Post Oak Grove aka
Brushie Prairie Methodist Church
Navarro County Texas


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Photo by Dana Stubbs

Submitted by Charles Scroggins

The Post Oak Grove Methodist Church was organized October 13, 1874, by Rev. John J. Farmer in a log school house built by Mr. Thomas S. Slater. At this time there were thirty-five members received into the church. The first building was a box house 30X35 feet and was built in 1874. The second building was built during the pastorate of J. M. Baker in 1892. In 1910 the church name was changed to Brushie Prairie Methodist Church. Beginning in the fall of 1913 Brushie was placed on the Emmett Circuit, a new Parsonage was built at Emmett and the Rev. W. E. Hawkin was the new pastor.

Brother Hawkins was pastor at Brushie from 1913 till 1919.

The third and present building was built in 1927, to Sunday school rooms were added in 1953/54, under the leadership of C. B. Wilson. In 1952 the Mt. Zion Church (Alliance Hall) came into the Brushie Methodist Church.

Their have been nineteen young men that have been called for the service of their Lord.

In 1965 the Navarro Mills Lake filled and their were not enough people of the Methodist Church to keep the church in progress, so it was disbanded and the members went to Frost and Dawson. The Brushie Prairie Church roll book went to the Dawson Methodist Church. The Waxahachie Methodist Conference agreed to let the building remain as long as church services were held at least once a year.

We still have our Homecomings and also funerals. This agreement has been kept, and the building, and grounds are in very good condition.


The first thirty members names are following:

John J. Farmer

Mary Jane Farmer

Nehemia Toten

Sarah French

Alice Pruit Powell

Sarah Ann French

Ben Oliver

W. A. Carmack

F. M. Johnson

Linzie Hanson

Thomas Slater

Joe Cathoties

Mollie Pepper

S. A. Stokley

Erastus Dorris

Mary Jane Farmer

Zale French

Joe Berry

Buck French

Louis Statem

Sid Tullos

Mrs. W. A. Carmack

Polly Ann Johnson

Tom Pruit Sr.

Emma Slater

Frank Hagle

Taylor Pepper

T. L. Lummus

Henry Wilson

W. D. French

Brushie has been on a number of circuits: Frost, Dawson, Emmett, Dresden, Blooming Grove, Milford, Irene, Mount Zion, and Harmony.


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Thomas S. Slater was born in Tennessee Dec. 28, 1828. He came to Texas as a young man and served as overseer and guard of slaves for a Mr. Nelson who was the father of Hasseltine Nelson whom married Thomas S. Slater. Hasseltine's father presented her and Thomas S. Slater five slaves as wedding presents. Deeds were started on September 29, 1858 and made legal October 31, 1859; thus we know by the dates on the deeds for the five slaves that Thomas S. and Hasseltine Slater were living in Navarro County in 1858. Three children were born to them. After Hasseltine's death he married Josephine Boyston and they had four children. Following his second wife's death he married Emma French and they had six children.

During his life time Thomas S. Slater built a log school house in the Brushie Prairie Community, this effort proved to be a great influence on the Brushie Prairie Community because there have been a great number of school teachers who have gone out from this community by this man's great deed.

In 1874 Thomas S. Slater also started a church in this log school house and it was called Post Oak Grove. Mr. Slater was the first Superintendent of this church. Finally in 1910 the Post Oak Church was changed to Brushie Prairie Methodist Church.

He died July 24, 1884 and was buried in the Navarro Mill's cemetery in Navarro Co. Texas.

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John J. Farmer was born to Peter and Susania Ayers Farmer on July 30, 1820 in Franklin Co. Tennessee.

Miss Sylvania French who was born March 15, 1837 in Marshall Co. Alabama and married John J. Farmer on November 30, 1853. Between 1856 and 1858 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Farmer moved to Texas, where he served in the Confederate Army in the 19th Brigade, Texas Militia. He became a Methodist Minister and on October 13, 1874 he founded the Post Oak Church which is known today as the Brushie Prairie Methodist Church. To this union were born six children, 1. Ellen J. Farmer, Aug. 16, 1854; 2. James M. Farmer, 1856-1870; 3. Sallie A. Farmer, June 2, 1858; 4. Mary Alice Farmer, 1860-died young; 5. Rhodah Farmer, 1862; 6. John Henry Farmer, July 17, 1864-April 23, 1945 and was buried in the Dawson cemetery.

