Early Settlers
List of Families and individuals 1840-1940
Western Navarro County, Texas 


Navarro County History || Stories From Dawson Texas

By. Carl W. "Tubby" Matthews Jr
POB 454 Roswell GA  30077      770 587 4350

Northern Alabama Lauderdale Hoge 1847
Lawrence Nesmith 1880
Marshall Farmer
East Central Alabama Benton Co Now Calhoun Co
Graham, J A 1843-1871
Sims 1843-1871
Roundtree 1843-1871
Wilkinson 1843-1871
Savage 1843-1871
Wilson 1843-1871
Garner 1842
? County Flint
Blount Berry
            (Early Rutherford Co TN) French
South  Eastern Alabama  Houston Dawson
Arkansas Randolph
Georgia Talbot Calhoun
Marion Walker,William b1825
? County Treadwell
Illinois Spence
Northeast Miss Tishomingo Akers 1855
Walker, John Wesley
Lafayette Keeton
Alcorn Lancaster
Central Mississippi Carrol Hoge 1868
Taliaferro 1868
Mississippi   ?? Lankford
Missouri Onstatt
Tennesee Cannon Bogle
Maury See list
Giles McCandless
Warren Dr G W Hill
Williamson Dempsey
Rutherford Lawrence

Wilkes John J
Renfro William
Renfro John
Calhoon Charles
Caskey Robert
Cannon Burwell
Cannon James
Cannon Richard
Stockard Susannah
Pullin William
Pullin Elisha
Hargis William
Osborne John
Wells Tom
Cates Charles
Cates James
Turner William
Milligan Tom
Parrish Garland
Fullerton James R
Barnes William
Rhea John
Holt William
Bills John
Lancaster Michael
Slaughter Andrew
Slaughter Francis
Slaughter William
Graves Thomas
Dawson John
Long Nicholas
Long David
McCandless William
McMillan` John
McMillan Archie
Hoge Solomon
Hoge George
Graham Thomas
Cathey James
Miller Andrew
Sims William
Shaw Hugh
Davidson John
Davidson George
Davidson James
Beasley John
Roundtree Thomas
Webb Burton


Lawrence George
Rankin Thomas C
Hodge Sam H
Bell Zadoc
Clemons William
Barber William
McElroy Sam

Beasley Jesse
Carroll Joseph
Cook Henry
Dawson Brittain
French William
Hill George W
Melton Ethon
Newby Jonithon
Ward William
Younger Alexander

ADAMS, Lewis H Land Grant 1-246
ADAMS,John R & Ann     Land Grant 1-B64  North of Richland Cr
ADAMS, Dr. P L    (    -1920)    May have lived at Navarro Mills
m. Mary D      (     1894)
d. Cynthia Adams m. Dr. B W D Hill
d. (?) Rose M Adams
s. John Thomas Adams
   m. Oct 1, 1893 Effie Lena Loy
s. Orbie Adams
s. Clint Adams
s. Pete Atams
d. Elna Adams
s. Fred Adams
s. Nolan Adams
s. Rexford Adams
s. Rufus Adams

ALLARD,  C D    came to Dawson  1927
d. Marguerite m. 1937  Velma Champion, brother of Joe Champion
s. Wayne m. Jessie Mae Birchfield
s. David m.
s. Ernie
d. Geneva (Jane)
s. Roland m
s. Garland

AMMONETE, William   1829-1869  SH
m. Ameba   1837-1882  SH
d. Harriet   1842-1865   by earlier wife  SH

ARNOLD, W A 1842-1865 SH

BAKER, J J   came to Purden  from Georgia 1881
s. Dan m. Kate Lawler
d. Lena
s. Bill
s. Dan Allen
d. Mary Lou
d. Ruby Sue
s. Shelby Dean
s. Walter m. Carrie Lawrence


BARNES, O M Possible son of Jacob Barnes 1810-1894 SH
m. M E
s. L M 1891-1895 SH

BARNES,  Dr. Livingston M      Lived in Dawson until 1914, moved to Hubbard
d.  Edna Lee Barnes
m. Wiley R Wilhite   (Son of James Wilhite)
d. Wanda Sue m.

BARNES,  Rice m. Sammie McLain
d. Pauline
d. Livian
s. T

BARNETT Buried Liberty Hill
J H 1859-1902 LibHill Presbyterian minister
Johnnie 1887-d s. JH & LG

BARRON,  William     died Richmond Co GA  1790   dau. was Sarah Norwood
John  was early in Robertson Colony & listed as Com. Officer Texas Rangers,
Waco Hall of Fame
Newt Barron m. Alta Wheelock in Dawson 1930's

BEASLEY         1850 NavCo Census
Jesse 1805 TN
Eliz 1811 TN
Wiatt 1831 AL
Matt 1834  MS
Sarah 1840 TX

BEASLEY, Wiley Land Grant 3-2461  Near Pevehouse
BEASLEY,  J R Mustered at Spring Hill 1861
BEASLEY,  John M came to Dawson 1919 from Austwell, TX
m. sister of Mrs CC Dawson
s. Adrian
s. Harold

BELL, William Owned Saddle Shop 1889

BERRY, J S Served as Navarro Co Juror 1856
BERRY. R C Served as Navarro Co Juror 1856
BERRY FAMILY James Berry (1761-1840 was the father of William Berry
(1782-1851) who married Margaret Copeland (1781-1850).  The family moved
from Spartonburg, SC to Alabama.   James Gilmore Berry had married
Love Ann (Dau of James and Elnora French) and his brother George
Washington (Wash)
Berry had married Eleanor Jane French.   After the death of their parents
brothers and their families made their way toWestern Navarro Co Texas in
wagons, some say before 1850., and settled near Raleigh.

BERRY,  George Washington (Wash)  1825-1900)  S.  Wm & Margaret Copeland
m. 1st   Eleanor Jane French   1825-1854
d. Margaret m. Jim Tadlock
s. James Oban m. Bettie Tadlock
m. 2nd  Tennessee W Mangram   1840-1876
s. Henry m. Lula ????
s. Joe m. Mattie
s. Dave m. Georgia Smith
m. 3rd  c.1880   Melissa Ward
d. Delanie m. Claude Williams

BERRY  George M Dallas   1850 Note: James Berry had land transaction 1846 
#87 Rob BTY
m. 1st    Mary Walker dau William & Mary Minerva McCandless Walker
s. Spart
s. Otho
m. 2nd   Mary Kennemer

BERRY, Albert 1868 s. Josiah Montgomery Berry
m. Beuna Wheelock 1869-1899      dau Geo Ripley & Mary Ann Slaughter

The four children of this marriage were:1) Carrie Annette Berry m. Wm. Foster
2) Theresa Albert Berry m. Wm. Harding
3) Josiah Ripley Berry (infant death)
4) Mary Camille Berry (unmarried)
 Beuna Wheelock Berry died 20 Jul 1899Albert Henry Berry re-married (Janie E. Read) and had more children

Albert Henry Berry died in 1949

BERRY, Dave c1875 Dawson Barber s. George Washington Berry
m. Miss Georgie Smith
s. Louis 1898
s. Olen 1900
s. Howard 1912

BERRY,  Henry   1867-           s. Geo W & Tennessee Mangrum Berry
m. Lulu ????
d. Tennie m. Remus Akers
s. R M m. Frances Saunders
d. Una m. Clay Matthews
d. LaVesta
s. James Louie

BERRY,  James Alexander  (Alec)  (1843-1906)
s. James Gilmore and Love Ann French Berry
Said to have had seventeen children by three wives
m. 1st Nancy Dawson (      -1868)
1865 William Taylor
1866 Susan Ann
1867 James Brit
m. 2nd  1869   Caroline F Tullos    by J J Farmer, JP)
Buried Raleigh Cem. 1875
1871 Lucy
m. 3nd Frances Caroline (Fannie) Hudson  - J J Farmer
b. 1856   Rankin Co MS
     d. Thos Jefferson & Mary Eliz Katherine Calhoun Hutson
1876 Rex Montgomery
1878 Marvin Bryce
1880 Lourda Irene
1883 Willie Launa
  ? Emery
1885 Jack Ermit
1887 James Alexander
1889 Elmer
1894 Elephare
   ? Omark
1896 Nolan

m. 3rd   Mary Dawson ???
d. Susan 1875
s. Jim 1876
m. Alice Wilks

BERRY, James Gilmore    (1822-1892)    son of  William (1782-1851-) and
Margaret Copeland Berry
m. Love Ann French   (1821-1891)
s. Josiah Montgomery  m. Sarah Elizabeth (Bettie) Walker
s. James Alexander m. 1st  Nancy Dawson
m. 2nd   Fannie Hudson
m. 3rd  Mary Dawson
d. Infant  1849
d. Sally Ann Virginia (1854-1859)
s. Moses Lafford        1857 m. Maud Jane Houston
d. Celestine Cornelia
d. Neomi Elephare       1861 m. Turner Tadlock
s. James G Jr          1850 m. Essie Garner
(NavCo Record  Wm A  m. E C Garner 1869  by S Burgess JP)
s. George M Dallas       1850 m. 1st Mary E Walker
s. Spart
s. Otho  b. Spring Hill
m. 2nd  Mary Kennemer

BERRY, Joe   1880-           s. Geo W & Tennessee Mangrum Berry
m. Mattie ????????
d. Geta m. Mr. Davis
s. Mack m. Bill Farmer
s. Billy Mack c1930
s. Jim m.
d. Janice
d. Livie m. Charles Fondren
s. Botchie d.c1933   CCC Camp New Mexico
d. Jo Evelyn m. Bates Savage

BERRY, Moses Lafford 1857-1934 s. James Gilmore Berry
m. Maud Jane Margaret Houston  (Prob. related to Sam Houston)
d. Jo Evalene 1879
s. Winfred 1880 m. Lillian Lavina McCluney
d. Stella
d. Jessie Mae 1886 m. Thomas Beatie McCarter
s. Gilbert Berry McCarter
s. Claude Gilmore 1888 m. Grace Risley
d. Minnie 1890 m. Monroe Accord
s. Thayer Elmo Accord 1916
s. Randle keith Accord 1818
d. Mable Gertrude 1891 m. Balfour Haynie Clark
d. Melva Lynn 1924
d, Maurice (Ria) 1895
s. Hardy Amos 1898
d. Ola Preshia 1900 m. Elbridge Cobb Brodie PhD
d. Evelyn 1930
s. Richard Neal 1935


  • Margaret Houston is listed as a Navarro Co. pioneer, yes.  But the date shown is 1860.  The Houston's actually arrived before 1850.  Margaret is named in the 1846 Poll Tax List as well as the 1850 & 1860 censuses.  She is the widow of John Houston who died around 1845 in a show storm we are told. They are my ggg grandparents, Carolynn Roy - Sep 2006

BERRY,  Spart    (1871-193)    s. George M Dallas Berry
m. Mary Wyrick  (1872       dau of Professor Wyrick, 1st Principal Dawson
s. Curtis    1890
d. Flora    1902 m. R M Franklin
d. Agnes   1904 m. W J Hughes
d. Ula    1906 m. W H Utley


  • Mae Wyrick Berry was NOT the daughter of famed education leader and teacher  E. J. L. Wyrick (Edward J L Wyrick, buried 1901 in Dawson Cem). Both her death cert and Arkansas census confirm that her parents were Walter and Florence Wyrick. Could be a relation of some sort, grt uncle, but not her father. I

BERRY, Jerry 1897 s. W Taylor Berry
m. Blanche Lyles 1898-
d. Florence 1921 m.
s. W T 1924 m.

