The Price Family
of Navarro County, Texas


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The Price Family of Navarro Co Texas
Submitted by Carl W. Matthews


The Price Family name has been permanent and prominent in the Kerens area of Navarro County, Texas for more than a century.   Residents living there in the 1930s and 1940s will remember the Price children…Carolyn, Ted, and Perry, and will remember, as well, their parents…….Weymon Adair and Hattie Icelee Arnett Price….who lived in the white house on Hiway 31.   




A cute little thing with auburn hair and mischief always on her mind, who became a paraplegic as the result of an automobile accident in 1945, but who was never disabled in mind or attitude.  


The Peter Arnett Family was found in the 1790 census in Anson Co NC. Sarah Arnett was born 1760.    John Thomas Arnett, b1850 GA…married Sarah Gilcrease in Navarro Co TX in 1875.   They had five sons and one daughter. John Wesley Arnett, Wade James Arnett, George Rubin Arnett, Benjamin Burt Arnett,  William Thomas Arnett, and Matilda Arnett.                  




The kind, hard working, no nonsense farmer who loved his family….who lived daily the religion he embraced each Sunday at the Presbyterian Church.    


Together, they lived and loved for more than a half century and set a sterling example for their children…and…for all who knew them.




The earliest Price names were to be found in Wales.      

Matthew Price          b. 1510 lived at  Newton Hall, Montgomeryshire, Wales.   

He was followed by Richard Price I        b. 1530 and

Richard Price II b. 1555      Manvan, Montgomeryshire, Wales


John Price I   b.1584 lived at  Montgomeryshire, Wales , but apparently, migrated to the Virginia Colony early in the 1600s.   His son John Price II b. 1627 at Henrico Co VA  married Rowen there.    The area was near present day Richmond.  


It was there that    John Price III   b. 1650 married Jane Pugh…. and John Price IV b. 1690 married Hannah Williamson.   Their son, William Price, married Hannah Burton.   Another son, Daniel Price, married his cousin, Mary Williamson.


Pugh Price, son oe John II and Jane Pugh Price,  had a son, Pugh Price II, who settled in Fayette Co KY.


It was at this point in time that several members of the Henrico CO VA Price family migrated to Chester Co SC.    The will of Thomas Price was filed there 1781.  Daniel Price had migrated there and had two sons,  Cutbert Price and Daniel Price Jr.   Both names would surface again and again in the Price family as they migrated westward to Kerens, Texas.     A John Price who was found in Chester Co SC in the census of 1790 was, possibly, another son.


The 1850 Chester Co SC census presented a Daniel Price III born 1794 and was married to Mary Gunn.     Daniel had a brother whose name was John Price.


Cutbert Price, son of Daniel Sr Price, was born 1766 and married Margaret  Dorsey in Henrico Co VA, migrated to Chester Co SC, and was said to have died there in 1834.   Their children were said to have included the following:


Joseph Price               who married  Mary Polly Dorsey,

daughter of  Cornelius  Dorsey who died at Chester Co SC in1820.

                                    Possible son…Alexander C Price     who was found in the 1840

Walker Co AL census and who had a son whose name was Alexander             Cornelius Price


Interesting:   The Bible of Johnson Dorsey b. 1815 and who married Sarah Glass in 1836 was found in an old house at Palestine, Anderson Co TX


Cutbert Price              who married Margaret Straight in 1827 in Green Co AL and died there before 1832.    Margaret Straight Price was remarried to Joseph Trussell in 1832 in Green Co AL.    Both were killed by slaves in 1835.   The name Trussell was connected to the Price family in Chester Co


Sally Price                  who married 1825  John Ritchey in Green Co AL.    William Richey married c1825 Margaret Ann ADAIR and lived in Pickens Co Alabama.  Elizabeth ADAIR married Robert Dale in Pickens Co AL  John  & Margaret Richey  were in SC in the 1770s.   Sarah Jane Ritchey was found at Tuscaloosa AL in 1852.  She had a brother whose name was Curry Ritchey.




                                    James ADAIR Sr married Ann Stevenson b.1742 in CHESTER Co SC

                                    Her father, David, came to live with them in Chester Co SC

                                                Did a Price marry into this family?

Their daugher, Elizabeth Adair, married Robert Dale in Pickens Co AL, later migrated to Lowndes Co MS.    The Price-Adair-Ritchey Families lived in the triangle of Green-Pickens-Tuscaloosa Cos. AL

                                    Robert Sidney Adair married Elizabeth Posey

                                    Robert Sidney Adair b1826 GA…m. Lucy Jane Price…

dau of James b1818 and Emeline Price  Gwinnett Co GA, but may have migrated from SC

                                    Francis Farmer Adair m. 1818 Nancy Apperson, Morgan Go GA  He was born Laurens Co SC  Mary Adair m. John Apperson.   All four lived Augauga Co AL.