After Mrs. Farmers death John J. Farmer married Jane Peters on January 20, 1867-they had three children: 1. Ruben Farmer, 1873; 2. Minnie Farmer, 1876-married Rev. J. J. Sykes; 3. Paralee Farmer, 1878, died young.

Rev. John J. Farmer died January 5, 1867 and was buried in the Raleigh cemetery, Navarro Co. Texas.

Mr. Farmer was the father of John Henry Farmer of Dawson, Texas; who also was a great influence on the Brushie Prairie Methodist Church. He was there when the church needed him. He was always helping in time of need to pay the Preachers.


The Johnson Family came to Texas in 1852 and settled in the Brushie Prairie Community, Navarro Co. Texas. The Johnson Family gave the land of two acres for the church and cemetery, January 21, 1893.

These are the names of the Johnson family that appear on the deeds:

J. M. Johnson

W. D. Johnson

E. W. Johnson

F. M. Johnson

Mr. F. M. Johnson was born in Tennessee. He was in the Confederate Army.Page 4.



Date—Pastor Bishop—Presiding Elder

1874— R. C. Hendrix __________________________

1875— W. L. Kestler __________________________

1876— W. M. Vaughn __________________________

1877-78—R. C. Armstrong __________________________

1879-82— E. L. Armstrong __________________________

1883-84— C. S. McCarver __________________________

1885-88— N. A. Keen __________________________

1888-90— F. M. Winburne __________________________

1891— W. D. Bass __________________________

1892-93— J. M. Baxer __________________________

1894-95— R. A. Keen __________________________

1896— J. R. Hixon __________________________

1897— J. T. McKeown __________________________

1898— A. T. Culberson __________________________

1899— J. J. Canafax __________________________

1900-01-02— R. E. Stutts __________________________

1903— L. E. Riddle __________________________

1904-05— S. P. Nevill __________________________

1906— N. E. Gardener __________________________

1907— R. B. Young __________________________

1908-10— Walter Griffith __________________________

1911— H. B. Landrum __________________________

1912— H. B. Urquhart __________________________

1913— J. F. Tyson __________________________

1914-18— W. E. Hawkins, Jr. __________________________

1920— W. G. Gualtney W. N. Answorth—S. D. Porter

1922— Ben Crow W. N. Answorth—C. A. Buckley

1923— Floyd Hollingsworth James Dicky—C. A. Buckley

1924-25— H. R. Hale James Dicky—John Barcus

1925-26— D. R. Darward John M. Moore—A. W. Hall

1926-27-28— T. G. Story __________________________

1928-34— F. Wadall __________________________

1934-35— J. W. Chisholm H. H. Borg—C. R. Gray

1935-37— C. M. Buturil __________________________

1937— J. D. Ramsey __________________________

1938-39— J. Virgil Davis R. D. Story—

1939-July, 1940— F. T. Fisher __________________________

1940-41— C. R. Copland _________________________


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1941-42— Edwin Ray __________________________

1942-43— E. O. Hearne __________________________

1943— W. D. Williams __________________________

1944-45— Royce Womack __________________________

1946-47— Rev. Lockerd __________________________

1948— Joe McAfee R. D. Story—

1949— J. W. Rumballow __________________________

1950— Ben T. Welch __________________________

1952— C. B. Wilson __________________________

1956— George Matthew __________________________

1957— W. L. Milner __________________________

1959— Robert W. Sanders __________________________

1961— R. V. Lindsay __________________________

1962— Wm. H. Horick __________________________

1963— Joe D. Worley __________________________

1965— Samuel E. Monhundo __________________________


Superintendents Of Sunday School       Superintendents Assistants

1874—Tom Slater

1905-1907— J. G. Caskey                                               D. F. Brown

1906-1909— G. W. French __________________________

1910— W. D. French Mrs. Hood French

1913— J. W. Bailey Clabe French

Mr. Bailey was the last Superintendent I could find, until Mr. Abe Raley

1931—Mrs. Ollie Daniel __________________________

Edgar Raley __________________________

Truman Raley __________________________

Virgie Rene Putman __________________________

Lee Putman __________________________

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The following names are from the Brushie Prairie Methodist Church Rolls.