BERRY, Josiah Montgomery 1843- s. James Gilmore Berry
m. Sarah Eliz. (Bettie) Walker
d. Carrie Ann 1866
s. Albert 1868
s. Walter E 1871
d. Florence Elephare 1876

BERRY,  William Taylor   (1865-    )       James  Alexander & Nancy Dawson
m. 1st  Mary Florence Dawson  (1867-1902)
s. Carlos 1900 m. Faye Merrell
s. Jerry 1897 m. Blanche Lyles
d. Florence  1922
s. W T         1924
s. Richard     1930
s. Horace 1898 m. Lourine Lyles
m. 2nd   Kate Powers   (1870-       )
s. Chilton c1905
m. Ruth Sawyer
d. Carrie
s. Ward

R D 1835-1880  LHCem    Lived with John R & Bethina Oggilva in 1860
Mattie J 1859-1913  LHCem
Robert Dean    (1876-1956)  LH Cem
m. Minnie

BILLS FAMILY      (Info from Bills Cemetery, Maury Co TENN, Matthews geneo.,
Daniel Bills (1740-1779), married Deborah Dedman (1773-1819),  lived in
Ireland. Daniel Bills died early and  son, Issac Newton Bills (1773-1821)
,was raised by his older brother, Daniel, and his mother..   Isaac Newton
Bills had married Lillias Houston prior to 1799 and was in Maury Co Tenn
prior to 1808.  He purchased one of the orignal lots in Columbia, Tenn., was
Capt. 27th reg. of Maury Co Militia, and became a constable in 1809.    He
served in the War of 1812.  He was said to have been a very successful
teacher and was a Mason.  cwm1997)

Daniel Bills 1740-1779--  d. North Ireland
m. Deborah Denham    1753-1821   d. prob. Maury Co  Tenn
s. Daniel   c1770   Served Juror  in  Surrey Co NC  with James Matthews  
s. Issac Newton b. 1773 No Ireland d. 1819 Maury Co Tenn
m. 1794 Lillias Houston 1773-1850    (Prob. dau John Houston. Augusta Co
1796 John Houston Bills KY
m. Prudence Tate McNeal
       d. Jane W. 1829-1850      m. Mr. Hale
Inf. 1850
       s. Leonides Issac Bills   c1824   m. Mary Morgan Miller
1798 Alvin W KY
1800 Lillias Olivia KY
m. Duncan Hill
1803 Placebo Milton KY
1805 Sally
1805 Sarah Elvira m  1827. Robert Franklin Matthews   1802-1865
1828 Lillias Ann Matthews m. 1843  James Norman in  Maury Co Tenn
( One Norman family settled Brushie area c.1780  John Norman was
Dawson barber;  daughter m. Priddy son)
1830 Wm Mckibbon Matthews m c1853.Amanda Malvena Hayes  in
1854 Charles Herbert Matthews
1855 Frank Allen Matthews
1862 Clarence Henry Matthews
1870 Eugent Leslie Matthews
1834 James Washington Matthews   (May have been at Spring Hill 1850)
1834 Mary Dulcenia Matthews d. 1856  Bills Cem.MuCo Tenn
m. Dr. B FSmith
1837 Frances Olivia (Fannie) Matthews
c1808 Martha Emily Bills
1812 Isaac Newton d. 1854      M. 1826   Catherine M Rutledge

BILLS, James Artis  1854-1903
m.   Helen  French                 dau. W D & Sara Ann French  from Alabama
s. Pete Bills
m. Ruth French  1863-1897

BILLS, G A m. 1872 Eugenia Oglivia  by Sam Wright, JP

BILLS, Pete s. James Artis Bills
d. Wilda m. Enmon Slater
s. Hulen
s. Carmac
d. Sarah Helen
d. Lavada Sue m. Jimmy Floyd


BISHOP, George W       -1897
m. Samira Baldanada Wright    1861-1956   d. Samuel Wright
s. Henry C Bishop
d. Katherine (Kate) Bishop

BOGLE,  James G arr. Jimmy Graham Sr farm 1889 from Cannon Co TENN
m. Mary C Tittle
d. Frenchie 1883 m. Oscar McDonald
s. Chester 1885 Served WWI
d. Georgia m. Bill Green of Coolidge
d. Epperly m. Ralph Stockman of Louise TX
d. Mina m. Veno Turner of Coolidge
d. Avis m. W L Goleman
s. Murphy
s. Leverett
s. Jimmy

BOLDEN,  Solomon   1811-1887  SH
m. Bethena B     SH
s. R L 1869-1908 SH
s. John Came to Texas 1883
s. Rufus
s. Charlie m. Cora Lowrimore
s. Mutt m. Ellen Hopkins
s. Dock
s. Sal
s. John
s. Jonathan
d. Alice m. Brit Dawson Jr

BOYDSTRUM, 1811-1892
m. Celinda Roberts  1817-1895
d. Josephene m. T S Slater
d. Kate m. Bob J Wright 1867 by C C Lee JP
d. Priscella m. Dr. Wynkoop
d. Jane d. infant

BURNS, William 21 GA   1850 NavCo Census
Mary 17 TX
BURNS    Brothers  George & Tom   came from Alabama with Garner Family  in

BREEDLOVE, Thomas c1600   Lunenburg, Charlotte NC, Hancock GA
BREEDLOVE, G. m. Toten 1892
BREEDLOVE, J R    1872-1907  SH    son of
m. Bethena    SH
d. Ednie 1892-1894 SH
s. Russell S 1894-d SH
m. Ethel Almon
s. James McKeown   (1909-1994)
m. 1932  Mary Pritchett
s. Jimmy R m. Virginia
d. Tricia Nienmeyer
d. Sherrill ubernosky
s. McKeown

BUCKINGHAM, T H & J A       operated Drygood, Furniture, Coffins,
Groceries, Banking
James A Early Dawson Banker m. Louella Miller, Sister of John Miller

BUTLER,  Dr. E William Wealthy Maury Co Tenn Planter,  nephew of wife of
Andrew Jackson

CALHOUN, William m. Rachael Triplett 1792    Richmond Co GA
CALHOUN, J D Dawson Clock & Sewing Machine Repair
d. Jimmie Calhoun m. John Wood
s. John C Calhoun m. Florence Harlee
s. William (Billy) m. Annie Fay Cathey
s. Calvin m. Minnie Lee Sykes
d. Mildred m. Mr. Pickering
s. James

CANNON, Joshua 1795-1863 Green Co SC    Georgia
CANNON,  William T Orderly 1st Sgt.  CSA Army  1861  SH Post Office
CANNON,  T Elijah
m. 1893    Annie Younger
d. Lometa    d. 1918
d. Lucy d. 1918
s. W Younger
b. Bessie Smith
s. Billie Gene Cannon

CARROL, B J Mustered at Spring Hill 1850
CARROLL, W A m. 1877  Susan C Owens   by B F Stewart

CARUTHERS, Henry 1807-1906 Family of slaves who were said to have arrived in
North Carolina by way of Australia.   The Caruthers Plantation was found in
Mecklenburg Co North Carolina and one of the Caruthers daughters married a
Lawrence there in 1791.   The families, apparently, moved to Rutherford Co
TENN c1808 and the black Caruthers family became part of the Lawrence
Plantation.  Joseph Thompson Lawrence had come to Franklin Texas area c.
1842 and returned to Tennessee in 1847 at the time of the death of his
Mother and received an inheritance which included Henry Caruthers, his wife,
Malinda, and Henry's two sons, Calvin & Jeffery.  Joseph Thompson Lawrence
brought the Caruthers family with him when he returned to Texas in 1847.
Joseph Thompson Lawrence married Macca Orange McCandless and William (Bill)
Walker  married Mary Minerva McCandless, both daughters of David McCandless.
   David McCandless, a widow, and his daughter's families settled  a 4500
acres grant located on the head waters of Richland Creek c. 1854 and the
Caruthers Family went with them.  When slaves were freed, the Caruthers were
given 200 acres of the grant, an area that became a gathering point for
freed blacks, and, eventually, became The Town of Pelham.   Some of the
children of Henry and Malinda Caruthers took the name Lawrence and settled
near Mexia, Texas.
m.  1st Mary Caruthers 1805-1847 buried in Tennessee
s. Calvin 1840 m. and had four children
s. Jeffery 1845 m. and had ten children
m. 2nd Malinda Caruthers 1825-1882
s. George 1848 m. and had thirteen children
s. John 1850 m. Sarah Jane Stanford & had twelve children
d. Margaret 1852 m. 1st   see  Squire Porter
m. 2nd  see  Charlie Ross
s. Henry Jr 1853 m. and had three children
s. William 1855
s. Houston Lawrence 1857 m. s. H L Caruthers Jr.

CATES, W L    1833-1871    SHCem
s. G. Will Cates      c1860
m. 1st   Lucy Anna Matthews  870-1892   SHCem  dau Joseph Calvin & Maggie
m. 2nd  Maggie Ophelia Dempsey  1878-   Dau   William Dempsey
s. William Everett 1897
s. Homer Calvin 1898 m. Leona McCulloch
d. Dorothy Aline 1920
d. Lola Marcine 1922
s. Adie Marshall 1900 m. Minnie Parrish
d. Dorothy Ophelia
d. Libbie Rozell 1903 m. Crawford Allen in Tyler TX
d. Ada Josephine Allen 1921
d. Vestal Ione Allen 1922
d. Clara Mae 1906 m. Artist Hackey
d. Annie Bell 1909 m. Bismark Slater b.1899
d. Libby Lilla 1925
s. J C c1930
d. Maggie Lorene 1912
d. Kittie Vera 1914
d. Margie Ruth 1916
d. Jewell Nadine 1920
d. Freta May 1912
d. Ora Mattie 1914
d. Libby Cates
m. Charles Stewart MATTHEWS

CATHEY, 1736 John    - Served as Power of Attorney, Williamsburg SC for
Rowan Co NC residents
1752 George    "Cathey';s  Church"  Rowan Co NC
1775 Nancy m. Joseph Alexander, Mecklenburg Co NC
1777 Hugh Wool spinner   Rowan Co NC
A Z b. 1789 NC Maury Co US Census 1850  (Possible son of Hugh)
m. Mary 1817
Frances 1837
Sarah 1839
William 1841
James 1843
Catherine 1849
James b. 1813      Maury Co TN Census 1850    (Son of Hugh??)
m. Agnes 1817
Thomas 1839
William 1841
James 1844

Joseph b. 1800 TN    Maury Co Tenn Census 1850  Possibly son of Hugh
m. Martha b. 1805 VA
John 1838  (Probably John Edgar Cathey - see below)
George 1840
Elizabeth 1842
William 1844
Rebecca 1847

CATHEY, John Edgar    m. Mary Ida Dempsey
d. Mary Dee m. S NateWright
s. Clary m. Bufford Long
d. Lena Belle m. Jim Lawrence
d. Annie Faye m. William (Billy) Calhoun

S. Velma m. 1937  Marguerette Allard
s. Ray

CLEMMONS, John     m. Ann Wilson    Richmond Co GA   1798
CLEMMONS, Martha E  1854-1874  SH dau Samuel & Prudance Matthews Wright
m. Lewis Clemmons
d. Della m. Ike Hughes   Early Saloon owner in Dawson
Louis A 1844-1917 LibHill 1st wife  Martha Wright 1954-1874  SH Cem
Mary F 1853-1925   Wife LA 2nd wife
L H 1883-1957
Hugh F 1894-1959

COFFEY   -   Living in Kentucky 1787-1811
James;  Lewis;  Eli;  Joseph;   William;   Jesse
COFFEY, Hugh 1799-1865 m. Jane Gregg  1809  SC
John 1833
Mary Louise 1839 m. H Brown Hanna
Nancy 1841
Samuel 1842
Joseph  M 1844-1907
James 1846
Nathan 1790-1858
m. Elizabeth Alexander    (Note: Nancy Cathey m. Joseph Alexander in
Mecklenburg NC)
William G b. 1798  SC m. Elizabeth   1800  NC
Jane 1825
James Jefferson 1827-1895
m. Ann Elizabeth Matthews 1831-1888   dau. Sampson S & Mary Reece Matthews
Mildred Ann 1848 m. Nonamous Gordon Quinn
Martha 1852 m. J T Richardson
John Calvin 1854 m. Sarah Elizabeth Mount
Alice Jane 1856 m. W A Binyon
William Stewart 1856
Mary Frances 1858
Caledonis Cornelia 1861 m. J M B Evans
Fannie Morgan 1862 m. T W Sowell
William Harvey 1865
James Franklin 1865
Maggie Rozelle 1867 m. J H Evans

Agnes 1829
Martha 1833
Franklin 1835
Sarah 1838

COOK John O b. 1782  Maryland Physician   Maury Co US Census 1850
m.  Susannah   b. 1791  NC
Patrick 1830
Felix 1832
COOK, John     Richmond Co GA Blacksmith    Married Elizabeth Binns 1797
COOK, Roger W      Will Richmond Co GA    Litchfield Co Conn.
Father: Roger
Brother David
Sister Maria
COOK, William J 30   NC 1850 NavCo Census
COOK, A W Cook Named Robertson Co Surveyor 1838
COOK, Henry 30  NC 1850 NavCo Census
Served as Navarro Co. Juror 1856
COOK, Walter m. Jimmy Susan Akers in Dawson c. 1915

CONNOR,  W A     Arr Dawson 1911 from Rochester IL as depot agent, opened
"Picture Show"
m.  Mary
s. Earle Connor m.  Miss Pullen
s. Reuben Travis
s. Harry
s. Bob m.  Mary Simpson

COTTENGAME,  Carolyn  1832-1933   SH

COX Louisa E m.  1875   C A Ritchie  by  J A Scales
Granterson  Cox  c.1854 m. Laura Elizabeth Stone  c. 1865
Lela Mae
Aubrey Lee
Virgia Beulah
Joe Elga   (See below)
John Cecil
James Merrell
Athea Lizzie Pearl
Joe  d. 1971 m.  Stella Mae Odom    dau John Wesley  and Betty Shay Odom
See McCulloch    Half-sister of Zola McCulloch
s. Dean    "Audean"     c. 1920
d. Pauline c1926
s. John Wesley
s. Don
s. Von
s. Billy

CREWS,  George
m. Susie Robinson
s. Jimmy
s. Joe m. Miss McCurtie
s. Charles 1880
d. Maggie m. James Wilson
d. Ella m. Fleet Sims
s. William
CULBREATH, Peter died. Richmond Co GA 1784
wife: Mary
s. James
CULBRETH,  W H Farmer & Operated  Dry Goods Store
s. Henderson Operated Dry Goods Store
d. Miss Nettie

CURRY , James Married older Garner daughter, lived in Purden area mid
Received Land Certificate from Mexican Governmant Sept 27, 1834  Northeast
of James McKinney

James F
Minerva Jane 1836-1885 LibHill      (See Newby)