Zadock  Adair & Sarah Kelly b1784  Laurens Co SC

Weyman Adair (1808-1853)

Zadock “Odeor”   m Sarah Wood 1808 KY

                                    Weyman Adair married 1836 Delthia Stauntan DeBerry

parents of

                                    Mary Delthia Adair b.1837

                                    Zadock Adair died 1853 Lauderdale Co MS..just west Green Co AL

                                    Weyman Adair m. 1847 Talapoosa Co AL Carolina Conant



Elizabeth Price           who  married 1825  William Read     in Green Co AL


Thomas J  Price         who was born 1794-in Chester Co SC.    It was there that he

met and married Married  Elenor Lewis. 


Elenor was the daughter of Moses  Lewis who born at Richmond VA and died in Chester Co SC.  After Moses died, his wife, Elizabeth Lewis migrated to Green Co AL with her daughter Elenor.    Elenor had two sisters, Charity Lewis Parks, who lived at Battlefield, Lauderdale Co MS, and Elizabeth Lewis.


Thomas J and Elenor Lewis Price migrated from Chester Co SC to Green Co Alabama.    Some references indicate they may have lived for a time in Walker Co Alabama prior to migrating to Green Co. where many of their children married.   They would migrate once more to Anderson Co Texas.


Both are buried there at Prices Chapel Cemetery which is located three mile North of Palestine TX and east of Hiway 155.   










It was in Green Co Alabama in 1852 that Elenor Price wrote a letter to her sister,  Charity Lewis Parks, Battlefield, Lauderdale Co MS which is located just across the state line from Green Co AL.    Her father was Moses Lewis and she had  a second sister, Elizabeth.     She referred to her husband as “Mr. Price, and mentions Weyman,  Cutberth, William,, Sammy T, Daniel,…and she is….. “giving up about going to Texas.”    

                            (Trussell collection at University of Texas Library at Arlington, Texas)



The following children appear in various Green Co Alabama records.


Margaret S Price                   1818-1824    She lived for six years


Cutbert Lewis Price               1821-1899                   Cutbert Lewis Price was married in Green Co in 1849  to Elizabeth A Johnson.    The 1860 Anderson Co Texas census records C L Price is married to E A.    Their son was John Caldwell Price.  Eleanor Price, in her will of 1862, mentions her son, C L Price.


William S Price                       1824-                           William S Price was married in Green Co Alabama in 1856 to Mary Ann Cockrell.     They had a son,  Weyman Adair Price, who was born before 1862 and was named after a younger brother of William S Price.


Elizabeth A Price                    1826-                           Elizabeth A Price was married in Green County Alabama in  1847  to  Thomas Peter Hamilton  b.1826, a son of James Monroe Hamilton.    He was a grandson of  Capt Peter Thomas Hamilton who died in Green Co AL in 1850.   Capt. Hamilton had married a second time in 1841 to Ann Posey, dau of William Posey of Green Co Alabama.   He was murdered by slaves who wanted off July 4.   Interesting is the fact that Adren Posey  1830-1912 CSA  is buried at Prairie Point Cemetery near Bazzette/


Samuel Thomas Price            1831-                           Samuel Thomas Price was married in

Green Co Alabama in 1852 to Sarah Otts.    Samuel T Price is mention as a son in the 1862 will of Lenor Lewis Price at Anderson Co Texas.    Posey Otts married Virginia Anderson and was living in Young Co Texas in 1871 when a daughter was born.  The Posey name surfaces a number of times with Price and related families. A number of Price families are found inYoung Co Texas.


Susan Price                                                                 Susan Price was married in Green Co Alabama in 1855  to Amos Lay.     Amos Lay was, probably, the son of Amos Lay Sr. who was born in Virginia in 1800, and a grandson of Emanuel Lay who had migrated to Green Co Alabama from Chester Co SC between 1834 and 1837.        The Lay Family was related to the Hardin Family.   Some member of the Lay family migrated to Scott Co MS.                 


Weyman Adair Price  1836-                           Weyman Adair Price did not marry in Green Co Alabama.    He would have been eighteen years of age when the family migrated to Anderson Co Texas in 1854.




Thomas J and Elenor Lewis Price migrated from Green Co Alabama to Anderson Co Texas in 1854.,.    Cutbirt Lewis Price & his family may have settled there as early as 1851, the year their son, T. E. Price,  was born.






