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6/11/2003 Baxter takes on Kerens' business

By MICAH CHAPLIN/Daily Sun Staff

Joe Baxter was away from Kerens for just a year and a half before he realized he wanted to be back.

"This is home," Baxter said.

Baxter, who is the new mayor of Kerens, has resided in the town since 1931, minus his brief departure.

After graduating from Kerens High School, Baxter worked for 21 years for the American National Insurance Company. He also spent 26 years in the Texas National Guard.

In addition, he is a farmer and rancher in Kerens and Navarro County and father to four children. Rusty, who lives in Beckville, and Steve, Susan and Christine, who all live in Kerens.

"I like the people and the size of this town," Baxter said. "My father's people were all raised here. When he died, my brother and I assumed his responsibilities, ranch and interests."

Baxter served on city council many years ago and returned to the council recently. This year, however, he decided to run for mayor.

"I was serving on the council at the time, and I felt I would be able to better myself as mayor of Kerens," Baxter said. "I felt like enough wanted a choice on mayor and I was encouraged to run."

Kerens has many projects on the table right now, including acquiring a building for a new library, upgrading the sewer system and repairing the streets.

"I suppose everyone's repairing streets," Baxter said.

For the sewer system, the city recently received a $250,000 grant.

Though only in his first month of office, Baxter feels he has much to offer the residents of Kerens through his service.

"I will work to live up to the confidence and trust the voters put in me when they elected me mayor," Baxter said.

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