DAVIDSON, Maury Co Tenn Cemeteries
John    1735-1832    RevWar Soldier b. Chester Co PA, Lived Rowan Co NC
near Cathey's church
John 1750-1825 2nd Maj  RevWar   Lived Burke Co NC  ($5,000)
m. Ruth Clemons
d. Jane m. Andy Neely
m. 2nd  Frances Bateman
George b. 1795 Maury Co US Census 1950
m. Sarah b. 1799
John b. 1807 VA     arr MuCo TN  1838
m. Nancy b. 1816  VA
James F   m.  Minerva Jane 1836-1885   LibHill
J F m.  B J
s. Johnny I 1893-1895   LibHill
DAVIDSON, John Martin  c. 1860
m. Elizabeth (Bettie) Newby
s. Fred 1885 m. Margie Willie Matthews
d.Ennis m. Fred Bell Matthews
d. Mary Alice m. Joe Lawrence
d. Jewell A m. G D Bolden
d. Earle m. Grisby
d. Pearl m. Milligan

Sarah 1823-1886 Wife Leonard LibHill
Sarah 1860-1878 dau L & Sarah
William J 1850-1856
Ella B 1885-1899` dau WJ & MF

Brittain died 1795 wife: Sabra     died 1817
s. Dread m. Elizabeth, dau. Gideon Patterson
d. Mary Margaret m. Edmond Bugg
s. William Arrington Bugg
d. Grace m. Mr. Rowell
d. Sarah m. Mr. Greenwood
d. Elizabeth m. Beal
m. 1803  John Harwood
s. Jonas m. Polly Brantley Phillips
d. Polly m. Gen Valentine Walker
s. Henry C m. dau George W Darden
Britton Navarro 244 Spring Hill
Brit 30 - Fla 1820
Susanna 20 - TN
Nancy 1/12
Sarah 9
Henry 6
Elizabeth 4
Dred Robertson 180 Wheelock
John Jefferson 419 Beaumont area
Peter Grimes 245 Anderson
Richard Brazos 086 Boonville

Britton Navarro 205
John Williamson  681
Martha Caldwell 248
Samuel Williamson 681

DAWSON,  Britton  1817-1905   s. Dread and Elizabeth Patterson Dawson
(Pattersons & Ruckers married....)
m. 1839   Elizabeth Walker     c1820-1846    Dau William & Elizabeth Walker
d. Sarah 1841 m. George L Rogers
s. Wm Henry 1844 m  Susan Fullerton dau  John Fullerton
d. Elizabeth 1846 m   David Spence
m. 1848   Susanna Cannon  1830-
d. Nancy Ann 1849 m.  1870  Blake  Lee     by B E Lewis
d. Mary 1850 m. James Alexander Berry
s. William Drew 1853
d. Louise 1857 m. Don Dickson
d. Amanda 1860 m. James S Dickson    m.  Tom Fread
d. Anna D 1862 m. John D Lawrence
d. Emily 1864 m. William J (Billy) Lawrennce
s. Britt Jr 1866 m. Alice Boldin m. Nora Whitley
s. Elijah 1868

DAWSON,  David   1855-       Son of Britt Dawson
m. Jane Randolph   1855- dau
s. Henry Dawson 1875- m. Beula Sims
s. Charlie 1877 m. Maud Daughtiry
d. Ginnie 1879- m. Richard Hill
d. Lou 1881 m. John Gardner
s. Cleveland 1883
d. Mary 1885

DAWSON,  William Henry    1844-1905
m. Susan Fullerton 1848- dau John Fullerton
s. John H 1873-1944 m. Carrie Vinson
s. Ernest Britt 1885-1943 m. Zella Embry
s. E B Jr
d. Laura Cecil 1889-1980 m. Rufus (Rufe) Anderson
d. Mary Florence 1867-1902 m. W Taylor Berry
s. Charlie C 1880- m. Emma Moore
d. Sarah 1876
s. Willie F 1869-1870

DAWSON,  Susan m. 1872  Robert Schults by J J Farmer
                    Eliza E m. 1867 W H Bright  by James G Boyce
       Elizabeth m. 1871   L A White    by S D Akin

DEAN Dr. J L Dean operated Drug Store Spring Hill & Dawson
Note:  Joseph Dean had  #537 abstract
Richard B 1817-1883 LibHill
Richard B Jr 1882-1883 s RB & Jennie

DEMONEY, O A Blacksmith in 1920's

DEMPSEY,   John Found Edgecom Co North Carolina 1748

DICKSON, Dr. William Physician from Tenn.  1850 Census
DICKSON, Alexander Served as Navarro Co Juror 1856
DICKSON,  Don 1855- s.
m. Louise Dawson   1857- dau. Britt Dawson
d. Stella 1886 m. Ham Anderson
s. Graham 1887 m. Lois Neely
s. Lewis 1888 m. Zelma Barber
m. Beatrice Boldin
d. Harry 1889 m. Carrie Crowley
s. Mack 1890 m. Miss Franks

DICKSON,  Dr. J R Office in Silbert Bldg 1920

DICKSON,  J S 1860- s.\
m. Amanda 1860- dau Britt Dawson
d. Jimmy 1880 m. Ray French
d. Etta 1882 m. Bob Franz
s. Absolem 1885   (Ab Dickson operated filling station
in Dawson in late 1920's - Still standing in 1996)

J C m. (?) Ponder
L W, Mgr  Dawson Lumber Co, etc.

EVANS.  Capt. William Jefferson
m. Margaret Jane Warren
s. James Warren m. Lenora Phillips
d. Elizabeth Jane d. young
s. William Benjamine m. Huntice Favor
d. Edith Vivian m. Jack E Berry

FARMER,   Rev. John Jefferson (JJ)      Probably came to area with French
m. Rutha Sylvania French
s. John H  (1864-1945) b. Raleigh TX Mother died when he was 14 days old
and he was raised by  Uncle James Gilmore &  Love Ann French Berry
m.  Elmina Lewis Boling,   2nd Cousin  Red Oak AL
dau Wm M & Margaret Jane French Boling, Arab, Marshall Co AL
s. Gilmer m. Zora Lee Durbin
d. Fay m. Hasting Harrison
s. Haden m. Edith Nell Billingslea
d. Josephene

FINCH, Edwin Land Grant 3-749  South of Richland Dr
FITCH, Edward.   33   New York    1859 NavCo Census
First school teacher at Spring Hill
Phebe   28   New York

FLINT, John      m. Margaret BUTLER   Richmond Co GA  1807
FLINT, Norris  1837- b. Alabama  Lived Mississippi
m. 1857  Mary Cranfill     Came to Texas 1893
d. Martha m. R F Davis
s. AA (Durk) m. Mattie Pickens
d. Jennie m. T J Flint
s. John W m.  Fannie Lawrence     dau. Britt Dawson
s. Bascom m. Annie Sleinman
d. Zora m. O M Gallman
Infant SHCem  1902
d Laura
d. Ada
s. Ed
(Note: David Flint served as Ferryman at Porter's Bluff on Trinity River c.
1850 and boarded in the home of  Patsy Matthews,  widow of James D Matthews
who died at Franklin in 1842)

FOLLIS, William - found early in Surrey Co NC & Williamson Co TN
Austin Navarro Corsicana
James Navarro  136
Jacob Wheelright from lA
Rebecca 20
Wm. F P 3
Charles Ellis
James Grayson Co
Miles H Robertson Co 174 Sterling
William Cherokee  476 Rusk

FONDREN, W A        From Young Co Texas Muster at Spring Hill 1861

FOX F C & Annie had two children buried LibHill 1887 & 1891
FOX, M A   (1844-             came NavCo   1880
m. 1868    Selma C Freeland  (1851-        )      of Tennessee
s. James A 1870 m. Blanche Matthews
s. Robert    1872 m. Helen Hockett
s. Walter 1873 m.  Luda (Lutie) French  (Sister of Sing Lawrence)
Owned Dawson Paint & Walpaper - moved to Hertford TX
s. Elias ` 1875
d. Carrie 1879 m. Tom Key
s. Henry 1880
d. Virginia 1882 m. J A Bowman
s. Rufus 1889 Buried LibHill
d. Mamie 1889 m. Glen Webber
s. Homer 1891
(F C and Annie Fox had two children buried at Liberty Hill   1887 & 1891)

FREAD, Tom 1860-
m. Amanda   2n Marriage dau. Britt Dawson
s. Homer 1895 m. Nina Coleman
d. Patricia Jane
s. Jack 1900 m. Mrs. Lovelace
s. Don 1896
d. Emma 1894 m. Tim Roundtree


1660 Mary c. Leonard French
1662 William c. Leonard
1672 Leoned c. Leonard
1681 Ann m. Gabrael Seabin
1686 William m. Jeane Herris
1698 Thomas m. Eliz Turner
1690 Jeane m. Sam King
1700 Elizabeth b. Thomas & Elizabeth French Templemore
1757 William m. Rose Dawson

FRENCH,  R J   Lang Grant 3-105   So of Richland Cr
FRENCH,  Ernest Pierce    1882    s. Lafford & Hester Feamister French
  (Note the name Lafford found in family of Mose Berry)
m. 1898 Annie Lou Wright dau. Robert James Wright
d. Lottie Bell
s. William Leroy
s. Robert Nate
s. Virgie Novel
d. Myrtle Lou
s. James Bufford
d. LenoraErnestine
s. E P
d. Lou Wright

FRENCH, NavCo Census 1850
Wm C 25  KY (Houstons & Bills lived in Kentucky)
Rhoda 56  NC
Margaret Houston 37  NC    Lives with Wm C French  1850 NavCo Census
John F 18
Robert R 14
Jane 11
Lulu 11 m. Hinkle French
Rebecca 9
Margaret 1 Mose Berry  m. Margaret Houston
Boarder C C Taylor Merchant
TW Goodwin Clerk

FRENCH, M L Mustered at Spring Hill 1861
FRENCH,  J L Served as Navarro Co Juror 1856
FRENCH, W D Came to Texas 1859
m. Sarah Ann
s. Wilburn m. Molly Crossitt
s. Hinkle m. Lulu Houston
s. Clabe m. 1887  Jesephine Toten
s. Amos
d. Josie
d. Kate
d. Lorene m. Dr. Hedrick
d. Helen m. James Artis Bills
s. Reace m. Lucy  Cagle
s. Jimmy
d. Janie m. Gus Sawyer
s. Walter m. Minnie Pruitt

FRENCH , L F m. Lucinda
FRENCH, L B m. Elvira

FRENCH, Wesley  b. Alabama 1846
m. Sally Carter
d. Addie
s. Carroll
s. Sam\
d. Etta
d. Lou
d. Bessie
m. Fannie Burros
s. George
s. Jim
s. Fred
s. Bedford
d. Eva
d. Eunice
d. Betty m.  (?) J C Toten
d. Allie
d. Ruth
s. Troy
s. Ottie
s. Keen

m. Minnie Fields
d. Alice m. Arlie Crecilus
d. Vestie m. Evans
d. Rex m. Mr. Thummel


John Fullerton m. Elizabeth Fisher    1678
Londonderry, North Ireland

FULLERTON, William Clark m. Tilmon Dickson 1799 Richmond Co Georgia
FULLERTON, Hugh    m.Rebecca Dove 1799 Richmond  Co GA
FULLERTON, Hugh m. Mary Cox
FULLERTON, William W Server as Navarro Co Juror 1856
FULLERTON, Henry II b. Ireland    Henry Fullerton had Land Grant 1834
Robertson Co
Responsible for Roads - Dresden to Waco Village c1850
m. Nancy Walker
s. Henry III m. Laura Booth
s. John m. Mary E Boyles
s. John Patrick m. Mary Jane ??
d, Sarah Jane m. Henry Clay Garner
d. Susan Isabella m. Robert Francis Slaughter
s. George A
s. Britton W m. Leota Ward
d. Bettie Alice m. Noah Armstrong
(David Spence who m. Elizabeth Dawson lived with the Fullertons in  1860)

FULLERTON, John  (    -1848) m.
d. Susan    (Raised by Henry and Nancy Walker Fullerton)
m. W Henry Dawson

GABLE,  L F      Purchased Marsh home  202 N Tyler  1897     Gable died 1927
GABLE, John Henry   1859-1947   b. Iuka, MS
s. of Ashbury & Mary Watson Gable
Came to Dawson 1900
m. Mary Tressie Burns   1879-1837
dau of Joseph  & Josephine Nichaelson Burns
d. Mattie 1880 b. Bishop AL m. Sam Sanders
s. Herbert
s. John
s. Gus 1884 b. Bishop AL m. Myrtle Fedgin
s. Joe m. Lucy Holt
d. Mary Lou m. Ester Wilkirson
s. Boy Ed m. Mary
s. Eugene m. Margaret
s. George m. Liz
s, Barton m. Ione
s. Bobby Dan m. Bonnie
d. Evie 1888 b. Bishop AL m. Skillman Stockard
d. Winnie m. Aldon Nesmith
d. Clara m. Charles Patterson
d. Phyllis
d.  Jennifer
d. Amy
s. Don m. Judy Owens
s. David
s. Blaine
d. Bobby Lyn m. Ivan Peebles
d. Jerry Lynn
d. Peggy
d. Shanna
s. Ronnie
d. Carol Sue
s. Percy    b. Iuka MS   1895 m, Katherine Grimes
d. Mary Jo m. Frank Ford
s. Johnnie m. Jackie Beckham
d. Judy m. Roger Tibbetts
d. Jane m Jimmy Jayroe
d. Dolly m. Jesse King
s. Wm Percy m. terri Gibbs
d. Elora     b. 1897   Iuka MS   m. Bill Berry
d. Dorothy Marie
s. Ray   b  Dawson m. Cora Moore
s. Billy Joe
d. Wanda Ray
s. Jerry