Elanor Price was listed #137  as Head of Household with Weyman and Sarah Price living with her.    Thomas J Price had died in 1858 and Weyman had married Sarah Ann Gray in January of 1860.  Eleanor was sixty…b1800….was a farmer.     Her real property was listed as $1700, personal property was $9000.         SC was listed as her birthplace.    Weyman was listed as twenty-four years of age….Sarah Ann was twenty-two.    Weyman and  Sarah were shown to have been  born in Alabama.   Sarah was, actually, born in Illinois.


Weyman Adair Price b1836 had married Sarah Ann Gray b1838… in Anderson Co Texas on January 26, 1860.    Two years later he would be serving in the Confederate Army.  Four of the Albritton sons would serve as well.   Matthew Ford Albritton married Pelina Gray, Sarah’s sister.     John Gray 1845-1927, Sarah’s brother, would, also, serve.   All were buried at the Prairie Point Cemetery near Bazzette, Texas.


William Gray, Sarah’s father, was Head of Household at # 782.    He was fifty-four, born NC, his real property was $1600, his personal property $6230.   His wife, Sally, was fifty and was born in Tennessee.    Their son, John Gray, age 15, was born in Illinois.   Three younger children were born in Texas….Melvina & Pelina, age 12, and Leonard, age 8.       The Gray family, apparently,  migrated from North Carolina to Tennessee to Illinois …then to Texas in 1845.


C L Price was listed as #161.    This was Cutbert Lewis Price, age thirty-nine, a farmer, born Alabama, his real property was listed as $1600., his personal property $10,900.    E A was shown as his wife…she was thirty years old.    He had married Elizabeth A Johnson in Green Co Alabama.    Their children were  T E age 9 (f), F E age 7 (m), S E age 4 (f), and  C J age 1 (f).      Cutbert & Elizabeth may have settled in Anderson Co Texas as early at 1851 based on the fact that their first son was born in Texas that year.


Samuel T Price and William S Price, children mentioned in the 1862 will of Elenor Lewis Price and who married in Green Co Alabama, are not shown in the 1860 Anderson Co census.


W S Price was found in Navarro Co. Texas and was one of the first to build a residence in the new town of Kerens, Texas in 1881.      This must have been William S Price, son of Thomas J and Elenor Lewis Price.    He was born in 1824 and would have been fifty-seven in 1881.   He and his brother, Weyman Adair Price, signed the 1888 petition to organize the town of Kerens.     His brother, Weyman Adair Price had a son whose name was William Sidney Price who was born after 1862, but it is doubtful that he would have made such a purchase at the age of nineteen or younger.


Samuel T Price was living at the time of his Mother’s 1862 will, but he was not found in Anderson Co or in adjacent counties.


Thomas Price was listed at # 951.     He was 51 and born in Georgia, but his children were born in Arkansas and Louisiana.   The names Daniel, Thomas J, and William indicate that these Prices were “kin,”    probably  first cousins who kept in touch despite distances.



Elenor Lewis Price died July 29, 1862

Her will was recorded in Anderson Co Texas.





Anderson County





                        I, Elenor Price of the County and State aforesaid, do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament…..hereby revoking and annulling all and every will by me heretofore made.


            `           FIRST, I direct and desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.


                        SECOND, I give and bequeath to my son C L Price my two Negro men slaves, Henry and Japee


                        THIRD,  I give and bequeath to my Grandaughter,  Elenor Abigail Price, daughter of my son, William S Price, my Negro girl, Leatha, age about ten years.


                        FOURTH, I give and bequeath to my Granddaughter, Texana Eleanor Price, daughter of my son C L Price, my Negro girl,  Alice,  age six years.


                        FIFTH,  I give and bequeath to my Grandson, Weyman A Price, son of my son, William S Price, my Negro girl, Dolly, about ten years of age.


                        SIXTH, I give and bequeath to my daugher-in-law, Sarah Ann Price, wife of my son, Weyman A Price,  my Negro girl, Zaney,  about seven years of age.


                        SEVENTH,   I give and bequeath to my son, Samuel T Price, my Negro woman, Sally, age about forty-two years.


                        EIGHTH,  I give and bequeath to my son, Weyman A Price, the following Negro slaves










I also give and bequeath to my said son, Weyman A Price, the plantation upon which I now reside and all the farming utensils  of every kind whatever and all the livestock,  horses, mules, cattle, and hogs, and all my property of every kind and description, household and kitchen, furniture,  books and papers not herein  before disposed of.   