Note: Some names are on the list more than once, i.e. Johnnie Turner is Mrs. Harold Bell.

Adams, Aubrey Oneta

Adams, Nelda Ann

Adams, Nolan

Adams, Nolan (Mrs.)

Allen, Brenda Jewell

Anderson, J.

Anderson, Mrs. Eula D.

Armstrong, Ethel

Armstrong, Gladys

Armstrong, Ola Faye

Armstrong, Tom

Arnold, Miss Oassie

Bailey, Ellen T.

Bailey, Ernest

Bailey, Ida A. (Mrs.)

Bailey, J. C.

Bailey, J. T.

Bailey, James R.

Bailey, Jim W.

Bailey, Mabel

Bailey, Mary F.

Bailey, Roy

Bailey, Terry

Bailey, William L.

Ballew, Mabel

Barber, D. W.

Barber, D. W. (Mrs.)

Barber, Mary

Bason, M. F. (Mrs.)

Beasley, Jim

Beauchamp, Hattie (Mrs.)

Beauchamp, Hattie Velle

Beauchamp, J. W.

Beauchamp, Mattie Pearl

Beauchamp, Sarah Ola

Beauchamp, Willie Ruth

Bell, Harold

Bell, Harold (Mrs.)

Belt, Ollie (Mrs.)

Bennett, Bettie (Miss)

Bennett, Eva Lena

Bennett, Frank

Bennett, J. Q.

Bennett, James

Bennett, John

Bennett, Josie (Mrs.)

Bennett, Lawson

Bennett, Lula (Miss)

Bennett, Martha

Bennett, Monroe

Bennett, Robert H.

Bennett, William R.

Berry, Audrey (Mrs.)

Berry, Cassie (Mrs.)

Berry, Clay

Berry, Ed

Berry, Elmer

Berry, Fannie (Mrs.)

Berry, George W.

Berry, J. A.

Berry, Joe M.

Berry, L. J.

Berry, Lou (Mrs.)

Berry, Lula (Miss)

Berry, Maud (Mrs.)

Bills, A. B. (Miss)

Bills, Carmack

Bills, Eugenia (Mrs.)

Bills, Garry A.

Bills, Hallie (Miss)

Bills, Helen

Bills, Hulen

Bills, J. A. (Pete)

Bills, James (Jim) A.

Bills, Lavada Sue

Bills, May (Miss)

Bills, Nellie

Bills, R. H.

Bills, Sarah

Bills, Sarah Helen

Bills, Tenia (Miss)

Bills, Wilda

Bounds, Mary Jane Farmer

Bowen, George

Bowen, J. B.

Bowen, Robert L.

Bowen, William H.

Boyd, Ethel

Brazzelton, J. T.

Brazzelton, J. T. (Mrs.)

Breazalle, Frances

Breazalle, Lawrence

Breazalle, Martha

Breazalle, Verna (Mrs.)

Breedlove, J. R.

Breedlove, M. E.

Brown, Bettie

Brown, Charlie

Brown, David F.

Brown, Iola

Brown, M. F.

Brown, Nannie

Bruster, Palestine

Burns, Ervin

Butler, Estis W.

Butler, Joseph

Butler, William E.

Cagle, Clint

Cagle, Elmis

Cagle, Wesley

Calhoun, A. C.

Campbell, Willie

Carmack, Leona

Carmack, Mattie

Carmack, Ruth

Carmack, Sarah Jane (Mrs.)

Carmack, Susie

Caskey, Charlie

Caskey, Daisy

Caskey, Emma

Caskey, Ernest

Caskey, Ethel

Caskey, Florence

Caskey, Gertie

Caskey, J. W.

Caskey, Jesse

Caskey, Jim

Caskey, John G.

Caskey, Josie

Caskey, L. A. (Mrs.)

Caskey, Willie

Cathey, David

Cathey, John

Cathey, John (Mrs.)

Cathey, Lanelle

Cathey, Mary

Chambers, LaVerne

Chesney, Robert J.

Chunn, Jewell

Chunn, Leona (Mrs.)

Chunn, Lois Annie

Chunn, Virgio

Clark, John, Jr.

Clark, Susie

Cleveland, Annie (Mrs.)

Cleveland, Ellen

Cleveland, Grover

Cleveland, Mary

Cleveland, Wylie

Coker, Bulah

Coker, F. E.