John Green Co
John Putnam
John Richmond
William Green
GARNER, William Hall   m.
Came to Texas 1856 from Alabama by wagon train.
d. Margaret (1831-1922) m.  Jim Curry who lived in Purdon area c1855
d. Amanda Jane m. David W Wilkinson
s. Cody
d. Cornelia m. W W Treadwell  Moved to West Texas
s. Henry Clay m. Sarah Jane Fullerton
s. Edwin  P Parish m.   1873   Marietta E Gill  by W Burgess

GRAHAM, Joshua       married Matilda Clemons 1834
GRAHAM, Note:  John Graham had 1280 ac grant 1853
GRAHAM,  TA m.  1877  Sarah A Wilson     by J M Davis
GRAHAM, Miss Maggie m. 1873 R H Hervey  by S G Mullins

GRAVES, Richard   1730-1774 died Craven  Co NC wife: Hannah
s. Thomas
d. Mary Uncle: Thomas Graves
s. Richard
s. Francis
Wit. to Will: Christopher Dawson
1788 Robert Graves sold 250 ac org. granted to him 1774
1789 Thomas Graves sold 1800 ac
1800 George Graves m. Mary Scott
GRAVES, Dr. George   died Richmond Co GA  1820      widow was Mary
Children:  Mary Ann;   George;   Thomas;  Cassandria;  John Baptist; 
Sarah;  Cloe Martha;
Siblings:  Cloe;  Humphrey
David Irwin Near Tifton
John L
Elisha Lincoln
John T Wilkes
Robert C
John Morgan
John T Wilkerson
John W Clark
Thomas Walton

GRAVES, Thomas shown early in Robertsons Colony
GRAVES,  W T & family buried at Liberty Hill Cemetery
GRAVES, Audie m. Lawrence
d. Margaret
s. Earl Douglas
s. Ralph

HAGLE,  Elmer       s. of Joseph Hagle
m. 1st
m. 2nd   Ms Kendall

HAGLE,  Frank   (1830-    )  Came from Germany 1839 with sister & brother
m. 1st
d. Mary m. 1878   H L Slater
m. 2nd  1874   Sarah Schilling   by  J J Farmer

HAGLE,  Johnny      s. Joseph Hagle who came from Germany
m. Lulu Richards
d. Maggie m.  1922 Frank Teakel
d. m. J D McReynolds
s. Martell
d. Martha Inez m. Hughie Shaw      s. of J W & Fannie Putman Shaw

HAGLE, Joseph   (1826-        _    came with sister and brother from German
1839  Mustered Spring Hill 1861
s. Joseph Jr m. Ola Coker    (Note:  listed 1880 census as (age 6) nephew
of Robt Cates)
s. Elmer m.
m. Ms Kendell
s. Harve
s. Johnny m.
d. Annie

HAGLE,  Joseph Jr.
m. Ola Coker
s. Floyd m. Dee Sykes
s. Buel Lee
s. Buck m. Jeffie Daniels
s. Dan Vinson    c. 1929
d. Bettie c. 1932
s. Doyle
d. Vera
d. Mable

HALL, Grover
m. Wilkes
s. Ray Wilkes
d. Helen

HAMPTON, Harvie      HAMPTON'S DRY GOODS, Dawson  1930's
m. Lorene
d. Jean m.
s. Colorado
s. Virginia

HUGHES,  Ike Photographer, Saloon keeper, had log home in Dawson
m. Della Clemons     dau. Lewis and  Martha Wright Clemons

HULIN,  Dr. Arthur  M b. 1886  Knoxville TN , came to Dawson mid 1930's
s. A M Jr
s. Walter
d. Willie Mae

HANSON, C H    Founded Dawson's first Newspaper....THE BANNER

HARGIS, John    RevWar Soldier      Bratton Road, Macon Co Tenn. (1800s)

HARGIS,  Larry 38  NC 1850 NavCo Census
Mary M 27  TN
James 8
Martha Jane 7
Frances 4

HARGIS, J B        Probably the James shown above
m. Christine Staaden
s. Joe Lewis 1892-1893
d. Christine
m. W L Odell
d. Maggie Mai 1894-1895  SH
m. Mr. Boone
d. Bestine
s. John

Robert Asso Justice Robertson Co  1838
John R Tax Collector, Robertson Co 1838

HENRY FAMILY    -  DaveHenry (1790-     ) was born a slave in North
Carolina.  Lived on a Plantation in the Oakwood community near Palestine,
Texas, later, on the Straud Plantaion near Dresden, Texas.
m. 1st
d. Victory m. Mr. Daniel and lived at Oakwood
s. John m. Texana  (1853-1879)   Infant 1879 dau Emily  SH Cem
m. Charlotte Moore of Bird Plantation in Ark. and Blooming Grove
Cooked for J M Johnson Family at Spring Hill, Dawson, and
Hubbard.    They had seven children
s. Zeke
s. Dave
d. Fromie
d. Lousand
s. Quince Prob. born Spring Hill
m. 2nd Lived at Pelham
s. Cannon
d. Mandy
s. Link

HERRIN,  J E Operated a saddle shop at Spring Hill
m. Neomia  1853-1891  SH
s. J E Jr d. 1892  SH
d. Ollie d. 1894  SH
HILL, Joel T C Lived Richmond Co GA  1792
HILL,  Dr. George Washington   1814-1860  SH
m. Minerva Katherine Matthews Slaughter 1812-1871 SH
HILL, George W 35  TN Physiucian 2000
Catherine 34 (Widow of Francis Slaughter 1795-1844)
R F Slaughter 12 Child of Francis & Catherine
Mary J 9 Child of Francis & Catherine
L M (f) 6 Child of Francis & Catherine
BJC Hill 20 TN Farmer 1500
GW Hill 19  TN Farmer 1800
Benj F Hill 10
Pernetti Hill 8
Beda  Hill 5
John Hill 10
John Reed 19
Rebecca Hill 67  SC
RH Matthews 30  TN  Farmer 3500
Benj Harper 68 VA  Carpenter

HILL,  Dr B W D   (1862-1932)    son of Jonathan & Vesta Scott Hill, Maury
m.  1892 Cynthia Adams    (1869-       )   dau  Dr. P L & Mary  D Adams
Dr. BWD Hill was the son of Johnson P (Jonathan) and Vesta Scott Hill. 
Johnson P Hill was a brother of Dr. George Washington Hill and was given
the surname of his Mother, Polly Johnson.  Vesta Scott had
lived in Maury County, Tennessee  Dr. Hill came to Dawson 1892
d. Annie m. E H Vaden
d. Ermine m. J W Jones
s. Mark m.  1921  Bertha Smith
m. Hilda Edgley
d. Ada m. G W Barnett -
s. Robert m. Blanche Freeman
d. Dale m. E W K McGown -
s. Joe
d. Evelyn m. Riley Tell
s. Lynn m. Chestine Akers
s. BWD Jr (Kaizer)

HILL, Larkin
m. 1st   Pernetty  1842-1873   SHCem
d. Parmetta m. Fullerton
m. 2nd  1874  S J Priddy  by B E Lewis

HILL, Miss Lucenda m. 1871  Thomas Pilfrim   by John Miller

HOPKINS, Frank   b. 1828 Kentucky   was bootmaker Maury Co Tenn   1850
HOPKINS, Frank m. Miss Holt
d. Ellen m. Mutt Bolden

Stephen Columbia - near Augusta
James Hall - Gainesville
Johathon Greene

William Hoge    Appraiser for estate of John Matthews, Richmond Co GA  1787
Harvey Hoge b. 1797 VA Maury Co Tenn US Census 1850
m. Lucy b. 1812  Kentucky
Mary C 1833
James 1834
Harvey 1837
Elias 1843
William 1844
Medora 1845

HOGE   Buried in Cemetery adjoining Lawrence Cemetery, Maury Co Tenn.
Moses Hoge 1799-1858
(One Moses Hoge graduated Augusta Academy (VA) The school began in 1749
under the direction of Robert Alexander & in 1776 William Graham, called
Liberty Hall Academ.  This Moses Hoge became a college president.)
Eliza 1816-1909
Cornelious 1843-1875
Gus 1748-1907
Gertrude 1853-1857

HOGE,  William Elbert (Billy)   1847-1916     Florence AL to Texas 1868   
Billy and friend  Curt Taliaferro became "Saddle Tramps" on the Old Chisholm
Train for ten years.  1878 the boys came to live with Rev. (Uncle) George
Hoge   (George Hogge was postmaster at Teleco, east of Ennis 1894) who lived
with his daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Cole at Raleigh)   Wm Elbert & Curt worked
at a gin in Ralieigh..  After he married he served as Constable at Dawson, 
was Deputy Sheriff for four years, was among the group responsible for
organizing McCandless (Chicken-Bristle) School
m. 1879   Mattie Alice Miller   1863-     Dau
s. Harve
s. Pinky
s. Ossie
d. Lila
s. Mike     (see below)
d. Addie
s. Gussie (Short Capper)
s. Curt (Names for friend Curt Taliaferro)
s. Rufus

HOGE, Wm  Elbert Jr   "Mike"  1899-1954
m. Pauline Wiswell      (Sisters:  Lola & Ailene
s. James Rufus 1924-1959
d. Martha Louise 1926
d. Billie Sue 1929

HOLLOWAY, F B           Grocer

HOLT, A L m. Amanda J Whatley  1868 by  A A L Clements
(A Preacher Holt Road is found in Maury Co Tenn)

HOUSTON, Maud J m.  1878 Mose L Berry by J J Farmer
HOUSTON, 1850 NavCo Census
    Mrs. Margaret 1813 NC   Widow
John F 1832
Robert R 1836
Jane 1839
Rebecca 1841
Margaret 1848      Family was living with Wm French 1825  (Ky) and Roda
French  1794 (SC)
Lawrence m.  1927 Willie Wells

HULL, Jean    widow in Richmond Co GA 1820    sons;    James &  George who
may have died leaving son
Thomas and daughter Sarah.

JOHNSON, W   P    (1860-    )       Parents:   C P  &  Miss Redick Johnson,
m.  1883   Mark Artilla Pipkin
s. W O m. Lilian Teague
d. Lela m.S V McCage
d. Vernie m. W M Nelson
d. Marjorie

KEETON, Joseph  (1848-1911
m. Margaret Ellis  1848-1948
s. William m. Ella Lawrimore
s. Reuben m. Clara Sims (Dau of
s. Jessie m. Jennie Patterson
s. Luther m. Ella Davis
s. Charlie
d. Mary Jane m. Alva Taylor

KILLIAN, Mr. & Mrs. A J    Lived at Telico, near Ennis 1867
KILLIAN, G     Trustee for Presbyterian Church, Telico 1868
KILLIAN,  H L W From Tennessee   Mustered at Spring Hill  1861  (See Rogers)
Who was "Coon" Killian?

m. Amanda           (1845-1892)

LANCASTER, , Michael v, 1787  VA 1850 Maury Co Tenn Census
s. WW 1815
d. Adeline 1826
m. Emma Sims
d. Dorothy Ann
d. Ruth
d. Audrey

LANGFORD, Jimmy (Jincy) SH

LAWLER, Operated Grocery store, Ice house, Meat market, restaurant

William C 1817 Augusta GA merchant
William Washington 1827 m. Selty Hargrove
Garret 000 m. Elizabeth Humphreys
LAWRENCE,  Joseph Thompson   1825-1884  s. John A & Jane Thompson Lawrence
Came to Texas c1842, possibly with brother William.  returned to Rutherford
Co Tennessee 1847 prior to the death of his Mother, received his
inheritance includibng the family of Henry Caruthers, and returned to
Robertsons Colony in Texas    (Note:  A "John T Lawrence received a Land
Grant in 1845....#84 Robertson BTY (Bounty?)

m.  Macca Orange McCandless 1831-1925       dau of David and Polly Gordon
s. John D 1850 m. 1870 Anna Dawson dau Britt Dawson
d. Ann Eliz 1853 m. 1877 George Washington Savage by G W Younger
d. Mary Jane 1855 m. 1874 Milton Long   by J W Smith
s. Leroy Thompson Long  1875-1935
d. Carrie 1853
s. James Othelo 1871 m. Lenora Wright
d. Fannie 1868 m. James Sowell
s. George 1875 m. Carry Bell  Dempsey    dau Clarence M Dempsey
d. Sarah Medora 1876 d. early
s. William 1864 m. Emily Dawson dau Britt Dawson
LAWRENCE, James Othello  1871-1952     s. Joseph Thompson Lawrence
m. Leonora Kate Wright   1878-1958     dau.  Robert James Wright
d. Winnie Harmon 1897 m. Clarence Rutledge
s. McGrady Othello
d. Macca Rozelle
s. Joe Bob
s. Louis McCandless
s. Waymon Potts (Doc)
s. Jimmy Boydston

LAWRENCE,  William J (Uncle Billy)  1864-
m. Emily Dawson 1864 dau Britt Dawson
s. Mack 1885 m. Jimmie French
d. Sadie 1887 m. John Flynt
d. Ella 1889 m. Jess Dickson
d. Hester 1893 m. Cleve Pitts
d. Laura 1895 m. Bill Pitts
d. Nannie 1897 m. William Pierce
s. Britt (Cooney) 1901
s. Billy 1898 m. Ruth Sawyer