But, as my son, Weyman A Price, is now in the army of the Confederate States exposed to all the perils of war and may not live to return to his family, I desire and direct that in the event that my son, Weyman A Price, not return safely to his family, discharged from  the conflict raging between the Confederate States and the United States, then and in that event, I give and bequeath my Negro slaves…Jack, Sampson, Danny, Andy, Tenor, Watsy, Peter, and Oliver to my little Grandson,  William S Price, the son of my said son, Weyman A Price.


And, I further direct and desire that my said little Grandson, William S Price, die before he arrives at the age of twenty one years, then and in that event, I direct and desire that the said Negro slaves last above mentioned, shall be divided to and amongst my Grandchildren  then living  and being the Granchildren of my four sons herein named and their descendents.


And, I further direct and desire that should my said son, Weyman A Price, not return in safety, discharged from the war as aforesaid, then, in that event the plantation, farming utensils, live stock, horses, mules,  cattle and hogs,  household and kitchen, furniture & books be sold and the proceeds arising from the sale to be divided as follows:   Five hundred dollars to be paid to my son, Samuel T Price, and the balance to be divided amongst my said Grandchildren, unless my said son, Weyman A Price, is safely discharged from the war to his family…and in that case my will and desire is that the property mentioned in this eighth article of my will all go to him as therein stated.


                        NINTH, I do hereby constitute and appoint my two sons, C L Price and Weyman A Price, the executors of this my last will and testament and I provide that either of them may, in the absence of the other, execute this my will alone, or if one of them dies or declines to execute this will the other may act alone.


And, I hereby direct and provide by this my last will and testament that no other action shall be had in the County Court relating to my estate on the settlement thereof, that the Probate and registration of this my last will and testament and the return of an inventory of my estate..


And, I do further provide and direct that no surety shall be required of my said executors or either of them herein before named.


                                                                                    Signed   ELENOR PRICE


Thomas  J Word

Henry Atkinson




STATE OF TEXAS                          )(          Inventory of the property belonging to the

County of Anderson                       )(          Estate of Eleanor Price   dec’d

September 26, 1862                         )(



555 acres of Land                 appraised @ $4. per ac                                $          2222.

Negro Man               Henry                                                                                     600

                                    Jesse                                                                                       700.

Negro Goy                Sampson                                                                               450.

                                    Andy                                                                                      700.

                                    Peter                                                                                       400.    

                                    Oliver                                                                                     400.

                                    Jack                                                                                        400.

Negro Girl                 Fannie                                                                                    800.

                                    Wathy                                                                                    550.

                                    Lenor                                                                                     700.

                                    Leattia                                                                                    500.

                                    Zona                                                                                       175.

                                    Alice                                                                                       200.

                                    Dolly                                                                                      300.

Negro Woman          Sally                                                                                       300.


1 young mare                                                                                                           150.

1 mule jack                                                                                                               175.    

1 mule jack                                                                                                               140.

1 yoke of old oxen                                                                                                   25.

1 yoke of young oxen                                                                                             50.

1 yoke of good oxen                                                                                               75.

1 lot of hogs    57 in number @ $5. per head                                                       255.

22 head cattle  @ $6                                                                                                  132.

1 lot fodder                                                                                                               60.

1 lot new corn                                                                                                           867.

1 lot old corn                                                                                                                        75.

5 bales cotton                                                                                                           225.

1 steer wagon                                                                                                           50.

4 log chains                                                                                                               8.

1 lot of plows and single trees                                                                              19,.

1 lot of hames and trace chains                                                                             9.

1 lot sundry forming tools                                                                                     13.75

1 lot new work for wagons                                                                                    16.50

1 Loom  $7.50      1 workbench and screw    $1.50                                              9.00

1 lot peas                                                                                                                   27.50

1 grind rock   $3.    a sythe   $5.00                                                                         8.

1 iron rake  $ .75       2 buckets & wash pan   $2.                                                            2.75

1 side saddle, blanket,  and bridle                                                                       9.

2 wheels & …something                                                                                        14.

4 pr cards   $7.5                     7 chairs  $3.50                                                           11.

3o yds domestic @  $ .50 per yd                                                                            15.

16 yds domestic @ $ .25 per yd                                                                              4.00

40 yds home made cloth                                                                                        12.25

1 lot coffee (Pis)  $12.50      1 box  $ .25                                                               12.75

1 lot tools and steel yard tools   $8           1 clock  $12.                                       20.

2 smoothing irons  $1         2 tables   $2.                                                              3.0

1 lot crockrey ware   bottles   Vc                                                                           20.

1 lot books  $5          1 pr sissors   $1.50                                                                6.50

2 beds   2 bvewdsteads & bed-clothing                                                              65.

1 trunk           1 box              1 carpet sack                                                             5.

1 lot cooking utensils                                                                                             15.