Coker, Nora

Coker, T. E. (Mrs.)

Coker, T. O.

Coker, W. M.

Collier, Elwood

Congleton, J. H. (Mrs.)

Cook, Martha E.

Cook, Samuel

Cooper, J. C.

Cooper, Lula (Mrs.)

Cooper, Mollie

Copley, Genell

Cottongame, James

Couch, Annie Lorene

Couch, James

Couch, Lillie

Couch, Thomas

Cox, Vera Hagle (Mrs.)

Coz, Aubrey L.

Crawford, G. W.

Crawford, Herman]

Crawford, Ida (Mrs.)

Crawford, Irene (Mrs.)

Crenshaw, Harvey

Cresset, Mittie V. (Miss)

Damron, Oallie (Mrs.)

Danford, Ernest

Danford, Eula

Daniels, Bettie Sue

Daniels, Herman

Daniels, McAfee

Daniels, Ollie (Mrs.)

Darnell, C. M. (Mrs.)

Davidson, S. A. (Mrs.)

Davis, C.

Davis, Lee

Davis, Nettie

Dempsey, Annie

Dixon, Annie

Dixon, E. F.

Dixon, J. A.

Dorris, Erasrtus

Douthitt, Bettie (Mrs.)

Douthitt, J. W.

Earls, Elizabeth (Mrs.)

Earls, James

Earls, Lawson

Earls, Mary (Mrs.)

Evans, E. N.

Evans, J. A. (Mrs.)

Evans, Reece L.

Evans, Reece L. (Mrs.)

Farmer, Bulah

Farmer, Carrie (Mrs.)

Farmer, Edgar

Farmer, Minnie (Miss)

Farmer, Ruben

Felton, Ethel

Ferguson, Libbie

Fields, Carrie

Fields, M. A. (Mrs.)

Fitch, Emmie

Fitch, J. E.

Fitch, Mary

Fitch, Victoria

Fox, E. C.

Fox, Maud

Fred, Marvin

French, A. J.

French, Alice (Miss)

French, Alice (Mrs.)

French, Allie

French, Alma

French, Bedford

French, Bettye

French, Beuna

French, Carol

French, Daisy

French, Dean

French, Dezie

French, Dick

French, Dora (Miss)

French, E. J.

French, Edmon

French, Edna

French, Eliza Hood

French, Essie, (Mrs.)

French, Eunice

French, Eva

French, Fannie V. (Mrs.)

French, Fred

French, G. E.

French, G. W., Jr.

French, G. W., Sr.

French, Gardner

French, George

French, George A.

French, Huey

French, Ida (Miss)

French, Isora

French, J. M., Jr.

French, J. S.

French, J. Wilburn

French, Janie (Miss)

French, Jim Mack

French, Jimmie (Miss)

French, John Francis

French, Katie

French, Kinsey

French, L. J. (Mrs.)

French, L. R.

French, Lena

French, Lillie

French, Lorene

French, Love Ann

French, M. J. (Mrs.)

French, M. W.

French, Mary Etta (Miss)

French, Mollie

French, Myrtle

French, Nora (Miss)

French, Notie

French, P. E. (Mrs.)

French, Permelia

French, Rodney

French, Ruth

French, S. A. (Mrs.)

French, S. V. (Mrs.)

French, Sam

French, Sarah Ann

French, Sula

French, Taylor

French, Tommie

French, Troy

French, Troy, (Mrs.)

French, Vera

French, W. D.

French, W. Luther

French, Wincie

French, Zale

Frost, Bertha

Frost, Bula

Frost, J. R.

Frost, Josephine

Fryar, J. M.

Fullerton, Ira Earl

Fulton, E. N.

Gann, Oca

Gann, Sallie A. (Mrs.)

Goodman Silvania

Goodman, Imogene Putman

Goodman, John

Goodman, M. A. (Mrs.)

Graves, Pearl (Miss)

Green, Bettie

Green, Daniel

Green, Robert

Green, Ruth

Grimes, L. E.

Gross, Isaac

Guinn, Emma

Guinn, Lucy

Guinn, Lucy (Miss)

Guinn, Mary

Guinn, Rushton

Haddox, Alene Hagle

Haddox, Frank

Hagle, M. L. (Mrs.)