LAWRENCE,  John D  1860- s. Joseph Thompson Lawrence
m. Anna Dawson   1862- dau Britt Daswon
s. Joe Lawrence 1880 m. Mary Alice Davidson
d. Carrie 1888 m. Walter Baker
s. Vick 1889 m. Mamie Garner
s. Roger 1886 m. Myrtle Wright
d. Susan 1891 m. Audie Graves
s. George 1893

LAWRENCE, George  1875- s. of Joseph T & Macca Orange McCandless Lawrence
m. Carry Dempsey  1895 d.
s. Curtis 1910
s. Floyd 1915
d, Edna Macca 1921

LAWRENCE, Eliza E m. 1867  W H Bright   by James G Boyce

LEE  in Richmond Co GA
Thomas & Nancy Lee sold lot in Augusta 1790
Lewis m. 1802 Jenny Triplet
John m. 1812  Isabella Fletcher
LEE    1850 NavCo Censut
Grisham 1820 TN
Mary J 1823 MO
Leanora 1843 MO
George D 1845 MO
Abigail 1848 TX
Naoma 1849 TX
Ephraim 1785 East Tenn
Nancy B 1801 GA
Brooks W 1826 TN
Naoma F Barlow 1842 MO
L K 1817 TN
Fanny 1820 MO
Byron 1840 MO
Palmyra 1842 MO
Lonny 1846 TX

LEE, Henry & L R Served as Navarro Co Juror 1856
LEE in 1850 Texas Census:   L  (Lewis ?) K; Jonathon; James T; Grisham;
Epharaim; Abner
LEE, Tom Came NavCo  1858
s. Blake m. Mary Dawson
s. Jim +++ m. Anna Richey
s. John m. Lou Richey
d. Rachael m. D Key
d. Ruth m. Mr. Jockey
LONG, David 1758-1845 RevWar Soldier died Marshall Co TENN
m. Mary Howe 1787 York Co SC Lived Rowan Co NC
Children:   Catsy, 1788: David 1789: Margaret 1790; Mary 1793; Martha 1796;
Joseph 1797;
Janet 1800; Rebecca 1802; Esther; Elizabeth 1807.
LONG    J E Operated  saloon in Dawson 1889
May have been father of Milton and George D
Milton m. 1874   Mary J Lawrence by J W Smith
s. Leroy
George D m.
d. Bufford (?) m.    Cathey
s. Killed WWI

LOVELESS, Curtis J Owned Dawson Drug Store 1920s & 1930s
m. m. 2nd Jack Fread
s. Cleatus

LOWRIMORE,  Rev J H   Came from Mississippi to Dawson 1880  Methodist
Circuit Rider
m. Mary Roberts from MS    (Came with John Wesley & Jackie Akers Walker)
d. Audie m. Lee Henson
d. Alma m. W W Keeton
d. Gladys m. Earl Darden  1921
d. Agnes m. Joe Davis
d. Cora m. Charlie Boldin
d. Willie m. John Walker
s. Larkin m. Lucille Smith
s. Charlie m. Annie Sims

LUCKY, William m.1822  Martha, dau. John C Collins Richmond Co Georgia
LUCKY, John m. 1823  Mary Prather Richmond Co Georgia
LUCKY, Callie & Alpha    attended Griffin School in the 1920's

McCANDLESS, David   (1791-1876)   Maury Co Tenn   s. John McCandless b. No
Ireland 1750
m. 1819  Mary (Poly) Gordon
s. William Washington (1819-1836) Age 16 - Arr. Ft Franklin Dec 1, 1835 
from Tenn
       Drowned in Brazos River on his way to join Sam Houston's Army
s. John P   (1821-1844)      Died of pneumonia after freight trip to
d. Nancy Elizabeth  (1824-1847  m. 1845  A F Mays
d. Susanah  (1827-1848)    m. William Boyles
d.. Mary Minerva  (1829-1874) m.  1854  William (Bill) Walker, brother of
Walker, 1st wife of Brit Dawson d. Mary E m. George M Dallas
s. Spart Berry
s. Otho Berry     SHCem
m. Martin
Moved to West Texas
d. Macca Orange   (1831-1925)   m. 1849    Joseph T Lawrence  (See

McLEROY, Miss A E m. 1867   H L Herring  by J M Biggs
McELROY,  Joseph M     1888-1937   Texas Ranger, Police Chief Mexia,
Hubbard, Dawson
m. Elizabeth Sims   1869-1968   See W T Sims

McCULLOCH,   Jerry Thomas (1869-1904)      From near Decatur, Alabama
McCULLOCH  (Gin Family...need info.)

s. Edroy

McKEOWN,  Rev. J T       Ar Dawson 1896
m. Florence Alabama Roan
d. Lillie m. G W Wilkerson
d. Della m. Charlie Webb
s. Kelly m. Lillian Hillis
m. May Smith
d. Bonnie m. Wiley Wilkerson

McPHERSON Operated Drug store

McMILLAN, Alexander   Settled 1787 at Strawberry Plains, Jefferson Co TN
McMILLAN, Alexander   b. 1772        Maury Co Tenn  Census 1850
m. Sarah b.1775 NC
s. Archibald b. 1805
d. Lovely Jane Agnes b. 1824
A Washingbton Co  621
McMILLAN Alexander McMillan        died 1834       Richmond Co GA
   m. 1795  Martha Mead    (May have been 2nd marriage)
      Children:  Martha c.1796 m. William H Jones
Mary c.1798 m. Fielding Bradford
Emily c. 1800 m. John Wilde
Louisa c. 1802
Wm Jefferson c. 1804
McMILLAN Edward McMillan (b. c1805) settled early near the headwaters of Mud
Creek (Robertson Co), said to have been at Battle of San Jacinto, arrived
Texas with wife and seven children.  When Robertson Co was formed in
November 1837, Francis Slaughter, Robert Henry, and John  Chambers secured a
deed from Edward McMillan for the Town of Franklin and it was immediately
surveyed with streets, alleys, and blocks.

W S 1852-1931 LibHill (Ruby McMillan was student at McCandless 1914)
Dessie D 1862-1921 Wife
Alice McMillan*  1856-1915 was dau of George & Ann Jane Young McMillan
m. 1877  Wm Henry Walker 1848-1915 s. of  John Walker  s. Wm & Eliz. Walker,

*Note: Alice McMillan and husband W Walker are buried in Bryan. ...H. Walker 12/2005

W P 1880-1954 Operated "Filling Station" in Dawson 1930s
Pearl 1879-1954 Wife of W P
Infant 1905 Dau WP & Pearl

McSPADDEN,  Justin Banker at Blooming Grove
Alolnzo Early Spring Hill Merchant
McSPADDEN, James Oliver         Arr 1872 by wagon train from Georgia,
settled near Dresden & Blooming Grove
Brother may have been F Alonzo McSpadden who operated store at Spring Hill
and married grandaughter of Francis & Minerva Catherine Matthews
m. 1st  1870 Nancy Elizabeth Henderson          -1893
d. Minerva
s. James M
d. Carrie May
d. Pearl
d. Ruby
d. Bertie Karen
d. Lennie Vee
d. Nannie Love
m. 2nd Alice Lee Culberson       of Tennessee, had been employed at State
Home in Corsicana
d. Lula
s. Justin Oliver Jr
s. Clayton Emmett
s. Seth Alonzo
d. Virginia Allee

MARTIN, Adolpus (Dolph)   1856-1940 b. slave on The White Plantation in
Kentucky, lived Daingerfield TX on The Garrett Plantation, came NavCo 1878,
branded cattle for Britt Dawson, road race horses for George W Savage,
operated a gin at Babylon, moved to Pelham 1908, became substantial land
m. 1880 Amanda Younger    1864-1905 dau. Isom and Catherine Younger
s. Isom Luther 1882
s. James A (Jim) 1886 m. Mamie E 1888-1980
s. James A II (Sugar Pie) 1908-1976
d. Shirley Temple m. Mr. Turner
s. James A IV
s. Frank Richard (Rich) 1888 m.
s. Robert 1886 m.
d. Bertha 1889 m.
s. Bruce 1901 m.
s. Lewis 1900
m. Holly Caruthers    dau. Henry Caruthers
s. Alfred 1923
m. Dorothy McMullen dau Forest & Cannis Younger McMullen

MARTIN, William  1842-        b. in Missouri
m. 1866   Alice Orange Walker  1850-            dau William & Mary Minerva
McCandless Walker
s. Homer d. 1870  SHCem
s. Robert 1868- Spring Hill, Texas
d. Berta 1870 Texas
d. Maud 1873
d. Mary 1876

MATTHEWS  Land transactions
James D (Heirs) 1854 640 ac Rob 2nd
(Son of Joseph Matthews, m. 1st Cousin Martha Patricia Matthews, dau.
Robert Matthews)
Abner 1849 640 ac    Settled Travis Co TX 1848  (Son of James Matthews
Newton W  sold to Donaldson  1852   320 ac
(Son of James D & Martha Patricia Matthews)
Robt H Cert. #41  1054 ac  Rob 1st
Robt. May 8, 1831  1/4 League  Branch Navasota & Boiling Spring Creek
Charles M Dec 24, 1834  25 Labors
Jeremiah 1853   1280 ac  Rob 2nd  18th  Freestone
R A 1848 320 ac            "
Martha 1851 640 ac   Rob 3nd Ellis Co     Sister of Robt. H, Prudance
Wright, Minerva Hill
(Wife of James D, and mother of Newton W)
John H 1853 320 ac   Rob 3nd Ellis Co     Married Patricia, wid. Of James
D Matthews
James H  to Mr. Mitchell 320 ac   Rob 3rd Ellis

MATTHEWS, Carl Wayman   (1896-1971)    s. Dr. H L & Mattie Bell Dempsey
m. Florence Robinson - Mexia
d. Carleen 1918 m. William D O'Neal  Denver, Colorado
m. Velma Coleman  - Corsicana
s. Carl W 1924 m. Edith Nell Baggett Holland TX
m. Elaine K Farmer - Atlanta GA
d. Jean LaMerle 1929 m. Charles Brooks McGown  Mexia
d. Marilyn 1931 m. Buck Wilson  - Bynum
m. John E Eppes  Suffolk VA
m. W D Lowrie - Ft Worth TX

MATTHEWS, Fred Bell s. Dr HL & Mattie Bell Dempsey Matthews
m. Ennis Davidson
s. Dr. Will Roy (Buck) m.Juanita Patterson
d. Vesta Lee m. Grice
d. Doris
s. Fred  B Jr
s. Dewey m. Thelma Montgomery
s. Jack
d. Edith June m. Jesse Grainger
s. Joe Kenneth

MATTHEWS, Joseph Calvin (Cal) 1841-1914  s. Sampson Stewart & Sarah Reece
Co D 3rd Tenn   Walkers Brigade  Wounded Chickamauga GA   Pension # 25905
Was captured while at home recuperating and paroled at Fort Donelson.

m. Margaret Adney Sims  1841-1918  dau of Augustus H Sims of Maury Co Tenn
s. John Walter 1862
s. Harvie Lee 1864 m. Jennie Follis  1869-1878 SH
s. Infant 1878
m. Mattie Bell Dempsey
m. Ida Dixie Fields
s. Chas Stewart 1866 m. Libby Sue Cates
m. Minnie Schilling
d. Lucy Anna 1870 m. G W Cates
s. Willie 1873-1894
s. Theo Calvin 1876 m. Lelia McVey
d. Maud 1884-d

MATTHEWS,  Robert Harvie   (1814-1894)    Came TX 1831 -  Texas Ranger   SH
Capt. R H Matthews  muster in CSA Army Aug. 30, 1861
Beat #5 NavCo  19th Regiment Texas Militia
m.  1884  Bettie Priddy Note:  Land transaction 1845
s. Infant son 1885  SH

MATTHEWS, Virgil s. Dr. H L & Mattie Bell Dempsey Matthews
m. Rosie Slater
d. Lois m. Willard Marlow
d. Lurene
s. Edwain
d. Cleo m. Robert Parrish
d. Kitty
d. Bettie
d. Judy
m. Oddie Ellis
m. Thelma Burchfield Findley Berry

Joshua CSA  b. SH Cem.
R C married  1871  Nancy Priddy
dau. Louella m. James A Buckingham  1st Banker in Dawson
dau. Mattie Alice m. Wm Elbert Hoge
son. John Thomas 1890-1973 LibHill Cem
m.  Prudance Wright 1894-
B J (Pete) 1927-1979   LibHill
Mary Wheeler 1936-????    LibHill

MOODY John Moody  b.1805 Scotland & Wife Tabitha b. 1816 Illinois
Lived Robertson Co 1850 with David McCandless

John Moody m. daughter of Hills who lived in Frog level 1920-1930s
s. E L Moody

NESMITH, William Oliver    1880-1966     arr. Dawson from Moulton, AL  1898 
(SW of Decatur AL)
m. Ida Putman      dau  of John Royal and Mary Warden Putman   -
Half-sister of John Putman
s. Oliver m. Ida
s. Burley m. Lois Smith
s. Roy m. Blanche Lawrence
s. Zola
d. Clyde m. Loyd Howard
d. Evelyn m. B B Gunn
s. Aldon m. Winnie Stockard
d. Faye m. J B Webb
s. William Olen m. Jo Dell  Lawrence
d. Gladys m. Jack Watson

m. Mamie Slater   (See The Lamp story )
d. Lorene m. Mr. Jackson
d. Josephene m. Mr. Alman