3 pails  $3                  1 churn and tin ware & sundries                                      9.

1 meat grinder $2.75            barrels & coffee mill                                               4.25

1 half bushel  $1.50             9 bu wheat   $18                                                       19.50

2 pots  $12.                1 lot plows & sundries   $9.25                                           21.25

1 lot iron bands & sundries                                                                                   3.50

1 set blacksmith tools                                                                                             50.

200 lbs iron   $40.                 1 lot coal   $3                                                             43.

Crop potatoes                                                                                                           35.

31 ½  dollars in specie                                                                                            31.50

112 dollars in paper money                                                                                   112.


                        TOTAL                                                                                  $11,786.10


Submitted to Anderson Co. Court

By       C L Price  &  Calloway Dial

October 29, 1862








The name…Weyman Adair Price…may be traced to the Laurens Co SC marriage of Thomas Adair and Nancy Weyman.    Their son, Zadock Adair, married Sarah Kelly and became parents of  Weyman Adair, born 1808.   Rev. Weyman Adair married Delithia DeBerry in Laurens Co SC.   Rev. Wayman Adair, probably a son of Zadock Adair, married Caroline Canant in 1847 at Tusculoosa Co AL, a county adjacent to Green Co AL where the Joseph T Price family settled.     Zadock Adair lived in Perry Co AL, also adjacent to Green Co AL….and was found in the 1850 Texas census living in Houston Co, next door to Anderson Co where the Green Co AL Price Family had migrated in the same decade.


Could it be that The Rev. Weyman Adair was a preacher living in Tuscaloosa AL and was pastor of the church where the Thomas J Price Family attended.  Was he related to the family in some way?     Regardless, when the boy child was born to Thomas J and Elenor Lewis Price in 1836…he was given the name.. Weyman Adair Price.


The name was passed on to a son born to William S Price prior to 1862 and when the boy child was born to Weyman and Sarah Ann Gray Price between 1860 and 1862…he was named William Sidney Price for his uncle…and known in the Kerens area as “Will Sidney” Price.


The 1862 will of Elenor Lewis Price clearly left the bulk of her estate to Weyman Adair Price…her youngest son….suggesting that the three other sons had received their inheritances earlier.   Cutbert Lewis Price was shown in the 1860 have accumulated a sizable estate.    William S Price settled at some point in Navarro Co and was a prominent citizen there by 1881 when he “moved to the new city of Kerens.”


Weyman Adair Price…did…return safely to his family after the hostilities of the Civil War ended.  He had served in the 13th Regiment Texas Cavalry.   Three Price names appear on the muster of “D” Company….Weyman A Price, Samuel T Price, & Josiah Price. 



Weyman & Sarah filed CSA Pension applications in Navarro Co

Weyman        #  31989     shown as Wyman Price

Sarah              # 36313

                                                             (Jan Wallace    [email protected])





The 13th Texas Cavalry mustered with men from northeastern Texas counties in February 1862 and reorganized in May 1862 at Porter Springs, Houston Co. Texas.    The unit trained briefly north of Tyler and in July departed for Arkansas.     Thirty men died in July and August when an epidemic of measles and typhoid fever struck the camp.  The unit was deployed along the White River in northern Arkansas during the month of October, saw no action, but encountered severe freezing rail.    The unit returned to Camp Nelson near Austin AR where sickness, again, began to claim more lives.  Rations were limited and of poor quality.    Twenty-five men died in November alone.    The muster in June 1863 revealed that almost two hundred men had died or become disabled and discharged.


It was January 1863 that the unit was ordered to reinforce a post on the Arkansas River, but  it was captured by General Sherman before they arrived.   They were redirected to construct defensive earthworks upriver to counter a Union threat that did not materialize.  More men died, however, from the freezing rain before the unit was ordered to winter quarters.


The unit experienced a single brief skirmish in 1863 where one man was killed.  The balance of the year was spent on picket duty on the Red River.     During the spring of 1864 the unit moved to Louisiana and, when threatened by a Union force of 40,000, retreated in confusion.  Five men were captured.   Later, the unit participated in the Battle of Pleasant Hill where ten men were killed and forty-one wounded.    The unit was in Shreveport in January and ordered to return to Texas in the spring.   Most members of the 13th Texas Cavalry were home on leave when the surrender at Appomattox was announced.



The 1870 Navarro Co Texas census reveals that


William Gray….age sixty  and from Tennessee, is there with his wife, Sally Sinclair. His son, John Gray, lives nearby, and has a wife and two year old son.    Shown on Beat # 3 Wadeville


James and Mary Peters from Georgia are there with their family…probably related to Washburn Peters of Kerens.