Hagle, Bobbie Louise

Hagle, Don

Hagle, Dorothy

Hagle, Doyle

Hagle, Doyle (Mrs.)

Hagle, Elmer

Hagle, Floyd

Hagle, Frank H.

Hagle, Harvey

Hagle, John

Hagle, Joseph

Hagle, Lelia Beatrice

Hagle, Lula

Hagle, Maggie Lee

Hagle, Nettie (Mrs.)

Hagle, Ruth

Halbrooks, Annie

Halbrooks, Bettie

Halbrooks, Lena (Mrs.)

Halbrooks, Myrtle

Hansen, A. P. (Mrs.)

Hansen, Charlie

Hanson, L. D.

Hanson, Lizzier (Miss)

Hanson, Lula (Miss)

Hardin, Walter D.

Hargroves, Billy

Hargroves, Emma

Hargroves, Glen

Hargroves, Glen (Mrs.)

Hargroves, J. W. (Bud)

Hargroves, Jewell (Mrs.)

Hargroves, Tressie Mae

Harper, Elbert

Herring, A. W.

Herring, Autry Neil

Herring, Dorothy

Herring, Mary Ann

Herring, Ollie

Herring, Ollie (Mrs.)

Hollifield, Juanita

Hollifield, Judy

Hollifield, Loyd

Hollifield, Oneta

Hollifield, Robert

Holloway, Lula

Hopkins, Bessie

Hopkins, R. B.

Hudson, P. D. (Mrs.)

Huffstuttler, Howard

Hughen, Frank

Hughen, J. L.

Hughes, Mary (Mrs.)

Hutson, Roxie (Mrs.)

Jordan, Kathy Woodall

Kelly, Bud

Kendall, Altus

Kendall, Carrie L.

Kendall, Ura

Kenemore, Emma (Miss)

Kenemore, Hettie

Kenemore, Hilary

Kenemore, J. H.

Kenemore, N. A.

Killpatrick, Minnie

Killpatrick, Myrtle

Killpatrick, Pearlie

King, Lula (Mrs.)

Kitchen, J. B.

Lamb, Linnie

Lane, Arron

Lane, Gilbert

Lane, J. R.

Lewis, Mabel Caskey (Mrs.)

Leyendecker, J. T.

Leyendecker, J. T. (Mrs.)

Leyendecker, Ola Faye

Leyendecker, Olivia

Long, Annie Lou

Long, Bertha (Miss)

Long, Lorene

Long, Mamie

Long, Nancy (Mrs.)

Lummus, Mollie (Mrs.)

Lummus, T. L.

Maggie F. Stone

Matthews, Wilton (Mrs.)

McAfee, D. S.

McAfee, Eva (Mrs.)

McAfee, N. A. (Mrs.)

McAfee, R. E.

McAfee, R. E. (Mrs.)

McAfee, Ralph

McAfee, W. M.

McCurdy, R. H.

McNutt, Mary Chasteen

Merrell, Ada (Mrs.)

Miller, J. R.

Milligan Charlie

Milligan, Adelia

Milligan, Ella

Milligan, W. H.

Mitchell, Drucilla

Mitchell, Inmon

Mitchell, M. Fletcher

Mitchell, Maysel

Mitchell, Milton

Mitchell, Tilman

Mixon, Clare

Mixon, Johnnie

Mixon, Lee

Mixon, Lee (Mrs.)

Mobley, Elmer L.

Mobley, Mattie

Mobley, R. R.

Mobley, Susan

Mobley, T. P.

Mobley, W. L.

Montgomery, John

Montgomery, Mary (Mrs.)

Moore, Jim

Napps, Charles

Napps, M. E.

Napps, Oma Mae

Napps, W. A.

Napps, Willie Burt

Northcutt, H. S.

Northcutt, H. S. (Mrs.)

Northcutt, Houston

Northcutt, Lannie

Ocola, Mrs.

Oliver, Ben

Onstott, Oleta Drain (Mrs.)

Parrish, Gussie (Mrs.)

Parton, Paul

Peppers, Mollie

Peppers, Taylor

Pevehouse, Johnnie

Phillips, Willie

Pitts, C. E.

Pitts, H. C.

Pitts, M. E. (Mrs.)

Pitts, William H.

