard M. Power, U. S. army, missing in action, Philippines, Aug. 22. Enlisted in 193!s. Son of Mrs. Belle Schitosky, 1716 North Beaton street.

18. Robert Porter Mangum mess attendant, first class, navy, missing Sept. 18. 1942. Son of Eldridge Mangum, Kerens.

19. James Norman Brlnkley, seaman, second class, navy. Killed in action Nov. 5, 1942. Son of James W. Brinkley, 811 South Beaton street.

20. Percy N. Kelly, U. S. navy son of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Kelly, 1908 Wnst First avenue, "missing in action." Graduate of Purdon High school.

In addition to those enumerated above.

Paul Harshaw of Dallas, reared in Corsicana, all-state football player, was fatally injured In a plane crash, Las Vegas, Nev., last spring.

Lieut.-Com. Jerry Steward, 47, Steward's Mill, Freestone county, USN, missing in action, Manila area, last June.

First Lieut. Thames E. Brown, Jr., 26, formerly of Richland, died at Fort Bennlng, Ga., June 30, after a short Illness and was buried at Richland.

Staff Sergeant Robert J. Page, Jr., Luke Field, Ariz., Nov. 11, 1942, died of natural causes. Buried at Dresden. Several instances have been reported of relatives not having any word directly or indirectly from boys in the battle zones In many months.

Wounded include:

Carter Kirven, Pearl Harbor, U.S. navy, reported April 13, 1942.

Oct. 23, 1942, Capt. Richard D. Salter, USA air corps, wounded in action, Oct. 16, Aleutian Islands. Hit Japanese cruiser at Kiska Island.

Oct. 29, 1942, Toy E. Dixon, chief petty officer, navy, Australia. Entered navy in 1940 from Kerens. Mother resides at Waldo, Ark. Wounded.   

Nov. 28, 1942, Pfc. Gideon Taylor, U. S. marines, Solomon Islands. Wounded. Wife and parents, County Commissioner and Mrs. Jim Taylor, reside Corsicana Route 1.

Nov. 30, 1942, Pfc. Durand O. Mann, army, lost three fingers of right hand when he fell between railroad cars while on furlough Stationed at Muskogee, Okla.


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