Josiah Martin "Joe" Daniel, Sr.
Navarro County, Texas


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Joe M. Daniel, baptized Josiah Martin Daniel, was born Jan 27, 1880, in Wadesville, Navarro Co., Texas.  This town ceased to exist when the Cottonbelt Railroad was built and the inhabitants moved to Kerens.

Further military recognition came to Col. Daniel during the administration of Gov. Beauford Jester who appointed him as the first chairman of the Veteran's Affairs Commission on August 12, 1947.

When Mr. Daniel died February 20, 1968, the American Legion, Department of Texas, passed a memorial resolution in Houston, Texas, at their next Annual State Convention on August 11, 1968.  This was resolution #45.  A memorial from the Dept Headquarters of the American Legion in Austin was passed plus a Bible and U.S. flag being sent to his widow.  A letter from the late President Lyndon Johnson was also sent to Mrs. Daniel.

A Resolution #90 was passed by the Texas House of Representatives in his honor.

His children were included since they received personal copies of all these memorials.

History was Mr. Daniel's hobby.  He spent much time in Austin in the archives studying and taking notes.  He was one of the organizers of the Navarro County Historical Society and acted as its first president.  He wrote a book on the history of Navarro and surrounding counties which one of his grandsons, Josiah III, is editing.

by Margaret Daniel Red

Notes:  Veteran of WWI & WWII

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