Plunkett, Katie French

Prater, Edna

Prater, Nannie

Prater, Sam

Price, Ariel

Price, Nannie

Price, Norman Dee

Price, R. F.

Price, Simon F.

Price, Tom

Price, Vernon

Priddy, Agness

Priddy, Alice

Priddy, Curtis

Priddy, Dorothy Louise

Priddy, E. B.

Priddy, Elizabeth

Priddy, Eunice

Priddy, George

Priddy, Henry Allen

Priddy, Hershel

Priddy, J. Hoyt

Priddy, Jim

Priddy, Jim (Mrs.)

Priddy, Nolan

Priddy, Raymond

Priddy, Vesta

Pruitt, Alice

Pruitt, Annie

Pruitt, Harriett (Mrs.)

Pruitt, Jesse

Pruitt, L. T.

Pruitt, Mary

Putman, Artie

Putman, Artie (Mrs.)

Putman, Cecil

Putman, Clark

Putman, Clark (Mrs.)

Putman, Donald

Putman, Doris

Putman, Effie

Putman, J. A.

Putman, J. H.

Putman, Lee

Putman, Lee (Mrs.)

Putman, Lou E.

Putman, Patsy

Putman, Rachel

Putman, Sallie

Putman, U. E.

Putman, U. E. (Mrs.)

Putman, W. A.

Putman, W. H.

Raley, Abraham

Raley, Addie (Mrs. Alanzo)

Raley, Alanzo

Raley, Ava

Raley, Benedict

Raley, Benedict (Mrs.)

Raley, Clara

Raley, Cora (Miss)

Raley, Della (Miss)

Raley, Edgar

Raley, Elbert

Raley, Ford

Raley, Hester

Raley, Ja.

Raley, Jewell

Raley, Joe

Raley, Joyce Dale

Raley, Lometa

Raley, Luther

Raley, M. E. (Mrs.)

Raley, Mareeline

Raley, Nora

Raley, Robert

Raley, Roy

Raley, Truman

Raley, Virgie

Raley, Willie Roy

Reaves, John M.

Reece, Jerry

Reece, Maggie

Richards, J. B.

Richards, J. B. (Mrs.)

Ridgway, Annie

Ridgway, J. W.

Ridgway, Susan

Sawyer, G. M.

Sawyer, J. M.

Sawyer, Mollie

Selby, Ethel

Shelton, Pearl

Sheppard, Carl

Sheppard, Carl (Mrs.)

Shipley, J. D.

Shuttlesworth, Larry

Singleton, W. S.

Slater, Hester

Slater, Jewell

Slater, Mattie (Mrs.)

Slater, Minnie

Slater, Willie

Slater, Zena

Smith, Anna L.

Smith, Carrie E.

Smith, Cynthia A.

Smith, Lizzie

Smith, Lonnie Ruth

Smith, Pearl

Smith, Sim

Smith, Simeon

Smith, Walter

Smith, William H.

Sparkman, A. J.

Sparkman, Frankie

Sparkman, Satton

Spence, Agnes

Spence, O. L.

Spence, Redgie

Spence, Sallie, (Mrs.)

Spence, Sylvania

Spencer, S. E.

Stockeley, S. A.

Storm, C. A.

Strickland, William H.

Sulllivan, William

Sykes, Minnie

Tadlock, E. T.

Tadlock, Mattie (Miss)

Tadlock, N. E.

Talley, Catherine

Terry, Elmer

Terry, Sada

Thomas, Lorene

Thomas, Mildred

Thomas, Willie

Thorn, William

Toal, Joanna

Toten, Brit

Toten, Callie

Toten, Carmel

Toten, Carrie

Toten, Durward

Toten, Elmer

Toten, Elmer Alanzo

Toten, Hallie

Toten, James Calhoun

Toten, Jennie B.

Toten, Joanna

Toten, Josephine

Toten, Josie

Toten, Lena

Toten, Lillian (Mrs. Brit)

Toten, Lillie

Toten, Rosie

Toten, Rufus (Mrs.)

Toten, Rufus Hardy

Toten, Virgie

Toten, Willie Fields

Toten, Willie Iomagene

Toten, Zelda

Travis, Charlie

Tullos, Elbert

Tullos, Ethel (Miss)

Turner, Charles W.