NEWTON, Conrad  Milton     Hubbard Postmaster, moved to Dawson 1924 
President First National Bank
m. Sammie Cook   of Palestine TX
d. Mary Jane m. Eugene McDaniel of Hubbard
s. Conrad C UT Grad, President Dawson First National Bank
m. Noel Reynolds of Ennis    dau of Noel J & Minerva King Reynolds
s. Conrad Milton Newton III    1951-   President Dawson Bank
m.  1958 Nancy Jackson
d. Noel Reynolds
m. 1963 John Wesley Templer
NORMAN - see Tenn 1850 Census
NORMAN       -               Family found in Maury Co Tenn
Dry Goods Store
John Norman, was Dawson Barber
John Ripley Priddy m. Norman

NASH, Eleazor From Mass. Responsible for Roads - Corsicana to Spring Hill 
Stepsons: Clinton Fouty Mustered CSA Spring Hill
M. Fouty Mustered CSA Spring Hill

NEWBY    1850 NavCo Censut
Jonaathan 1803   TN
Dorothea 1805   TN
John H 1832
Jeremiah 1838
Louise 1841
Isabella 1843

ODOM in Richmond Co GA    Moses m. 1804 Nancy Robertson
James m. 1802 Elizabeth
Betty Shay        dau. Dan Shay (From Ireland) and Tamar Dutton , west of
m. 1st   Jerry Thomas McCulloch   1869-1900 from near Decatur Ala
(Sister, Lou Ellen McCulloch, prob. married Putnam)
( Related to Lon McCulloch of Hill Co  and was a he was cousin of John
   who lived at LibHill with wife Fannie all from Alabama)
d. Addie Mae McCulloch m.  Mack Burgess
d. Zola Mae   b. 1918
s. Zola Dawson McCulloch 1895-1976
(Probably named after Zola Putman)
m. 2nd  John Wesley Odom     d. c1906 in Ala      from Tennessee
(Sister Sara Odom m. Silas Beaty
d. Stella Mae Odom 1902 m. Joe Cox
s. Audean
d. Polly
s. Charles Wesley Odom 1904
m. 3rd    c1914    Dave Hampton  -  Family came to Texas 1900, Originally
from Alabama,
Lived Italy TX c. 1913      His Mother was Frances Nesmith (m.Oliver
Nesmith) d. Orleana 1911 m. Henderson
d. Onnie 1912

OGLIVIA,  Miss E M m. J A Freeland 1871 by W Burges

OSBORNE,  P H From Alabama     Mustered Spring Hill 1861
P G Osborne Family lived in Dawson 1920-1930's

ONSTATT      1850  NavCo Censut
David 1804 NC
Eliz 1816 TN
Leroy 1833 Mo
Wm K 1835 Mo
John W 1837 Mo
Mary Jane 1839 TX
Thomas B 1842
James L 1843
Joshua K 1845
George W 1845
Nancy Hood 1849

OWENS, RH From Missouri    Mustered at Spring Hill   1861

PARKER,   A W Blacksmith in 1920's

PARRISH, Robert 1795   Lived Campbelton, Richmond Co GA
PARRISH, Widow E P    From Ala.Lived 1860 with Wm Templeton family
N E Parrish (dau) married W G Rasco 1871
Joseph Parrish from Ala
Margaret Parrish married T C Rogers 1861
John T Parrish married Rosie Molloy 1865
William Parrish b1832 m. Margaret Cunningham 1888

PITTS, Henry Champion        Came from Iuka, MS
s. James Clinton m. Myrtle Smith
s. Hollis m. Bea Mabry
s. Grady m. Mildred Schalaud
s. Howard m. Iona Grice
d. Lena m. Drake Bumpers
s. Orville m.. Bettie Halbrooks
d. Myrtle m. Arthur Leggott
s. Doyle m. m. Thelma McClain
d. Geneva m. Milford Nearhing
s. Ted m. Mildred Blackburn
s. William Henry (Bill)
m. Annie Laura Lawrence

s. John
s. Roy
s. Pau
d. m. J C  Edwards

PORTER,  Col. Robert H       Received Jan 6, 1838 for service in the Texas
Revolution one-third League of land located on both side of the Trinity
River in the extreme Northeast corner of Navarro County.   The area was
known as "The Indian Crossing."    He built a wharf in 1839 and in 1848 had
John H Reagan, a surveyor, to lay out a town, Taos,  on the West bank. 
Despite the name, the town was still referred to as "Porters Bluff."  David
Flint operated the first ferry.  The town was considered as a site for the
Texas Capital in 1839.

PORTER, Squire 1834-1875 Probably born a slave on The Porter Plantation,
Maury Co TENN, may have moved to Texas with settlers of Porter's Bluff, a
ferry crossing located extreme NE NavCo., came to Spring Hill area c. 1858
and married into the Caruthers family, developed large land holdings in
Pelham area
m. Margaret Caruthers   1852- dau Henry & Malinda Caruthers
d. Laura 1870
s. Henry 1872
s. William 1874 m. Sarah Benjamine
s. S C Jr (Square) 1876

PORTER, Elmer 1901 s. William  & Sarah Benjamine
m. Jimmy Sweeny dau.
d. Cecelia 1927 m. J D Heiskell
s. Bernard 1929 m. Alva Jean Blair
d. Darlene 1930 m. Michael Holloway
s. Wilburn Jas 1932-1939
d. Elaine 1935 m. Burtis Robinson

PORTER, William 1874- s, Squire & Margaret Caruthers Porter
m. Sarah Benjamine 1874 dau.
d. Cairy 1891
d. Laura 1893
d. Callie 1894
d. Minnie 1895
s. Theo 1897
s. Jimmy 1898
s. Elmer 1901 m. Jimmy Sweeny
d. Cleo 1902
d.Helen 1904
s. Prentice 1905

PRIDDY   1880 NavCo Censut
Richard 1829
Elizabeth 1830
d. Bettie 1856
d. Jimmy 1859
s. Robert 1863
s. Johnny 1865
d. Pattico 1867
s. John Ripley 1872 m. Norman
s. Samue; 1872

PUTMAN, C A Came to Texasc.1870    Move to Liberty Hill c.1881
m. Susan James
s. Will m. Lou Ellen McCulloch
d. Molly m. Laford French
s. James m. Armon Spence
d. Mattie m. Jule Slater
d. Rachael m. WalterSikes
s. Jessie died
d. Effie m. Alfie Slater

PUTMAN, John            Life long friends of Walter Woodall
m.  Fannie McCulloch Related to Zola Dawson McCulloch
s. John Harvie
s. Edgar Lee
s. Artie
s. Claud m. Jewell
s. James Rufus
s. Alvis m. Leona Mosely
s. Alvis
s. Clarence
d. Lois
s. Cecil

PUTMAN, W B  (This may have been Will who m. Lou Ellen McCulloch)

RANDOLPH,  H M   (1831-1913)    Ark to TEX 1855
m. Nancy Romans
d. Vina
d. Jane
d. Matilda V m. 1877  J E Linder
d. Nancy
s. Henry

RATTAN, Clark Early Spring Hill Saloon keeper

RHEA, Rev Joseph Donegal,N Ireland, grandson of Matthew Rhea
       m.Elizabeth McElwaine
s. John Served at Kings Mtn & Brandywine
s.Matthew Was at Gilford Courthouse
s. Joseph War 1812
s. Marrhew P War 1812
s. Matthew  Lived Maury Co   Made Tenn Map in 1832
d. Margaret
s. William
s. Joseph
d. Elizabeth
s. Samuel
RHEA William      Teacher at  McCandless School   1900
Rhea's Shoe Repair in Hubbard to the 1930's.

RICHEY, William 46  SC 1850 NavCo Census
Mary 38  TN ( nee  Mary Cannon)
Amela 3/12
George W 2
James R 5
Wm T Cannon 19 TN
Dicy Hutson 11 TN
RICHEY,William Note: Robert Richey, David & John McCandless bought land
Giles Co TENN 1817-1829 from Sterling Clack Robertson
m. Mrs. Cannon
s/d. Susanna Cannon  m. 1848 Brit Dawson
d. Polly m. 1868  Robert Proby
d. Anna m. 1873 J M Lee
d. Lou Richey m.  John Lee
s. C A m. 1875  Louisa E Cox

ROBERTS, Evans 43  TN 1850 NavCo Census
ROBERTS,   Miss C J m. 1873  E Norvell  by B N Carter
s. William (Willie) m. Avis Wright
m. Leroy Matthews
d. Valley
d. Elma m.Sam Skinner

ROCKENBAUGH, Ann m. E H Matthews July 1875   (Eulse Matthews?)
ROCKENBAUGH, O 1822-1876     Spring Hill Cemetery
Note:  Could the "O" in this name have been "C"?

Rockenbaugh Family originated in Germany
(1778 Catherine Rockenbaugh b. Jefferson Co Virginia (now WV)
(1839 Anna Rockenbaugh b. McIntosh Co GA    dau. Jacob Rockenbaugh
(1852 C. Rockenbaugh m. Sarah P     Arkansas
(1886 Arthur Chas Rockenbaugh b. Mexia, Limeston Co TX
son of  Charles and Annie Marie Winmill Rockenbaugh
(1914 Arthur Chas. Rockenbaugh m. Mertie Lola Clifton   Archer City TX

ROGERS, George  1832-1909
(Was Nancy Rogers who m. Wm Hall Garner a sister of George Rogers?
NOTE:  Gen. Thomas Dawson, son of  George and Ruth Skidmore Dawson of
Greene Co, Georgia. married 1784 Miss Sussanah Rogers,
daughter of John Rogers of North Carolina
m. Sally  Dawson 1841-1925    dau. Brit Dawson
s. Raleigh B 1868-1961 m. Miss Roe, Teacher, Dallas
d. Molly A 1868-1869
s. Acha H 1870-1875
s. George A 1875-1876
d. Ida G 1877-1965 m. Ben Tyree  1875-1934
d. Nancy 1885- m. John A Walker
Ray c1900
d. Ella T 1882-
d. Elizabeth 1866 m. M (Coon?) Killian
d.  Imogene

ROSS, Charlie   1850-
m. Margaret Caruthers 1853 dau. Henry & Malinda Caruthers
s. Oscar 1877
s. Boss 1879
s. U S 1881
s. Albert 1883
d. Maggie 1885
s. Arthur 1887

SAVAGE FAMILY was found in Co. Down, North Ireland in the 1400's
SAVAGE         Rev.  Loveless Savidge was pastor of the Baptist Church of
Christ, Augusta GA 1788.
His parents,Robert and Amy Savidge, lived there.

Jesse B                 Real Estate in 1921
D D Ginner, Grocer, Klondike Adventurer, Real Estate.
Early Telephone System owner
Ed Sawyer m. Molly Ward
d. Hazel m. Aubrey Seale
d. Winnie m. R J Roloff
d. Rose m. Allie Sawyer
d. Cora m. B W Talbot
SELLERS, John (Sillars) 1773  Surrey Co NC
SELLERS See Tenn 1850 Census
SELLERS, Ruth dau. G W & M E Sellers Buried SH Cem
SELLERS,  George Eckford    1882-     Came Central Texas 1896    s. of Ike &
Molly Sellers
m. Bessie Iberia Carroll    1884     Prairie Grove, Limestone Co Texas
d. Gerta
s. Johnny m. Lillian Warden
d. Beula m. Ned Dawson
d. Beatrice m. John Johnson
d. Opal m. James Danford
d. Annie Laura m. Charles Stuart
d. Imogene m. Sidney Grimes


SHAW, Hugh RevWar Soldier     Chestnut Mound, Tenn.

SHAW,  J W    1873-1907    from  Tenn
(Nephew of  Thomas Cecil Shaw  (    -1914) who m. 1905  Carrie Jagjears)
m. Fannie Putman
s. Hughie m. 1927 Martha Inez Hagle   dau Johnny & Lulu Richards Hagle
s. Johnnie Lee m. Joyce Pool
s. Jerry Lee
d. Julie Diane
s. Frank d. 1976
d. Mary Lou m. Harvey Wilson
d. Bertie Mae m. Albert Sykes

M. May Johnson
s. Martin
s. Jessie
s. Lawrence
s. Elmer
s. Marion
s. Jimmie
d. Lenabelle

SIDEWELL FAMILY found Richmond Co GA   1790'
Catherine  (a widow)  b. 1782
s. Nathan
d. Mary
d. Hannah
s. James
d. Susanah
SIDWELL, Warren 28  Ohio 1850 NavCo Censut
Mary Ann 29 1825-1879  Buried SHCem
d. Mary E 1857-1859   Buried SH Cem
d. Indiana 1859            Buried SH Cem
s. Henry 1861-1865   Buried SH Cem
s.Daniel Ramsey 2 Ill    (s. Widow Mary Ann Ramsey ?)