Noble Wade and his family were listed.   He and his wife were from Kentucky.


A Posey from Georgia is listed.





Facts indicate that William S Price and Weyman Adair Price moved from Anderson Co Texas to Navarro Co at some point between 1870 and 1881 when William S Price purchased a lot and had a residence constructed in Kerens.    Both brothers were among the petitioners  in 1888 calling for the community of Kerens to be organized.    A search of deed records in both counties would provide the exact dates.


William S Price fades from the records and it is possible that he moved to Henderson Co.


Weyman Adair and Sarah Ann Gray Price, apparently, moved to the Bazzette area of Navarro Co where Sarah’s parents had moved prior to 1870.      Weyman and Sarah had married in Anderson Co Texas in January 1860 and were living with Weyman’s Mother, Elenor, at the time of the 1860 census.    Two years later, Weyman was in service with the Confederate Army and, their son,William S Price,  had been born.


Sarah’s parents were listed in the 1870 Navarro Co census as living in the Wadeville community.    The Texas Handbook states that Wadeville is located three miles south of Kerens, but the William Gray family and the Weyman Price  family are buried at the Prairie Point Cemetery which is located near Bazzett….three miles NORTH of Kerens.  More, Noble Wade lived north of Kerens on the road from Porters Bluff to Corsicana.


William Gray b.1808 and his wife, Sarah Sinclair Gray are buried at Prairie Point Cemetery.      Nearby are the graves of their son, John Gray, and his wife, Susan Leah Gaines.   They were married in Anderson Co.    Another son, Leonard Gray and his wife Amanda, are buried there.    Melvina Gray married a Mr. Warren and they are buried there.   Her twin sister, Pelinia married Matthew Ford Albritton.   They, too, are buried at Prairie Point Cemetery.


Weyman Adair Price 1836-1919 and Sarah Ann Gray Price are buried there.     Adjacent to their graves are two additional graves….a Mother and child.     Their son William Sidney Price had married Frances L Coulson and she and her infant child were buried there in 1892.    Frances Coulson was born in 1862 near the year in which William Sidney Price was born.


Uncle “Will Sidney” Price lived into the 1930s and was well known in Kerens by family and friends.    He would have been seventy-three years of age in 1935.   “Will Sidney” was not buried at Prairie Point Cemetery and it is probable that he remarried after the death of Frances Coulson.   He may be buried at the Kerens Cemetery.


His brother was Lewis Price and there is the possibility that his name was Cutbert Lewis Price.     Lewis Price married Rilla Wade November 27, 1896 at Navarro Co Texas.     Lewis Price and Rilla Wade were the parents of Weyman Adair Price who was born in 1903, who married Hattie Icelee Arnett.      Their second son was Wade Price.


My, but those Price families reused those family names…..









Weyman A Price

made application for a Confederate Pension

September 11, 1915


He listed his Post Office as Kerens.    He had served as a “wagonner” and teamster  and had been honorably discharged at Pine Bluff, Ark.     He was seventy-nine years of age and had been born at Green Co. AL.    He had lived in Texas since 1854 and had moved to Kerens in 1868.    He was not engaged in any type of work and his health was listed as…poor.    The house in which he lived was valued at $800.


His army unit had been organized in Texas.   He had served for about six months, in camp and after that was detailed as a “wagoner” in 1863.   Capt. Barrett of  Anderson, Rusk Co had detailed him to the “wagoner” position.   He thinks he served in Co D, 13th Texas Cavalry.


Two witnesses placed their signatures on the document….W W Hemphill and Arthur Mays.    R. R. Owen, County Judge, Navarro Co TX placed his Seal on the document.


A letter from the War Department, Texas Adjutant General’s Office stated that he had served as a private in Co D, 13th Regiment, Texas Cavalry, CSA and on the company roll January and February 1863.


PROOF OF SERVICE:         Shade Cantrell, age seventy-eight, offered proof of his service in the CSA.   Shade stated that he, Shade Cantrell, had served three years six months with Co D – 13th Texas Dismounted Cavalry with Weyman A Price.   He did not remember how long Weyman Price served, but that “He was a true, loyal soldier.”   If Price ever deserted he..Shade Cantrell….never heard of it.    Officers were remembered as Capt James Hanks and Cal. Burnett.   Shade Cantrell was a resident of Henderson Co TX


PROOF OF SERVICE:         Pink Gaines was seventy-three, a White American residing in Anderson Co. TX who served Co D – 13th Texas Cavalry for three years and three months.  He personally knew Weyman A Price and that he served over a year.   He was a good soldier and served honorably and never deserted.


