Patrick Henry Osborne
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Patrick Henry Osborne
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Patrick Henry Osborne was born on 4 September 1843.  He was the son of Ephraim Brevard and Nancy (Smith) Osborne.  

Patrick served in Dresden's Texas Cavalry Company I, 19th Texas Cavalry Regiment as a private.  At the time of his enlistment he was between 18 and 20 years of age.  He enlisted initially on April 12, 1862 but was discharged on Dec 13, 1862.  He re-enlisted march 1, 1864.  He was 5' 4 3/4" tall, had dark complexion, black eyes, and brown hair.  He married Elizabeth Womack and was a farmer.

An interesting sketch of his life was written by his brother, Edwin Augustus Young Osborne in 1914.  It reads:

Patrick Henry Osborne b. Sept. 4, 1843. Lives with brother James near Frost, Texas.
   He was some six years younger than myself. As a child he was bright, intelligent and active, but somewhat irritable and discontented. Still, he was affectionate, and I was devotedly fond of him, and we were thrown together until he was 12 or 14 years old. After that I was away from home a great deal at work or at school, and saw little of him. Still my love for him was warm and devoted, and continues so until this day. My brother Patrick showed no disposition to be pious as he was growing up, but his morals were good, though fond of company that was somewhat rollicking in habits.
   He married young, and settled down to make a living for his family and seemed to have been doing fairly well, until there came into the community a band of fanatics professing entire sanctification, or holiness. He, being ignorant and not instructed in the Gospel, was taken in by them. They professed to have all things in common, so my brother broke up his establishment, sold what he had, and went off with them taking his wife and little children with him. Soon the company broke up and everything was lost and my brother stranded with a young and helpless family. He struggled hard to meet the situation, but the reaction was terrible, and for many years he was at sea, and wandered far before he found his proper barring. Meanwhile, his wife died, and the children grew up and found occupations in different parts of the West, and he finally drifted back to Hill county and has been with our older brother, James, near Emmett. (Frost, Texas being the post office) He will be 71 years of age September 1914, and seems to be of some assistance to my brother James where he is making his home. [View full Family Sketch].


At this time we do not know where Patrick is buried.  Some descendents of J. C. Osborne said that Patrick left on a train after J. C. died.  We are still searching for his final resting place or any evidence as to where he ended up.  ...elw

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