Turner, Dorothey

Turner, Eva Faye

Turner, James Earl

Turner, Johnnie

Turner, Mary Wynell

Turner, R. E., Jr.

Turner, Ralph

Turner, Wanda Ruth

Vaughn, J. M.

Vaughn, J. R.

Vest, Ada Lee

Vest, Ed

Vest, Eddie

Vest, H. D. (Mrs.)

Vest, Henry

Vest, John A.

Vest, Katherine (Mrs.)

Vest, Lena

Vest, Lula Mae

Vest, Maggie

Vest, Martha

Vest, Marvin

Vest, Mattie

Vest, Maxie

Vest, Mollie

Vest, Novellah

Vest, Thomas

Vinson, Eula

Vinson, Myrtle

Vinson, R. A.

Walker, L. D.

Willis, H. P.

Wilson, Henry

Wood, Henry

Wood, Lydia

Wood, Mattie M.

Wood, Toelman

Wood, W. J.

Woodall, Daisy

Woodall, Daley (Mrs.)

Woodall, Ewing

Woodall, Ewing (Mrs.)

Woodall, Faye

Woodall, Katie (Miss)

Woodall, Maraupice

Woodall, Telfair

Woodall, Tell

Woodall, Tell (Mrs.)

Woods, Bob

Woods, Dixie

Woods, Dollie

Woods, Edna

Woods, Ethel

Woods, J. H.

Woods, L. A.

Woods, Martha

Woods, Myrtle

Woods, Virgie

Woods, Willie

Worthy, Edgar

Worthy, Odesa

Worthy, Raymond

Wright, Geo. W.

Young, Arria (Miss)

Young, J. H.

Young, Josie

Young, Martha (Miss)

June 28, 1981

From Myrtle (French) Whitener

Dear Friends,

I would like to express my thanks, to you for making this a great day.

I thank you for trusting me with the money for restoring the Brushie Prairie   Methodist Church. It is a great part of my life. The people that helped, and meant so much in my young life, that I will never forget are Mrs. Gertie French, and Mrs. Charles Turner. I know there is only one place that is better than Brushie Prairie and that is HEAVEN. I have never moved away.

Following are the names that gave money In Memory of loved ones, to restore the Church.

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ballew

Mrs. Willie Barnes

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bell

Drucila Berry

Minnie Lee Calhound

Mrs. Peggy Putman Cannon

Mrs. Margaret Sumerall Clause

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cook

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Couch

Mrs. Vera Cox

Irene Hagle Crawford

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Crawford

McAfee Daniel

Mrs. Haden Farmer

Cecil French

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin French

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene French

Mrs. J. M. French

Katie French

Radney French

Mrs. Sulleta French

The Tom French Family

Mr. & Mrs. Victor French, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Victor French, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Ted French

Margie Flynn

Mrs. Lurene French Green

Paul Green

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Hagle

Billy Hargroves

Mrs. James Hargroves

Hasting Harrison

Lorene Hendrick

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Hollingworth

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Howard

Mrs. Lorene Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kendall

Mrs. Wanda Green King

Mr. & Mrs. Roger (Betty Whitener) Leathers

Mr. & Mrs. David Lipcomb

Mr. & Mrs. James Mahoney

Mrs. Patsy Putman Mahone

Mr. & Mrs. R. E. McAfee

Mr. & Mrs. Edward McNutt

Mrs. Edna Earl Montgomery

Wynell Turner Niswanger

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O'Dell

Mrs. Mable Hagle Perser

Mrs. Emily Parrish Polly

Mr. & Mrs. Jack (Imogene Toten) Porter

Mrs. Geraldean Price

Mrs. Virgie Toten Priddy

Mr. Cecil Putman

Mrs. Lee Putman

Mrs. Wendell Putman

Mr. Joyce Raley

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Sheppard

Mrs. Phillis Truley

Roy Raley

Mr. & Mrs. Truman Raley

Mrs. F. B. Sherman, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Slater

Mr. & Mrs. Jessie (Tootsie) Slater

Mr. & Mrs. Grady Summerall

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Sykes

The Bob Thompson Family

Mrs. Pearl B. Thompson

Robert Sam Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. W. O. (Bill) Thomas

Mrs. Charles Turner

Mrs. Artie Wakins

Mr. & Mrs. Harlin Whitener

Mrs. Estelle Crawford Williams



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