SILBERT, Michael      lived Richmond Co GA   1817      wife: Mary
Joseph    Julian    Thomas       dau. Elizabeth had married Nathan Leeds
SILBERT, H Arr Dawson 1896 from Dallas,   Drygoods merchant, owned Silbert

SIMMS, Dan G Arr Dawson c. 1895    Married two Dawson widows
May have been from Angelina, Texas    Mother was
m. 1st Mary Ann (Puss) Slaughter Wheelock      Widow of  George Ripley
m. 2nd    Betty Priddy Matthews Widow of Robert Harve Matthews 1814-1894
m. 3rd Mrs. Smith from Dallas who had two daughters

1786 Mann m. Margaret McGruder
1795 Will of Frederick Sims
s. Benjamine
1807 Andrew G Sims m. Frances Herbert
A L Clark Co Athens
A G Irwin Co Near Tifton
C Richmond Co Adjacent to Augusta
Frederick Jones Co North of Macon
Frederic Baldwin Co Milledgeville  (May be duplicate)
Augustus b. 1815 Tenn Overseer
   m. Evelena Morgan 1820
d. Margaret 1842
d. Lucy 1844
s. Thomas 1847
s. James A 1849
SIMS, A H      Owned corner business lot in Dawson 1881
SIMS,  James Fredrick   (1854-1946)  Maury Co TENN  s. Augustus Sims
m. Lou Ann Crews
d. Gussie m. Mr. Walker
m. W B Chauncy
d. Freddie m. Dr. R E Robinson
s. Clyde m. Lizzie Turner
s. Clyde Turner Sims
d. Emma m. Wince A Lancaster
d. Dorothy Ann m.
d. Emma m.
d. Audrey m. Claude L Holt
d. Annie m. Charles M Lowrimore
d. Mary Louise m. Clyde Olin Gardner
d. Lois m.  Martin
d. Charlene m.
d. Sue Ellen m.

SIMS, Washington   1839-        Listed living with Robert Harve Matthews
1860 Census
May have been brother of Margaret Adney Sims who m. Joseph Calvin Matthews
OR...could he have been a slave who became Washington Mathews & m.

SIMS,  Tom H   1849-1908        s. of Augustus C Sims 1814-      of
Tennessee   GS of Thomas Sims of Virginia
    Came to Texas 1887 from Tennessee     Grocery store in Dawson 1889
m. Elsa Morgan
s. Fleet m.  Ella Crews
s. William T m. Martha F Thomas of Arkansas
s. Bob m.
d. Cordie m. Thomas Lyles
d. Beula m. Henry Dawson

SIMS,  William T s. Tom  & Elsa Morgan Sims
m.  Martha F Thomas
d. Elizabeth 1869-1967 m. Joe W McElroy
s. Arnold 1888-1818    Died in France WWI
d. Vera -1914 m. Cecil Etter
s. Wayne Etter McElroy
m. Zelma Prater

SKINNER,  Walter  b. Iuka MS   1853-            Came to Dawson 1891
m. 1881 Susan Smith of Iuka, MS      Married Burnsville MS
                           d. Hattie 1882 m. W S Slaughter
d. Lucille
d. Lessie 1884 m. D C Tanneer
d. Grace
d. Florence
d. Vivian
d. Robbie
d. Gay
d. Dorothy
s. Own
d. Rowvein
s. Fred
s. Brozier 1887 m. Johnnie Shaw
d. Maxine   m. Bankston (Son Bankston FORD Dealership, Dallas)
d. Mary
s. Hubert
d. Mary Eliz. (Mabel) 1889 m. Sam Houston Akers  (see Akers)
s. Sam 1890 m. Elma Roberts        dau Mose Roberts
d. Bettie Sue
s. Glenn
s. William
s. James 1893 m. Nettie Skinner
s. Douglas
s. Elton

Robert Navarro 251 Richland Crossing
W W McLennon 391 Waco
Richard San Augustine 368
SLAUGHTER,  William S (Uncle Billy)
m (?) Hattie Skinner
m. Florence
d. Fannie m.
s. Lewis m. Ola Dempsey  dau of Clarence Dempsey
d. Jo Fern
d. Mary Edna
s. Charlie
m. Mary Ijams
s. Walter m. Miss Bartlett
s. Rev.  William Smith
d. Myrtle m. Clint Pitts
d. Lucille m. Larkin Lawrimore
m. Robert M Shull
s. Waldo
s. Earl m. Edna Booker
d. Willie m. Oscar Dean
d. Ruth m. Guy Davis
s. Floyd m. D Tanner
d.. Bessie m. Younger Cannon

SOWELL,  William J         1824-1884                                   Maury
Co  Cem.
m. Emily J dau. Ira & Penelope Hardiston
(Children 1853-1880)
m. Jennie
U S Census Maury Co 1850
Moses b. 1810 KY
Ben b. 1822  TN
James b. 1824  TN
m. Sarah b. 1829 KY
s. Brad 1848
s. Thos   1849
Henry C b. 1806  NC
Thomas b. 1801  NC
m. Martha
Rion  (Ryan?) b. 1799  NC
m. Anna b. 1798 SC

SOWELL, James  1860-
m. Fannie Lawrence  1888- dau Joseph T & Macca O McCandless Lawrence
s. Charlie 1890 m.
d. Beatrice 1891 m. J Oliver Harrison
d. Macca 1892 m. J S Shaw
d. Annie 1898 m. Jim Davis
d. Mary Beth
s. George

SPARKS,  John 1755-1839   from North Carolina
m. Margaret Hampton  1857       Lived Richmond Co GA
David Morgan Co
Rolly (Raleigh)
Thomas Putnam Co
SPARKS, Bertha Mae 1871-1877   dau. J P & R P Sparks    SHCem

SPENCE, David 1788  Witness sale of Lucy, a slave girl  Surry Co NC
SPENCE IN GEORGIA  1820  Georgia Census
Isaac Emanuel Co Swainsboro
George Morgan  Co Madison
SPENCE, Issac   Robterson Co 1850 Census  #234
SPENCE,  W P  - Enlisted in CSA Army at Spring Hill, TX  Aug 8, 1861  from
SPENCE,  David  U   1840-1907     b. Cask Co, IL  Came to Texas 1850
m. Elizabeth Dawson 1846-1929     Dau Britt Dawson
Born Robertson Co  - Married 1866
d. Sally 1867-1944
d. Annie Lee 1870-1945   m. 1890  O J Boyd
d. Maggie Spence 1889
d. Amanda L 1875- m. Mr.  Frasier
m. Jess Lee Hubbard
d. Mary Louise 1877 m. E O (Buster) Zeanon
d. Addie (Billy) Spence
d.  Lucille  Zeanon 1906-1931
s. Alvin (Bud) Henry 1880-1944  Lived on Joseph Hagle place when he died
s. David Almer 1882-1888
d. Jane 1886-1978      m. Joe (Johnny ?) Whitner
d. Hortense Spence  1910-
SPENCE,  Miss M C m. 1866    G H Wilson    by Ed E Bowman

SPENCER, L  Muster CSA Army 1861  (This may have been Spence)

STOCKARD Maury Co Tenn  Cem.
J B 1815-1883
m. Margaret Matthews
m. Mary b. 1826
Hiram 1845
Ruth 1846
James 1847
Sam b. 1816
m. Lovy b. 1824
John S 1845
Amanda 1849
Rev. G C b. 1815
m. Esther
Mary 1840
Margaret 1844
Rosaline 1848
Martin Luther
m. Ann Elizabeth 1823-1865

Maury Co US Census   1850
William b. 1815
m. Susanna
Joel 1832
Lucinda 1814
Franklin 1838
Richard 1840
Mary 1842
Margaret 1844
Leroy 1846
William 1849

Susan b. 1802
Cenith 1824
Emily 1826
John 1828
Nathan b. 1795

STOCKARD, Silas Parish    1858-1924    b. Columbia, Maury Co Tenn   d.
Dawson TX
m. Carrie McGaw   1863-1817     d. Dawson TX
d. Annie m. George McNeil
s. Roy
d. Fannie
s. Hiram m. Ada Davis
d. Bessie
s. Harold
s. Jim m. Ida Covington Brown
d. Ester m. Frank Morrie
s. Charles Frank
s. Silas
d. Nelli m. Perry McDonald
s. Skillman m. Clara Gable
d. Winnie m. Aldon Nesmith
d. Clara m. Charles Patterson
d. Bobby m. Ivan Peebles
d. Maud m. Alva Taylor
s. Herbert m. Mandie Hale
s. John m. Grace Miller
s. Reece m. Aurelia Baugh
d. Rena m. Willie Hale

Arthur Burke Co
Dire Tattanall
John Burke
Josiah Tattanall
Martha Tattanall
Sarah Burke
Thomas Burke
William Putnam
SYKES J W    (1877-1935)
m.  1897    Rachael Putman   (1879-     )
s. Albert m 1920   Berta Shaw
d. Effie m.
s. Jack m.
s. Dock m.
d. Blossom m.
d. Minnie Lee m. Calvin Calhoun
s. Windell m.

STAADEN,  Louis     (1817-1888)      came from Germany, Blacksmith at Spring
m. Christina Hagle  (1823-1908)      Came from Germany with brothers 
Joseph & Frank
d. Wilhemine 1867-1887
s. Louis 1863-1921 m.  A R
d. Maggie  m. J B Hargis
d. Bettie m.  1878  R B Cates
d. Louisa m. 1871  James H Stockard
d. Frances m. 1872  R H Matthews

STANCELL, J A   1848-1881
m. Mary Jane Wright  1850-1930 d. Samuel Wright
s. Jessie
d. Mattie Lou m. John Bryan
s. Jay

TADLOCK, Rufus   d. 1913
Mary Etta d. 1818
Lee Edw. d. 1901
Ruby d. 1911
Lillie Mae Adopted by some family 1919
Other children taken to Methodist Home - Waco
(Annie Pauline Tadlock   b. 1895     b. Crawford, McLennan Co Texas
m. William Aaron Jordon
     dau.  Uriah Alexander & Annie Eliz Meroney Tadlock
     G-dau Uriah Berent  b. c1836 Union Co NC and Mary Ann Moore Tadlock

TADLOCK Albert Vysters b. c1882    NavCo TX
m. 1914  Eula Ney Hightower Beaumont, Texas

TADLOCK, Bettie  c1850 m. James Oban Berry NavCo TX
TADLOCK James c. 1850 m. Margaret Berry NavCo TX

TANNER, William   b.1782  SC 1850 NavCo Census
Elizabeth     b. 1795

TALIAFERRO,    Gen. Benjamine     Taliaferro Co Georgia named for him
Lived Elberton Co. Georgia  Sister, Nancy m. 1770  Thompson Watkins
` Chris & Sarah K Newby Taliaferro  executed deed Richmond Co GA 1829
William Elbert Hoge (1847-1917) and Curt Taliaferro came to Texas from
Carroll Co. Miss. 1868
One Taliaferro family lived in the Hubbard area in the early 1930's
(Notice the name "Newby" surfaces in the Davidson family)

TAYLOR,  James Lewis  (1862-   )    Came TX 1882
m. 1889 Mary Jane Keeton
s. Alva
d. Maggie
s. Louis
s. Melvin
d. Ruth

TERRY, D A J     b. c1825 m. M P G
Mary Terry 1849-1861
George W Terry b. 1825  NC  was enumerated  Maury Co Tenn US Census 1850
        Single and living with James J & Ann Elizabeth Matthews Coffey.
        Coffeys came to Texas, both are buried at Spring Hill Cemetery
Rev. J W Terry  1851-1881 is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery
Herod Terry 1847-1927, father of Nellie Dove, is buried at Liberty Hill
Nellie Dove Terry married Daws Wright
Clead C Terry  1875-1901  s. P A & F A Terry  buried at Liberty Hill

TOTEN, Mire   1833-
Elizabeth 1832-
Absolem 1837-            All listed in 1860 US Census

TOTEN,  J C   1860-1   b. Nav Co   s. of N M (Mire?) & Betty French Toten
m. 1878  Jo Anna Gilbreath
d. Carrie 1882
d. Rosa 1884 m. Sam Prater
d. Zella 1886 m. Abe Raley
s. James 1888 m. Willie Fields
m. Clara Green
d. Leng 1891 m. G Breedlove
d. Lille 1893 m. H Putman
m. Ben Moore
d. Josephine 1895 m. Nate Price
d. Hallie 1897 m. Vergil Wright
s. Jennings 1899 m. Rose Way
m. Emma Bratcher
d. Betty 1901 m. Virgil Jordan
m. Claud Horn
d. Callie 1903 m. Ben Jordan
s. Rufus 1906 m. Vivian Powers

TREADWELL, John 1807  TN 1850 NavCo Census
John and Sarah Treadwell died 1859 at Spring Hill and may have been buried
at Spring Hill Cem.
Children: William A Treadwell married Cornelia Garner
Henry R Treadwell
James Harris Treadwell
Sarah Jane Treadwell
Winston Wood Treadwell      [email protected]
TREADWELL,  J T m.  1874   Adeline Murphy   by J A Scales

TUCKER,  Jim B Operated a meat market

TURNBO,  James 1780-1826 MuCo Cem
m. Felecia 1787-1865
` T J m. M A
John 1857-1872
Andrew   b. 1831 Maury Co. US Census 1850
m. Sarah b. 1828 VA
d. Jane b. 1848

TURNBO, William C   (c1830-1859)
m. Sarah Matthews    1836-1861 dau. Sampson Stewart Matthews