The Pension was allowed….December 1, 1915










Sarah A Price

lNavarro Co TX

Listed her Post Office as Kerens

made application for a Confederate Widow’s Pension

January 9, 1919.  


She was the eighty year old widow of W E Price who had died June 11, 1919 at Navarro Co TX.    They had married January 20, 1860 at Anderson Co TX.    She was born at Macoupin Co Illinois and had resided in Texas for seventy-four years  (1845).   She had lived in Navarro Co Texas for fifty-one years (1868).   Her husband had served in the Confederate Army for four years and was in Co D commanded by Capt Jim Hanks.    He was first in the cavalry, but was later transferred to a different department.   She owned no property.


Witnesses, W R Gray and G W Speed, affixed their signatures to the document on December 9, 1919.


PROOF OF SERVICE          J W Carroll, an ex confederate soldier, stated he was eighty years of age, was well acquainted with W A Price, deceased, in his lifetime and had known him for more than fifty years.     He had reason to believe that W A Price served in the Civil War based on conversations that included events during the war.


The Pension was allowed beginning December 1, 1919.






W S Price made the application stating that he was the person entrusted with paying the accounts and indebtedness of “the Late Mrs. Sarah A Price.”   The date was July 19, 1929.  W S Price stated that the Pensioner was his mother.   His address was given as Post Office Box 62, Kerens, Texas.     P N Stockton, Undertaker in the town of Kerens, Navarro Co, Texas stated that he had charge of the body of Mrs. Sarah A Price who had died July 11, 1929.









Robert Smith


Nancy Ann Wells

Oct 24, 1816



William Allen Smith           1817

Mary G Smith                      1820                SEE BELOW

Thomas Smith                     1822

Martha Smith                       1824

Robert  Smith II                   1827                m. Sarah Frances Fanny Weeden  b1848 TX

                        Lived in Van Zant Co TX  1880s

Willaby Wells Smith          1829

James W Smith                    1833

John Nofflet Smith             1835


Stella Smith  1866-  ,  dau of John Nofflet and Fannie Wade Smith


James Frank Weeden  c1866

Son   J Frank Weeden   1899-        Evangelist, Baptist Convention of Texas



Mary G Smith  b1820


David W Sherrill

May 31, 1838



William David Sherrill       1839                m. Lou Mize

Martha Louise Sherrill       1840                m. William Bill Wade

Mary Gertrude Sherrill      1842                m. Mack Wade

James Thomas Sherrill       1845                m. Mary Molly Hodge

Bee…son                   died young

Florence Sherrill                  ????                 m.  1st  William Bill Wade

after her sister Martha died

                                                                        m. 2nd  Walter E Smith

                                                                        SEE BELOW

Eva Sherrill                          

Charlie Sherrill                                            m. 1st   Onnie Owen

                                                                        m. 2nd  Lula Posey

Claude Sherrill                                            m. Fannie Chitwood

Bobby Sherrill                                             m. Emma Leach

Ophellia Sherrill


Florence Sherrill

Married  1st

William Bill Wade, widower of Martha Louise Sherrill


Fannie Wade                                                            m. Less Noble





Rilla Wade                                                    m. Lewis Price    (C L Price??)

            Wade Price

            Weyman Adair Price


Florence Sherrill

Married 2nd

Walter E Smith


Eddie Smith                                                 m. Johnnie Etheridge

            Walter Valkey Smith (f)                 m. Eldridge McCord

                        John McCord                       m. Sue ???       Perry’s friend

                        Neil McCord                                    m. Willie Betty Slay

                        Delia McCord                     

                        Marilyn McCord

Myrtle Smith                                                m. Dr Seale   -  dentist in Kerens

            J P Seale

Brownie Smith    died young                    m. Lacy Garrett

            Samuel Eugene Garrett

            Billy Garrett              died age five yearS  - meningitis






William Marion Price & Mahalia Caroline Tillman Price (b1840 GA) moved from Anderson Co TX to Cherokee Co TX after 1850….settled at Pierces Chapel.   (Price community is located just across river from Anderson Co)     William was shot and killed on his farm near the Neches River.  He was buried on the spot where he was shot.   Mahalia died 1858 and is buried at the Tillman Cemetery, Cherokee Co TX.    Children:      Emm C   Lydia A    William E    Newton Zachariah    Joseph V   John F    Asa C

                                    (James Miller            [email protected])


Matthew Price married Catherine Mattie Morgan and lived in Anderson Co TX    Both are buried at Price Chapel Cemetery.   Their daughter, Louranda Ellen Price, married Thomas Anthony Fitzgerald.  Both are buried at Rock Church Cemetery, Blackfoot TX.    Their first child was bornn 1885 at Blackfoot.