TURNER Maury Co Cem
James D         d. 1825 RevWar Soldier
Sarah Irby
Maury Co US Census 1850
Anthony b. 1813
m. Ann b 1820
John 1838
Elvira 1841
Ophelia 1843
Emily 1845
David b. 1822 Kentucky
TURNER, William Warren      1847-1919    Moved to Dawson 1900
m. Mary Olivia Wheelock   1862-1934
dau of George Ripley & Mary Ann (Puss) Slaughter Wheelock
s. Clifton C Cotton buyer, real estate investments
m. Katheryn McClunney, Schoolteacher from Kerens
s. Clifton C Jr m. Lucille Middleton
d. Nancy Jane
s. Clifton Randall
d. Katheryn W (Dimples) m. Ray Carter
s. Morris Ray
d. Mariane
s. Billy Gene m. Melva
s. John  Leonard   1887-1959      Surveyor, Grocer
m. 1915  Zelma Taylor Garner  1890-1966
   dau Henry  Clay & Sarah Jane Fullerton Garner
s. William Clay    1920-1984
m. 1st  1922-1968  Althea Marie Taylor
dau of  Urskin & Alice Renfro Taylor
d. Pamela Jill
m. 2nd  Lorraine Parachina of Weldona, Colorado
d. Elizabeth M (Lizzie) 1883-1975
m. Clyde Sims  1884-1946   Son Fred Sims
s. Clyde Turner Sims
m. Kyrene Weatherby
s. Dean H 1889-1916
d. Sadie
d. Pauline
s. Wilmer
s. Torrence

1850 US Census:  Anthony Turner b. 1813       Wife: Ann Turner   1820
Children: John  1838, Elvira 1841, Ophelia 1843, Emily 1845
1850 US Census:   David Turner   b. Kentucky  1822

TYREE,   Ben F    (1875-1934)     b. Maury Co TENN   Came TX 1900
m. Ida Rogers
s. George D   m.
1924 Graduate Bethel College, McKenzie TN  (4 Letter)
Elected to Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame
s. Otis b/d 1909
d. Sallie Mae m.     Hale

WALKER,  John Wesley             Half brother of Rev. Harris Lowrimore
(Walker & Lorimore came to Dawson by railroad boxcar & first settled on
Harve Matthews land)
m.  Jackie Akers Sister of Charles W & Zeb Akers
s. Thomas Walker
m. Beulah
d. Lizzie Walker m. Prince
s. Altus Prince
s. Rob Walker
s. Jim Walker
s.  Zeb Walker
d. Bertha Walker

WALKER,  William (Bill)  1825-1882 b. Marion Co Georgia   s. of Wm &
Elizabeth Walker  from Ireland
m. 1846  Mary Minerva McCandless  1829-1876   SHCEM  dau. David & Polly 
Grandfather of Spartan (Spart) Berry 1871-1939
Grandfather of Otho Berry   1872-1882  SHCem

WALKUP, C W                                        Tinsmith, lived next door
to Winfred Berry

WARD  -  LONDONDERRY,  North Ireland
1648 Richard b.
1655 Robert m. Jennet Miller
1656 Jennet c. Robert Ward
1658 John m. Jennet Barde
1673 Margaret c. Richard
1683 Mary m. Rev. Michael Ward
1707 Patrick Died
1790 Mary m. William Hamilton
WARD,  1850 NacCo Census
William 1799 GA
Rebecca 1807 GA
Tad 1825 AL
Mary E 1825 Al

WEBB, William H b. 1814   NC         Arr. MuCo TN  1846    ($18,000)    1850
UC Census
m. E W b. 1815
(Sarah Webb   bur. Spring hill Cemetery  b. 1826

WELLS,  Mary    widow of Benjamine, lived Richmond Co GA  1798
Children:  Jordan and Benjamine
(Banker whose name was Wells came to Dawson 1895 -Hubbard banker 1930's had
son, Jordan)
WELLS, Humphrey  Richmond Co GA  "Practitioner of Physic"    wife: Abigail
Lived next door to church in Augusta
G W m. 1937  Mrs. Roxie Owens
Miss Willie m. 1927 Lawrence Hubbard

WESTMORELAND, Williamson b. 1814  VA       Maury Co TN Census 1850
m. Polly 1878  VA
s. John 1814
Nancy 1832
Thomas 1838
William 1840
Samuel 1845
John A 1847
WESTMORELAND,  Willim T      b. 1840   Came from Maury Co Tenn during Civil
After 1881 W T moved to Dawson
Involved in the early school systems,
Appointed Dawson Postmaster by Pres. Grover Clevland
Operated retail store in Dawson
Early member Texas legislature
m.  1867   Mary Annie Jones  died -1881        Mt Calm area
s. John Dalton Westmoreland 1868
d. Carrie Mae 1901 m. Clarence Holt
d. Adelina
s. Claud L.
d. Mary Dalton
d. Zora Westmoreland 1869
m. 2nd Lucille Coleman
s. William T Westmoreland, Jr 1886
d. Winfred Westmoreland 1888
WHEELOCK, Note: ELR Wheelock had 4400 ac grant 1835
          G R Wheelock had 1100 ac grant 1835
WHITESIDES, W E m. 1871   Miss N E Holcomb   by W Burgess

John R Elberton Co
Lewis Elberton Co
John Madison
Meshack Madison
Philemon Elberton

Aaron Oglethorpe - Savannah\
Elisha Emanuel
James Putnam
William Jones
Hugh W Jones
John Screven
Zach Bryan - Pembroke, near Savannah
WILKES,  Richard A L 1799-1867      Arr. MuCo TN  1806     MuCoTN  Cem
m. Judith Harris
s. Rev. W H 1821-1895
d. Elizabeth 1826
s. Richard 1831
s. Benjamine 1832
s. George 1834
s. Castro 1838
s. James 1840
s. John 1842
WILKES,  William b. 1890
m. Frances b. 1890  VA
N M 1833
E J 1836
Frances 1839
W A 1841
Thomas J 1847
WILKES, W S L b. 1825
m. Jane b. 1826
John L 1846
Mary 1847
WILKES, Jay S    1808-1879 Maury Co Cem
m. Mary

WILKES, Milton Alexander       Navarro Co  1850's
s. John
m. Lizzie
d. Ethyl m. Grover Hall  (see)
s. Ray Wilkes Hall
d. Helen Hall

WILLIAMS, J F Operated the 14,000 ac Williams Ranch,  Attorney & Real
Estate in 1889

WILLIAMS, Morris served as a Blacksmith at Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Thomas     b. 1788 NC     Wife:  Nancy  b. 1797   Listed in 1850
Lived near Richey family
s. Rev Thomas Williams  b. TN 1823    preached in the Rawhide covered
church at Spring Hill
s. L L b. 1825
m. Mary Ann b.1828
s. James b. 1833
d. Ann b. 1836
s. Carroll b. 1838

WILLIAMS,   Morris Early Spring Hill  Blacksmith
         W C Early Dawson Carpenter

Uncle Green
Mrs. Hemphill   (Sister to Above)

WILLIS, Charles 1820 Maury Co Tenn U S Census 1850
m. Mary J
William J 1845
Sarah 1848
Thomas E 1849

WILSON, Sam Carpenter from KY   1850 NavCo Census
WILSON, William 71  SC
Elizabet h 70
David 25  MS
Selborn 9/12

WOLF, Wesley W
d. Mary Frances   1925- m.

WOOD, W B     Arr. NavCo 1868   Livery Stable 1889   Sheriff 1895

s. Laird
s. A B
d. Allene
s. Joe

WRIGHT, Thomas m. Susan Frank   (Chas Akers m. Annie Franks, Giles Co TN)
s. Little Lee   b/d 1867
Thompson b. 1814    Maury Co US Census 1850
m. Nancy 1821
s. Francis 1843
Robert 1818
Hanson 1822
Parmetia 1809
m. M J
d. Cora 1876    MuCoTN  Cem
Reuben b. 1812 Maury Co USCensus 1850
m. Sarah b. 1810
Frederick 1833
Henry 1835
M Y 1838
James F 1840
Sarah 1842
Rosanna 1845
Stephen b. 1818  VA

WRIGHT, Samuel  1816-1887 Came Texas 1849, purchased 738 acres in 1851
from D R Mitchell
$640.00 Elected Judge, Navarro Co.
Muster 2nd Lt. CSA Army August 30, 1861 in Capt. R H Matthews Company of
Active Mounted Riflemen, Texas Militia.  His sons, Robert James Wright,
Joseph Stuart Wright, and Newton LaFayette Wright served under him.
  m. 1836  Prudance Shaw Matthews  1816-1906    Dau Robert & Mary Ann
s. Robert James 1837 m  Katherine Harmon Boydston
s. Joseph Stuart 1839 m. Sarah Francis Smith
s. Newton LaF 1842 m. Eugenia Capatolla Cockril
s. Sam Franklin 1844 m  Edna Jo Poer  at Bowman Grove
s. John Lewis 1846 m  Florence Josephine Cockrill
d. Mary Jane 1850 m. J A Stansell
d. Nancy Louise 1852 m. John H Onstatt
d. Martha Eliz. 1855-1872 m. Louis Clemons   dau. Della  b. 1872 SHCem
s. Harvey Hill 1857 m. Mary Isablle Connely
d. Samira B. 1861 m. George W Bishop

WRIGHT, Robert James  1837-1926 s. Samuel Wright
m. Katherine Harmon Boyston  1846-1888
s. Robert Benjamin
s. Samuel Nathan (Nate)
d. Lenora Kate
d. Annie Lou
s. James Boydston

WRIGHT, Samuel Nathan (Nate) 1874-1955    s. Robert James Wright
m. Mary Dee Cathey  1877-1933   Dau. John & Mary Ida Dempsey Cathey
s. Alvin Ewing 1895 m. Rachael Dickson
dau. Milton Mc & Ada Rucker Dickson
d. Mary Avis 1897 m. William C (Willie) Roberts  s. Mose
d. Mamie Leona 1901 m. Clarence Elmer Hull
s. Boyd Cathey 1903 m. Cleda Wilson
s. James Ralph 1906 m. Ruby Beaird
s. Sam Raymond 1909 m. Addie Genoa Tekell
s. Robert Neal 1914 m. Helen Nagy  (Hungarian descent)

WRIGHT, Joseph Stuart   1839-1918     s. Samuel Wright
m. Sarah Frances Smith 1848-1877  dau J M & Martha C Daws Smith
s. Sam Garrett m. Flora Murphy
m. Minnie Thompson
s. Thomas Wilkerson m. Lelia Rose Anderson of Bryan
d. Joanna (Josie) m. William Watson Brown, Lived San Antonio
s. Robert Daws Wright m. Nellie Dove  dau Herod Hensley Terry
s. Infant    1875

WRIGHT, Newton LaFayette   1842-1891    s. Samuel Wright
m. Eugenia Capatolia Cockrill  1861-1936
d. Gertie
s. Clay
s. LaFayette Lee (Fate)
d. Della
d. Clyde

WRIGHT,  John Lewis  1848-1908  s. Samuel Wright
m. 1st c1869  Lizzie Hight   c.1850-c1870
m. 2nd 1885  Florence Josephine Cockrill  1856-
s. John Frank
s. Rush
d. Roxie Prudance
d. Etta Florence
s. Rupert Coke

WYRICK, Professor E J L     Served as Principle of Dawson Masonic Institute
1883 One Hundred
twenty five pupils matriculated in a $5,000. building
It will be remembered that Sparton (Spart) Berry married Mary Wyrick

YOUNGER, Alexander & Jane   arr. Spring Hill before 1848
Alexander 1787 North Carolina 1850 NavCo Census
Jane M 1798 Kentucky
Robert 1830 Tennessee

YOUNGER, William Maury Co Tenn  US Census 1850
YOUNGER, Richard H arr. Spring Hill before 1848
m. Hannah
d. m. French
d.Annie  d. 1918 m. 1893 T Elijah Cannon   d. 1919
d. Lometa   d.1918
d. Lucy
s. Younger m. Bessie Smith
s. Billy Gene Cannon
-YOUNGER, R A   1833- Mustered 1861 CSA, Killed during Civil War
m. Louise Slaughter 1842-1865   SH Cem  dau. Francis & Minerva
Catherine Matthews Slaughter Hill
d. Medora Younger m. Alonzo McSpadden

YOUNGER Thomas H    1838 m.
d. Anne m. 1872 Robert Carroll  by S Lewis

Dau  Carolina Younger             Married Adolphus Martin

Additional  Notes by  William Aaron Jordan - Jul 2007

Annie Pauline Tadlock Jordan wife of                       William Aaron Jordon
B 1894  Crawford Tx                                                 B Palo Pinto Cty TX 1894
Daugher of Uriah Alex Tadlock                                 Merchant Ft Worth Tx

And Annie Elizabeth Meroney Tadlock                    

Never in Orphanage Home

            Twin Cousins whose parents

            Robert & Senie O’Rear Tadlock

                        Both died of TB

            Pauline’s Cousins Pearl & Paul

                        Placed in Methodist Orphanage Waco TX

                                    Pearl drowned on Picnic

                                    Paul placed with family in AZ

 (family of Uriah Berrent Tadlock). 

N Carolina to Crawford,Texas after Civil War

These are no relation to the NC Tadlocks from Crawford.

TADLOCK, Rufus   d. 1913
Mary Etta d. 1818
Lee Edw. d. 1901
Ruby d. 1911
Lillie Mae Adopted by some family 1919

TADLOCK Albert Vysters b. c1882    NavCo TX
m. 1914  Eula Ney Hightower Beaumont, Texas

TADLOCK, Bettie  c1850 m. James Oban Berry NavCo TX
TADLOCK James c. 1850 m. Margaret Berry NavCo TX


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