                                    ( Denise Miller         dechmil@aol .com)


Note:   Blackfoot is located west of Hiway 19, north of Hiway 321, and east of Bethel community on Hiway 287.




Elijah Price married Victoria Arnett and they lived in Kentucky in the late 1700s.    A branch of their family settled at Liberty Hill, Navarro CO TX                      (Al Houle                  [email protected])


1797    Caswell Co NC….John Price, Power of atty…sells land to Thomas Arnett.     Charles Price is witness



John Thomas Arnett b1850 GA 

married Sarah Gilcrease  1875 Navarro Co TX

John  Wesley Arnett

Wade James Arnett

George Reuben Arnett

Benjamin Burt Arnett

William Thomas Arnett

                                    Son     Jesse Thomas Arnett

Molly Matilda Arnett                     married Thomas Chandler Smyrl

Son   John Wallace Smyrl b. 1897   Navarro Co TX


MEMBERS… Navarro Co.

Texas United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Miss Lula Hemphill                        married W S Price.   

Miss Jewell McCullough               married C D Speed.

                        Navarro Co Scroll   1965


((((   Price in CSA …Texas

Anderson Co            Able  Price Sr                       wife  Nancy

Henderson                James A Price

                                    Marcus D L Price                 wife  M S

                                    Russell Pice

Limestone                 James Edward Price

Van Zant                   Lawson Price


1824-               William S Price                    m. Rhoda Hardin

            Rhoda Hardin Price died in Henderson CO TX




One & One-half miles NE   Bazzett Community, Navarro Co TX

3-4 miles North of Kerens


Florence L Coulson was a daugtter of G A & Marian Glasscock Coulson.   Grandfather Jacob Coulson was born VA 1806.   He married Johanna Graham and died  in Alabama.


Matthew Ford Albritton  married Pelinia Gray, Sister of Sarah Gray Price 

Mary Albritton married Barry Speed.   

Her brother, William T Albritton  b1879, married Minnie Faulkner of Kerens.  

The Albrittons settled in the Bazzette community in the 1880s.




1850   Blount Co AL__________________________________________

 Gray               146-A 

Price                128-A     139-A

Glasscock       171-B

Holoway          123=B

Posey              96-97-98  B

Rucker            96-A

Sanders           126-A  127-B    168-B

Sawyer & Scroggins

Turner 122-A

Wade              Many, many


M E Price CSA    Lived Warrior AL


Berry      Many families






1833    Sarah Price                        William Eubanks.

1844    William Price             Selva Little Williams.

1840    Edmund Price                        Sarah Williams

1831    Benjamin Price                      ..Reney Clifton

1852    James Price                          Caroline E Smith


1827    Margaret Adair                          William Scott

1830    Mary Adair                                   Joseph Scott

1830    Rebecca Adair                   Hugh W Goodwin






Trussell Family was there

Prices listed in 1830 Cenus

Cutbrith Price had Federal Land Grant  July 21, 1826



1823    Edwin Price                 Sarah Phillips Baldwin

1825    Sally Price                                        John Richey

            Probably son of Alexander Richey

1825    Elizabeth Price                             William Read

1827    Cutbreth Price                           Margaret Strait

            Cutbreath died 1829,  Margaret married Joseph Trussell

Margaret & Joseph Trussell were killed by slaves in 1835.

1830    Huey Price                           Ishmael McRacker

1847    Elizabeth A Price              Thomas Pet  (Peter?)  Hamilton

            Hamiltons married Poseys ..Green Co AL

            Posey family settled Bazzett Community, Navarro Co TX



Thomas J Price, born 1796 in Chester Co. South Carolina moved through Georgia and Alabama and Mississippi and,  settled in ANDERSON CO. TEXAS, several miles North  of Palestine.     Price Chapel may still be found there today. 



Al Houle…[email protected]

Elijah Price b. 1879..m. Victoria Arnett   Three Springs, Barron Co KY

Lived at one time….Liberty Hill, Navarro Co TX


Thomas J Price                                  b. 1796            Chester Co SC

Marries Elenor Lewis                        c1816              Jefferson Co GA

William S Price is born                      1824                Verified

            Marries  Green Co AL         

Marries                                  1844                Martha Rhoda Hardin                   

Weyman Adair Price is born         1846                Verified by name and relationship

     Son of William S Price

Marries                                  1866                Virginia Elizabeth              

Medora Elizabeth Price is born    1880                Aug 29

            Daughter of Weyman A & Sarah Gray Price

Grandfather Price is born              c1870              May be found at Kerens cemetery

Marries somebody                          1895

Dad is born                                       1901                Verified





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